Best 3 Person Tents for Campers, Backpackers & Hikers

what is the best 3 man tent

A 3-person tent is a special design because it is not common. Tent manufacturing companies avoid making them. Instead, they prefer 2-person, 4-person, 6 person tents and so on.

This may be because of the financial implications associated with it. This implies that the best 3 person tents are not that common. If you are looking for one, you must look for it diligently to get the best.

There are some models in the market out there which can satisfy your camping needs. This guide will help you to make a perfect choice. If you do not like those brands recommended, the buying guide below can also assist you to make a choice.

Our Top Picks

Good ventilation with special frame design, nighttime visibility helping you find it easily at night. Eureka 3 Person Tent

Lightweight for backpacking, highly weather-resistant for 4 season use, hot sale with cheap price, Naturehike Cloud-up 3 Person Tent

Off-ground camping experience, large capacity and spacious enough for 3 person, center hatch for easy access, Tentsile Stingray 3 Person Tent


How to Choose the Best 3 Person Tents?

Choosing the right tent is an easy thing. When it comes to choosing the best 3 person tents, there are not many choices you can make. However, if you are finding it hard to make a choice, the following guide would assist you to select the best.

1. Size

The precise size of the tent should rank high in your considerations. Needless to say, the right tent has to be spacious enough to accommodate all three occupants per time. A 3-person tent on average measures 30 to 45 square feet of floor area.

2. Weight

Next, you should factor in the weight. A great tent has to be light enough for you to carry around easily. Most great tents weigh roughly 4 pounds, give or take. Complementing the low weight should be the ease with which the tent may be folded for easy transportation.

3. Ease of Setup

Of course, you have to settle for a tent that is easier to set up and make use of. To make this possible, the tent of your choice has to be simpler to pop open and deploy when the need to do so comes.

On the whole, it takes between 5 and 25 minutes to pop open and set up a 3-person tent. To be on the safe side of events, you have strongly advised using the pop-up or the instant tents to save yourself some time when setting the same up.

4. Porch

Definitely, it is advisable for you to choose a tent with a porch to enjoy that extra shade and adequate protection from the adverse weather elements. Particularly you will find a tent of this kind quite handy when taking on the harsh sunshine out in the open.

The porch mainly works by blocking the light and creating some shade for you out in the open. When it is raining, it also guards against the bombardment of the interior spaces with external moisture.

5. Weatherproof

choose a weatherproof 3 people tent

The first thing to consider when you are looking for the best tent for campers is whether it is weatherproof. If you want to use it in the rainy or winter season, it should come with a rainfly.

In the same way, it should come with a window and door such that rain, dust, dangerous rays from the sun do not harm you.

When you are making your choice, choose a model suitable for the season you want to camp.

There are four-season tents for campers which you are select from. Getting an all-weather tent is critical when you are making your choice.

6. Durability

Durability has to do with the type of materials used to make the fabric and the pole. If you get a poorly made one, it can tear when you do not expect it. The best materials used to make it include nylon materials, polyester material, canvas, and other high quality.

If you subject it to rough use, it should not disappoint. In the same way, the pole should be of good quality. Aluminum poles are recommended because apart from the fact that they are lightweight, they are easy and simple to use as well.

7. Livability

How comfortable is the tent? Is the leather material breathable? If it does not provide enough ventilation, then it is hardly livable. Look for those that can provide comfort.

It has to be breathable and offers enough ventilation. If your major concern is the issue of comfort, then think of such factors as the spaciousness of the tent. Moreover, it has to be high enough to accommodate those tall users.

8. Season Rating

How many seasons are you going to use the tents? If you want to use it for all the four seasons, then it is going to be more expensive. Most of the models in the market cannot withstand four seasons of use.

If your aim is to use this tent for more than one season and so on, look for those 3 season tents designed with the finest quality fabrics, and best pole materials.

9. Cost

Look for the most affordable one. However, while doing that, do not compromise quality. If you go for the cheaper model, you could end up buying an inferior tent.

If on the other hand that you go for those designed with the best quality fabrics, poles, and windows, they are bound to be more expensive. Consider the quality and go for what you can afford.

10. Floor Space

The floor space is equally important. The floor should be spacious enough to contain the number and size of the mattresses you want to use. Also, the floor should be such that prevents harmful elements from harming you. It has to be protective.

11. Single or Double Wall

The type of wall construction can affect the quality, as well as the cost of the product. If you want a double-wall tent, it is good but you should know that it is more durable and more expensive.

Always cross-check your pocket before you decide about the type of wall to purchase. High-end tents are designed with a double wall.


The 7 Best 3 Person Tents on the Market Reviews

Seldom 3 person tents are on the market and these are some of the best:

1. Weather Resistant – Naturehike 3 Person Hiking Tent with Footprint

best waterproof tent
Best 3 Man Waterproof Tent


Season: 4

Walls: double

Freestanding: yes

Water Resistance: 3000 mm

Total Weight: 5.2 lbs

Best quality:  The interior of the tent is designed with the finest quality anti-scratch 210T nylon material. Because of the design, it is breathable and very comfortable to use.

Lightweight: Besides, the tent poles are composed of aluminum material. It is known to be lightweight. Furthermore, the polyurethane coating ensures water does not drip inside the tent.

Spacious: It is certain from the dimensions that it can take care of three persons comfortably. The height is 43 inches and it is 85 inches in length.

Easy to setup: Another interesting feature of this product is that it is easy and simple to setup. You can do that installation within the first five minutes. In the same way, it is easy to dismantle it after use.

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2. Freestanding – Marmott Limelight 3 Person Camping Tent with Double Walls

best three person backpacking tent
Best 3 Man Polyester Tent


Season: 3

Freestanding: yes

Material: Polyester

Weight: 7.43 pounds

Marmot is also the maker of a high-quality three-person tent. It is designed with the best limelight material as well as the best of 68D polyester taffeta material.

Capacity: As stated above the capacity of this tent is for three persons. It is comfortable enough such that these three persons can use it conveniently.

Durable and freestanding:  Most importantly, it is highly durable because of the double wall. When you use it, it does not require any support before it works and that is because it is free.

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3. 4 Season – Eureka 3 Person Backpacking Tent with Good Ventilation

best 3 person tent
Best 3 Person Tent with Good Ventilation


Season: 4

Sleeps: 2-3

Weight: 11 lbs. 12 oz.

Center Height: 4 feet

Doors & Windows: 2 doors & 3 windows

Eureka K2 XT’s three-person tent is one of the best. It is durably constructed and because of that, it can last for four seasons. This simply shows that it is a high-end product. The product has distinguishing features that make it remarkable and here are some of them.

Safety: One of the key factors to consider when you are looking for this kind of product is the user’s safety. It is one hundred percent protected from severe weather. It is not common to see tents that withstand harsh winter conditions.

Waterproof and durable: Another great feature of this product is that it is waterproof. It is coated and because of that, it keeps the rain away from you. This is also possible because of the polyurethane materials.

Ventilation: Most importantly, it provides enough ventilation for the comfort of its users. It comes with a storage vestibule as well as 3 large windows.

Comfortable to use: Besides, this is very comfortable to use. The height is four feet. And it weighs 11 pounds. This is one of the most comfortable models in the market.

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4. Best Under $200 – Winterial Lightweight & Spacious 3 Person Tent

best compact three person tent
Best 3 Person 3 Season Backpacking Tent


Season: 3

Material: Nylon

Total Weight: 5.31 pounds

Doors: 2 large zippered doors

Tent Dimension: 82″ x 64″ x 46″

This tent comes with everything you need for comfortable camping. For instance, it comes with a rain fly vented roof. It also comes with two strong aluminum poles which make it lightweight. The doors are zippered making it comfortable and fun to use.

Quick setup: One of the determining factors in purchasing this kind of tent is the setup process. You discover from the simple design that it is not difficult to set it up.

Comfortable use: It is spacious enough to accommodate three campers. When it comes to quality, one can compare this with Alps Mountaineering tent and Coleman.

Lightweight: The other interesting thing is lightweight. This makes it perfect for any outdoor trip you want to embark on. It is very comfortable durable to use.

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5. Best Tunnel Tent – Coleman 3 Man Tent with Porch for Tall People

best tent that can stand up in
Best 3 Man Tunnel Tents for Tall People

Season: 3

Weight: 7 kg

Material: polyester

Peak Height: 200 cm

Water Resistance: 2000 mm

When it comes to quality, there is hardly any other model that can beat this model. It offers the greatest space and it is not difficult to set it up. In the same way, when you want to dismantle the tent. It is the most user-friendly tent out there.

Lightweight: It is lightweight. This is good news for campers because they can take it anywhere, they want without difficulties. It is portable and compactly designed.

Fire retardant: The Vango power tent is also fire resistant. This means that the fabric does not catch fire easily. Most importantly, it meets the European EN5912, which is their requirement for safety for your safety.

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6. Rooftop Tent – Tepui Explorer 3 Man Tent for Car Camping

best rooftop tent
Best 3 Man Rooftop Tent

Season: 4

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Material: poly-cotton & fabric

Peak Height: 52 inches

Sleep Area: 37 square feet

A review of this type cannot be complete without referring to their wonderful product. This tent is good for three people. Furthermore, when you install it, you observe that it creates plenty of space.

Storage space: Perhaps the greatest attribute about this product is the plenty of space it provides for its users. You are very comfortable using the model

Comfortable: It has everything you need from this kind of tent. You will be very happy using it because it is very comfortable and you will relax inside it.

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7. Best Hammock – Tentsile Stingray 3 Person Tree Tent

tensile tree hammock tent
Best 3 Person Camping Tent


Weight Limit: 400 kg

Living Space: 75 square feet

Tent Dimension: 180″ x 180″ x 48″

Manufacturers of this tent ensure that you are protected from vagaries of weather and this means that you would be safe using.

Spacious: It is designed for three campers. The height as well and width are good for your comfort. This is a high-quality tent, and it is designed with the best fabric materials.

Durable fabric: Apart from these, the fabric is about the best in that industry. It is strongly constructed. When you buy this, you have real value for your money because it does not disappoint.

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What Do You Plan to Use Your 3 Person Tent For?

You can use the 3-person tent for the following kinds of camping activities:

  • For cycle touring

Cycle touring entails moving from one area to another on a bike. These tents are generally smaller and compact enough to allow you to fold and place them on your bike.

Thanks to this arrangement, it lets you move about freely and steadily without any unnecessary hindrances.

  • For backpacking/hiking

Backpacking and hiking are not so different from cycle touring. These two also entail traveling from one area to another one.

These tents have the added advantage of being easier to transport while also offering the comprehensive shelter you need to stay safe when out in the open.

go backpacking with 3 person tent

  • For trekking

To trek well and comfortably along the way, you need a tent that is also compact and light enough. Yet again, the 3-person tent comes in handy for your choice and subsequent engagements.

It not only provides the necessary shelter when rolled out but is also light and compact to carry around.


Wrapping Up

The best 3-person tents for camping is not easy to come by. Most of the tent manufacturers do not produce them as often as other models. However, if you get the best, you would value it.

The top 8 recommendations are the best 3 person tents on the market today. They are carefully selected after considering several factors.

Photo Title Buy
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MARMOT Limelight 3P Best Marmott Limelight 3 Person Camping Tent with Double Walls Buy on Amazon
Naturehike Cloud-Up 3...image Best Naturehike 3 Person Hiking Tent with Strong Weather Protection Buy on Amazon
Winterial Three Person...image Best Winterial Lightweight & Spacious 3 Person Tent Buy on Amazon
Naturehike Cloud-Up 3...image Best Naturehike 3 Man Dome Tent with Footprint Buy on Amazon
Tepui Explorer Autana...image Best Tepui Explorer 3 Man Tent for Car Camping Buy on Amazon
Tentsile Stingray 3-Person...image Best Tentsile Stingray 3 Person Tree Tent Buy on Amazon