Top 10 Best 4 Season Tent – Buyer’s Guide for Camping in 2022

What are the best 4 season tents

Experiencing all the four seasons of Mother Nature will offer you a comprehensive gallery of her art. Therefore, one of the best ways of that is through camping by using the best 4 season tent.

Often, camping is considered ideal during warm weather; however, that is not the case in the slightest. When going into the wild during winter, it is as therapeutic and invigorating as going into the wild during summer.

You must have been looking for a tent which will be searching for you well in four different seasons. Worry no more as the tents listed below will be the best and the most suitable for you. Make an effort and read through the best 4 season tent review before making the final decision on the tent to buy.

what is the best 4 season tent

Quick Pick for Different Numbers of People

For one person, lightweight for backpacking, sturdy frame design: ALPS Mountaineering 4 Season Tent for 1 Person

For 2-3 person, 2 doors for easy entry and good ventilation, 2 vestibules for extra storage: ALPS Mountaineering Four Season Tent

For 4-6 person, FastPitch System for easy setup, durable fabric and strong frame, a screen porch for good ventilation: Coleman Dome 4 Season Tent with Screen Room

For 8 people, hot sale, large space, hinged doors offering easy entry: Coleman Montana 4 Season Family Tent


Critical Considerations on Choosing the Best All-season Tents

When choosing a tent that will last you through all four seasons, there are nine factors you will need to consider. These nine factors include:

1. Type

When buying a 4 season tent, there are various types of tents you can choose from; however, this will be determined by your needs. There are multiple things you can put into consideration when the right kind of tent. Here are some of the factors you might consider;

  • Room layout. This often is essential when it comes to family camping. Some camping tents feature room dividers for separating living areas.
  • Peak height. Your height often determines the highest point of a tent. High peak points are essential for tall people.
  • Cabin or a dome tent. Having a cabin tent will help in increasing maximum height, whereas dome tents are critical to reducing the amount of snow or rainwater that collects on the tent.

2. Size

When buying a tent to suit your needs throughout the four-season, size should always be one of the most significant considerations. Before purchasing any tent, you should always ask yourself the following questions:how large is your 4 season tent

  • Will I be housing an additional camper?
  • Will I go camping with a dog?
  • How many people will be using my tent regularly?
  • Will my tent store all my essential gears?

By answering all the above questions, you will be able to choose a tent with the right size that will suit all your needs. For everyone to have enough space, it is advisable to size up your camping tent capacity by one-person.

3. Material

Often tent materials tend to differ depending on the quality as well as your activity. When it comes to backpacking, having a tent made from lightweight material is essential. It is recommended to purchase a tent that features high-strength as well as low-weight aluminum poles.

Furthermore, having tents made from nylons and polyesters are very important since they are light in weight which makes them portable. Tents made from these materials are very durable when compared to other cheap materials available in the market today.

The strength of a tent is very critical, and it is often determined by the type of material it is constructed from. Most of 4 season tents are considered to be strong and durable when compared to 3 season tents. For a sturdy tent, always purchase the one with strong poles and fabric.

4. Footprint

Having footprints for your tent will help in reducing the wear and tear of your tent. Furthermore, footprints are essential in making your tent waterproof, making an ideal feature for a 4 season tent. The tents reviewed on this page all entail a high-quality footprint with a well-job seam.

5. Weight

Having a portable tent during camping is essential when it comes to moving from one place to another. Despite heavy-duty tents being extra durable, lightweight tents can be surprisingly sturdy. Often ultra-light tent is a bit pricy when compared to the heavy-duty tent; this is due to their low weight design and durable materials.

At times the amount of space you require for your essential gears will affect the weight of your tent. However, by splitting tent components, you will be able to reduce the weight of your tent.

If you are into car camping, then should never be an issue; however, for backpackers having a lightweight tent is very critical. Furthermore, carrying massive tents during summer will make walking long distances challenging due to high temperatures.

6. Weatherproof

When purchasing a tent that will last you through the entire four seasons that Mother Nature has to offer, weatherproof becomes essential. These tents should be suitable for use during summer, winter, autumn, and spring.

Always look for tents that are engineered to withstand strong winds and substantial snow loads. Therefore, it having a tent with a rounded dome design will help in eliminating a flat roof where snow and rainwater collection.

To withstand strong winds, you should have a tent that comes with more poles and feature heavy-duty fabrics. Whereas, having a waterproof canvas is essential for use during the rainy seasons.

7. Breathability

Having a tent with excellent breathability is essential, especially during summer, when the temperatures are high. Breathable tents help in reducing stuffiness inside the tent and improve aeration.

When looking for tents with excellent breathability, always consider the ones made from breathable polyesters. Furthermore, it should feature a clip-pole attachment system, which helps in improving breathability.

Additionally, there are some fantastic tents designed with breathable nylon mesh walls, which help in improving air circulation inside the tent.

8. Ventilation

the airflow of your 4 season tent

Ventilation in a tent is often a significant consideration, especially for tents that are designed to last throughout the four seasons. Nonetheless, ventilation helps in making a massive difference to your comfort. Three main features often affect ventilation, and they include;

  • Doors. Having a huge is essential, especially during summer, where you can leave it open throughout the day.
  • Windows. Tents with various windows are critical for ventilation. Often windows will offer you the ventilation you require throughout the four seasons. You will be able to control your temperature with windows since you can open close it at any time of the day.
  • Vents. Extra ventilation in a tent is essential. Often, this ventilation comes in the form of tubes, roof vents, or panels.

Do not skimp on materials when purchasing a tent. Particularly, look at high-denier materials that help in increasing durability and weather-proofing. Nonetheless, having a tent with excellent ventilation is essential since it helps in improving air circulation. When purchasing a tent, always look for the one that best suits your needs.

9. Setup

Just like the weight of your tent, how easy to set it is very crucial. The amount of time you will take to set up your canvas will be equal to the amount of time you will be exposed to the weather outside. Therefore, setting up your tent very fast is essential during the entire four seasons.

It is not healthy to spend most of your time in direct sunlight or cold weather. For you to avoid this, you will require to pitch your tent within a few minutes. Therefore, when purchasing a tent, it is better to buy the one which is easy to erect so that you can shelter quickly.

10. Walls

A tent can be either double-walled or single-walled. A double-walled is composed of two layers: the inner tent canopy and a rainfly. A single-walled tent is composed of a single layer only.

For good weather protection, ventilation, and comfort, a double-walled tent is very effective. A single-walled tent on the other hand is lightweight but can still be durable.

Unless weight and size are your top priorities, then a double-walled tent is the best option for a 4 season tent, for increased comfort and durability.

11. Snowproof

A 4-season tent should be resistant to snow when camping in the winter. The tent needs to be covered with waterproof material. This is meant to prevent water from seeping through the tent.

When snow covers the tent, it will be warm and turn into water, which eventually will seep through your tent. Waterproofing ensures the tent is also snowproof.

12. Snow anchors

Snow anchors will hold your tent in position against wind and storms. A 4-season tent can be anchored using ski poles, bamboo wands, pickets, ice axes, or anything else that can be securely buried.

When in snow, you should dig at least two feet then fill around your stake with compact snow.

13. Stove Jack

When camping in very cold places you might need it to keep your tent warm. A stove jack cannot be put in any tent, the tent material needs to be canvas or polycotton, and the tent needs to have a chimney. Danchel Bell Tent is a good example of a 4-season tent with a stove jack.

The 10 Top Rated 4 Season Tents Reviews

1. Lightweight – ALPS Mountaineering 4 Season Tent for 1 Person

best cheap 4 season tent for camping
Best Cheap 1 man 4-season Tent for Solo Camping


Capacity: 1

Weight: 3 lbs. 5 oz.

Size: 2’8″ x 7’6″ x 36″

Waterproof Rating: 2000 mm

Material: Polyester & aluminum

There is nothing sweeter than being in a single tent when out for vacation. It gives you the maximum privacy that you would be requiring. Therefore, you have all the reasons as to why you should purchase this kind of tent.

Besides, the tent will serve you maximally in the four various seasons, including summer, autumn, winter, and spring. It is powerful, and therefore, water will not get into the tent during the rainy seasons.

Additionally, weather protection is enabled by the extra vestibule, which is used for gear storage. You will have full protection in all in courtesy of weatherproof fly buckles.

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2. Spacious for 2 – ALPS Mountaineering 2 Person Tent

alps mountaineering 2 person 4 season tent
Best 2 Person 4 Season Tent


Capacity: 2

Weight: 7 lbs. 3 oz.

Size: 5’2″ x 7’8″ x 46″

Material: Polyester & aluminum

Once in a while, you will be going out with your partner. In such a case, it will not be very nice sleeping in different tents.

Therefore, you will be requiring having a tent that will comfortably accommodate you. This is the best and most appropriate tent for you to consider purchasing.

The room is very spacious, and therefore, you will not have to struggle in the process of conducting your indoor activities. The tent is well suitable for use in the four various seasons.

In the sunny season, it will shelter you from the strong sun. In the winter season, it will shelter you from cold and harsh wind.

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3. Highly Waterproof – Naturehike Ultralight 4-Season Tent with Footprint

best lightweight 4 season tent for 3 man
Best 3 Man 4 Season Tent with Light Weight


Capacity: 1/2/3

Material: Nylon & aluminum

Weight: 3.5 lbs/3.75 lbs/4.9 lbs.

Waterproof Rating: 3000 mm

You may be going on a vacation with your spouse and are wondering about how you will be spending your nights. Worry no more as this tent has come to solve all your problems.

This tent will comfortably accommodate three individuals while; out for vacation. Therefore, you will have a chance to share stories at night rather than spending the night in a small tent alone.

Besides, you will get to know a lot about each other because the tent will enable better and close interaction. Furthermore, the tent can be used in any season since the tent has been made with the utmost care with strong materials.

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4. Top Rated – Coleman Sundome Four-Season Tent

best easy setup coleman 4 person 4 season tent
Best Coleman 4 Man 4 Season Tent


Capacity: 2/3/4/6

4P Size: 9′ x 7′ x 4’11”

Setup Duration: 10 mins

Material: Polyester & fiberglass & PU

This is a tent which has the capability of comfortably hosting four individual. It is, therefore, an appropriate tent for a few friends or a small family.

It will help you to carry various activities as a group since you will be staying together. A 4-season use implies that you will be able to leave for a vacation during any season without having to worry about the tent’s condition.

The tent is made using Weather Tec System, which contains inverted seams and also patented welded floors, thus keeping individuals dry. As a result, you will not have to worry about the rain as it will not be capable of getting into the inside of your tent.

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5. Extra Storage – Coleman Dome 4 Season Tent with Screen Room

6 person 4 season tent with a screen room
Best Coleman Dome Tent for All Weather Conditions


Capacity: 6

Size: 10′ x 9′ x 5’8″

Weight: 19.01 pounds

Screen Room Size: 10′ x 5′

Material: Polyester & aluminum

This is a tent that is capable of hosting six individuals while out for vacation. When you want some privacy you will get it as the tent has separate screen rooms. Therefore, you will get some privacy, especially while out for a vacation with people of different ages.

You will have a delightful time as this tent is very spacious, ensuring all six individuals will not be struggling for space while doing their chores. Furthermore, the tent is made using durable poly guard fabric, which is capable of withstanding the four different seasons.

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6. Large Space – Coleman Montana 4 Season Family Tent

Coleman montana 8 person tent for all seasons
Best Coleman 8 Man 4 Season Tent


Capacity: 8

Peak Height: 6’2″

Floor Size: 16′ x 7′

Weight: 22.3 pounds

Are you looking towards going for a vacation as eight people and are wondering about the tent to purchase? The tent will ensure you are comfortable as you will be capable of putting 3 queen-size airbeds for all 8 people to sleep comfortably.

Besides, you will still have enough space in which you will be carrying out your various activities. Nothing will be hindering you from going for a vacation at any time since you will have an assurance of a sleeping place.

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7. Best for Hunting – Kodiak 4 Season Canvas Tent with Porch

best durable canvas 4 season tent
Best Kodiak Waterproof 4 Season Tent for 6 Man

Capacity: 6

Weight: 73 lbs.

Awning Size: 4′ x 6′

Bedroom Size: 10′ x 10′ x 6’6″

Material: Cotton-canvas & steel

This tent will ensure you are having enough personal space for you to carry out your activities without interfering with other people.

The capability of hosting individuals in 4 different seasons is made possible by the hydra shield, which is made using cotton and canvas. These two kinds of materials have been proven to be very durable, breathable, and watertight.

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8. Snowproof – DANCHEL Teepee 4 Season Cotton Wall Yurt Tent with Stove Jacks

Best tent for winter use
Best Tall Canvas 4 Season Tent for Winter



Material: Canvas

3m Weight: 55 lbs

5m Weight: 83 lbs

Size: 1o ft/13.3 ft/ 16.6 ft/20 ft in diameter

Nothing is more desirable than having a tent that is capable of serving individuals for four different seasons. It eradicates stress from the owner as you will not be worrying about the condition of the weather while going on vacation.

The tent has a place where a stove can be kept. Therefore it is the best tent to go for this unique feature, which will help you greatly. Want to shelter all the coldness from the tent? Don’t miss it!

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9. Best for Backpacking – GEERTOP All Season Dome Tent with Double Layer

waterproof 4 season tent for 2 man
Best 4 Season with Double Layers

Capacity: 2

Weight: 6.4 lbs.

Inner Wall: 78″ x 55″ x 41″

Outer Wall: 82″ x 102″ x 45″

Waterproof Rating: 3000 mm

Material: Polyester & PU & aluminum

Are you looking for a tent that will be capable of hosting you for all the four different seasons? Worry no more as you have finally found your solution.

The tent will serve you well and will save you the money you would otherwise use in purchasing different tents for different seasons. Besides, it is a lightweight backpacking tent since it is weighing 6.4 lbs.

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10. Most Convenient – Coleman Pop up Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

best coleman instant 4 season tent
Best 6 Person 4 Season Pop up Cabin Tent


Capacity: 4/6/10

6P Size: 10′ x 9′ x 6′

Material: Polyester

6P Weight: 24.9 pounds

When buying a tent, everyone wishes to have one which will serve them well regardless of the weather. Therefore there is a necessity to purchase this tent.

The main reason is that you will have the surety of safety while out for vacation both in rainy, hot, and cold seasons as these are an all-seasons tent. Besides, this is a cabin tent that is useful in ensuring camping sets are raised within sixty minutes.

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What Are the Best Brands of the 4 Season Tent?

Since you now have the idea of four seasons camping in your head, it is time we execute a plan. One of the essential items during camping is a tent; therefore, next, we shall take you through the best four-season tent brands.

1. ALPS Mountaineering

Choosing the best four-season tent that suits your needs can be a bit challenging. However, ALPS Mountaineering is a famous brand with some fantastic 4 season tents. One of the critical features that ALPS Mountaineering tents have in common is the lightweight design.

Despite having lightweight designs, ALPS Mountaineering tents are made from durable and robust material, which makes them ideal for camping throughout the 4 seasons.

Besides, ALPS Mountaineering tents feature an easy to setup design. With ALPS Mountaineering, you are always assured of quality at a very affordable rate.

2. Coleman

When it comes to size and space, there are very few tents that can compete with Coleman’s tents. Despite having incredible size and scope, they perfect for use throughout the 4 seasons, especially during winter.

Often, Coleman designs tents that are weatherproof, which makes them ideal for use the entire 4 seasons. Due to their fantastic space and size, the Coleman tents are very spacious and comfortable.

Nonetheless, assembling these tents is very easy, and they feature incredible ventilation, which helps in improving air circulation.

Coleman uses the WeatherTec system, which enables their tents to withstand strong winds as well as have waterproof floors.

3. Kelty

Kelty is among the few companies that offer reliable 4 season tents. They are often known for their amazing weatherproof. Everywhere you check, Kelty products are usually top-rated.

For weather protection, Kelty’s first line of defense is its waterproof design. It is also known for offering maximum protection from strong winds, heavy precipitations as well as hot temperatures.

Despite that, Kelty tents feature massive space for storing your essential gears.  These amazing features make it one of the best 4 season tents in the market. You will never be disappointed with Kelty 4 season tents.

4. MSR

MSR 4 season tents are brightly colored, which makes it easy to locate during stormy weather. Whether you are thinking of backpacking on Alaska glaciers or summer camps in places with high temperatures, MSR is engineered to withstand all these conditions.

They are built to withstand the environment with harsh conditions. Most MSR tents are well ventilated to help with preventing stuffiness inside the tent.

Despite offering exceptional comfort, most of the MSR tents are affordable, making it perfect for newbies. MSR tents are known for combining durability with excellent livability, which makes them the ideal 4 season tent for camping.

5. North Face

North Face is a famous company known for having tents of high quality and extreme durability. When it comes to portability, North Face features lightweight tents that are perfect for backpacking.

Despite being made from lightweight materials, North Face tents are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. These tents are known for offering ample spaces for storing all your essential gears.

3 Season Tent vs 4 Season Tent

Some of the differences between a 3-season tent and a 4-season tent are:


3-season tents are designed to keep your pack light while still offering you protection from wind and rain. A 4-season tent on the other hand is designed to offer you maximum protection from extreme weather elements. Thus, they need to be strong and durable, which makes them pricey than 3-season tents.


A 3-season tent is made for spring treks and backpacking trips. These are usually not more than three days, thus fewer accessories. They are therefore lightweight. A 4-season tent is bulkier since it is roomy and has several modifications to keep you comfortable when camping in extreme weather conditions such as snow.


Since the 4-season tent is more spacious than a 3-season tent, it tends to be large and heavy. A 4-season tent has a large hooped vestibule for extra space to store a week’s worth of camping gear.


How to Install a 4 Season Tent in Cold Weather?

The Gear That You Need
  • Tent
  • Tarp
  • Poles
  • Stake
  • Rainfly

If you won’t be on snow, set up your tent like you normally do, but if you are on snow, follow these simple tips:

  1. Pack down the snow. Walk around with your snowshoes or stomp around in your boots.

  2. Build a wall. A wall will shield you from the severe wind. If you cannot build a wall, then you have the option to dig a few feet before setting up your tent.

  3. Then set up your tent as instructed by the manufacturer in the user manual.

  4. Use snow stakes. Your stand stakes are not sufficient when camping during winter. Therefore, you need to stake your tent securely with stakes designed for snow.


How Do You Stay Warm in a Tent

Tents are not made of bricks, so they tend to be a little colder than our usual room. This means you cannot carry what you use daily to go to bed when you are going camping or on an outdoor trip. The following tips will help you stay warm and insulate your tent.

  • Use A Tent Rug

A tent rug will act as an insulator and reduce the amount of cold in the tent and the floor. This will also ensure that you will not be walking on a cold floor when you wake up at night.

  • Carry A Portable Electric Heater

Well, this makes a lot of sense; a portable electric heater is a perfect tool during camping. Even though they are essential, they need to be taken extra care of. They should not be used in enclosed tents with little ventilation because they emit a lot of heat and they should not be left on for too long.

  • Use The Right Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are different; some of them are meant for summer, while some of them are meant for winter. When purchasing a sleeping bag, make sure it is a close-fitting one so that as much heat as possible may be retained. A duvet might seem like a good cheaper idea, but it will not keep you warm.

  • Use A Sizeable Tent

A tent too big is only asking for trouble, especially if there are a few people in that tent. Get a tent that perfectly fits the number of people meant to sleep in it, so that a lot of heat might not be lost trying to fill the extra space.

  • Dress Warmly

Dress in a few layers of clothing to ensure enough heat is trapped to sustain you through the night. A hoodie only is not sufficient, try layering different materials to trap enough heat.

Staying warm in your tent is very easy. Make sure you write a list of everything and double-check those before leaving, or else hypothermia will eat you up.


What is the Best Winter Tent?

Camping is always exciting, no matter what time of the year. It is an excellent way to spend your vacation. Camping involves a lot of gear and work, especially if it’s winter camping.

The essential piece of equipment to carry for winter camping is a high-quality winter tent. If you are one of those campers who like to go camping during winter, a standard tent will not work for you.

What do you need in a winter tent?

Winter tents, also called 4 season tents, are specially made for cold weather camping. These tents are expected to withstand any adverse conditions the cold season throws at them.

A high-quality winter tent must have a combination of waterproofing capabilities and high-quality, durable material. A good winter tent should be warm and cozy.

Here are some of the other features that should be present in a winter tent:

  • Strong, powerful poles
  • Waterproof material used to make the tent
  • Waterproof ground tarps too
  • A durable rainfly
  • Must have zipper storm flaps
  • Should have reflective strips or loops

best 4 season winter tent


Should You Buy a Freestanding or a Non-freestanding 4 Season Tent?

A lot of this depends on your camping preference. A non-freestanding tent needs help to keep its shape while a freestanding tent does not. There are a lot of benefits that come with a freestanding tent.

  • One is that it is easy to move if your location is not comfortable.
  • Two, it usually gives you more room for yourself and your gear.

A freestanding tent may be a bit more durable and tougher against the weather than a non-freestanding model. A non-freestanding tent maybe a little faster in its setup.

  • That extra time lets you get warmer a little faster.
  • Then the stakes for the non-freestanding tent make it a little more durable when those freak storms hit while you are out in the wilds. Your tent may stay still better because of those stakes.

In the end, you get the one you like best and fits your camping needs. Both are good tents to use with a little advantage of the freestanding style because of the extra room.



1. Can You Use a 4 Season Tent in the Summer?

It is possible to use a 4-season tent in the summer. It is not always advisable because of the thicker and heavier fabric used in their construction.

This fabric while designed to keep the cold and snow out and a lot warmer maybe a little too hot when you use it in the summer season.

Also, these tents rarely have a lot of mesh added to them. Instead, a thicker polyester or nylon material is used in order to keep the heat inside as the temperatures drop outside.

Then the vestibule may not be as easy to navigate as it is designed to reach the ground to keep the wind away. So using the 4-season tent in summer is not practical.

2. Do I Need Stakes or Snow Anchors in Winter?

Part of the answer to this question is it will depend on how deep the snow is where you are camping. If it gets to be a little higher than 2 inches, then regular needle stakes may not provide your tent with any support.

When camping in the snow, you should buy some snow or sand stakes to make sure your tent is stable and not going to blow away or get damaged. Groundhog stakes work well also. The key to staking out your tent in the snow is the direction you place the stakes.

An upright style will pull out very quickly as will those stakes were driven in with their heads pointing towards the tent. The best direction for the best support is to drive the stakes with their heads pointing away from your tent.

You most likely will need to use stakes even with a free-standing tent. It is just better to be safe than sorry. Find the best stakes to use in the snow and use them correctly. A final option would be to tie your support lines to rocks or T them with the lines tied to regular stakes.


Final Words

Anyone can buy a 4-season tent and get good use out of it. But if you are not planning on camping when the temperature turns cold, then save some money and go with a top 3 season tent.

Winter campers are the ones who really need to buy a 4-season tent as they will be sleeping in rough and very cold conditions when they go camping in the wintertime.

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