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indoor bed tent

Going for the best bed tent is very necessary. It will serve you well which will make you realize value for money.

Bed tents come in different designs. It is essential to review the different types of bed tents available in the market before buying one.

This guide will help you choose your best bed tent.


Our Top Picks of Best Bed Tent

Light blockout to protect your child’s privacy, good airflow through the mesh top, Camp 365 Child Privacy Play Bed Tent

Pop up design for easy setup, strong material to keep warm and safe when sleeping, double layer to block light well, Easygo Indoor Bed Tent

Large space fit for queen size bed, mesh sides offering good ventilation, easy to set up and take down, Privacy Pop up Bed Tent


What Fabric is Best for a Bed Tent?

Before getting a tent bed, it is essential to choose a fabric that is attractive to the eye and durable, strong, versatile, and valuable. Materials range from cotton, silk to tapestry and lots more.

Light Blockout: A Tent fabric that keeps off light is essential. There are blackout tent fabrics that prevent the entrance of light. This material keeps light away, giving you a cozy environment, and is made from opaque Fabric. They include vinyl, polyester, or a composition of both.

Ventilation: Breathable Fabric for optimum ventilation is essential for your bed tent. Nylon fabric is the top choice of breathable material and is also durable. Another is cotton because of its lightweight and water absorbability.

Softness: Cotton is soft bed tent fabric material, and it insulates appropriately. Because of this, cotton is breathable and can absorb water. It makes it easier to carry the bed tent without stress and also aids easy drying out.

Ripstop Fabric: Ripstop refers to a reinforcement fabric pattern that gives the tent extra strength to prevent tearing, thus ripstop. Nylon is strong and is a perfect ripstop fabric.

Other factors that determine the fabric to chose for a bed tent include durability and ease of maintenance.


Considerations on Choosing the Best Bed Tent

More details for choosing guides are listed below:

1. Type

The bed tents are available in different designs. There are those which are made for boys, while others can work well for girls. You can as well buy adult tents.

Two people tent are made to accommodate couples when camping. Check on the intended purpose of a given design of the tent before you can buy it. Buying the right type of bed tent will contribute towards making your loved ones happy during the camping adventure.

2. Size

Bed tents come in several designs and sizes. You need to pay attention to the size of the tent which you can be comfortable to have.

For example, cases, where you intend to go out camping with your loved ones, will require a big bed. Check on the size of your most comfortable bed before you can proceed to order the bed.

The interior space is always indicated in the product description. You can base on the number of people such as two people to get the right size.

3. Comfort

You need to check on the materials and other features added to the bed to enhance your comfort. Buying a comfortable bed tent will contribute significantly towards making you happy as you enjoy the sleep.

Take time to check on the different designs of bed tents before you can buy one. Going for the most comfortable bed tent will make your outdoors enjoyable.

For example, you need to check on a bed made out of comfortable materials before you proceed to order. Tents made out of canvas tend to offer more protection from the weather elements.

4. Material Selection

For waterproof materials, you need to go for tents made out of canvas and PU. It is among the highly durable materials you can have in the tent. The different models available in the market indicate the materials used. Check out before buying.

5. Portability

A bed tent will require you to move it from one camping ground to the other. Check on the compactness and weight of the bed tent before you can proceed to buy a given tent.

The best bed tent should be portable. Check on the general design of the bed tent before you can continue to order. There are others that come with backpacks for easy carrying. A portable bed tent makes it easy when moving it from one location to another.


Types of Bed tent

  • Bed Frame tent

A bed frame tent does not need ropes or poles, making them more space-saving than other tent styles.

Their installation is accessible at any event, and you can raise the frame of the bed tent, usually made of steel or aluminum, without much effort. Bed frame tents are versatile, durable, and efficient.

  • Mattress tent

Mattress tent is a great bed tent idea. For this kind of tent, you place your mattress inside the tent and inflate. What happens next is stretching the tent walls to give space for your bed.

Mattress tents are lightweight, and they seem like a great option even for camping. It offers added comfort and ease of use. Even while inside, there are no fears of suffocation as there’s adequate ventilation.


Reviews of 10 Top-rated Bed Tents in Vogue

For Kids

Best for Girls – Pacific Secret Castle Pink Bed Play Tent

bed tent cabana
Best Bed Tent Playhouse for Girls


Size: Twin/Full

Weight: 2.45 pounds

Dimension: 77″ x 38″ x 35″

Material: Polyester & fiberglass

This tent is built to work well for kids. You will find it very helpful if you need a tent where your kids can enjoy the time when camping.

It comes with great graphics to make the kids enjoy staying in it. Outer skirt construction secures the tent to the mattress as the kids sleep. Super poles provide make the setup process very easy. The durable fabric used in the bed tent makes it among the best option for serious campers.

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Best for Boys – Delta Children Bed Tent for Toddlers

toyota car pattern bed tent
Best Kids Bed Tent



Weight: 18 pounds

Capacity Limit: 50 pounds

Dimension: 53.94″ x 29.13″ x 37.4″

It is the best bed tent designed to work well for toddlers. With removable tent mesh, you can set it up in a few minutes. The sturdy steel frame provided makes it among the best bed tents you can buy for children.

Its rugged design will withstand the movement of kids as they play in the tent. Removable tent mesh and the windows make the process of setting up the tent very easy. It adheres to the highest safety standards to guarantee you the best performance.

Your energetic boys are not willing to take a nap? Worry no more when you get such a bed tent. And I bet no boys will turn a blind eye on that after your putting a spiderman sheet on the mattress.

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Best Blackout – CAMP 365 Children’s Double Bed Tents

best floorless bed tent
Best Black Canopy Tent for Bed

Size: Small/Medium

Small Size Weight: 1.24 pounds

Small Size Dimension: 83″ x 47″ x 55″

Medium Size Weight: 4.14 pounds

Medium Size Dimension: 83″ x 59″ x 55″

The bed tent is designed to allow children privacy as they play in the house. It comes with features such as easy setup.

Machine washable design allows for easy cleaning. Kids tend to make the tent dirty due to their play. The fact that it is machine washable reduced s the stress involved when trying to keep it clean. Waterproof polyester fabrics used make it stand out in offering kids the necessary protection when playing.

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Best Durable – Pacific Bed Tent Cabana

bed tent canopy
Best Durable Indoor Bed Tent


Size: Twin

Weight: 0.16 ounces

Dimension: 77″ x 38″ x 35″

Material: Polyester & fiberglass

The tent is designed to work well for kids. It comes with features such as graphics to make the kids happy as they play. It is the perfect tent to allow kids to transition from child cribs to the bed.

Mesh panels provided offers the necessary ventilation as the kids enjoy their free time in the tent. Outer skit secures the tent as the kids play. All materials used are of the highest quality making tie among the best in the market.

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Teepee Bed Tent – Tiny Land Bedroom Play Tent with Floors

childrens bed tents
Best Girls Bed Tent with Floor



Capacity: 2-3

Peak Height: 6.5′

Weight: 7.7 lbs

Material: Cotton & wood

The tent is built to allow kids to play. It comes with all acres you need to easily set it up.

Features such as the 4 poles and the window allow for the best relaxation when out camping. The teepee-shaped design makes the process of setting up the bed tent very easy.

The material used is of the highest quality which makes the bed tent stand out. Easy to carry design avoids unnecessary time wastage when in the field. With only five minutes of folding, it is a reliable bed tent you can buy.

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For Adult

Large Queen Size – Privacy Pop Bunk Tents

best bed tent for twin size
Best Privacy Bed Tent for Twin Size Bed & Bunk Bed



Weight: 8 pounds

Dimensions: 78″ x 39″ x 47″

Size: Twin/Twin Bunk Bed/Full/Full Bunk Bed/Queen

It is designed to allow easy and fast set up. Durable style design fits most of the twin beds. You can count on the bed tent to realize the best performance in your sleep. The zip and mesh sides offer the necessary ventilation as you sleep.

There are times when you need peace as you sleep. The bed tent has the necessary ventilation to allow you to enjoy the sleep peacefully. Double-sided zippers allow easy use.

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Best for Adult –  EasyGo Full Size Bed Tent

adult and kids bed tent for indoor use
Best Bed Tent for Full-Size Beds



Layer: Double

Size: Twin/Full

Weight: 7.15 pounds

Material: Polyester & fiberglass

The EasyGo Products works very well if you are looking for an adult tent. It is big enough to allow you to sleep with children on the camping site. There are times when you need to spend time at the camping site with loved ones. The bed tent works very well in such a case.

The multiple-use design ensures you have the necessary accessory when camping. It will take a few minutes to set up and start enjoying the camping site experience. The warm and safe design ensures you achieve total protection when in the camping site.

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Besten Floorless Bed Tent Full Size Canopy

bedroom canopy tent
Best Bedroom Canopy Tent for Full/Queen Size Bed


Material: Polyester

Size: Twin/Full/Queen

Twin Size Dimension: 41″ x 77″ x 51″

Full/Queen Size Dimension: 59″ x 83″ x 59″

It is the best bed tent which comes with a canopy. There are times when you need some privacy. The bed tent will offer you the privacy you deserve as you relax outdoors.

You can count on it to keep warm in your camping adventure. Your camping ground should be a place to relax and focus. You have peace of mind each time you enter the tent.

Easy access to three doors makes it easy to enter and leave the tent. Extra-large space makes it easy to enjoy a good time with other people. It is a comfortable tent designed to make you enjoy the outdoors.

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What Is A Bed Tent?

A bed tent is a bed that has a fabric or piece of cloth covering the open space. A bed tent consists of a bed for sleeping or resting and a tent for privacy.

The bed is mainly in solid foam or at times inflatable. The tent is usually made of a lightweight mesh or polyester material with doors for easy access

The following are some of the unique features of bed tents:

  • Have sleeping quarters that provide seclusion and privacy for the individual.
  • Contain mesh layers on all of its sides to provide additional ventilation and flow of fresh air.
  • Have 360 degrees coverage to keep away mosquitos and any harmful insects during sleep.
  • Possess double-sided zippers on the interior and exterior which creates windows to the bed tent.
  • Contain fold up and zip down doors to allow for opening the tent completely as well as provide some form of privacy.

Bed tents usually create a suitable getaway for individuals. They also provide the best accommodation during camping.


What Can Bed Tents Be Used for?

Bed tents are considered a fun accessory for both kids and adults. Bed tents usually come in solid or inflatable forms. Bed tents are multi-functional items and come with a wide range of uses. The following are ways in which a bed tent can be used for:

  • Offers Solitude and Seclusion

Bed tents are designed for use with a mattress and bed frame to offer some quality sleep and some time alone during bedtime.

  • Act As a Private Oasis

They provide space for sleep in any place and offer exclusive privacy when one is in an area of sleep that is not comfortable enough.

  • Minimizes Light from the Outside

Bed tents are known to reduce ambient light from the bright sun or lighting in the room. Its windows can be zipped to get rid of unnecessary light from the outside.

  • Offer Comfort and Privacy

The doors on the bed tent can be folded or zipped down completely to create maximum privacy for an individual. The mesh windows also add some form of privacy in bed tents.

Bed tents can be designed to accommodate the various needs of an individual. One should acquire one that meets his/her taste and preference.


How Much Does a Bed Tent Cost?

The bed tent’s cost varies, depending on the type of bed tent, the manufacturer, and the material used. The bed tents’ price ranges from $15 in the minimum and $200 or more on the high side.

For Mattress tents, the mattress’s price and the bed are a determining factor for its cost, while a bed frame requires a pole or structure to hold up the tent to the ceiling or any support system.

Bed tent materials like nylon, polyester, silk are affordable options for bed tent material. Cotton or canvas, on the one hand, is lightweight and breathable. Choose a bed tent material that’s not only cost-effective but guarantees optimum comfort and protection.

How often should I wash my bed tent?

The recommended time range to clean your bed tent is immediately after use or once every month if not in use. A good bed tent lasts longer if it is well-taken care of.

But how do you do that? It’s essential to clean and wash your bed tent after use. But ensure you don’t store a tent when it is dry. You can’t dry your tent too much; there’s no such thing as that. For keeping your tent, ensure you store it in a mesh bag or pillowcase.

Your tent fabric needs time to breathe and relax. Also, the storage location is critical. Ensure the storage space for your bed tent is dry and cool. Your garage, attic, basement, or car trunk are not always the best choice as they are often hot.


FAQs of Bed Tents

1. Do I Need a Cot When Using a Bed Tent?

When camping or hiking in the company of small kids, one needs to have a cot for the kid to sleep in. A cot for the baby is important even when using a bed tent.

A cot is usually attached to the bed tent so as to deter the kid from climbing out of the cot. Cots are also used in bed tents to prevent pets from reaching the kid in the tent.

The following are some of the considerations that one should keep in mind when choosing a cot for a bed tent;

Safety. The cot should be heat resistant. The mesh of the cot should resistant to tear by the kid or pets.

Easy to use. The cot should be easily attached and detached from the bed tent. However, it shouldn’t become loose if the kid plays with it.

Space. The cot should offer the baby enough room to stand and jump around without any difficulties.

Visibility. One should be able to see his/her child clearly when in the tent. This ensures easy monitoring.

Cots are specifically designed to offer comfort and safety to kids when in bed tents. Individuals with kids should consider using them more often.

2. Can I Put A Mattress Inside the Bed Tent?

Yes! It is possible to fit a mattress inside of your bed tent. It will depend on the size of your tent and the size of your truck bed, but most common tents can fit at least a twin-size air mattress. If your tent is at least 20 square feet in size, it can reasonably fit a small mattress.

Be cautious when choosing an air mattress, as some are too tall to fit inside the tent comfortably. Self-inflating mattress pads are often a more logical choice than full air beds.

3.  Are Bed Tents Waterproof?

The best bed tents are completely waterproof and spill-proof. If you’re caught in heavy rainfall, you can protect yourself from getting damp by attaching an air fly to your bed tent.

The best tents are already built with reinforced mesh and fabric materials that are resistant to water, making the moisture slip right off.

4. Can I Wash My Bed Tent? How to Clean It?

A bed tent needs should be washed from time to time. But this is not a simple task of normal washing. Cleaning a bed tent is one way of taking care of the tent and making it last for long. The following is a guideline on how one can clean a bed tent;

  • Prepare the tent for cleaning by unzipping its doors and turning it inside out.
  • Clean the tent by scrubbing the areas with lots of stains using a sponge and dish soap.
  • Soak the tent in lukewarm water and a detergent that is specifically manufactured for cleaning outdoor gear. Immerse the tent in the solution and let it soak.
  • Rinse the tent using clean water by swishing it around. Repeat this process until all the soap is removed from the tent.
  • Spread the tent under a shade and leave it to dry for some hours.

After the bed tent has been cleaned and dried, one should take some time to check its condition. An individual should check on zippers, mesh, and seams and perform any maintenance repairs if need be. The tent can be then stored.

5. Will My Bed Tent Get Mold or Mildew?

Any fabric material can grow mildew if it is damp for too long. You can avoid the buildup of mildew or mold on your tent by air drying it often.

This includes drying the inside of the tent, too. A good piece of advice for travelers using their tents for the long haul is to set up the tent even when it isn’t being used, so it can fully air out.


Final Words

There are several factors to check out before you can proceed to buy the best bed tent.

  • First, check on the materials used to make the bed tent.
  • It is essential to buy a bed tent which has been built to serve for a long. You will have to spend your money on buying the bed tent, and it is necessary to ensure it can serve you for a long.
  • Ensure you have a comfortable bed tent. If you intend to go camping with loved ones, then the bed tent should be big enough to accommodate all of you.
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