The 7 Best Hiking Tents for Easier and Comfortable Travel

Having a top-notch tent is the best way of increasing safety and comfort during hiking. However, there are various tents to choose from in the market, and it can be hard to choose the one which best suits your needs.

Therefore, in this article, we shall take you through some of the best hiking tent guides and reviews.

guides of best hiking tent

In a hurry? Check our tops picks of the best hiking tents

Top rated with affordable price, lightweight enough for hiking, versatile for most cases, Coleman Sundome Tent

Small size for one person, a porch and gear loft for extra storage, freestanding design for easy setup, Alps Mountaineering 1 Person Tent

Highly weatherproof that can be used for 4 seasons, instant pop up design making setup super easy, Lethmik Backpacking Tent

Mesh canopy for excellent ventilation, highly waterproof to keep dry in heavy rains, Weanas Hiking Tent

How to Choose a Hiking Tent?

Choosing the type of hiking tent you need may be challenging; therefore, there are some considerations that you need to take into account so that you can acquire a suitable brand. These considerations are;

Group Size

Knowing the capacity of the hiking tent will give you an idea about the interior space. Before you estimate the maximum number of people it can accommodate, it is essential to consider your choice’s floor area and peak height.

When we talk of peak height, we refer to the height measurement at the tallest point of your tent. Also, choosing the floor area isn’t a complicated task since one person will require about 25 inches in width and 80 inches in length.

But if you will have your dog, you will probably need a hiking tent of 90 inches long. Typically, there are 1-person, 2-person, 3-person, and 8-person size hiking tents.

Compact Size

When it comes to the tent size, we will also consider the number of people that are expected to be accommodated by your hiking tent. But it is always wise to consider a compact size to carry around conveniently but with enough space.

Therefore, you should be able to gauge the interior volume of the hiking tent; generally, manufacturers will provide you with the floor dimension, peak height, and floor area, which will help you identify the correct size.

Use the provided measurement to estimate the size you need. Mostly, if you are tall enough, consider going for a hiking tent measuring around 84 inches to 90 inches and beyond.


This is an essential consideration when choosing a hiking tent. Generally, as the weight goes down, their prices go up while durability decreases, space is reduced, and the setup becomes challenging.

Similarly, a heavier one is always cheaper. Generally, most of the lighter brands weigh around 3 pounds or even 2 pounds, while the heavier ones may weigh 4 to 5 pounds for 2-person.

Consequently, the capacity of a hiking tent may also dictate its weight. We recommend that your choice be based on the number of people you’d want to use and the cost.


Most of the hiking tents are affordable, while some are expensive based on their construction, capacity, and weight. Their prices usually range from around $150 to about $700.

Therefore, you won’t miss one that will accommodate the size of your budget. Their prices are always affected by the size of interior space or the capacity.

For instance, the one that accommodates four people will be expensive than one that accommodates a maximum of two people. Therefore, the size of your pocket should guide you when looking for a suitable brand.


It is usually recommended that you carry a tarp if your option is not equipped with. This is because if you want your hiking experience to look unique, you should ensure that you have a tarp such that in case of heavy rains, your hiking tent space won’t get wet.

Generally, you need to have a tarp before hiking. You may not even need to cook inside your hiking tent, but a tart can give you a suitable space.


Before making your choice, you need to point out where you will be heading and when you will use it. Therefore, it is crucial to consider a 3-seasons hiking tent since it provides suitable wet and wind protection.

Generally, go for a product that can be used regardless of weather conditions so that your hiking may not get boring.


Reviews of the 7 Best Rated Hiking Tents in 2021

Let us dive into the best hiking tents that can be available on the market.

1. For One Person – ALPS Mountaineering Pop up Hiking Tent with Vestibule

best 1 man tent
Best 1 Man Backpacking Tent



Total Weight: 4lbs

Base Size: 2’8 x 7’6

Peak Height: 36 inches

MinimumWeight:3 lbs. 5 oz.

Amazing material. As a hiker, you will need a tent constructed from the lightweight material, and the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-person tent delivers that.

This tent features free-standing poles. The poles are made from lightweight aluminum; furthermore, erecting this tent is very easy since the poles come with a clip.

Factory sealed zipper. The ALPS Lyn, 1 person tent, features 75D 185T polyester fly, which is resistant to UV rays. Additionally, the factory-sealed zipper, as well as the floor, offers the best protection against the weather. This tent features eight flies and a floor made from poly taffeta with a 2000mm coating.

Great weather protection. For maximum weather protection, this ALPS Mountaineering tent features a vestibule. Nonetheless, the vestibule offers extra weather protection and acts as a gear storage unit. The weatherproof fly provides maximum protection and adjustability.

Well ventilated. When it comes to ventilation, the ALPS Lynx 1 person tent features half mesh walls for maximum air circulation.

  • It is known for offering excellent protection against the weather.
  • It features one of the best hiking tents reviews due to its fantastic design.
  • The tent is made from extra-lightweight materials, which make it perfect for hiking as well as backpacking.
  • You are assured of excellent ventilation. Due to its fantastic air circulation, the chances of your tent being stuffy are minimal.
  • Feature a minimal space

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2. Lightweight – Bessport Hiking Tent 1-2 Person

best 2 person hiking tent
Best Lightweight Tent for Hiking


Season: 3

Tent Weight: 5.2 lbs

Floor Size: 86.6″ x 48.4″

Peak Height: 43.5 inches

Great space. The Bessport camping tent features a vast area that is capable of hosting two people at the same time. This tent is very spacious and has two D-shaped doors as well as two vestibules that accommodate two people at a go.

Lightweight. Despite offering exceptional space, this Bessport camping tent is very light in weight. The interior floor measures 220 by 123 cm, and the tent weighs approximately 2.35 kg or 5.2 lbs.

Weatherproof. If you are looking for a tent that has the tremendous weatherproof ability, then this Bessport camping if perfect for you. The tent features impenetrable barriers that offer excellent protection during a torrential downpour. Well welded floor design helps in elevating the tent’s bottom to protect you from wet ground.

Setup. The amount of time taken in setting up a tent is essential; therefore, this tent features an easy to up design. Due to its lightweight design, you can move or relocate without having to dismantle your tent.

  • It offers a great and comfortable space.
  • Its weatherproof ability makes it one of the best tents for hiking.
  • Despite being light in weight, this tent is strong and durable, which makes it perfect for hiking.
  • Having a lightweight tent is essential for any hiker or backpacker; therefore, this Bessport tent was designed to offer that with the utmost ease.
  • Designs one door for access

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3. Waterproof – Featherstone Outdoor Ultralight Backpacking 2 Person Tent with Footprint

best 2 person tent for 3 seasons
Best Durable & Breathable Lightweight 2 Man Tent


Season: 3

Pack Weight: 6 lbs

Ultralight Setup: 3.8 lbs

Peak Height: 43 inches

Floor Dimension: 84″ x 51″

Amazing design. The Featherstone outdoor backpacking two-person tent features a great design that is light in weight, breathable, and durable.

This tent features a waterproof design that helps in keeping you dry during rainy days. Furthermore, the micro-mesh fabric helps in enhancing breathability within the tent. Its lightweight design makes it portable and perfect for hiking.

Ample space. This tent is very spacious, and it can accommodate up to 2 people, which makes it great for couples. Furthermore, the tent features two doors and two vestibules which offer great storage.

3 seasons. Featherstone outdoor backpacking 2 person tent is suitable for 3 seasons. The canopy provides excellent protection from rainwater due to its impenetrable barriers.

Furthermore, the floor features a bathtub design, which elevates the tent’s bottom for maximum protection from wet ground.

  • Since it’s a 3 season tent, it offers excellent protection from various weather conditions.
  • This tent features a lightweight design making it ideal for both backpacking and hiking, among other activities.
  • It offers fantastic livability. Due to the micro-mesh fabric, this tent has exceptional breathability, which helps in reducing condensation and increases comfortability.
  • This tent is for 2 campers.

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4. Best Budget – Coleman Sundome 3 Person Hiking Tent

best coleman family tent
Best Coleman Lightweight Hiking Tent with Dome Shape


Capacity: 2-6

Material: Polyester

Tent Size: 9 x 7 feet

Peak Height:4 feet 11 inches

Easy to setup. This Coleman tent features a dome design which very easy to setup.

Spacious. The Coleman Sundome dome tent features a great interior with movable rooms. Furthermore, this tent can accommodate up to three people at ago. Also other choices with the capacity of 4 and 6 men.

Well-ventilated. When it comes to ventilation, this Coleman tent features large windows which enhance airflow within the canvas.

Water protection. To keep the rainwater out, this tent is constructed using the WeatherTec system. The system involves patented welded floors as well as inverted seams, which help in keeping water outside the tent.

  • It offers excellent protection from rainwater.
  • Enough space to accommodate up to three people.
  • Unlike most of the hiking tents, the unit comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
  • For maximum air circulation within the tent, this tent is equipped with large windows.
  • You need to buy a separate flashlight hanging on the loop on the tent ceiling

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5. For 4 Person – Kelty Salida Hiking Tent with Large Space

Best Camping Tents
Best 1 Person Camping Tent


Season: 3

Capacity: 1/2/4

Peak Height: 56 inches

Floor Area: 55 square feet

Hiking friendly. Kelty Salida tent is not only perfect for backpacking and camping but also it is one of the best hiking friendly tents. The tent features compact folding poles, color-coded clips, gear loft loops, and flies attachment.

Material. Furthermore, its wall material is made from 68D polyester and 40D No-see-um mesh. Whereas the floor is constructed from 68D nylon measuring 1800mm.

Amazing design. This tent features a fantastic design that is easy to set up, stands freely, and roll-top cube carry bag. Furthermore, the tent features mesh/fabric walls, which help in enhancing air circulation within the canvas.

Measurements. This Kelty tent features a lightweight design since it weighs approximately 4 lbs. 9 oz. When packed. The floor measures 30.5 ft. Whereas the vestibule area is 10 ft, and the tent’s length is 88ft. L by 55/45ft. W by 43ft. H. when packed, the tent’s size becomes 13 by 15 ft.

Spacious. Kelty Salida features a spacious interior that offers 2 hikers an excellent hiking experience. For maximum comfort, the tent is well ventilated to allow air to flow in and out of the tent freely.

  • With this tent, you are assured of excellent livability due to its fantastic design.
  • When it comes to space, this tent offers an ample amount of space which can accommodate up to 4 people at a go.
  • It features a lightweight design, which is an essential feature in hiking, backpacking, and camping, among other outdoor activities.
  • 1800 mm water repellent

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6. Excellent Ventilation – Weanas Waterproof Hiking Tent with Porch

top rated waterproof hiking tent
Best Waterproof Hiking Tent


Season: 3

Capacity: 1-4

Material: Polyester and nylon

Water Resistance: 4000 mm

Great interior. The Weans professional backpacking tent features an impressive interior design with two doors. You can either open the door from inside or outside. Furthermore, the tent’s design is very convenient and comfortable.

Easy to set up. You can easily set up this tent by yourself. The tent features durable and high aluminum poles, which are light in weight and is capable of withstanding high pressure.

Weatherproof. A professional backpacking tent is made from water-resistant fabrics and stub adhesive. Moreover, this tent features a waterproof index of 4000mm. A strong skeleton along with tent nails helps this tent to withstand strong winds with the utmost ease.

Well ventilated. The brace type window, which is outside the tent, features two closeable ventilation skylights, which is easy to operate.

  • This tent has received some of the best hiking tent reviews due to its weatherproof design.
  • It features an excellent design, which is waterproof, UV resistant, and breathable at the same time.
  • It offers a remarkable space which is suitable for four people ago, making it ideal for family use.
  • Not for really harsh winter

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7. 4 Season – LETHMIK Hiking Tent with Double Layer

Best 4 season hiking tent
4 season Lethmik hiking tent


Season: 4

Capacity: 2-3

Weight: 8.38 lbs

Material: Polyester

Size: 78.7″ x 78.7″ x 55″

Durable material. The LETHMIK backpacking tent features a durable and sturdy 190T PU fabric and a floor constructed from 190D Oxford fabric as well as a fully taped seams. This design works perfectly when it comes to protecting you from water, and it is perfect for use all seasons.

Lightweight. Just like most of backpacking tent, the LETHMIK tent features a lightweight design, which makes it portable for hiking. When unfolded, the tent measures 78.7 by 78.7 by 55 inches. Furthermore, it weighs approximately 8.38lbs.

Setup. When it comes to set up, this tent features an easy to set up design. You can set it within 30 seconds, making it one of the fastest hiking tents to set up since there is no construction required.

  • The canvas is spacious and can accommodate up to three people all at once.
  • It is a double-layer cabin. This offers more room, and it is perfect for family use.
  • If you are a newbie, this is the perfect tent for you since there is no construction needed when setting it up.
  • You need to use more stakes and guylines in powerful windy days since it is a freestanding tent.

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What Is the Best Hiking Tent Brand?

Different individuals have different ways of enjoying their free time. This is essential because it is a way of relaxing the mind and sometimes keeping up a good mood.

One of the best ways of spending your time is by hiking. This involves a tough walk or maneuvering a tough terrain just for the sake of having fun or sometimes when learning about something.

When hiking, sometimes there is a need to rest if it takes more prolonged periods. Therefore it is necessary to travel hiking with some of the best tents such as the ALPS Mountaineering brand.

Tents from Big Agnes do not disappoint all even in harsh weather conditions. They are easy to set up in at any place of choice and consist of healthy and firm standing poles that enhance steadiness when they have been set up.

The wall materials are very durable and robust hence very reliable since they are not easily broken down or torn. The ventilation is well established with the best closing mechanisms to ensure more comfort.


How Heavy Should a Hiking Tent Be?

The weight of a tent is one of the most important aspects you need to look at. According to most outdoor lovers, ‘light is right’ when it comes to tents. But, how heavy should a hiking tent be to make it ideal?

Now, when it comes to tent designs, manufacturers seem to put a balance between durability and lightweight materials. This simply means that lighter tents are constructed from delicate materials while heavier tents are constructed using durable material.

A good hiking tent should weigh 3 pounds per person approximately. This means that when you are backpacking with other people, then you have to split the weight.

That is, the best one-person tent should not exceed 3 pounds while the best 2 person backpacking tents are less than 6 pounds.

Simply divide the tent, poles, and rain fly. Heavier hiking tents are not ideal since they are quite hard to move from one point to the next.


How Do I Carry a Tent and a Sleeping Bag When Hiking?

Sometimes one may take very long periods trekking or backpacking; this is because they haven’t achieved their goal or they want to explore more. Therefore when going hiking, especially in rough terrain areas, it very essential to be fully prepared.

This is by ensuring that you will be able to sort out the issue of meals, dealing with extreme weather conditions, and sorting out on the place of rest.

Therefore, to be fully equipped for hiking, one has to have enough package. Most of the individuals that go hiking prepare themselves with a fitted backpack. Hiking backpacks are artistically made so as to accommodate more luggage and equipment.

  • The tent and sleeping bag which are not often used are packed to the bottom. This is packed into another compartment to the lower side that is separated from the larger chamber.
  • Ensure that the rest of the space left is bigger and can accommodate more stuff, such as food and water.


What Is the Best Way to Pack a Tent for Hiking?

During hiking, you need to ensure that your tent is neatly packed in the best possible way. Packing a tent can be rather tedious especially when you don’t know how to do it right. This article will guide you through the best way to pack a tent for hiking.

Why You Should Pack a Tent Appropriately?

You want your backpack as streamlined and tight as possible to give you more stability. Once you have your tent hanging behind your backpack, it means that if packed wrongly it could throw off your center of gravity. This means that you could easily fall when you maneuver quickly.

The Ideal Way to Pack Your Tent

Start by unpacking the entire tent into parts. Stuff the groundsheet and flysheet at the bottom of your backpack. Proceed to pack the rest of your gear in the backpack excluding the other parts of your tent. Once you are done, take those remaining tent parts and stuff them down your backpack’s side.


What Kind of Tent Will You Use in Hiking?

A semi-freestanding kind of hiking tent would be appropriate since it is equipped with a separate pole system that can stand on its own without much staking.

This kind of hiking tent usually comes with a rainfly, stakes, pole system, and tent body. The reason behind this selection is that it is versatile, and the combination of weight saving makes it the best.


The Difference Between a Hiking Tent and a Backpacking Tent

A hiking tent and a backpacking tent are a bit similar, but there are some distinguishing features which include;

Most of the backpacking tents weigh less than 3 pounds, making them ideal to be carried around. However, though they also weigh less, hiking tents can’t be compared with the backpacking tent.

Most of the backpacking tents provide minimal space compared to a hiking tenth which has adequate space.

Some of the backpacking tents are made of materials that contribute to their ultralight nature, but when it comes to hiking tenth, some are made of a material that makes them heavier.


Final Words

By now, you probably know what to look for in a tent and purchase a tent that suits your needs best. We came up with the above best hiking tents review to help you choose some of the best hiking tents available in the market. We hope you can get fun hiking days!

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