How Many Types of Tents are There? – Best Outdoor Tents in 2022

best outdoor tents reviews

Outdoor camping depends on a variety of things:

  • First, you need a good location.
  • Second, you need good weather.
  • Third, you need a great tent.

The following tents should fill that third requirement with ease. The first one you have to do and the second is up to nature.

Go with the best outdoor tent guide and reviews to help make your camping trip more fun!

best outdoor tents reviews

Our Top Picks of Best Outdoor Tents

Best seller with cheap price, small and middle size for 2-6 persons, overall design for most weather conditions and campsites, Coleman Sundome Tent

Lightweight for backpacking, freestanding design for less effort to set up a tent, small size for solo-hiker, Alps Mountaineering Tent

Double room and spacious interior for at most 9 persons to sleep, good ventilation and waterproof with affordable price, Core 9 Person Instant Outdoor Cabin Tent


What Should I Look for in Choosing the Best Outdoor Tents?

Whether you are going to camp, to the beach, watch sports, or even holding a garden wedding, one of the essential items you need for these activities is a tent. A tent provides shelter and warmth for outdoor activities.

So, you need to choose a tent that fits the occasion and safeguards you from the climatic changes. Tents come in different designs and styles to meet various events. What should you look for when buying the following tents?

1. Beach tent

  • Material

The primary material used to make the beach tents are the polyester and nylon materials. Both these materials are super light in weight, allow proper ventilation, and the same protect people from harsh UV rays and water.

The frames of the tents should be made of high-quality material to ensure stability, especially when there are heavy winds.

Most of the beach tents are made of aluminum and steel frames, which are coated with rust resistance products. This makes it possible to use the tents even in areas with saltwater since the structures cannot corrode.

  • Size

The choice of the tent based on size is determined by the number of families to use it. The tents come in different sizes where some are suitable for a person, six people, and even a tent person. So, if you need a shelter that you can use maybe with your two kids, a five-person canvas would be perfect.

  • Color

We go to the beach during summer seasons and so, acquiring a colored tent is crucial to ensure it does not absorb too much heat from the inside. Therefore, a beach tent should be colorful.

  • Ease to Use

When selecting the tent, make sure to try setting up while at the dealer to be sure it will not give you complications when setting it up at the beach. For the easiest use, pop up beach tents beat all the other types.

2. Screen Tent

A screen tent is the type of tent that features a reliable and robust roof with mesh sides.

  • Portability

The screen tents are mainly used for camping and therefore, make sure to choose a tent that is light in weight for easy carrying and setting up.

  • Size

Although these tents do not work during the windy and rainy seasons, they are quite reliable for sunny days. The tents are suitable for safeguarding camping items such as bikes and beddings.

You can use the tent in areas that have mosquitos since the mesh structure on the side prevents the mosquitos and other pests from penetrating. In this case, ensure to choose a tent that will fit all your camping members.

  • Quality

Other than ensuring you get the right size of the screen tent, you also need to check the quality of the materials. You need a shelter that will last you for a long time, and therefore, it should feature high-quality and durable materials that are resistant to weather damages.

The frames should be sturdy and coated with a protective substance. The zipper should be easy to open and close.

  • Stability

The screen tents are relatively lighter than the rest of the tents, and in this case, you should ensure the shelter you choose comes with supporting parts to increase its ground stability. For example, it should come with stakes to fill with water or sand for increased firmness.

3. SUV Tent

SUV tents are the type of tent that allows you to enjoy your camping time by fitting it right next to your SUVs or CUVs. The majority of these tents are adjustable in size to fit more than one person.

  • Materials

The materials of the tent determine your comfort and its durability. Don’t just select the first tent you see online or on a dealer shop. Check out the materials used to make the canvas and ensure they are durable. The stands and straps should also feature quality and durable material to ensure the tent serves you for many years.

  • Type

The SUV tents come in different types to fit in separate cars. There are small designs that are ideal for small USVs, while others are suitable for large vehicles. Note that the number of people to use the tent determines the type to purchase as well. So, check out this feature when buying one.

  • Rain Flies and Awnings

The majority of the SVU tents are equipped with either a single or double rain flies. The flies help adjust the roof and prevent the rainwater from accumulating on the peak of the canvas.

They also help to lift the roof to allow proper ventilation on the inside. Choose a tent based on the flies depending on the areas you like to camp. For example, if the region is raining, double rain flies would be suitable.

  • Price

Although these tents are sold at different prices, you need to figure out your needs before choosing the tent. The available features determine the price, so, read out different reviews so you can be able to select the perfect canvas within your budget.

4. Hanging Tents

The hanging tents are types of tents that are suspended on a surface such as a tree or higher surface. They are suitable for people who want to hang out on the outdoor.

  • Size

Do you need to use the tent alone or with someone else? These tents are designed in different sizes ranging from one-person shelter to 3 family-person tents. So, check out the number of people the tent can accommodate to see if it will suit you for your outdoor leisure.

  • Materials

These tents are not advised to be used during the rainy seasons since they are suspended on the trees. Nonetheless, they should feature durable and robust material to enable them last longer.

The suspension straps should be made of non-stretchy material to prevent the tent from hanging too much when one is asleep. Make sure it has spandex, cotton or polyester material to ensure you are comfortable when sleeping.

  • Ease to Set up

Regardless of the size of the hanging tent you need, it should not give you problems when setting it up. So, choose a tent that is straightforward when fixing on the tree. It should also have a user manual for instructions.

  • Portability

These tents are crafted with sturdy materials to ensure they are durable and maintain a good form even when you are sleeping. But, make sure to select a tent that is light in weight for easy carrying and setting up.

The above are factors to consider when choosing the different types of tents. Consider your camping region and your experience. Also, the size and material matter when choosing a tent. Use these buying guides to help you choose the best tent for your outdoor activities.


The 8 Best Outdoor Tents Reviews

1. Best Cheap – Coleman 2 Person Outdoor Dome Tent

best coleman 2 person outdoor tent
Best Coleman Small Outdoor Tent


Capacity: 2/3/4/6

Setup Time: 10 mins

Material: Polyester & Polyethylene

When you and a close friend or romantic partner want to get away from it all, this Coleman 2 man tent should help you out. Even when the wind gets a little above 35 mph you should not be blown away or have your camping trip ruined.

Then when the weather is nice and hot, you have large windows and a D shaped door, as well as a little ground vent to make sure you have enough ventilation. Your nights should remain nice and cool helping the two of you snuggle together.

Then welded floors and inverted seams work hard to keep any and all water from entering your new tent. Couple that with the included rainfly and you should have a good night’s rest all the time.

The 7 by 5 tent comes with 4 feet of headroom giving you lots of space t maneuver.

  • Waterproof
  • Wind resistant
  • Lots of head room
  • More than enough ventilation
  • One single door

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2. Best for Backpacking – ALPS Mountaineering One Man Outdoor Tent with Freestanding Design

best ALPS Mpuntaineering outdoor lightweight tent
Best Lightweight Outdoor Tent for Backpacking


Capacity: 1

Peak Height: 36″

Minimum Weight: 3 lbs. 5 oz.

Waterproof Rating: 2000mm

Material: Polyester & aluminum

There will be those times where you want to be alone and think. This small one-man tent will help you get away and keep the weight down. With no one helping you to pack the gear and food, you need a light tent like this one to keep the weight off your back.

Also, you have a UV protected polyester fly and 2 pole assembly. The small size allows you to find a small hidden spot to put your tent and keep it out of sight. With mesh walls, getting air will not be a problem.

Then a gear loft and storage pockets are there to help keep your gear safe and sound. On top of that, the factory sealed seams keep you dry when the water starts to flow. Anyone under 7 feet 6 inches in size can use this tent comfortably.

  • Waterproof
  • Storage loft
  • Vestibules for storage
  • Half mesh walls for ventilation
  • Wide floor size of 2’8″ x 7’6″ provides roomy interior
  • A bit short

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3. Ultralight – Best Kelty Family Tent for Outdoor Camping & Backpacking

best kelty compact outdoor tent
Best Kelty Tent for Outdoor Camping & Backpacking


Season: 3

Capacity: 1/2/4

Waterproof Rating: 1800 mm

Material: Nylon floor & Polyester walls & aluminum poles

Folding poles and color codes help you set this little tent up in a jiffy. Once you have it put together you and a partner can go inside and enjoy the night. There are over 30 square feet of the room once the tent is up and ready to go.

In addition to that, its lightweight does not make it hard to pack into your favorite campsite. With its little vestibule area, your gear can remain outside of the tent while still being covered from the weather. A good ventilation system is a part of this package.

Great for spring, summer and fall, you and your mate can enjoy the great outdoors any time you have a free weekend to go camping. Its nylon construction material should make the tent durable and able to withstand lots of different camping situations.

  • Has rainfly
  • Good for 3 seasons
  • A little vestibule area for gear
  • Color coding for easy assembly
  • Contains no footprint

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4. Small Size – MSR 2 Person Waterproof Tent for Winter

best outdoor tent with high water protection
Best MSR Outdoor Tent for Rain


Season: 3

Capacity: 2

Top Height: 39″

Minimum Weight: 3 lbs.

Waterproof Rating: 3000 mm

Made from nylon and polyurethane this should be a very durable and strong 2 man tent. The tent keeps you covered and makes sure the elements remain outside while you are inside getting a nice sleep.

The top-notch waterproof coating is supposed to last you a long time. Rain should not be a problem once you assemble and get inside this tent. A unified hub and pole system make assembly simple and easy to do. A rainfly is included with your purchase to help keep you dry.

It won’t be long before the two of you can enjoy the comforts this tent bring to camping. All of the equipment and tent weigh only about 3 pounds give or take an ounce or two. Then with about 30 square feet of tent space and 17 of vestibule space, your comfort should be second to none.

  • Unified assembly process
  • Ultralight for backpacking
  • Lightweight poles included
  • 29 square feet large tent floor space
  • 17.5 square feet of vestibule area for gear storage
  • A high end tent

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5. Dual Vestibule – Featherstone 3 Season Tent for Outdoors

best 3 season outdoor tent
Best Ultralight 2 Man Tent for Outdoor Backpacking


Season: 3

Capacity: 2

Peak Height: 43″

Floor Size: 84″ x 51″

Ultralight Weight: 3.8 lbs.

Spring, summer or fall, you can go camping because you are using this top 3 season tent to handle the sleeping duties. The tent is durable, lightweight and it is also breathable. That is a good combination to have in a top camping tent.

The unique feature on this top tent is that it comes with 2 doors and 2 vestibules. They can be his and hers type of option. Then with a bathtub styled floor, the water should remain outside when it rains.

On top of those features, you get a freestanding tent that does not have to be disassembled to move it. Once up it stays up till you are ready to go home. No matter your activity, this lightweight tent will handle the 3 seasons with ease even when you are just staying out one night after a day of biking.

  • Ultralight
  • Dual doors
  • Easy assembly
  • Dual vestibules
  • Lightweight aluminum poles
  • Stands with 3000 mm heavy rains
  • Takes about 15 minutes to set it up

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6. Easy Setup – Coleman Instant Cabin Tent for Outdoor Activities

Hot Sale Outdoor Cabin Tent
Best Coleman Instant Cabin Tent for 6 Man Outdoor Camping


Capacity: 4/6/10

Floor Size: 10′ x 9′

Material: Polyester

Peak Height: 6 feet

One minute is all it takes to get this top-notch camping tent set up and ready for action. The less time you spend setting up the more time you have for camping fun. Once it is up and ready you have about 6 feet of headroom to walk around in.

On top of that, this comes with large mesh doors and windows. These sizes are so big that getting air throughout the night should not be a problem. Also, the 10 by 9-foot interior has room for about 2 queen-size air mattresses. You can stay comfortable all the time.

Plus, there are two side pockets to help you remain nice and organized. The double-thick exterior fabric should be durable and resists damage. The tent should be usable for many years to come. An integrated rainfly completes your camping picture and helps keep bad weather away.

  • One minute set up
  • WeatherTec system
  • 2 inside storage pockets
  • Room for two queen size air mattresses
  • Dark room technology being a light barrier at night
  • 6 feet top height ideal for normal person, not the best choice for extra tall people

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7. Large Space – Core 9 Person Tent for Instant Setup with 2 Rooms

Best Core Large Family Outdoor Tent
Best Core Large Family Instant Cabin Outdoor Tent


Capacity: 9

Peak Height: 78″

Floor Size: 14′ x 9′

Material: Polyester & steel

Fun for the whole family. This 9 person tent is a large part of that fun. Not only do you and your kids have room to spare, but you also get a great place to sleep when in nature. When you need privacy, a room divider makes that happen for you.

In addition, you have room for comfort. This tent holds 2 queen size air mattresses and gives you 6 1/2 feet of headroom. After you are set up, you can run an electrical cord inside to make sure you stay powered up. You can have lights or cell phones working throughout the night if you so choose.

Large doors and windows make sure the air gets in but the mesh keeps the bugs out. That is the type of security to help make your next camping trip lots of fun. All the equipment you need is included in your purchase.

  • 78 inches of headroom
  • Electrical cord compatible
  • Family-sized fitting for 2 airbeds
  • Ideal for family car camping

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8. Best Waterproof – NTK 9/10 Man Tent with Excellent Ventilation

Best Large Outdoor Tent for Rain
Best NTK 9/10 Person Outdoor Tent for Rain


Capacity: 9-10

Floor Size: 17.4′ x 8′

Peak Height: 6.2 feet

Waterproof Rating: 2500 mm

You can take your boys and their friends on a great weekend of camping with this very large tent. Measuring about 17 by 8 feet in size, you can get about 9 to 10 people inside and still have room for a comfortable sleep.

With 2 rooms you get the privacy you want. Then the two doors mean that there is no waiting in line to go in or out of this tent. Plus, 3 windows make sure no one’s smelly feet overpower anyone else throughout the night.

No-see-um mesh makes sure the bugs remain out in the cold night air. A gear loft and a storage pocket help hold all your equipment when you do not need them. The anti-fungus floor keeps everyone inside nice and healthy as well. It is an all-round tent that should serve you well.

  • 2 rooms
  • Gear loft
  • Large D door
  • Very large size
  • Mosquito mesh
  • PU tent floor and polyester tent wall
  • Window flaps are on the outside of the tent

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What an Outdoor Tent Can Be Used for?

Over the years, tents have been fundamental tools for camping and hiking. Do you know that they are used all over the world for recreation? For the last couple of years, they have been viewed as the most iconic symbol of man’s experience with nature. Here are the 4 most common uses of tents.

1. Camping

What is camping? This is simply a recreational activity whereby people stay in a tent for recreation. Do you love camping? Do you like engaging in camping regularly?

There is no doubt that you might want to have your own camping tent. Be guaranteed that it will be a good investment if you prefer outdoor activities with your family.

With a reliable camping tent, you will be in a position to have memorable moments with your family members. Here are some common things you should consider when purchasing a camping tent.

– Budget. This is the most important aspect you should consider before purchasing anything. You can agree with me that it is one of the most crucial factors when buying a camping tent. Low-priced products are attractive but they are not durable.
– Quality. It’s every person’s dream to have a high-quality product that will last for life. All that you need to do when purchasing a camping tent is to examine the quality keenly.

2. Backpacking

Backpacking is the budget way of traveling. Would you want to have your own backpacking tent in the future? In that case, this is the right time to know what to look for when purchasing the best backpacking tents.

– Protection. A reliable backpacking tent should always protect you against unfavorable Mother Nature. You can agree with me that at times weather can be unpredictable. With that in mind, you should consider purchasing a tent you will feel secure in.

Nowadays, most tent manufacturers are coming up with high-quality backpacking tents that can arguably survive in any condition.

Durability & Lightweight. This is a key factor that should always be on your mind. You should have good value for your money.

It is better to spend more money on a durable backpacking tent than purchase something that has been manufactured with low-quality materials. You might be aware that ultralight tents are manufactured from ultralight materials like polyester and aluminum poles.

– Price. Can you afford the specific model? You don’t have to break banks to have your desired backpacking tent. It is advisable to purchase what you can afford.

3. Hiking

Hiking entails going for long walks across the country. In most cases, people prefer walking in mountainous or any other scenic terrain. You have all your gears but you are yet to purchase a hiking tent.

It is good to keep in mind that the right hiking tent will make your hiking game more enjoyable. That is the reason why we have analyzed the most crucial things you should put in mind when purchasing hiking tents.

– Weight. You should never forget about the weight of the tent when selecting your tent. Have you ever come across a lightweight hiking tent? They are very ideal when hiking. You will always have an easy time when carrying them around.

– Size of the tent. Many people have found this question tricky. The size of the tent should be determined by the number of people hiking. Which are the most popular options? People prefer one-person or two-person hiking tents.

4. Shower

What is a shower tent? It is a place where a person bathes under hot or warm water. There are high possibilities that outdoor camping is likely to be spoiled by the wrong shower tents.

Therefore it is very important to choose your shower tent wisely. Here are specific factors you should put into consideration when purchasing shower tents.

– Unit size. The tent dimensions should be favorable. You should choose a shower tent according to your body size. You will experience enough comfort if you choose a large tent.

– Weight. You should consider the weight of the shower tent if you want to take it outside. You will have an easy time carrying a lightweight shower tent. A heavy shower tent will give stress to your hiking experience.

– Construction. Which are the best shower tent constructions? Steel frames have proved to be the most durable.


What Is the Best Type of Outdoor Tent?

Tents are manufactured by different players. They are also designed for many kinds of uses and camping conditions. For these reasons, the tents are available in different kinds of types. We have summed up the top kinds of tents in vogue today. Follow through our explanations here to know more about them.

1. Dome

As the name implies, this kind of tent assumes the shape of a dome when stretched out. It is subsequently more spacious than many other kinds of tents. Specifically, this dome structure gives plenty of headroom for the occupant to stand straight and tall. It also prevents suffocation and stuffiness.

2. Hammock

Hammock tents are those that are tied between two supporting poles or trees. They are meant to provide a surface for you to lie on and sleep comfortably. The hammock is a good tent for a person who cherishes life in the woods. It also swings to bring in extra comfort when the winds sway it apart.

3. Cabin

A cabin is a tent that provides some enclosure in the form of a room. While inside this enclosure, you might seem as if you are in a normal room. The cabin tent is for those who value some privacy and are in need of some space to do their thing.

4. Tunnel

The tunnel tent’s interior is shaped like that of a real tunnel. It is long, cylindrical, and round in shape. The interior wholly encloses an occupant and also accords the privacy needed to do all things without any interference.

The tunnel tent is mainly good for those who camp out in areas that lack sufficient space.

5. Canopy

Unlike other ordinary tents, the canopy tent does not fully enclose the occupant. Instead, it only provides a shade in which the occupant may rest and relax. It is mainly awesome for those campsites which are too hot to fix fully enclosable tents and for commercial use. In fact, this tent may even serve as a shade on your balcony.


What Is the Best Tent Material for Outdoor Activities?

Selecting the best material to use in outdoor activities majorly depends on some factors. Also, the needs that you have are another point that matters. When you want a portable tent, you will select a portable one and so on. Here are some outdoor activities best tent materials to use.

1. Polyester and Nylon

Most tents have fabric-like nylon or polyester. Polyester is the ordinary known rent for family and nylon helps to backpack when you need lightweight tents.

Polyester and nylon are liked because:

  • They dry so fast.
  • They are cheaper to afford
  • Water resistance and coating fabric
  • They don’t require more maintenance
  • They are so light hence one can quickly move around with them

Fabrics are covered using coatings so they can genuinely resist IF rays and water. The coating quality however varies, and their resistance is quickly graded by the hydrostatic head effect. The fabric feature is not the same in all tents.

2. Canvas and Cotton Fabric

The canvas tent contains more features, and some have cotton while the first ones have hemp. Why Select Canvas?

  • They aren’t noisy with the insulation properties and fabric
  • They have an excellent insulating feature from direct sunlight
  • It quickly absorbs water hence a fabric human beings are comfortable in
  • The fabric can last a long time and is more resistant to harmful UV rays
  • They have a waterproof coating to make them breathable and also protect the people from sunlight

3. Poly-cotton Tents

It’s the hybrid formed between cotton and polyester. The tent has featured which make it The best quality also in outdoor activities. It is easily found, and its cost is friendly. When you purchase this tent, you are sure to have invested in something that won’t disappoint you.

The tent has all those qualities which are in Cotton and polyester, and when they are weaved polyester with cotton, they become mildew and resistant compared to cotton only material. They have low large rips risks.


What Are the Benefits of Using Tents for Any Special Outdoor Events?

The good thing about tents is that you get a lot of benefits when you use them for different special occasions.

  • One special benefit is that you can handle extra uninvited guests with ease. You get a little capacity flexibility when you use a tent instead of 4 solid walls to host your event.
  • Another benefit is that your event doesn’t get stuffy or hot. You can raise the tent walls or lower them to make sure you get the right amount of airflow to keep everyone comfortable. That is a plus when the days are hot and humid.
  • Then, you get easier to clean up after the event is over. Walls and floors do not have to be cleaned when you host your event outside. This keeps child creativity at bay as well. No more drawings placed on rented walls.
  • Finally, tents are easier to decorate as you do not have to contend with air conditioning units, windows, doors and other obstacles that influence where you put your decorations.

When you put your mind to it, tents are a great option when you have special events to host.


Final Words

Getting back to nature is not hard when you use one of the top 8 best outdoor tents for camping and backpacking. These tents should serve you well and give you many years of camping fun and protection.

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