Best Ozark Trail Tents on the Market in 2022

Looking for a nice tent for your upcoming camping undertaking? Perhaps no other brand produces better tents for whole family use than the Ozark Trail. Its tents have been known to deliver prolonged and reliable applications.

This page takes you through a complete review and guide to help you get the best Ozark Trail tent that is fit for your needs.

Our Top Pick of Best Ozark Trail Tents

Top-rated tent with affordable price, triple rooms for at most 11 persons to sleep, Ozark Trail 11 Person Tent

Hot sale, instant cabin tent for easy setup and enough head rooms, 3 rooms for more privacy, Ozark Trail 12 Person Tent

Dark Rest Technology to block sunlight, can be set up within 2 minutes,  Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent


Why You Need Ozark Trail Tents?

If you are into camping, then chances are you have heard of the Ozark Trail tents. Over the years, they have gained many devotees. Is Ozark Trail a good brand? Do these tents hold up well? This piece will seek to answer these questions. Here are some characteristics to think about:

Is Ozark Trail a Good Tent Brand?

Ozark Trail is an extremely versatile brand. They actually make many different products, including stools, chairs, drinks, cots, backpacks, coolers, inflatable and many other things as well. Of course, what does all of this have to do with their ability to make tents? Well, consider this: if they have this know-how for all of these products, then you can bet your bottom dollar they know how to make a good tent as well.

Ozark Trail has many different affordable options.

Ozark Trail is a fantastic option for casual camper because they have several affordable options. These would include family tents for less than $120; a 12-person tent complete with 3 rooms for just under $280; and an 8-person tent for less than $180.

Best choice for multiple person camping

Ozark Trail is dedicated to designing many large tents for over 10 persons. This helps solve the problems that most tents on the market are relatively small. If you’re a large group planning for camping, looking for an Ozark Trail will be your best choice.

The Multiple room design makes it possible for you to carry one tent instead of taking many small tents, which makes your camping items more portable.

The “Instant Cabin” Line makes the setup of these tents a breeze.

Ozark Tents has many creative product lines for you to consider. One of the main ones would be the “Instant Cabin” line, which is so named because it takes all of two minutes to set the tent up.

Are Ozark Trail Tents Good?

If you are looking for a tent that is easy to set up and a product line that is good for beginners, then Ozark is the line for you. However, experienced campers should probably go with a more expensive brand, simply because of the fact that Ozarks have a tendency to have leaky seams and they are not made of the best materials. However, if you’re into saving money, Ozark is definitely for you!


Hot Sale Ozark Trail Tents for Camping Reviews

Multiple Rooms – Ozark Trail 4 Rooms Large Tent for 14 People

best ozark trail 14 man tent with 4 rooms
Best Ozark Trail 4 Room 14 Man Tent

If you plan to go out camping as a horde of outdoor enthusiasts, we ask that you attempt this best Ozark Trail 14 person tent. As its designation implies, it is spacious enough for 14 persons. Moreover, it also partitions to accord some privacy to individual campers.

Spacious Interior

Its interior is more spacious than that of the average tent. So spacious it is that you may even slot in a queen air mattress. On account of this, the tent guarantees you the room you need to turn out and about without the fear of collisions or unnecessary damages.

Easy Access and Entry

The tent allows for easy entry and access. This is thanks to the main entrance that is sufficiently large to allow for just that. You will find this trait pretty reliable in moments of evacuations and other forms of emergencies.

Appropriate Ventilation

Lastly comes the benefit of appropriate ventilation. This is largely made possible by the placements windows and mesh ceilings that are larger and perforated. Together, they allow for the unimpeded inflow of air from the outside inwards.

  • Takes down much faster
  • Each room has its own entrance
  • Comes with its own installation tools
  • Pretty simple to assemble and set up for eventual use
  • Cool and ventilated enough for use in the hot summer months
  • Cannot hang any other item apart from the lanterns

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Large Space – Ozark Trail 12 Person Tent

best ozark trail 12 person instant cabin tent
Best Ozark Traill 12 Man 3 Room Instant Tent

Could it be that you are 12 people who plan to go out camping? This one is for your consideration. It is appropriately designed for 12 persons by virtue of containing all the features and specifications meant for such.

68D-Coated Polyester Fabric

At the top of its most adorable features is the durable 68D-coated polyester fabric. This one is strong and firm enough to accord you long-lasting protection from all the harsh weather elements. Being strong, it also reduces the costs of repairs and maintenance.

Factory-sealed Seams

The seams of the fabrics are also sealed to add some strength and reliability. This is done at the factory level and contribute to the provision of a dry zone. At the same time, it also prevents the infiltration of ambient moisture to keep your interiors dry.

Multiple Rooms

All in all, the interior of the tent may be subdivided into three main rooms. All sides of the tent also comprise some large windows to let in copious amounts of fresh air. They hence make your stay comfortable enough for long term use.

  • Deploys faster and instantly
  • Comprises 7 fully closeable windows
  • Fits a whopping three queen-size airbeds
  • Available in a free-standing frame design
  • Comes along with a rainfly for added weather protection
  • Quite tedious to handle and carry around

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Light Blockout – Ozark Trail 10 Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

ozark trail 10 person tent with dark room
Best Ozark Trail 2 Room 10 Man Tent

Stress not yourself while looking for a tent for ten people. Simply get hold of this best tent as it is the one that is designed with such a need in mind. It is packed with loads of elegant controls to make this possible.

Innovative Dark Rest technology

Setting this tent apart from the others is the innovative dark rest technology. With this technology, the tent blocks out all light and hence aids with keeping your interiors cooler and more habitable. This way, you get to sleep sounder for longer.


The tent also stands apart in the sense that it is well lit. This benefit mainly arises due to the existence of interior ceiling panels and multiple skylights. They further allow you to vary the levels of brightness you might want to enjoy in your room.

8 Large Windows

Lastly comes some 8 large windows. They not only allow you to gaze outside unimpeded but also contribute to bringing in much fresh air. With this tent, it is almost impossible for you to suffocate or suffer a blocked nose.

  • Requires no assembly prior to use
  • Keeps all your items appropriately organized
  • Comfortably contains many gears and camping bags
  • Divides the interior into smaller units for added privacy
  • Simple operational procedures (just fold and stretch out)
  • 2 doors are both on the front of the tent

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Good Ventilation – Ozark Trail 8 Person Tent

ozark trail 8 man cabin tent
Best Ozark Trail 8 Person Instant Tent

By all accounts, this tent is uniquely suited for 8 occupants at a time. It is moderately large and also contains many other elegant features that make this possible. Read through the mini-review below to find out how probable these are.

7 Large Windows

Making this tent stand out completely from the others are some seven large windows. They bring in huge quantities of fresh air. The sum total of these is added breathability, regulated interior micro-climate, and added comfort.

Elegant Floor Plan

Its floor plan also adds some value to the tent on the whole. The floor plan is also comfortable and large enough to accommodate two queen size air beds. This combines with the six-foot center height to make the interior spacious enough for smooth operations.

Hexagon Shape

Unlike your ordinary tents, this one comes in a hexagon shape. It also comprises two built-in pockets and a gear loft. Together, they organize your gears appropriately to prevent any emergence of clutter and congestions.

  • Sets up in a paltry two minutes
  • Comfortably contains 8 persons at a time
  • Calls for no assembly before eventual use
  • Has an e-port that provides access to electrical cord
  • The six-foot center height makes for a spacious interior
  • Has a fixed size

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Privacy Protection – Ozark Trail 6 Person Cabin Tent

Best Ozark Trail 6 person cabin tent
Best Ozark Trail 6 Man Cabin Tent

Wishing to camp in the company of five others? This tent is the one we would ask that you lay your hands on. Apart from being spacious, the tent also endures the test of time. This makes it pretty reliable for many camping escapades.

Utmost Privacy

This tent also accords some privacy to you. This is evidenced by the ability of the fabric makeup to block out all light and create a truly dark interior. It is that tent you want to make do with if you care for your own privacy and wellbeing.

Zippered Doors

Its doors are also zippered for added protection from unauthorized entry and access. Thanks to the zippered doors, the tent also gives off added protection from the possible intrusion of ambient moisture and water.

Simple Materials

Deliberate attempts have been put by the manufacturer to use only simple materials. Thus, the tent is similarly simpler and hassle-free to operationalize. The same applies to the cleanliness and maintenance thereof.

  • Good for on-the-grass camping
  • Has a relatively shorter lifespan
  • Not so good for the winters as it is not really warm
  • Simple enough for those who lack the necessary skill
  • Does not require too complicated cleanliness and maintenance
  • Spend time on takingdown and folding

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Freestanding – Ozark Trail 4 Person Instant Tent

ozark trail camping tents
Best Ozark Trail 4 Person Camping Tents

If your intent is to go out camping in a group of four persons, we have this best Ozark Trail 4 man instant tent for your recommendations. It possesses the bare minimum set of features that are only needful for the use of this number of people.

2 Oversized Side Vents

The tent comprises some two oversized side vents. These ones aid with the circulation of air and the ventilation of the tent interior. They hence ward off the likelihood of your sustaining respiratory disorders or unnecessary discomforts.

Free-standing Design

By its sheer nature and makeup, the tent comes about in a free-standing design. It requires no external support to stand tall and provide the benefits that ought to come along. This is not to mention the poles which are pre-attached to aid with installations.

Effectively Organized

Its interior is effectively organized. It embodies some organizational pockets which play the role of safeguarding your many gears smoothly to allow for easy access when needed. Moreover, the organization also makes it possible for electrical port access.

  • Sets up in 30 seconds only
  • Simplified operational procedures
  • Breathable enough for four campers
  • Tent stakes are also included for faster pitching
  • A carry bag comes along to aid with transportation
  • Fits only one queen air bed

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4 Season – Ozark Trail 2 Person Tent for Backpacking

ozark trail 2 person dome tent
Best Ozark Trail 2 Person 4 Season Tent for Backpacking

Just in case you are an outdoor enthusiast who spends much of this time outdoors, you have no better bet than this best 4 season tent. As the name suggests, this tent is all-rounded and hence capable of working well in all the four seasons.

Front and Rear Doors

At the front and the rear of the door is one door each. These doors not only provide unimpeded access but also facilitate evacuations in times of emergencies. On account of this vital trait, the tent is a good one to use when camping in an area that is risky.

Double Vestibules

Some two vestibules also form part of this tent. Together, they give off 24 square feet of storage space for your gears. This is over and above the 35 square feet of the interior sleeping space. With this tent in your possession, you may be certain of carrying all your valuables conveniently.

2 Fly Vents

As the last trait, the tent has some two fly vents which are used to seal the doors. They are vented in such a way as to allow for smooth inflow and outflow of air. This arrangement guarantees the levels of breathability that is necessary for smooth habitation.

  • Easier to set up for eventual use
  • Allows you to gaze out at those clear nights
  • Good enough for the backpacking activities
  • Folds to allow for smooth storage and transportation
  • Light enough to expedite your deployment and handling
  • Difficult to keep clean

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Now that you know about the major tents to look up to while setting out for a camp, is it not in order for you to now look for a suitable one? Well, just read through the explanations we have given against the tents above and narrow down to an appropriate choice. Best of luck!


What Are the Purposes The Ozark Trail Tents Serve for?

The Ozark trail tents can be used for a range of applications, some of which are discussed herein.

1. Camping

The Ozark Trail tents are used for shelter during camping to protect you from extreme weather conditions while on your camping trip. You also need some protection from the wild animals, need to be covered from the strong winds and rainfall hence making the Ozark trail tents a necessity while camping.

Best Ozark Trail Tent for Camping

2. Backpacking

If you are going for a backpacking adventure, then the Ozark trail tent can be fit to accommodate all your essentials as you enjoy your experience. You can safely store all your items, including food, clothes, and other necessities that you may require during the trip.

Best Ozark Trail Tent for Backpacking

3. Shower

Ozark trail tents can be made in different sizes and shapes hence fit for several applications. Therefore some of the Ozark trail tents are designed for taking showers.

best ozark trail shower tent with 2 rooms

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Is Ozark Trail Tent Waterproof?

One of the qualities that you will always meet in any tent advert or product description is that it is waterproof. This is just a selling point for this product.

When it comes to answering the question on the Ozark trail tent, we will be categorical to state that some are water-resistant whereas others are waterproof. Check the description or consult the sellers about the waterproof rating.

If you use it in slight rain, all the Ozark Trail tents are proved that the rain will not get to your tent. However, for heavy rains, be sure that at some given point, you will wake up on water drops on you unless you get a higher waterproof rating of more than 1500 mm.

It is also good to note that there are many factors which can make a tent to leak regardless of the brand. Ozark ensures that their tents are well stitched and sealed by a waterproof material to avoid leaking.


Different Shapes of the Ozark Trail Tents

  • Cabin

The cabin tents are mostly referred for bigger groups of people coming together due to their large sizes. The tent is fitted with excellent ventilation windows and doors. It is also water-resistant, and you assured of having the best camping trip even during rainy weather.

The setup process is too simple, but it may take time to set up some of the cabin tents, especially for new users of the tents. If you are planning for a camping trip with your family or just with a large group of friends, then the cabin shaped Ozark trail tents are the ideal option to go for.

Best Ozark Trail Cabin Tents
  • Dome

The dome tents are designed for smaller groups of friends. It is very light, and you are unlikely to experience any challenges as you move across the mountains and valleys.

This tent does not always have dividers to separate the rooms, and you are therefore forced to camp in one single room if not. Some of the dome Ozark trail tents are not waterproof, and you may thus expect some water leakages in case of a downpour.

If you are in the market to get a quality Ozark trail tent, then you need first to identify the need for the shelter. Different Ozark trail tents are designed for various purposes, and you, therefore, need to get the tent that will adequately serve your needs.

Check on a tent’s specific features such as space, set up process, weight, the material used, number of rooms subdivided in the tent, and the price charged. However, price should not be a significant concern since you need to get a quality tent that will adequately serve your needs. You can also find more information on these Ozark trail tents in the links below.

Best Ozark Trail Dome Tents

Wrapping UP

Are you planning to go for a family camping or gathering in someplace where you would a great bonding time together with your loved ones? Well, this might be a great idea, but you need to think about acquiring quality tents for a safe stay while on tour.

There are quite several tent options in the market like Coleman as well as Kelty, and you may experience some challenges in choosing the best tent for your trip. The Ozark Trail is one of the top choices you need to consider.

To help you get a good tent at the snap of a finger, we compiled 8 best rated Ozark Trail tents.

Photo Title Buy
Ozark Trail 16x16-Feet...image Best Ozark Trail 12 Person 3 Room Tent Buy on Amazon
Ozark Trail 10-Person...image Best Ozark Trail 10 Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent Buy on Amazon
Ozark Trail 6-Person...image Best Ozark Trail Dark Rest 6 Person Tent Buy on Amazon
Ozark Trail Instant...image Best Ozark Trail Shower Tent & Changing Room Combo Buy on Amazon