The 14 Best Summer Tents for Camping, Backpacking & Outdoor Beach in 2022

what is the best summer tent

Preparing to camp out in the summer? You cannot pick and choose any tent randomly. Instead, you have to insist on that is exclusively intended for summer use. That is because such tents are livable and breathable enough for use in hot weather.

With this guide, we will help you choose your best suitable summer tents for a wonderful trip!

what is the best summer tent

In a hurry? Check our tops picks of best summer tents to enjoy a cool camping!

Small size for solo-hiker, lightweight design for less effort to carry in hot summer, Hyke and Byke Backpacking Tent

Spacious for at most 8 persons to sleep, a large screen porch for good ventilation to stay cool in summer, Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Best choice for summer beach camping, extended floor to place beach chairs, hot sale with affordable price, Pacific Breeze Beach Tent

A Guide on Buying Summer Tents for Hot Days

There’re several aspects to consider when you’re shopping for a summer tent. Consider the following elements when shopping for an ideal summer camping tent.

1. Size & Space

When purchasing a tent during any time, space, and size accessible usually are among the most extensive considerations. It’s even much significant when buying a summer tent for the accompanying reasons:

  • Purchasing a tent with inadequate space implies the occupants will sleep squeezed. That can form a very stuffy and hot environment.
  • You may require more space in hot weather seasons. That includes other items to keep in the tent, including food, water, and other camping items.
  • Think of purchasing a tent that is marginally bigger than you need with the goal that you have some additional resting space and enough space for your apparatus.

2. Materials

The materials making the tent have a significant effect on the comfort levels and breathability of the canvas. Pick a tent produced using materials that are portrayed as breathable. For non-breathable tents, you will encounter higher temperatures during the day.

Having a breathable tent lessens condensation during nighttime. Whenever temperatures decrease at night, condensation takes place. Thus, this can prompt wet patches within your sleeping place.]

3. Ventilation

For a tent, ventilation is likewise a significant idea since it creates a significant variation to your solace. Various features may boost your tent’s ventilation, including:

  • Entryways – A vast entryway that you may leave open during the day is another merit.
  • Vents – You can also enable additional ventilation by ensuring there’re vents. These often come as rooftop vent, panels or tubes.
  • Windows – Choose a tent with several big windows with covers. These offer you the required ventilation during the day with the choice to close them during nighttime to maintain privacy and retain heat.

4. Sun Protection

beach tent for summer

Even though sunshine can make an outdoor trip charming, it can also be hurtful. Both heatstroke and sunburn are medical issues; you should keep a strategic distance. You make the most of your outdoor trip and stay healthy.

Most tents are made of UV protection materials. The substances provide some assurance from unsafe UV beams while in the tent. Other tents entail an extra area above the door. It offers you the zone to relax in the shade outside the tent.

5. Ease of Pitching

Similar to the relevancy of a tent’s weight, go for the tent that you can pitch easily. There are two primary explanations behind this:

  • Taking a longer time to pitch your tent implies the likelihood of getting exposed to direct sunlight. It is especially essential to abstain from spending too much time, particularly during high temperatures.
  • The more it takes to set up the portable shelter, the more sultry and sweatier you might get. Always go for a tent that you can erect quickly.

6. Weight

Weight might not be a big concern for car camping. But it’s something that backpackers and hikers should consider. Whenever the time, the heaviness of a tent is essential to backpackers and hikers who need to downplay the weight to the minimal one.

The tent’s weight is significantly more vital to climbers and backpackers during the summer months. You don’t want to carry heavy weights in scorching weather. Apart from making your trip challenging, you tend to tire more and sweat a lot.

7. Price

For a tent involving many people, the cost of a tent makes a major variation. Prior to choosing your spending budget, consider these elements: The cost of a tent is dependent on the brand, size, materials, and any additional features.

Your tent’s quality isn’t often portrayed in the money you spend. Shop for various tents to determine the one that fits your summer camping the best.


14 Best Summer Tent for Hot Weather Reviews

We have picked some excellent summer tents for you in this section!

1. Best for Backpacking – Big Agnes Summer Tent

best 3 season backpacking tent
Best Lightweight 3 Season Backpacking Tent


Season: 3

Capacity: 1/2/3/4

Water Resistance: 1200 mm

Material: Polyurethane & aluminum

Want some maximum comfort while out in the camp? This best Big Agnes summer backpacking tent is the one to pick and choose for the job! Its interior is pretty large when stretched out.

In this way, it allows for a smooth and unconstrained flow of air. That free circulation of air is what prevents sweating and suffocation when inside.

Adding to this comfort is the strength of the parts and components that make the tent up. Though strong and firm, the parts are also way very light. They hence make it possible for you to easily and smoothly transport the tent wherever you might want to.

  • Large doors allow for easy entry and exit
  • Provides a large 18 square feet of dry area
  • Comes about in a clean and modern design
  • Large zippers make for smooth opening and closing
  • Sealed with the solvent-free polyurethane tape for maximum protection from water
  • Only for the 3 seasons including spring, summer and fall

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2. Best Lightweight – Paria Mesh Shelter for Summer Camping

best mesh tent for summer camping and backpacking
Best Mesh Shleter for Summer


Season: 3

Capacity: 2

Peak Height: 36 inches

Total Weight: 24 ounces

Floor Size: 84 x 52 inches

It is not uncommon for harsh weather elements to arise while out at the campsite. To be guaranteed the utmost peace of mind you need, the tent you choose has to be strictly optimized for ultimate protection.

By reason of the 30 Denier rip-stop Nylon floor, no other tent comes close to this best mesh shelter for summer camping on this account.

The tent also gives you the rare benefit of choosing the option to use to pitch it up. The tent indeed comes along with many stakes and guy lines. They number eight in total. With this wide range to choose from, you have every comfort you would probably look for.

  • Guards against inclement weather elements
  • Meshed canopy expedites a smooth inflow of fresh air
  • Lets you gaze out in the open during the clear nights and days
  • Versatile enough to be able to handle many kinds of applications
  • Folds to fit your standard backpack and allow for smooth transportation
  • It is a non-freestanding tent

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3. Best for One Person – Hyke & Byke Lightweight Summer Tent

Two Door Ultralight Tent
Hyke & Byke Ultralight Waterproof 1/2 Man Tent for Summer Vacation



Capacity: 1/2

Peak Height: 42 inches

Ultralight Setup: 3.26 lbs

Material: 190T polyester & PU

Lack the necessary muscle power but would want to enjoy your camping? This best lightweight summer tent is the one we suggest for you. As its designation implies, the tent is extremely light in weight and very convenient to handle. Its benefit stretches beyond merely being able to handle.

The tent also folds to fit nicely in your backpack. In this way, it allows for easier handling whenever the circumstances so demand. Though light in weight, the tent is also tough enough to endure the various wiles that ordinarily arise while at the campsite.

  • The extremely roomy interior is easily habitable
  • Accommodates a free-standing ultralight set-up
  • Proprietary stake presser makes for firm pitching
  • Reflective guy lines allow for easy visibility in times of disasters
  • Comes along with its own Aluminum alloy stakes for expedited pitching
  • Can only accommodate one or two occupant at a time

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4. Best for 8 Person – Wenzel Summer Tent with a Screen Room

wenzel 8 person klondike tent for large family
Wenzel 8 Person Lightweight Summer Tent for Large Family

Capacity: 8

Weight: 26.38 lbs

Peak Height: 6.5 feet

Floor Size: 16 x 11 feet

Floor Area: 98 square feet

When you pitch your tent in an area that is infested with mosquitoes, they will usually come in and bite you. Also, the mosquitoes will often inflict on you malaria. The same goes for other insects that inhabit swampy locations. Only the best Wenzel tent with a screen room may provide the protection you need.

It is on the whole crafted from the highest quality materials available. This construction makes it pretty suited for use in indoor and outdoor locations. Being spacious, the tent is able to facilitate whole family use and applications. For this reason, it is good for your spouse and kids too!

  • Lets in the ambient breezes and winds
  • Highly compartmentalized for freedom of sitting
  • Confers plenty of sleeping room for three persons
  • Gives off 6.5 feet of headroom for you to stand unconstrained
  • A rear vent comes in to give you some unconstrained ground breeze
  • Quite clumsy and large to carry around unless you have a car

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5. Best for Large Family – Ozark Trail Instant Summer Tent with 3 Rooms

Best ozark trail 11 person 3 room instant cabin tent
Best Ozark Trail Summer Tent with 3 Rooms

Rooms: 3

Capacity: 11

Center Height: 76″

Floor Size: 14 x 14 feet

Material: Polyester & steel

Wishing to go on vacation as a family unit? Try this best Ozark Trail instant summer tent for a large family. It is on the whole quite large, heavily compartmentalized, and sufficiently spacious for use by the entire family. As a matter of fact, it is able to handle 11 persons comfortably.

In all, the tent features some strong and durable makeup. The durable polyester and steel materials are top examples of these. They are firm enough to offer the stable support you need to stay comfortable while at the campsite. Its interior partitions to three rooms for the sake of added privacy to you.

  • Boasts of plenty of window spaces
  • Gives amazing views of the exterior area
  • Large enough to fit the queen size air mattress
  • Holds up to high wind speeds and is hence stable
  • Sets up instantly and requires no laborious pitching techniques
  • Takes time and energy to set it up

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6. Best Shelter for Baby – MonoBeach Summer Beach Tent

Best Summer Tent for Beach Camping
Best Beach Tent for Families with a Baby



Capacity: 2-3

Season: Summer

UV Protection: Yes

Carrying a baby along with you? The tent you choose has to offer some privacy to the baby too! That is because babies are generally averse to extremes of weather conditions.

Only by choosing the best summer tent for the baby like this one will you be able to offer the protection the baby requires.

Some of the benefits that the tent brings along are adequate protection from ultraviolet radiation proper ventilation, cool interiors, and relative ease of deployment.

These add up to make your installation quite a breeze. They particularly come in handy when you happen to operate in a squeezed schedule.

  • Suitable for toddlers and infants alike
  • Zips up to reinforce the safety of interior occupants
  • The pop-up design greatly expedites the installation
  • Accords adequate protection from external elements
  • A reinforced base provides for added strength and vitality
  • Relatively smaller for a grown-up person

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7. Best for 2 Person – Chillbo Summer Tent with 2 Mesh Windows

best 2 person summer tent for car camping
Best 2 Man Tent for Summer Camping


Season: 3

Capacity: 2

Number of Windows: 2

Number of Doors: 2 D-style doors

Planning to go out in twos? Well, as part of your planning, you have to incorporate the best 2-person summer tent in your preparations. This one goes beyond merely being able to accommodate two persons at a time. It is also lighter in weight, very portable, and convenient to handle.

By all accounts, the tent features an amazingly quality build. This is evidenced by its ability to withstand harsh storms and maintain a pretty dry interior. Along its joints run some reinforced seams that add some strength and vitality therein. Finally, the mesh window panels let you gaze outside while you are in.

  • Stays dry and comfortable throughout use
  • The poles are cross-wound for added durability and strength
  • Its floor and base are both luxurious and soft for your comfort
  • Provides unparalleled protection against critters and creepy insects
  • Some two internal pockets exist for the sake of storing your essentials
  • Provides space for only two persons

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8. Best Cheap – Wakeman Dome Tent for Summer Heat

best cheap summer tent
Best Cheap 2 Person Summer Tent


Capacity: 2

Peak Height: 3.5 feet

Floor Size: 6.25 x 4.8 feet

Material: Nylon & fiberglass

Short on cash? Worry not! You too may be able to enjoy the benefits that a good summer tent has to offer. All you have to do is lay your hands on the best cheap tent for summer heat such as this one. It is simplistic in scope yet still well able to deliver the best kinds of experiences available.

Though simple, this tent is durable indeed. This stems from its construction by the use of materials that are ordinarily very tough and long-lasting. The Nylon material is indeed the most outstanding of these materials. You have the pleasure of being able to enjoy the attendant benefits for far too long.

  • Yields an overall cozy experience
  • Truly spacious and very convenient to stay in
  • Provides plenty of space for your entire family
  • Brings in sufficient amounts of air for your comfort
  • Comes along with an interior storage pocket for safeguarding your extras
  • Not suitable for backpacking and hiking

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9. Best for 4 Person – Pacific Breeze Beach Tent for Summer Vacation

Best summer tent for beach camping
Best Summer Tent 4 Person for Beach Camping


Capacity: 3-4

Season: Summer

Weight: 6 pounds

Tent Dimensions: 95 x 52 x 51 inches

Are you a beach enthusiast? We have some good news for you. This best beach tent for summer vacation has all the trappings necessary to make your time at the beach in summer a worthwhile undertaking. For one, it is specially designed to allow for faster and easier setup.

Then, it blocks out excess ultraviolet radiation which leaves you pretty safe and secure. This is brought about by the ultraviolet protection factor of around 50+. Lastly, it does have some large windows which allow you to peek out in the open. That way, you will also enjoy the attendant benefit of sightseeing.

  • Pitches in under 5 minutes
  • Accords a truly spacious interior
  • Stores many other gears and accessories
  • Easily gets to the place where you want it to be
  • Pitches in various ways and means for your added comfort
  • Relevant for only beach camping

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10. Best Waterproof – Core Instant Pop up Summer Tent

best instant family tent for 9
Best Instant Pop up 9 Person Tent for Summer Camping


Rooms: 2

Capacity: 9

Floor Size: 14 x 9 feet

Peak Height: 78 inches

Summers, though mainly hot and dry, do experience occasional light showers. It is hence important that you prepare appropriately for such an eventuality if and when it arises. This is a battle you can only win if you choose the best instant spacious waterproof summer tent for your use.

This tent sets up in less than a minute. It is nonetheless sufficiently large enough to be able to accommodate 9 adults at a time. At the same time, the tent also fits two large queen-size air mattresses. Given its impressive center height of around 78 inches, it lets you stand straight.

  • Draws in cool air to keep the interior truly habitable
  • Spacious enough to accommodate 9 adults at a time
  • Keeps all the water outside to maintain a dry interior
  • Firm enough to withstand the harshest winds and rains
  • Grants you breathtaking views of the sky and the exterior of the tent
  • Incapable of fitting the backpacks

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11. Best Hammock –  Everest Hanging Tent with Mosquito Net

best durable lightweight summer tent hammock
Best Lightweight Hammock Tent


Weight: 1.9 lbs

Material: Polyester

Tent Size: 10 x 6 feet

Capacity: 2, up to 400 lbs

Want to hammock in a mosquito-infested area? You have to look for and use the best hammock tent with mosquito net for the job. This is to be able to enjoy the dual benefits of comfort and adequate protection against the possible infestation by mosquitoes. This one will do you just that.

The manufacturer has made every effort to craft the tent in a heavy-duty and durable fashion indeed. As such, the tent provides a spacious interior but at the same time spares you from the fear of being enclosed. Moreover, it is also compatible with many rainfly setups.

  • Holds up to 400 pounds of weight
  • Blends well with your surroundings
  • Suitable for many outdoor applications
  • Highly breathable and comfortable to stay in
  • Offers comprehensive cover to the interior occupants
  • The low maximum carrying capacity of only 2 people

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12. Large Headroom – Eurmax 10′ x 10′ Pop up Canopy Tent with Sidewalls

instant canopy tent for commercial use
Best Sun Protection Pop up Canopy Tent for Summer Use



CPAI: 84 fire retardant

Material: 500D polyester

Peak Height: 10.5’/10.8’/11.1′

In case you plan to camp out in the open for too long, the tent you choose has to possess some sidewalls. These are walls, much like those in the ordinary home, but which provide added shelter and support. Only the best canopy tent with sidewalls may offer this level of reliability.

It does avail of some three height positions for you to choose from. These ones range from 10.5-11.1 feet and are, as such truly spacious. Notwithstanding this gigantic size, the tent is nonetheless simple enough to engage and operationalize without the use of any tools.

  • Adjustable height
  • Good looking and resistant to rust
  • Locks faster and securely for added safety
  • Exudes a strong full-truss structure design
  • Pop up canopy gives off extra shade for you
  • Its exterior contains the hammertoe powder coated finishing
  • You need to clean it after absorb too much dirt

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13. Best with Ventilation – Coleman Screen House for Hot Days

Best Summer Camping Tent
Best Summer Camping Screen House


Sun Protection: 50+

Tent Size: 10′ x 10′ / 15′ x 13′

Number of Doors: 2 large T doors

To beat the hot summer days, you have to pick a tent that allows for the smooth inflow and circulation of cool air. Of all the brands on our radar, it is this Coleman screen house for hot days that is appropriately equipped to handle such a task.

Its distinctive feature is the extra-large canopy which creates a shade outside. This large shade blocks out all the heat and light to make your stay outside pretty comfortable indeed. The interior is also not left behind. It too is spacious, cool and very comfortable. You have it all for your taking and enjoyment outdoors.

  • Folds nice to allow for easy storage
  • Takes roughly only two minutes to set up
  • Fits nicely in the backyards of many homes
  • Its legs extend and retract to aid with installation
  • Contains a push-button which minimizes operational hassles
  • Not the perfect choice to live all night

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14. Best Texsport Portable Shower Tent & Changing Room

best showet tent and changing room
Best Privacy Portable Instant Shower Tent



Floor Size: 4’6″ x 4″6′

Peak Height: 87 inches

Material:  Polyurethane

Number of Windows: 2

Looking for a tent specifically to shower and change? Well, you have an apt companion in this best shower tent & changing room. As its designation implies, this tent can let you bathe and after that go ahead and change your clothes. The main reason underlying this is the privacy it gives you.

To make your showers a breeze, the tent contains a large and zippered D-style door and further heavy-duty polyurethane coated taffeta walls. The former allows for smooth entry and exit whereas the latter blocks out all light to give you the privacy you need to bathe well.

  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Hangs your towel and bathing paraphernalia
  • Mesh panels provide superior ventilation to you
  • Secures firmly to the ground for maximum support
  • The steel poles add some support and reliability to you
  • Limited carrying capacity (only one person)

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Summer Tent?

Summer is a great time of the year. You get a long break from those cold winter months and what better way to celebrate that break than by going camping. When you out into nature it is a wise move to have one of the best summer tents with you.

The reason behind that thought is because these top tents bring you a lot of benefits that other tents usually do not have.

  • The first benefit is that they are usually made large enough for the whole family to fit inside comfortably. Or if you camp with friends, you have room for everyone.
  • Next, you get great ventilation. Summer tents are equipped with mesh and air vents to make sure you get the right amount of airflow while sleeping. Staying cool is an indirect benefit of summer tents.
  • Finally, a good summer tent provides you with extra room for your camping gear. That room and the shelter you get are probably two of the more important benefits you receive with a good summer tent.

advantage of using a summer tent


What Color Tent Should I Choose for Summer Camping?

The answer to this question depends on you and your preference for when you are out camping. Some people like bright-colored tents because they are easy to spot when returning from a hike, etc.

The bright-colored tents also let in a lot of light making sure you do not lose all your light when the weather turns south on you. Finally, if you get lost, bright-colored tents help your rescuers to spot your camp location.

On the other hand, many people prefer dark color tents because they want to blend them with their surroundings. Bright colored tents are too visible for their tastes and it is possible for bears to see a bright colored tent and wander over.

Then people prefer dark-colored tents because they do not want to be disturbed. People passing by have a tendency to stop in when they see a bright-colored tent and a lot of campers would prefer to be left alone.

In the end, the color you choose is up to you, and if you want peace and quiet or you want fellow hikers and campers stopping by.


What Tent Types for Summer Days?

Camping is a great way to relax and get rid of stress. But to help keep that stress away, you want to use the right kind of tent for your summer camping trip. There are a variety of tents on sale now yet they are not all great for those hot summer days.

Of all the tent designs available, hammock, shower, screen, canopy, and beach tents, the best one to use would be the normal 3 season tent. Although they may be a bit bulkier and heavier than other 3 season tent fabrics, cotton is the best material to have when the heat rises.

Go with a good 3-season tent as these have the right fabrics, the right amount of space, and the right look when you want to camp. You get the privacy you want while getting a break from the heat.


How Do I Keep My Tent Cool in Hot Summer?

Camping in the summer is lots of fun but one thing that can ruin a great time is the heat. A hot tent is not fun to be in and it makes sleeping very difficult. When you camp in the summer, keeping your tent cool is a priority that you need to have.

Here are some tips to help you keep your tent cool so you can enjoy camping throughout the hot summer months:

  • The type of fabric is important – You want a nice cotton fabric as it blocks out heat and stays cooler than nylon or polyester
  • Have plenty of windows – This includes air vents as well. The larger and the more windows you have the better the airflow and the easier for the tent to get rid of the heat.
  • Keep the rain fly off – Unless it is raining, you don’t want the rainfly trapping any heat around your tent.
  • Erect your tent in the shade – Find a good spot that has a lot of shade to it. This will keep the tent and the air around it nice and cool.
  • Bring a reflecting tarp – Tent tarp helps redirect the sunlight and points the heat in another direction. Use as many as you think are best to keep your tent area nice and cool.


Final Thoughts

People enjoy camping most during hot weather. When temperatures are high, it’s easier to enjoy your sleep at night. Thus, summer camping offers you the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities. However, you can face the downside of stuffiness and heat in the tent. That’s why you need to choose your summer camping tent wisely.

The best summer tents we have reviewed above are indeed truly awesome and well able to give you the benefits you need. With this in mind, we now ask that you move speedily and pick one from the list above for your next camping. If you are not camping soon, consider sharing the information far and wide.

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