Best Tall Tents for Tall People That Can Stand up in

tall peak height tents

The greatest aspect of any outdoor event is to enjoy the funs that come with it. Because of that, if you are a tall person, you must make sure to get the correct size of the best tall tents.

A cramped tent can make an unhappy trip. You have to aim high when you are making that choice. It is better to have an oversized tent. It offers enough space and makes relaxation and comfort possible. Tall persons must have enough leg rooms when they sleep.

In this article, we aim at helping you choose the best tall tents.

Quick Pick of Tall Tents for Different Numbers of People

Small size for one person backpacking, a vestibule providing extra storage: ALPS Mountaineering Tall Tent

Best for two people, double layer for highly waterproof, automatic pop up design for easy setup: Lethmik Tall Tent

4 men size, rainfly with taped seams for highly waterproof, sturdy pop up design for easy setup: Gazelle Tall 4 Person Tent

Large space for 6-8 person, super weatherproof for 4 season use, large doors making easy access:Kodiak Canvas Tall Tents


How to Choose A Tall Tent?

There are lots of quality tall tents out there. Because of that, many people would not find it easy to make that choice. If you are looking for one, you have to consider several factors to get the best choice. Here are some of the features to look out for when you are making a choice.

1. Size

The tent size is one of the key features to consider when you are making a choice. The size has to do with the ability to accommodate more people. If you are traveling with the whole family entourage, it is better to look for large canopies that can accommodate seven to ten people at a time.

There are smaller tent sizes as well. You must bear the number of people to use the tent in the back of your mind when you are making a decision.

2. Type

Moreover, you have to think about the type of tent you want to use. If you are going to get a tall tent, you can consider the types with multi rooms.

  • Canopy

If you wanna find a tent high enough, then a canopy tent must be the most proper one. Most canopies are higher than 10ft, so you can stand freely in them,

  • Dome

Dome tents are common these days. If you are camping with tall people, then tall tents such as dome tents are good options. The type also comes with a cost. Look for those that you can afford.

  • Cabin

Decide whether you want to use the cabin type of tent. If you want to travel with your important friends and your family members, then you require a cabin tent. This kind of tent is great because it can be spacious. Furthermore, it is more comfortable and most importantly, it offers more privacy.

  • Tunnel

If you are more interested in a tent pole head for your family, a tunnel tent is great for you. It has some fantastic features that set it out from the others.

It can accommodate a sizeable number of people but it depends on the size you choose. Overall, most of the tunnel tents are in small size and for kids playing.

guides on choosing a tall tent

3. Bug Protection

Whether you want to use the tent in the rainy season or not, you must look for those that can protect you from bugs and other things harmful elements. The doors and windows, as well as the floor, should be protected so that bugs do not find its way to you.

4. Seasons & Climate

If you want to travel during the winter season or summer and so on, you need the correct tent for that purpose. If you want to travel to the wood or the beach during the winter season, ensure that you get a tent that can protect family members from cold during winter and from scourging suns during the summer and so on.

  • For Summer

If you want to use it in summer, then you must consider such factors as sun protection. Furthermore, because of the scourging summer heat, look for those with windows and doors. These can offer sufficient ventilation.

  • For Winter

Winter is not the best time for camping, especially for the kids. You need tents designed to protect you and family members from cold during the winter season. Look out of such factors as the thickness of the tent.

Winter tents are meant specifically for winter camping. Look for those meant for that purpose. A product like canvas tents is a good option. Moreover, tents should be well floored.

  • For 3 Seasons

Tents can be used for three or more seasons. If you want such a 3 season tent, then look for those designed with the finest fabrics. The fabrics and poles should withstand tough weather. There are several of such out there.

  • For All Seasons

In the same way, if you want to use the tent for all seasons, then the element of durability must be there. Look for those that can withstand rough use and weather vagaries. Aluminum poles are good because they are durable and they do not rust.

5. Design

The design has to do with quality. If you get a well-designed tent, it can serve you for a very long time. If you get a poorly designed one, it is a waste of money because soon it would begin to tear.

Well, designed ones would offer you every practicality you need with this kind of product. Consider the number of rooms and spaces available. It should come with pockets where you can store your items

6. Material

  • Polyester

The polyester material is another high-quality fabric that you can use to prepare this kind of tent. It is better than other fabric such as nylon when it comes to resisting UV rays and so on. Moreover, it is durable.

  • Canvas

Canvas is yet another durable material that you can use to prepare your tall tent. Canvas materials are also durable and you can use it for weddings and other celebrations. You should know that canvas is not waterproofed by the materials are thick enough.

  • Fiber

Fiber is also a durable quality material that you can consider when you are making your tent. It can protect you from weather vagaries. You need this for different seasons.

  • Cotton

Cotton materials do not fade easily and they do not tear easily. If you want the best quality tall tents for your camping, you can consider those designed with cotton materials. If you buy any of them, it is going to serve you for a long time. Moreover, they are waterproofed and can last for a long time.

7. Setup

Most importantly, the tents are easy and simple to set up and you should do that without difficulty. Look for those you can set up by yourself. Furthermore, it should come with useful instructions about how to set it up. Look for the tent you can set and dismantle when you want.


Additional Features For Choosing a Tall Tent

1. Hooks

Hooks enable you to have a way of hanging different items you have like your coats. This is made possible by the fact that you can attach the hook to your tent and create a small hanging line for this purpose.

2. Guy ropes

Usually meant for helping the tall tent get anchored especially the large tents that cannot stand for themselves.

3. Window mesh

A window mesh can help with ventilation inside of the tall tent. This means fresher air in the tent.


Reviews of 9 Best Tents for Tall People in 2021

1. Top Rated – Coleman 6 Foot Tall Dome Tents with Mesh Pockets

best coleman tall tent for 6 family of 6
Best Coleman 6 Feet Tall Tent for 6 Man

Whenever you think of the best dome tents, you must think in the direction of Coleman. This Sundome tent can comfortably accommodate three persons at once.

This is the most user-friendly tent out there and it is easy and simple to set it up. It comes with a welded floor and this ensures that you are dry and protected even if it rains. This also comes with pole attachments which ensure that wind does not blow the thing away.

It does not take time to set it up and this can be concluded with a space of ten minutes with or without help. Most importantly, it comes with the most spacious interior and that ensures that you move about without difficulties.

Most importantly, you are sure of ventilation because of the ground vent and the large windows. Perhaps this is the most comfortable dome out there for campers. It is tall enough and this is also good for tall persons. You get the best when you order this product.

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2. Excellent Ventilation – Teton Backpacking Tent with Gear Loft

best small tall dome tent for backpacking
Best Tall Tent with High Waterproof Coating

If you are planning to spend time with a few of your friends far away from home, you must invest in the best quality tent. Mountain Ultra range is always the best for such occasions. It has fantastic features that make it the best among its contemporaries.

The model is not difficult to install. In a matter of minutes, you can install with or without help. Furthermore, it is lightweight, and taking it to such places is also hassle-free.

You can use it in the winter, spring or any other weather. There is nothing to worry about. It is one hundred percent waterproofed.

This is good for relaxation, comfort, and enjoyment. The inbuilt ventilation system ensures that you stay comfortable throughout your stay.

Most importantly, the product is highly breathable. After camping, you can store it in the storage bag and find your way home.

There are lots of incentives that come with this product when you buy one. It is good for your adventure.

You have plenty to gain when you make do with this product. It remains the most innovative in the market. This accommodates up to four tall persons at a time.

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3. Best for 2 Men – Lethmik Tall Tent with Double Layer

best 3 season tall tent for kids
Best 3 Season Double Wall Tall Tent for Toddlers

When it comes to the tall two-person tent, the best you can think of in the market is the Lehtmik backpacking tent. This is a big deal for several reasons.

The first is that it is simple and very easy to setup. As you are aware, this is good for two to three persons.

It is a double-layer tent for camping purposes. The model is lightweight. For a small family, this is a perfect camping tent. Because it is simple and easy to assemble, this model offers its users maximum comfort.

You are certain to have maximum sleep when you use this as it protects you from weather vagaries.

The tent is also durable. The inner tent is 190T polyester cloth while the flysheet is also 190T polyester material and PU Coating.

Most importantly, the groundsheet features 190D anti-tear Oxford material. Furthermore, the poles are also 190T polyester and so on.

Furthermore, the product is simple and very easy to install. Because of the simple design, this model is the easiest out there and even a novice can have this installed.

Double layer camping tent and it is highly breathable, waterproofed, and so on. Most importantly, it is windproof.

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4. Full Cover Fly – Gazelle Tall 4 Person Tent With Easy Setup

best portable instant tall tent
Best Compact 4 Man Pop up Tall Tent

Gazelle is a great product and this 22272 model is good for tent 4 persons. If you are planning an adventure, you can use this great product. There are lots of features that set it apart.

The first is that it is highly portable and you can take it along with you with ease.

Secondly, it does not take any time to set it up. You can do that instantly. In short, you can do the setup in just 90 seconds. As you are already aware, this is for 4 persons.

It is not difficult to install because most parts of it are pre-assembled. This also has the most comfortable and spacious interior. It is tall enough at 78 inches. Even if you are the tallest person, the model offers you enough space, which you require for your comfort.

Apart from that, this model has the best features. Furthermore, the design is such that it offers enough ventilation. The door is also great and it makes for entrance and exit. It makes for proper ventilation as well.

It is convenient to use and can resist water, mildew as well as wind, and so on. Also, protects against rain and so on. It does not tear easily because of the durable beefy YKK zippers. The model also comes with a removable floor and this is a great product.

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5. Durable Design – ALPS Mountaineering Tall Family Tent with Dual Doors

best tall tent with dual doors
Best Freestanding 4-person Tent for Tall People

When it comes to quality, ALPS mountaineering Meramac is another great product. It can comfortably accommodate persons at a time. It is much durable as it is free standing with two poles, as well as aluminum ferrules. The ferrules serve other purposes.

It uses aluminum which makes it the right weight and this is better than the use of steel. Apart from portability, aluminum does not rust.

Furthermore, it features a fiberglass pole which is bigger than several other models out there. The essence is to make it stronger and sturdier than any other one you can think of.

If you are interested in durability more than any other thing else, then you can always think of this model. You are sure of excellent protection whenever you use this model.

Most importantly, it comes with two doors and this makes for entry and exit. Apart from that, the other door is necessary because it provides extra ventilation as well.

The door zippers are also outstanding and it is certain from the size that it is better than anything you can think of. The tent is highly protective especially against UV damage and others.

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6. 4 Season – Kodiak Canvas Tall Tents With Mesh Windows

best tall tent with high ceiling
Best Canvas 8 Person Tall Tent

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for the best camping tent for your family members? Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe is there for you. It can accommodate up to 8 persons at a time. The tent is durable as it features everything you want.

First, it is durable as it comes with the best quality materials. The fabric is one hundred percent duck canvas. You can use in all-weather because of the watertight design. Furthermore, it breathable and very comfortable to stay in.

Many campers use it for different reasons. Installing the tent is as easy as anything. It does not take more than ten minutes for a single user to install the tent.

Furthermore, it offers a spacious interior. You are always comfortable inside the tent. The entire family will relax in the tent. It has plenty of space.

Most importantly, it features enough storage space. It has pockets where you can put your important items for safety.

The ceiling height is also amazing, and the flex bow frame makes it solid. Its waterproof floor makes it ideal for all seasons. Because of the durable construction, you can use this for four seasons.

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7. Large Space for 12 People – NTK 7 Foot Tall Tent With Screen Porch


Best NTK Tall Tent with 2 Room
Best NTK Waterproof Tall Tent with A Height of 6.9′

The product has wonderful features that set it apart from several others out there.

Moreover, it is highly durable and it is going to serve you for a very long time. If you want the best camping experience for yourself and members of your family, you can always think of this model as it is spacious and can take up to 11 to 12 persons at a time.

It is good for the whole family as it was comfortable to accommodate kids and adults at the same time.

It comes with three windows, two doors as well as a room divider. The design is such that you can assemble the parts in a twinkle of an eye.

It is 6.9 feet high, and this implies that it is high enough to accommodate the large numbers of people that are going to use the product. It offers one hundred percent protection from sun rays as well as weather.

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8. Best for Backpacking – Hyke & Byke Ultralight Tent With Footprint

best lightweight tent for 1 and 2 tall people
Best Ultralight Tall Tent for 1/2 Man

Hyke and Byke Yosemite tents are good for tall persons, it can accommodate 1 to 2 persons at a time. It is a great backpacking tent.

It is lightweight and comes with two doors. The doors are necessary for easy entry and exit. Furthermore, they make for sufficient ventilation. Because of the lightweight, you are not going to find it hard to move it from one camping place to another.

The product is rated the best in the market because of superior production. It is durable and very light to use. Because of the durable quality, the manufacturers even offered a lifetime warranty. It is a great product and you have real value for your money.

Furthermore, the tent is not only lightweight, but it is also durable as well. To set it up is as simple as anything that you can think of. It is designed with the finest quality aluminum alloys, and that makes it durable.

Besides, it is not difficult to set up this model. It comes with two poles as well as a clip pole. This makes it durable and lightweight as well. The size is good for three seasons. It comes with everything you need such as a gear loft.

The model is also waterproofed, and it is roomy as well. It also comes with a taped floor, bathtub floor as well as floor seams, and this is going to keep the rain away from you.

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9. Lightweight for One Person – ALPS Mountaineering Tall Tent with Vestibule

best small tall tent for 1 man
Best Tall Dome Tent with Small Footprint

Tall people would always require a tall tent, and they get that from ALPS Mountaineering lynx.

It is a one-person tent, the small size make it easy to backpack.

This is one of the most durable in the market as it is free-standing. It is not difficult to setup.

This equally comes with a very large zipper on its vestibule as well as the door. The walls also mesh, and because of that, you are sure of better ventilation.

It prevents rain from disturbing you, just as it comes with a coated floor which means that you are one hundred percent safe using this great product.

Here are the most outstanding attributes of this wonderful product and some of them are the freestanding two-pole design, and it comes with the two-pole design.

The poles are aluminum materials and they are easy to assemble as well. furthermore, it contains a vestibule and this is perfect for gear storage.

You can get ventilation possibilities as well as gear loft and storage pockets. This tent also comes with weatherproof fly buckles and this is also perfect for protection and maximum adjustability.

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Final words

Choosing the best tall tent for tall persons would no longer be a challenge if you stick to the information provided above.

These best tall tents were carefully selected after reviewing several other products out there in the market. These have everything you want from a tent. They are durable and they are designed to serve your purpose very well. Most importantly, they can protect you from unfavored weather.

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