Best Tent Brands on the Market in 2022

Are you preparing for an outdoor camping occasion? You have to carry along with you a good tent. Indeed, it is the tent that safeguards you and provides a base from which you can operate subsequently thereafter.

To be sure of the best tent, you have to factor in the brand or the manufacturer. We have lined up 3 of the best brands at the moment. Take a look at them hereunder!

In a hurry? Check our tops picks tents of these famous brands!

Top-rated tents, super affordable price, overall for most camping trips and styles, Coleman Sundome Tent

Small size and lightweight for 2 person backpacking, spacious interior, Kelty Salida Tent

Dark Rest Technology to block light, roomier space for at most 10 person with double rooms, Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent

Suitable for experienced campers, lightweight for backpacking, strong weather resistance, MSR Hubba Hubba 2 Person Tent


1. Coleman Tents – Best for Budget

Coleman Company is a manufacturer of outdoor camping equipment and gears. It is owned and operated by the Newell Brands and is based in Chicago, Illinois. This notwithstanding, the company has production facilities in Texas, Kansas, and Wichita, to name but a few!

If you are short on cash but nonetheless want to make the most of your time outdoors, Coleman is the brand to look up to. That is because its range of products is known to be cheaper but very strong and long-lasting nonetheless.

Apart from being cheap, the products are also simple enough to allow for easy handling. This is the brand yet again to look up to if you have never attempted to camp. You will easily juggle your way and set the tents up for immediate use.

Yet one more distinctive aspect of the brand is the fact that it has a robust back end customer service regime in place. It backs its products with a round-the-clock customer service regime, excellent after-sales services, and generous return policy.

You should never really shy away from trying out its products. The services the company has put in place are purposely intended to make your users comfortable and risk-free.

Best Affordable Coleman Tents


2. Kelty Tents – Best for Small Groups

Do you plan to go out camping as a group? If you answered this question in the affirmative, you want a tent that is spacious and large enough yet still comfortable to carry around with limited hassles. The tent from Kelty company manufactures is the one to set your eyes on.

These Kelty tents that are intended for those epic adventures. These tents are indeed larger, more spacious, and pitch faster to provide the room that small families need to rest within the shortest time possible. You will find the tents quite suitable for those impromptu overnight applications.

As part of its suitability for multiple occupancies, this tent is highly ventilated and breathable. The fabric which has been used to make it up is perforated to let in copious amounts of fresh air and to let out the stale air with ease. Chances of you suffocating to death are hence heavily suppressed.

All factors considered, the tent performs well under just about every other circumstance of use. You will find the tent just as useful in the summer as in the winter and in the rain as in the snow. This means you stand to enjoy awesome freedom of use and applications.

Best Kelty Tents for Small Family


3. Ozark Trail Tents – Best for Cabin Instant Tents

The Ozark Trail is the tent of choice for a beginner or a person who doesn’t have that much money. That is because it is budget-friendly and is able to meet the needs of many people who lack the huge financial resource endowment.

Reason? Its products are so designed to provide cheaper alternatives to high-quality alternatives. On account of this, the tents are just as strong and durable as their premium counterparts yet still within your affordable range.

Its products are highly colorful indeed. The tents are black, gray, brown, light green, black, maroon, light blue, orange and indigo, to name but a few! With these many options, you have the freedom to choose the one which conforms as nearly as possible to your preferred color theme.

Considering that the Ozark Trail tents are meant for persons who are barely getting started out in the field of camping the company has a special instant setup design. These come in the forms of a robust back-end customer care regime, a dedicated hotline, generous return policy, and free advisory.

Best Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tents


4. MSR (Mountain Safety Research) Tents – Best for Experienced Campers

Do you ordinarily engage in too strenuous camping undertakings? If you do, the tent you choose has to be appropriately engineered to take on those equally strenuous chores. This is a feat you may only achieve if you source the tents which are engineered precisely.

The MSR (Mountain Safety Research) Tents is the company to choose from. This brand indeed prides itself in the use of experienced tinkerers, and engineers to make wonderful products that are awesome for the outdoor environments. As such, its tents and products are unlike any others.

You will have to gain some expertise though to be able to handle and accommodate the tents. That draws from the fact that these tents are generally complicated and intended for use most of the time by people who have above-average operational skills. This notwithstanding, the tents are indeed very reliable.

They have been noted by past users to take on those environments which are hard to tackle and are predisposed to the risks of wear and tear. These include rough terrains, rocky mountains, and areas that are full of shrubs and thorns. They do cost a fortune also but are nonetheless worth the investment. Why not pick and make use of them?

Best Msr Backpacking Tents


5. Big Agnes Tent – Versatile Tents for All Use

Big Agnes is a small company with a global reach. It has no specific area of specialization really. The company indeed makes tents and other camping gear for various environments and circumstances of use. You will find these tents suitable for your skiing, ice camping, mountain, and the rock-climbing alike.

The tents, other than exuding the core benefit of housing you outdoor, also serve to bring in plenty of fresh air while in the camp. This is due to the use of highly breathable materials and fabrics to make the tent up. You have this brand for your preference if you happen to go out as a group.

Over and above being useful in many environments, the tents also stand the test of time. The fabrics in use are also strong and resilient to the various agents of wear and tear. Even if you do rub the tents on dry land or fidget a lot, the tents will hardly sustain scratches and frays.

You will hence enjoy higher value for your money by suffering limited inconveniences and reduced need for repairs and maintenance. This definitely translates to the utmost extended peace of mind you need to stay out in the camp for long.

Best Big Agnes Versatile Tents


6. Alps Mountaineering Tents – Best for Trekking

As the designation suggests, this brand is intended chiefly for use in mountainous terrains. Such terrains are ordinary very cold. To be able to stay warm and appropriately kempt, you need a tent that is reliable with regards to the trapping of heat. The manufacturer has put in place several measures to guarantee this.

Complementing this is the long period of service in which the tent and by extension the brand has been in existence. Indeed, the brand has continuously operated for 26+ years now. In the course of its operations, the brand has accumulated plenty of operational skill and experience.

Choosing this brand over and above the others hence puts you in line to tap into the many benefits that the manufacturer has to offer. These include excellent customer service support, a money-back guarantee, excellent quality controls, and a host of after-sale services.

When all factors are put into consideration, the tents last longer and hence assure prolonged periods of use and applications. They are generally very resilient to the common elements of wear and tear. You will also find these tents great for use in environments that are generally strenuous for ordinary counterparts.

Best Alps Mountaineering Tents



We have done our part by identifying and explaining to you the best tent brands . Having fulfilled our part, we now leave it to you to take over from where we have concluded. Simply read through the explanations to identify the tent that may be suited for your needs and liking. We wish you all the best in your search!

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