Best Truck Tents for Outdoor Activities

What is the best truck tent

Gone are the days when you had to retreat to afar off location to be able to camp. Not when you have the best truck tents around. As their name implies, these tents mount on the beds of trucks rather than on the ground. They give off the benefit of convenience and shelter from direct contact with the ground.

These camping gears are relatively obscure. Finding one is hence not always really easy. The only way to go about this issue well is to gain some insight into them.

We have prepared a buying guide to that effect right here for your own enlightenment.

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Cheap price under $100, basic waterproof guaranteed,  fit for most pickups and trucks, Guide Gear Truck Camping Tent

Spacious enough to fit for at most 6 persons, can be easily setup by even a single person, a porch providing more space, Napier Family-size Truck Tent

4 season design for most weather conditions, abundant windows for good ventilation, large door and tunnel shape design for large living space and easy access, Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent


How to Choose the Best Trunk Tent?

Don’t know how to select a truck tent? This guide will help you solve your problem.

1. Type

These tents are available in multiple types and kinds, such as normal truck bed tents and truck top tents. Due to these variations, the tents suit the different circumstances of use.

It is a good thing hence to find the tent which mirrors your own circumstance. This is to prevent the unlikely situation of settling with one that is irrelevant to your needs.

To arrive at a good purchase, you are advised to first and foremost ascertain your own needs. Then, compare the features of the many tents that are on offer.

That way, you will be able to narrow it down to your own tent of relevance. Do not shy away from consulting an expert as a way forward.

2. Seasonality

Other than diverse types, these tents are also intended to tackle different seasons. A tent that is meant for summer, for instance, may not add much value to a person who intends to camp in the winter. This being the case, you should find that which is as suited to the season you have in mind as possible.

When window-shopping, you have to pay keen attention to the features of each tent. Ensure that the feature which the tent has is directly relevant to the season you have in mind.

Summer is ordinarily hot. You want a tent that is appropriately ventilated. Winters being cold requires a very warm tent, and so on.

3. Height

This refers to the maximum displacement of the tent from the ground level. A good tent should be high and spacious enough to accommodate your whole length and breadth.

This means you must, first of all, determine your own height. Take a tape measure and mark out your dimensions from the head to the toe.

Then, be sure that the tent you eventually settle on has that minimum height. As you do so, take care of the space that you have in your possession. Larger and higher tents tend to occupy more space and will not really fit your cramped-up spaces.

guides of best truck bed tents

4. Length

Just as important as the height is the length of the tent thereof. This, on the other hand, is the measure of how long the tent is. A good tent yet again has to be as long as you may possibly desire. It has to be able to accommodate your whole body well.

The same procedure as above applies here too. Get hold of a tape measure and mark out your length. As you search for the right tent, ensure that it bears those same dimensions. Give room though for issues of comfort and convenience. Also, take care of your mounting space.

5. Construction

The kinds of materials used to make the tent up as well as the design of the tent as a whole are two crucial factors to consider.

They determine the longevity of the tent i.e. how long the tent is able to take you. Closely related to this is the incidences of breakdowns which may warrant repairs and maintenance.

A good tent on the basis of this consideration has to be strong, agile, and manufactured using the strongest pieces of fabrics available. Among these are nylon, polyester, and canvas. Then the edges have to be double-seamed for added protection.

6. Weatherproof

Needless to say, the tent you lay your hands on has to be weatherproof. That is to guarantee adequate protection against external weather elements like rain, strong winds, and snow.

If and when these issues arise, they will often bring about the undesirable consequence of ill health and possibly, premature deaths.

The tent should has to be strong enough to ward off harsh winds, warm enough to trap sufficient amounts of heat, and properly ventilated to bring in copious amounts of fresh air. Lastly, it ought also to be strong enough to withstand any strong winds.

7. Capacity

Other than accommodating you alone, the tent of choice has to be spacious enough to handle other kinds of relevant camping gear.

This means its capacity has to be up to standards. As you embark on your search for the right tent hence, you have to figure out also the sum total load you intend to handle.

The tent you choose should ideally comprise many pockets to save with matters storage. Its interior should also be large enough to be able to handle all of your gears and other camping paraphernalia. Check out for the capacity rating as you embark on a purchase.

choose a truck bed tent with proper capacity

8. Strapping

Tents have to be opened and closed to allow for entry and exit. You will rely on the strapping mechanisms to do these.

It is for this reason that you have to check out the strapping as well. The straps of a tent have to simple enough to engage. They also have to be durable to guarantee prolonged use.

In your search for the best tent, be sure to try the strapping mechanism to see to it that indeed it is strong and resilient enough for your use. Factor your level of expertise also as these straps come in diverse degrees of complexity.

9. Floor

It is on the floor of the tent that you rest and spends much of your time. A good tent has to possess a large, spacious, properly ventilated, and warm floor. In particular, it has to possess that ability to soak up rain just in case a heavy downpour ensues in your area of camping.

To guarantee easy cleaning, the floor has to be removable as well. Since most truck tents are floorless, the best way is to buy a floorless truck tent, and then buy a separate tent floor.

This is to allow you to easily take it to a dry cleaner and have it thoroughly cleaned by water. If possible, the tent should also be able to accommodate a couple of vital accessories and other attachments.

10. Storage

Tents, like any other piece of outdoor equipment, are rarely used. In fact, you will form a large part have to store it for future use. It is also necessary to factor in the storage needs of the tent of choice. A good tent has to be foldable to occupy limited space.

It should also be light enough to expedite transportation from one place to another. The space you intend to devote to storage also matters a lot. It should be well-lit, appropriately ventilated, and dry. This is to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and the weakening of the fabrics.

11. Access

Emergencies can arise at any day or time. The tents are by no means excluded from this universal rule. To be on the safe side of issues, the tent you choose has to be easily accessible. It has to possess wider doors to allow for smooth entry and exit.

If possible, the doors have to exist at the front and the rear. More to these, the tent itself also has to be packed with tons of accessible and emergency features. To aid with evacuation further, we ask that the tent possesses a transparent wall to let you see through conveniently.


Reviews of the 6 Best Truck Tents for Mobile Outdoor Activities

1. Cheap Price – Guide Gear Compact Small Size Truck Bed Tent

best truck bed tent
Affordable Guide Gear Truck Bed Tent


Capacity: 2

Weight: 10 lbs

Peak Height: 57″

Size: 72″-74″ truck bed

Material: Polyester & fiberglass

Short on cash yet would wish to enjoy the benefits of a good truck tent? This is the one to pick and make do with.

Indeed, this best cheap guide gear trunk bed tent is also packed with tons of other top-notch features. Among these are excellent ventilation, larger interior area, and sufficient headroom.

Though meant for use behind the truck, this tent is also waterproof.

This stems from its possession of a rainfly which labors to shield the interiors from the percolation of water. Then, it is also in weight and easier to carry around. You will not have to struggle to carry it around hence.

  • 1500 mm water resistant coating
  • Comes along with two storage pockets
  • The polyester fabric makeup elongates its lifespan
  • Deploys faster and easier to get you down in business
  • Maintains a completely dry interior for your maximum comfort
  • Accompanied by its own support poles for expedited installations
  • Accommodates only one occupant at a time

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2. Best for Family – Napier Truck Tents for Camping with Screen Room

Sportz 10 x 10 feet truck tent
Best Truck Tent for Family of 5/6


Capacity: 5-6

Peak Height: 7 feet

Bedroom Size: 10 x 10 feet

Screen Room Size: 7 x 6 feet

Material: Polyester & fiberglass

Sometimes it is never enough to merely shield yourself from the harsh external weather elements. It pays to go a step further to protect against harmful mosquitoes and other insects.

This best Napier truck tent for camping with the screen room handles those issues perfectly well. Why is this the case, you may ask?

It is comprehensive in that it incorporates all the vital parts and components. To add to that, its interior is also roomy enough to sleep, 5-6 people.

This combines with over 7 feet of headroom for your smooth standing and movement. By being in it, you will not suffocate or imperil your own comfort.

  • Simple enough to set up single-handedly
  • Attaches to your vehicle easily and tightly
  • Large enough to fit a sporting utility vehicle
  • Converts your cargo area into a sleeping space
  • Includes an expandable carrying bag which safeguards your extras
  • Quite cumbersome to handle around

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3. 4 Season – Kodiak Canvas Tunnel Shape Truck Tent

canvas truck bed tent
Best Kodiak Canvas Bed Tent for Truck


Season: 4

Size: 5.5’/6.5’/8′

Peak Height: 5 feet

Number of Windows: 5

Material: Cotton canvas & steel

Camping in wet seasons requires a tent that is extremely resistant to the inflow or percolation of water. Only the best Kodiak canvas truck tent may guarantee that.

It is made entirely of the waterproof cotton duck canvas material. On account of this, the tent is durable and highly breathable as well.

Unlike your ordinary tent, this one comes in the shape of a tunnel. This lets it maximize the interior space which comes to roughly 5 feet tall.

Then, it also expands when needed to increase the amount of interior usable space. It is hence a good one to use for multiple occupants.

  • Less prone to damages and other dangers
  • Very breathable and comfortable to stay in
  • A steel tube frame exists to confer the necessary support
  • Large D-shaped door makes for easy entry and evacuation
  • Clamps firmly on the mounting rail for your own peace of mind
  • Costly

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4. Ultralight – DAC Mid-Size Truck Tent

best easy setup truck tent
Best Truck Vehicle Tents for Camping


Size: Medium

Weight: 5 lbs

Dimension: 37″ x 38″ x 80″

Is your truck middle-sized? If it is, then the tent you pick and use should be similarly middle-size in nature. Well, we ask that you place your bet on this best mid-size truck tent. Over and above the mid-size, this truck tent is also easier to set up.

In many regards, it sets up in under five minutes only. With this tent, it is possible for you to camp behind sporting utility vehicles, trailers, recreational vehicles, and a couple of small trucks.

Moreover, it also handles many kinds of sporting and outdoor activities. This is the equipment to go for if you are an outdoor enthusiast.

  • Compact enough to carry around with relative ease
  • Its fabric stands to the external elements of weather
  • Protects from the adverse effects of weather conditions
  • Cleanliness and maintenance are comparatively simple
  • Accords maximum ventilation to the interior occupants
  • Not fit for the vehicles which have mounted external gears on the rear

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5. Waterproof – Rightline Gear Full-size Trunk Tent

best truck tent for campers
Best Rightline Truck Tent


Capacity: 2

Size: 5.5’/6.5’/8′

Material: Nylon

Waterproof Rating: 2000 mm

Trucks that are too large cannot be handled with your ordinary tents. You need a similarly need a tent that is larger in size and hence more capable covering an entire truck bed.

For this, we recommend the Rightline gear full-size trunk tent. It better placed to accord you the reliability you need.

It stands apart from the rest in that it adorns a floorless design. With this design, you will enjoy the privilege of easy setup and dismantling. To add to these, the tent itself stands tall to the harsh weather elements accordingly. It draws this from the water-resistant fabric makeup.

  • Allows sufficient light to seep inside
  • Cuts down the set-up time considerably
  • Roomy enough for two occupants at a time
  • Lasts longer than many other tents of its kinds
  • Offers adequate protection to the interior occupants
  • Lacks a footprint

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6. Rainfly Included – Guide Gear Full-Size Water-resistant Truck Pickup Tent

waterproof full size truck tent
Best Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent


Weight: 11 lbs

Peak Height: 63″

Size: 79″-81″ full size

Material: Polyester & fiberglass

Are you a seasoned outdoor camper? You want to pick and use a tent that is universal in scope. This is to means that it fits many kinds of vehicles.

Well, this Guide Gear full-size water-resistant truck tent will fit nicely on the cargo section of your Nisan, GMC, Ford, Chevy, and Toyota.

It comes along fully with a rainfly to keep you totally dry and shielded from external weather elements. A heavy-duty, weather-resistant polyester fabric adorns much of its makeup.

In its entirety, the tent is light enough to handle and carry around. You won’t have to invest excess muscle power to engage it hence.

  • Comes with four support poles
  • Meshed windows bring in plenty of fresh air
  • Fully enclosed to keep you wholly safe and enclosed
  • A Large D-shaped door allows for smooth evacuations
  • 2 large storage pockets exist to haul your gears and accessories
  • Complex operations and handling

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What Is a Truck Bed Tent?

A truck bed tent is a special kind of tent that mounts at the back of a truck rather than on the floor or in the field.

It is smaller, more agile, quite compact, and easier to handle. Moreover, it also deploys faster to yield you the necessary levels of comfort as soon as is practically possible.


3 Benefits of Using Truck Tents

  • Faster Deployment

As noted already, the truck bed tent deploys faster than the ordinary counterpart. By this arrangement, you get to enjoy the benefits that come along promptly and hassle-free. Also, it does not go through the lengthy installation processes which others ordinarily have to go through.

  • Relative Convenience

They are also relatively convenient. That is brought about by the fact that it does not tie you with regards to when and where you may make use of it. Indeed, this kind of tent lets you enjoy your outdoor if and when you have to.

  • Compact Size

Lastly comes the benefit of compact size. The tents are smaller and more compact than their larger and spacious counterparts. This expedites the process of handling and storage when not in use.


What Are the Best Trunk Tent Brands?

1. Rightline Gear

Founded in 2008, this company deals in the manufacture of automobile parts and accessories. It also makes tents that are mounted behind cars. Its line of products is indeed strong and reliable. They are also known to stand tall to the extremes of weather conditions.

This is the brand to look up to if you are a person who goes to locations that are ordinarily damp and sultry. Rightline Gear tents will ensure a smooth inflow of air and other vita camping elements.

What’s more, they suffer less from the incidences of breakdowns and hence call for limited spates of repairs.

2. Guide Gear

Guide Gear is mainly known for comfort and overall wellbeing. That is because the products it generates and produces are packed with loads of comfort features.

Among these are padded floors, transparent walks and easy to engage strapping mechanisms. Though comfortable, the Guide Gear tents wash and clean easily.

Taking your comfort a notch higher is the fact that the tent accepts and accommodates many attachments that are geared towards enhancing your very comfort.

These include the waterproof polyester shell, central steel pole for added support, and mesh roof panels. Hardly will you suffocate or feel too squeezed while in it.

3. Napier

Napier brand is one of the largest developers and distributors of vehicle camping tents. The products it generates and churns out are able to fit many kinds of vehicles.

Among these are trucks, sporting utility vehicles, Jeeps, and hatchback, to name but a few! Their all-rounded nature makes them good for a seasoned truck camper.

Other than all-round applicability, the tents are also strong and resilient to the common agents of wear and tear. They stand tall to the elements of weather and other adverse conditions. Due to their strong fabric makeup, these tents also hardly breaks down.

4. Kodiak Canvas

If you are looking for a tent to use in rugged terrain, settle for no other than the Kodiak brand. It is on the whole strong and very able to take on those rough roads with absolute reliability. Each of its tents features rugged top-of-the-line materials.

These materials enable Kodiak tents tends to last longer than many cheaper variants. They also see to it that the tents provide a fair degree of performance which is beyond the grasp of the cheaper alternatives.

What’s more? The tents hold up to all manner of harsh conditions like rain, winds, and breezes.


Tips For Camping In A Pickup Truck Bed

If you are among those that love outdoor outings, a pickup truck bed will be ideal for you. It gives you maximum comfort with a homey feeling.  Let’s consider tips for a pickup truck bed.

Construct an elevated sleeping platform. Let there be a storehouse under the fenders.

The cap should have a seal to avoid elements and pests.

It’s your tiny home; keep it tidy.

Keep climate-sensitive and valuable in the locked cab.

It would be best if you had glow sticks in place of light to avoid enticing insects.

Keep an extra key to your truck. It is safer in the bed.

Come with a small charging device. It is crucial for your electronic.

Do not use an air mattress. You can use self-inflating matters.


What Accessories Can You Take for Truck Camping?

You might be thinking about the things you would need for truck camping. Having the appropriate camping accessories is vital for enjoying your overland trip. Let us highlight some of the accessories you need.

  • It would be best if you had a truck bed mattress and a kid sleeping bag.
  • A camping stove. It helps with cooking or heating water for coffee. It would help if you had your propane gas, mugs, pots and spoons, lighters, and trash bags.
  • Camping toiletry. It would help if you had soap, toiletry bag, towels, scrubber wash bag, razor, and toilet paper.
  • The first aid kit; is essential in case of injury.
  • Camp chairs and tables.
  • Clothing for trick camping is wool shirts, socks, fast-dry pants, fleece jackets, and shoes.

The list of all the needed items cannot be exhausted. It’s a home away from home; you need all your basics for daily comfortable living in a relaxed atmosphere.



1. How Do You Set up a Truck Bed Tent?

  • Lay the tarpaulin on the bare floor
  • Lay the tent on the tarpaulin
  • Connect the poles of the tent
  • Insert the poles into the flaps that match up with them
  • Raise the tent above the floor of the tent
  • Stake it to the bed of the truck
  • Add a rainfly if need be

2. Can You Drive With a Truck Tent?

One can definitely drive in a truck bed tent. It is very ideal for individuals who love outdoor activities but don’t like the idea of staking his/her tent on the ground.

The truck bed tend are portable shelters that transform a pick-up truck into an all-weather campsite with added comfort and convenience for an individual.

They usually pop open in the truck bed making an individual use them as a platform for sleeping. The following are some of the advantages of driving with a truck bed tent;

  • They usually occupy an extremely small cargo room
  • They allow one to set up camp at almost any place.
  • A truck bed tent can be taken down after each trip making them convenient for driving around with.
  • They offer individuals protection from elements of the ground such as wildlife as well as wind.
  • They are easily accessible and affordable for any camper.

One should find a truck bed tent that meets all his/her demands. This will enable an individual to enjoy the whole process of camping or hiking without much hustle.

3. What Size Mattress Fits in a Truck Bed?

Only the average-size mattresses will fit your truck beds. That is because these beds are smaller and compact.

You cannot use the extra-large, queen, or king-size mattresses at all. To be on the safe side of issues, you should insist only on that mattress that is optimized for your truck bed.

4. Is Used Truck Bed Tent Worthwhile to Buy?

Truck bed tents are one of the camping accessories that have been designed to enable campers to sleep in a more comfortable way. There is a wide range of truck bed tents one can choose from.

Used truck bed tents are a worthwhile option for one to consider when buying one. The following are some of the reasons that make used truck bed tents a worthwhile consideration:

  • Easy to Set up

The fact that used truck bed tents have already been used before makes it easier for another individual to set them up.

Used bed tents have already been tried and tested and one wouldn’t need many directions on setting them up. One is also able to know how well they can fit into a specific vehicle.

  • Adaptability

One can easily tell the specific conditions that used truck bed tents are best suited for. This is because one is able to determine the particular conditions that the tents worked perfectly. This enables the individual to be aware of the kind of weather he/she can use them on.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

Used truck bed tents are relatively easy to maintain since one already knows the methods he/she can use to take care of them. The method of cleaning to use on the tent is also an important step in their maintenance.

However, one needs to take great caution when buying used truck bed tents as some of them may be completely worn out.

5. Can you put up a regular tent on a truck bed?

Putting your regular tent on a truck bed is a brilliant idea, though it could be challenging to arrive at your desired picture. There will be no place for you to obtain poles and stakes, which a traditional tent has. It is better to use a tent designed to fit your truck bed.


Final Thoughts

Now you know where to go when searching for the best truck tents. The information we have provided above indeed is great and relevant.

In fact, the few tents we have reviewed above are better and more likely to give you the utility you desperately need to gain from them. Do make them a priority.

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