The 9 Best Instant Tents for Fast Setup in 2022

how to set up instant tentsThe instant tents are designed in such a way it will be easy to set them up. You will take the shortest time to set up the tents and start your camping adventure. The best instant tents go for 30 to 60 seconds to be fully set up.

This helps you to save on time and breaks down the burden of wasting on manually trying to set up a tent using the traditional methods.

Start by going over the best instant tents reviews from where you can get to learn more about the tents. You need to make the right decision before buying one.

The best way to learn more about such an instant tent is to carry out comprehensive research online.

Our Top Picks of Best Instant Tent

Top rated, different size for 4-10 people with affordable price, cabin shape for higher center height, Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

Automatic Quick Open Technology for easy installation, versatile tent for most cases, double layer fabric, Hewolf Instant Camping Tent

Spacious for 2 queen size air mattress, excellent ventilation and waterproof, gear loft for extra storage space, Core 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent


Things to Consider When Buying an Instant Tent

There are several things to consider when buying an instant tent. First, you need to take into consideration the primary purpose of buying a tent. Are you going to camp with a family or in a group?

If you are going to camp with several people, then you need to take into consideration the size of the tent. There are some tents that are lightweight but highly durable. You need to work with such tents to easily move around.

– Price

Instant tents are available at different rates. It is essential to take into consideration the price of the tents before you can buy one. You have set a given budget you would like to work within as you try to buy the tents. It will be easy for you to locate the best tent if you can stick to your budget when purchasing the tents.

Some instant tents incorporate features such as organizers and deciders to make it easy when camping. You need to work with the tents to realize the best results in your camping adventure.

– Poles

You need to check on the durability of the poles. You can have one with poles made out of fiberglass, steel among other types of metals. Take your time to assess the durability of the poles provided.

For the best results, it is necessary to consider a camping tent that has been made out of durable poles. High-quality poles will serve you for long till you realize value for money in the long run.

– Portability

You need a tent which you can easily carry around. The best way to locate an easy to carry around a tent is to check on its average weight. Apart from the tent being lightweight, you should as well check on the availability of a portable carry bag.

An easy to carry tent should have a wheeled carry bag that you can quickly push around. In most cases, you will be using the camping tent in remote places. Ensure you have a portable unit and it will be easy for you to carry around.

– Space & Sleeping Capacity

How many people would you like to have in your camping adventure? If you intend to house several people, then you need to go for a large tent. The tents will indicate the number of people they can accommodate.

Check on the size of the tent before you can proceed to make a buying decision. A spacious tent will allow you enough room to relax with loved ones. Take your time to assess the space available in the room before you can proceed to order the tent. Most in demand are 2 room tents and 3 rooms tents.

– Seasons

The tents can work for different reasons. For instance, you can have a tent built to serve you during summer or one built to work for you during winter.

  • For winter you need tents which can keep you warm. You will find most of them with padding to avoid too much cold from entering.
  • For the case of summer, you will have tents made out of lightweight and breathable materials. They can prevent rainwater but have a lot of ventilation to allow free circulation of air. Remember too much heat can lead to heatstroke during summer.

Before you decide to buy a given tent, it is essential to check on the season when you intend to go camping. You can even buy one for the three seasons. A tent made out of highly durable materials will tend to work well for all seasons.

– Height

If you are of the idea of a tent where you can stand, sit or have it work as a house; then you need to invest in a tall tent that has a high ceiling. You will get all the dimensions of the tent indicated so you need to have a check on the dimensions from where you can proceed to make the right buying decision.

– Number of Tent Doors

How many doors do you have in the tent? The perfect tent to buy should have enough doors to allow for easy access. For instance, if you intend to buy a big tent, then it should have at least three doors to allow for easy access to different parts of the tent.

– Types

Instant tents come in various designs and types. You can have a cabin tent, a frame tent and pop ups. For easy access, you need to check on the types.

There are others such as cabin tents that allow easy access. You will find pop up tents very fast to set up. Research well before making a decision on a given type of tent.


The 9 Best Instant Up Tents Reviews in 2021

Check out what other people who have ever used the tents have to say. From reading the reviews, it will be easy to know about top quality tents to buy.

1. Best Waterproof – Night Cat 1 Person Instant Tent

Best Night Cat instant waterproof tent
Night Cat instant waterproof tent with Footprint

A night cat instant tent is also ideal for 2,3 or 4 people. It has an automatic Hydraulic rainproof capability and also equipped with a rainfly. A footprint tarp stands behind this high-quality instant pop-up tent.

This product has the following features:

  • Fast and Easy Takedown Setup

Its sophisticated Hydraulic pressure system has made it have an instant setup and a simple dismount. This mechanism has provided a quick way of dealing with the item.

The whole process of mounting and dismounting the system only takes a few minutes, and you are through with the whole process.

It is estimated that the setup up of the system only automatically takes about one minute or so and the dismounting automatically takes less than only two minutes.

Thus we can have a conclusion that the setup and dismount are really fast. This has provided for an easy way to deal with the item, thus frees you from the heavy burden of traditional camping techniques. It is convenient for anybody, regardless of their age.

  • Rainproof and Windproof

This is one of its fascinating capabilities. This tent is fitted with a unique system such as a 210D waterproof oxford fabric PU 3000.

A waterproof tape on entirely on every seam it has, and it is also equipped with a water PE Tarp around it bottom hence ensuring that the inside is very dry under any rain or storm situation.

More also, it has very strong and firm fiberglass poles that ensure firm stability and a longer serving life span for most of the weather conditions.

Its ropes are strong enough to withstand any form of heavy wind or also has firm pegs that support its stability and thus supporting its ability to withstand hostile weather.

  • Double Layer and Well Designs

This tent is capable of multitasking through various activities; for instance, the tents rainfly can be separated as such that one becomes a pavilion and can also be used for fishing or even for beaching.

This capability is very useful and convenient for not only those who would love to go fishing during camping but also for those who would love to go for beaching.

The tent is also fitted with a door on every side hence gives room for easy access to the pop-up tent. Moreso, this door provides for that healthy, convenient fresh feeling and proper ventilation.

It also has a mesh window that supports clean air as it allows a fresh breeze to penetrate into the tent. The window also provides for the keeping of unwanted pests, insects, or bugs that may fly into the tent unwantedly.

  • Roomy and Comfy

This tent is spacious that which can support two adults and also could fit a small kid as well; Moving around the tent is still very flexible with no form of overcrowding within the spacious tent.

A king and queen-sized mattress can also be fitted in so easy at any time. It is also capable of accommodating around two sleeping bags for two adults.

This tent is convenient for any ideal family that enjoys car camping. It’s so spacious that it provides for no awkward smells or stench while inside the tent.

Every family that loves camping will have their best health quality time as they enjoy there camping using such a tent that supports a clean nature atmosphere.

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2. Good Ventilation – Hewolf 2 Person Waterproof Instant Dome Tent

best waterproof outdoor instant dome tent
Best Dome Instant 2-4 Person Tent

This tent is also ideal for around two to four people. It is suite for almost four seasons. It has one room and a double layer that includes an inner mesh tent and equipment called a flysheet. Almost three people can sleep in it while approximately 5 people are capable of the seat in.

The tent flysheet can be used on its own, but it doesn’t provide for the opportunity for the inner tent to be used alone, especially during winter camping periods.

It is properly ventilated and provides for easy air circulation. It is also fitted with some wire mesh materials that help fresh air penetrate the tent and also help keeps bugs off.

The tent has the following features:

  • Spacious Interior

It has a very spacious interior and a very quick pop-up and dismounts, thus minimizing laborites when setup. The tent poles are joined patently to the tent materials, and the poles are partly broken down. Hence one can easily open an umbrella in a hexagon type of shape with around five feet five inch kind of height that allows you to move comfortably.

  • Weatherproof & Multiple Use

It is a weatherproof tent that allows you to use it for multiple purposes as you enjoy your outer family camping experience; it can protect you from direct sunlight rays, rain showers, dusty winds and also gives you an excellent beach camping experience.

  • Double Wall & Durable Design

It is well equipped with a double wall constructed of the flysheet, a rainfly, an inner well-removed mesh and also is fitted with equipped accessories that may come in handy when you want to carry out activities such as hanging a lantern. The wire mesh along with the zippered screen aims to keep off bugs.

  • Stakes to Proof  Wind

It provides an opportunity for the convenient setup of a windproof tent correctly in that when you immediately lift it, and you may still need to pin down its corners with almost six stable stakes. This tent is more stable and winds resistance.

This tent is ideal for any small family that loves that extra activity type of camping as it provides for multi-tasking. It is well foldable, waterproof, windproofed, fitted with zippers, and provides for UV protection.

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3. Best Budget – Coleman 4 Person Instant tent

best Coleman 4 person instant pop up tent
Best Affordable Coleman 4 Man Instant Tent

This item is best for festivals and more for car camping. Its setup takes at most ten seconds, thus always making you get back and do so many activities in time. Its poles allow fast popping up, and the taped floor seams help to keep one dry even when the ground is moisturized.

It has a rainfly that helps one to find a perfect balance for proper ventilation. This tent provides for four camp pads and comes with an equipped storage pockets used for storing some small items. This tent folds flat hence give one ease as it remains flat, lightweight, and can easily be carried around.

Its features include:

  • Fast Setup

1. Its poles can be assembled within ten seconds, thus very fast, allowing you to conduct and have many other fun activities.

  • Waterproof Layout

The taped floors provide for a dry, none wet condition hence keeping you always warm even when the floor is wet.

  • Storage

This tent has a storage pocket that allows you to keep your items organized and safe. It also has packs that are flat in shape that give you room for easy storage of personal items you may need during your camping.

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4. CORE Four Person Instant Dome Tent

best core 4 man instant up tent
Best CORE 4-person Instant Setup Tent

This tent is best for multiple activities, for instance, scout trips, backpacking, or backyard slumber partying. This tent is well suitable for breeze setup, with preassembled steel poles and flexible movements. It can be set up as fast as in thirty seconds.

The styled front door makes it easy for entry and exit while also fitted with a polyethylene floor that can handle the hush traffic. It is comfortable as it is fitted with one queen air mattress or up to around four campers, each with sleeping bags respectively on the floor.

It has the following interesting features:

  • Spacious for 4 People & Perfect Vent System

It is very spacious that it allows for approximately four people to sleep in without any form of overcrowding or stuffing while inside the tent. A Core H2O black type of modern technology that gives you an adjustable ground vent.

  • Gear Loft & E-Port

It also has a gear loft with lantern hook and pockets fitted in it, thus provides for an organized look keeping items off the tent floor. Plus, the electrical cord access port is fully closable when it is not operated.

  • Ease of Handling

This tent is also equipped with a carry bag, tent stakes and a rain fly that helps keep the tent stable and firm during any form of hostile weather.

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5. Best for Small Family with Kids – LETHMIK Small Instant Automatic Pop up Tent

best instant tent with double layer
Best Instant Tent for Small Family

This tent supports almost two to three persons for outdoor camping, hunting, climbing, hiking and travel. It is simple to assemble and provides maximum comfort that gives you that moment to enjoy the comfort to get a nap.

More also, it doesn’t require you to build it as it is simple to install and easy to operate. Its double layer gives you an easy time to switch between high breathability and gives you that complete privacy you may need.

It is windproof, and its ropes are firmly fixed to give you that stable ability for standing strong winds.

This tent comes with the following features:

  • Lightweight

It is large-sized and lightweight, thus very convenient for that family outer door hiking, camping, hunting travel or climbing experience. It has a small and ultra-light package, which gives you an easy time to carry and transport it around.

  • Ease of Setup & Storage

It is easy to set up and easy to store, its setup takes only thirty seconds and does not need to be built, and its operations are better than the traditional hand tents.

  • Well-ventilated Mesh Wall

It has mesh wall panels that make great ventilation in the heat, efficiently ensuring that one gets that comfortable nap.

  • Storage Pockets

Items can be stashed within at ease and can be retrieved without complications, all thanks to the pockets that are carefully sewed into the sides of the tent walls.

  • Durable Fabric

It has a durable, sturdy fabric and an oxford fabric floor that is well taped that keeps you dry and comfortable in all types of seams or weather conditions that might come you camping way. This fabric as strong and firm enough, giving your tent that stable ability to withstand bad weather.

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6. Coleman Waterproof 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent


best outdoor instant tent for 6 people
Best Coleman 6 Man Instant up Tent

This super tent comes fitted with the WeatherTec system that ensures you that you’re interior stays dry as possible even when the outside is wet. It takes a minute to be set up and be taken down. It is very spacious with thick fabrics, twice thick than the normal tents. It also has a separate rainfly as the whole tent is fully taped.

Its features are unique and are as follows:

  • Easy to Setup and Takedown

It has a very flexible way of setup and takedown. This provides for a quick setup and takedown in only minutes hence save on lots of time that could be wasted if the setting up of the tent was slow.

  • Accommodates 6 Individuals

This tent is quite huge, just enough to support for almost six individual that would comfortably occupy the tent and still have that opportunity for them to move around at ease.

  • Pre-attached Durable Poles

The tents poles that are firmly attached to it are very easy to manage while you are setting up the tent or when you are taking it down.

  • Waterproof

This tent is waterproofed and very effective in that even when the outside is moisturized, and the inside would remain dry and warm. This feature gives it an advantage as it is very convenient through even rainy seasons.

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7. CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room

best core 6 person instant cabin tent for tall person
Best Core 6 Man Instant Tall Tent

This tent is ideal and can occupy almost six people who can easily move around and sleep at ease and comfort. It is very nice for any small family that loves camping in almost every season.

This tent also comes with a wall organizer that gives it that awesome look as this wall helps keep certain items safe and neatly arranged off the tent floor.

Of course, it has an instant set up less than a minute. Its takedown is also as fast as its pop out hence very good at time-saving.

Its features include the following:

  • Sunlight Block

It is equipped with a modern technology called block technology and an adjusting ground vent that is very useful and prevent unwanted flow of water into the tent.

  • Well Organization

It also has gear lofts that have lantern hooks for holding lantern light safely and a well-composed wall organizer that keeps items properly and neatly arranged.

  • Rainfly & Rainproof

The tent has a rainfly, tent stakes and a carry bag fitted in it to give you that opportunity to have an extra adventurous moment while you are camping.

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8. Top Rated – Coleman 6-10 Person Instant Cabin Tent

hot sale Coleman instant cabin tent
Best Coleman 6 Man Instant Cabin Tent

This tent requires only sixty seconds to be set up. It is ideal for almost six people who may occupy it comfortably.

The tent is also designed with the weathered system that features patented welded floors and inverted seams that ensure one stays dry even if it starts raining.

It has an integrated vented rainfly that offers the opportunity to add a little bit of protection. Quality fabric that can not only withstand any vigorous weather conditions but also improve airflow.

It has the following fascinating features:

  • Roomy

This tent gives enough room for two queen-sized air beds that would fit in it quite fine without overcrowding.

  • Wall Pockets

It has integrated wall pockets that can be easily accessed and used as storage facilities for your personal use. This helps you arranged items in the tent in a tidy manner.

  • Stand against for Rain

It is fitted with the WeatherTec system that has welded floors, which help to keep the inside of the tent as dry as possible.

  • Guylines & Carry Bags

It has illumine reflective guylines that give it that extra visibility during the nights from a distance away. Expandable carry bags help you to access and pack items with ease.

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9. Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent with Rainfly

the best instant tent for camping
The Best Spacious Instant Tent for Family Camping

This tent is huge, therefore best for an outdoor camping experience for the family and also friends. It is fitted with a polyester fabric on the top flysheet and an inner tent that ensures there is perfect UV ray protection.

So spacious that support for around six people. It has a durable poles frame with stakes and also guy ropes that boost its also has an inner storage bag that gives your the ability to store your items safely. Its large windows ensure that there is fresh air that circulates in the tent.

This fancy tent contains the following features:

  • Large Door & Windows

It contains an external structure designed with an L-shaped door that allows you to have easy entry and exit. Its zippered mesh windows strategically located provide for proper ventilation and also a cover from direct rainfall.

  • Size

It a very large with a base of 10 x 10 feet and a center height of 78 inches that give comfort and easy movement.

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What Is an Instant Tent?

It is a tent which comes with inbuilt poles. You will not have to set up the poles before you can spread the canvas. The canvas and the poles come sewn together.

It is a tent made to allow you to set it up fast. You will unfold, and the poles will spread automatically, after which you will click them into position. The tent works in a straightforward manner making it easy to set up.

There are places where you would like to set up the tent as fast as possible. In such a case, you need to set up the tent quickly. The best way to go about it is to buy an instant tent.

There are several brands of tents out there, but in most cases, their mechanism of setting them up is pretty the same. You will spend the least time to get the instant tent into place.


How to Fold the Instant Tents?

Instant tents need to be folded correctly to avoid damaging them. Here are quick steps you can follow to fold the instant tents.

1. Start by cleaning and drying the instant tent before folding it. It is essential to avoid the development of mold.

2. Stand beside the tent and fold the two poles together. The poles may be wide apart, ensure you stretch your hands to reach the ends.

3. Flip the tent onto the side and fold the four poles together

4. Stand the instant tent on its side as you continue to fold. It will appear as a taco when standing alone.

5. Fold the poles together with an alternating partner. The poles are lightweight, and they will quickly fold.

6. After the tent has been folded, you will have to slide the two halves together.

7. Slide and seal the instant tent in a carry bag ready for transportation.


What Is the Difference Between Instant Tents and Pop up Tents?

With regard to the way the tents are installed, there are two main kinds. These are the pop-up and the instant tents respectively. Though often used interchangeably, these two kinds of tents are anything but the same. We have devoted this article to look into the major points of divergence between these two tents.

  • Sheer Size

All factors considered, the instant tents tend to be smaller than their pop up counterparts. As a matter of fact, the instant tents may even impact those that are small and intended for mini family use. Their pop up counterparts, on the other hand, are almost exclusively limited to whole family use.

  • Scope/Extent

Pop up tents tend to be of specific shapes and structural makeups. This makes their scopes limited to a specific niche or environment of use. Those of the instant varieties, however, apply to all kinds of shapes and tent sizes regardless of their niches. Thus, they are more applicable to a camping enthusiast.

  • Installations

Generally speaking, it is much easier to install a pop-up tent than you would, an instant tent. That is because such tents are often smaller. The opposite, however, applies to the instant tents. They generally take longer to install. This notwithstanding, they too take a shorter time than the standard tent to install.


Are Instant Tents Durable?

Yes, the instant tents all above are highly durable. They are made out of high-quality fabrics and strong poles. The poles can be made out of steel or aluminum.


Final Words

There are several designers of the tents out there; you need to invest in the best instant tents which can serve you well. Apart from the brands, you should as well check on the materials used. Here are the best:

Photo Title Buy
Night Cat Instant...image Night Cat Waterproof Camping Instant Tent with Rainfly & Double Walls Buy on Amazon
Hewolf Waterproof Instant...image Hewolf Waterproof Instant Dome Tents for 2-4 People Buy on Amazon
Coleman Pop-Up Camping...image Coleman 4-Person Instant Pop-Up Tent Buy on Amazon
Core Equipment Core...image CORE 4 Person Instant Dome Tent Buy on Amazon
LETHMIK Backpacking Tent,...image LETHMIK Lightweight Instant Automatic pop up Tent for 2-3 Person Buy on Amazon
Coleman New Outdoor...image Coleman Waterproof 6 Person Instant Tent with Foorprint Buy on Amazon
CORE 6 Person...image CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Wall Organizer Buy on Amazon
Coleman Camping Tent...image Hot Sale - Coleman 6-Person Cabin Tent with Instant Setup for Camping Buy on Amazon
Timber Ridge 6...image Timber Ridge 6 Man Instant Cabin Tent with Rainfly Buy on Amazon