The 6 Best Camping Shower Tents for Outdoor Bathroom – Reviews

what is the best camping shower tent

Shower tents are the new thing about camping, which is as it should be. The best shower camping tents are madly simple to set up, can hold a sunlight-based shower pack, and be good with compact shower units. Lightweight and a breeze to convey, they can fit in with your camping gear effectively.

Adaptable likewise, with an assortment of increments and upgrades, shower tents should turn into a piece of your establishment camping set up. Doing combating against cleanliness and tidiness is a relic of past times, on account of these advanced manifestations.

We trust you have delighted in this article and learn about the best camping shower tent review.

what is the best camping shower tent

In a hurry? Look at our tops picks of best camping shower tents to keep clean in your outdoor trip!

Top-rated with cheap price, the silver-coated surface can provide good UV protection, spacious interior for an adult to stand-in freely, Wolfwise Pop up Privacy Shower Tent

Larger single room, a D-door for easy access, 5 Gallon water storage, mesh roof and panels for good ventilation, Texsport Instant Shower Tent

Double room for multiple use, sturdy frame to stand still, inner pockets and shelves to place your belongings, Ozark Trail Portable Changing Room


How to Choose the Best Camping Shower Tent?


For the purpose of use, the camping shower tent must be made of wear-resistant and waterproof material. You also need to protect yourself from harmful UV rays when showering outdoors.

With this in mind, most camping shower tents are made from rip-stop nylon and polyester. These materials are lightweight, water-repellent, quick-drying, and durable enough for outdoor use when exposed to harsh elements.

The frame must be able to withstand the weight of the storage container without kinking or breaking and must be strong enough to stabilize the shower tent in strong winds. Stainless steel rods ensure a stable overall structure.


The point of carrying a shower tent is to have a private shower while you are in the great outdoors. To achieve this goal, the material of the tent shower must be opaque or translucent. Different showers use different methods of privacy, from zippers to curtains.


Camping shower tents need to provide privacy while maintaining airflow. Otherwise, steam can build up and clog the inside of the can.

Look for the mesh opening at the top of the mesh window in the back. These allow air to circulate, keep the camping shower tent fresh and keep bad odors away


The biggest campers in our country know what it’s like to wash off under a shower that is a little too short. It’s better to look for one over 7 ft.


Multi-room shower tents are perfect for those who don’t want to get their towels or clothes wet while cleaning. These tents have two separate rooms, one for the shower and one for changing.

There is another benefit to installing a shower tent with multiple rooms. If you want to get changed quickly in your tent, it is a good idea to have a dry place instead of stepping on the wet floor someone showered on before.

In addition, these types of tents allow one person to shower and the other to change, all with complete privacy!


To get the most out of your shower tent, it is important to choose the right design for your needs. For example, a large shower head is essential to enjoy maximum water flow, and a thick water hose makes for a confusion-free experience.

When it comes to the floor design, it needs to be strong enough to withstand a flat tire when installed on uneven ground. It also needs to be waterproof but have an effective drainage system that drains water.

Camp showers can have a fixed or removable flood concept. The fixed flood concept offers excellent protection against insects but at the expense of drainage efficiency.

The removable bottom design, on the other hand, has good drainage and is easy to use. However, mosquitoes and other insects can enter through the lower opening.


6 Top Rated Shower Tents for Camping Trip Reviews

1. Best Cheap – Wolfwise Pop-up Privacy Tent with Removable Floor Mat

Wolfwise pop up privacy camping shower tent
WolfWise Outdoor Shower Privacy Tent



Floor: YES

Material: Polyester & steel

Pack Size: 23.2″ x 23.2″ x 1.4″

Tent Size: 47.2″ x  47.2″ x 74.8″

This incredibly convenient tent accompanies a lightweight construction that exceeds expectations with a steady plan and minimal size. The unfathomable system makes this Wolfwise creation the best purchase to have a premium protecting exhibition.

This unit permits ideal protection without the probability of transparent. Moreover, the waterproof plastic recovers no water or fluids, which protects it from dampness activity.

Alongside an adaptable steel outline inside, it offers prevalent toughness and dependability also. Quality steel prompts a serious lightweight edge to convey. Aside from that, it can oppose conceivable rot on account of the extra coverage.

Highlighting one pocket and clothesline inside the tent permits a nearby stockpiling for your things.

One work window for the side empowers you to get further ventilation alongside the outside view.

Being additional tall with a bigger space to complete the assignment, this is one unit to suit a great many people. This flexible generation permits simple just as advantageous security as your home.

  • UV safe covering over the polyester
  • Sturdy and sturdy plastic construction
  • Lager space permits agreeable development
  • Quite a steady edge to withstand wind activity
  • The zippered window for expanded wind stream
  • The unattached floor gets mud and earth

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2. Versatile Use – Lightspeed Spacious Privacy Camping Shower and Toilet Tents

lightspeed large camping shower tent
Best Spacious Camping Shower Tent



Floor: YES

Pack Size: 41″ x 7.3″

Tent Size: 5′ x 5′ x 6.75′

Material: Polyester & steel

You will appreciate the ideal security alongside this popup tent to do outdoor activities. You can use it likewise as a decent spring-up camping shower.

From a confined camp base to a gutsy open street, this Lightspeed tent accompanies essential, however compelling put to do nearly everything.

Through quality and very adaptable steel outlines, it conveys sublime solidness for external applications. Strong steel structure gives dependability against wind and downpour while it initiates easily less weight to send.

Aside from the steel, the spreads are of appropriate and approved fabric polyester. The rock-solid texture withstands the hardest condition easily.

It is practically difficult to see through the quality spread. With a high water-repulsing polyester and totally canteen fixed seaming, this item is very appropriate for almost all open-air occasions.

Requiring simple establishment, this versatile shower tent for camping will take, best case scenario 10 seconds to put the whole casing. This popup tent, in this way, pops the edge open with no regular tent posts.

Alongside this collapsible lightweight casing, a safe house or shower is just seconds away. From gathering to the outing, this accompanies reasonable highlights to offer a large portion of the indoor solace.

  • Practical plan with steel and waterproof polyester
  • Almost immediate collection without rising shafts
  • Spacious pockets on the inside to keep fundamentals
  • Proper ventilation and upper view through the worktop
  • Side window for inside wind stream with outside permeability
  • Folding directions are hard to pursue

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3. Best Overall – Ozark Trail 2 Room Tent with 5 Gallon Solar Water Bag

Hot Sale Ozark Trail 2 room camping shower tent
Two Room Camping Tent for Shower & Clothes Changing



Floor: YES

Pack Size: 8″ x 8″ x 43″

Material: Polyester & steel

With nylon inclusion all through the edge, the Ozark Trail 2 room shower tent conveys preeminent usefulness. In this manner, it stables the side to oppose the activity of wind, downpour, or residue, which supports the life span for this best camping shower tent.

Containing double sewing, it decreases the conceivable harm over rehashed use. Having a flexible steel skeleton, it accompanies acceptable security and solidness.

You will discover the steel very lightweight to convey also. The edge circles are adequately fortified to help the steel standings.

The extra pocket will hold your essential things. You can hang the towel or garments at the included clothesline inside.

Make a quick dress change at anyplace in a matter of minutes with this advantageous haven. With an ideal blend of reasonable highlights, this quality tent merits each penny of its cost.

  • Two zippered side windows for ventilation
  • Convenient polyester and tough steel outline
  • Sufficiently enormous passage entryway with zipper
  • Tear-confirmation covering opposes UV beam entrance
  • Comfortable establishment and opening with no apparatuses
  • The unpleasant condition may create crease gaps

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4. Tall Room – Texsport Portable Instant Tent for Camping Trip

Texsport instant camping privacy tent
Best Tall Shower Tent for Camping



Floor: YES

Tent Size: 4’6″ x 4’6″ x 87″

Material: Polyurethane & steel

Through adaptable steel, the Texsport Portable instant tent grants separated security of the casing even in a high wind. Besides, prevalent steel quality offers a lightweight body, which makes it significantly easier to convey this rigging to a far separation.

The inside pockets help you to protect your things regularly. For legitimate air ventilation all through the tent inside, there come side windows. It permits constant wind stream as well as gives outside perceivability.

It initiates a lightweight protection camping room only for you. This unit accompanies staggering versatility for your camping or cookout courses of action.

The Texsport tent reduces the warmth conductivity through which you will feel very cool inside than the encompassing outside. Alongside unique covering over the polyester, it improves thermo-protection and opposes the UV beams.

  • Superior steel and PU construction
  • Protective covering over the plastic outside
  • Ultimate usefulness through a stable structure
  • Simple set up opens up in not very many seconds
  • More massive zippered entryway for passageway and exit
  • It is a little bulk
  • The collapsed outline is enormous

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5. Double Room – Wolfwise Pop up Privacy Tent and Changing Room

Spacious 2 room camping shower tent
Wolfwise 2 Room Shower Tent for Camping



Floor: YES

Material: Polyester & steel

Pack Size: 24.4″ x 24.4″ x 2″

Tent Size: 94.5″ x 47.2″ x 74.8″

Ergonomic construction for strength and execution, this unit offers a pack of adequate highlights. The unfathomably made Wolfwise 2 room tent permits heavenly open-air application in any event, for pros.

Through reasonable polyester plastic inclusion, this unit incites better execution and strength. Moreover, the watertight plastic opposes water access to guarantee an ideal haven in the storm.

Being non-see-through, it supports perfect security. It gives somewhat littler space, the lightweight casing it enables you to use it anyplace. The sensible area gets you to clean up or change the dress effortlessly.

Highlighting unattached shafts, the setup requires certain stunts. However, it conveys prevalent soundness against wind activity. The rock-solid edge is adequate to deal with the hanging water pack.

For an ideal outside security alongside brilliant insurance, this best decision will fulfill you without a doubt. You will get a reliable fixing to have a private sentiment of the home through its legitimate highlights and remarkable snuffing.

  • 2 big side windows and a top zipper window
  • High-quality steel and ergonomic plastic creation
  • Requires no inside posts to spring up the opening
  • Compact collapsing for simple carriage with less exertion
  • Highly reasonable for open-air photography or recording
  • Superior texture conveys mind-boggling non-see through
  • It weighs 11.3 lbs

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6. Lightweight – Vidalido Outdoor Camp Shower Tent

Vidalido shower tent and changing room
Portable Camping Shower Tent & Changing Toom



Floor: YES

Pack Size: 25″ x 7″ x7″

Tent Size: 55″ x 55″ x 86.5″

Material: Nylon polyester & steel

With a top-notch steel outline, the Vidalido tent incites an agreeable life span over rehashed use. The adaptable steel bestows exceptional strength on the body, even in a high wind.

You can use it in the rainy season. Also, you will discover it as a seriously compelling and robust protection space to convey the vital assignment.

Through extraordinary covering over the texture, it gives thermo-protection and opposes the UV beams. Additionally, it reduces warmth conductivity. In this way, you will feel very cool inside than the encompassing outside.

Being foldable, it accompanies amazing transportability for your camping or cookout courses of action. It is fundamental that capacities at a sensible value that incites a lightweight protection camping room.

  • Suitable disguise to avert see through
  • Waterproof 191D nylon polyester inclusion
  • Enhanced ventilation through top work vent
  • Built-in clothesline to keep towels or garments
  • Exterior covering for excellent warm protection
  • It weighs 13 pounds

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A Single Room Shower? Or A Double-Room Tent?

There is an option for one or two rooms depending on the number of people in the group and whether a private room is required next to the shower room.

If you need the latter, two rooms are best. Inside there are several attachments to secure the portable shower, as well as a waterproof material.

By combining these features, you can enjoy a private shower during your camping trip.

Shower tents can typically hold up to 10-25 kg, depending on size and model, and can be equipped with a 3 to 5-gallon shower bag and propane or battery-powered shower unit.


Who Needs the Best Camping Shower Tent?

The following people will be in need of the best camping shower tent:

a. A person looking for a tent with the best construction material

A camping shower tent that made of combined materials is more durable and highly recommended for it will serve you for best and for along time.

b. A person looking for a well-sized shower tent

Those who need enough space while taking a shower. Since shower tents have different sizes. So, you should get a camping shower tent that is flexible while taking a shower and spacious enough for comfort.

c. A person looking for a lighter and portable shower tent

For this group of people, they should pick a tent that is easy to fold into a compactable size and has a carrying bag.

d. A person who needs to set the tent within the shortest time

When you go camping for the first time, setting up the camping shower tent may be hard. Therefore, the best camping shower tent for you should be easy to set up leaving the tent firm and sturdy.

e. A person who needs a lot of water to take a shower.

A perfect camping shower tent you need should be able to hold a large amount of water.

f. A person who can’t shower with cold water

g. A person who needs a ventilation and Toiletries holder


Shower Tent with Floor vs. Shower Tent with Drain

There are all types of shower tents out there. Some of them have built-in drains, and some just have a regular floor. There are advantages to either system. The following will explore the features of each of these types of shower tents.

There are some campsites where having shower water run onto the ground is simply not prohibited. It is good to plan ahead and know if your campsite is one of them.

If this is so, then a person will need a shower tent with a square-based bottom. These water pools will hold the water after you shower so it doesn’t run out of the tent. You can then manually pump away the water to where you are allowed to dispose of it.

Other tents have mesh floors. This type of drainage system will allow the ground to absorb the moisture that is from one’s shower. The ground tends to absorb water quite quickly.

This is great for sites where you are not close to any neighbors. It can be more convenient than pumping water out of the tent later.

Most of the tents that are equipped with drains seem to use mesh as a material. The only complaint that people have with this system is ensuring that the water they use is not too hot.

The mesh is usually placed around the perimeter of the tent, so the water escapes while a person showers. This is convenient for people that do not like to stand in pools of water and want to take longer showers.

Ultimately, a person who is camping needs to know what kind of locations they want to camp at when choosing a floor for the shower tent. The shower tents are equipped with either/or, so there is a decision to be made.


Should I Buy a Shower Tent with Floor?

Many people wonder about what type of camping gear to use. There is a lot of variety out there thankfully. This is mainly due to consumers being more interested in roughing it.

Camping might be part of the crowd that brings their own shower tents. These people know that they don’t have to use public facilities or a plastic jug of water to get their hygiene needs met.

One thing that people worry about with their shower tents is whether to use a floored one or one with a drain. Those with a drain may seem convenient, but not if you’re in tight quarters.

Imagine the campers next door coming over to you because your shower water just made it under their tent or turned their site ground into mud.

You can even be kicked out of a campsite for using the shower tents with drains. Some of the sites know the problems and specify specifically that you cannot use the drained shower tents.

Imagine making it to your campsite and discovering this. If you are willing to use public facilities instead, then you can save your draining shower tent when you’re by a river or out in the wild.

However, if you insist on using a shower tent all the time, then you should buy a tent with a floor. These floors have walls along the sides.

They pool the water down at the bottom of the shower. You will probably have to take a shorter shower because you don’t want this overflowing.

However, the convenient part of a tent with a floor is that you can control how you drain the water. This can really help in those areas where other campers are close by.


What Is the Best Portable Shower Tent for Camping?

When it comes to camping, you have to be able to shower. Hygiene should never take a back seat even when you are out in the great outdoors.

There are lots of shower tents available on the market now, so a person is not lacking options. The following will detail what the best portable shower tent for camping is and why.

Photo Title Buy
WolfWise Pop Up...image Best Cheap - Wolfwise Pop-up Privacy Shower Tent Buy on Amazon
Lightspeed Outdoors 3-in-1...image Best Utility - Lightspeed Spacious Privacy Camping Shower and Toilet Tents Buy on Amazon
Ozark Trail Instant...image Best Overall - Ozark Trail 2 Room Shower Tent with 5 Gallon Solar Water Bag Buy on Amazon
Texsport Portable Outdoor...image Best Tall - Texsport Portable Instant Shower Tent for Camping Trip Buy on Amazon
WolfWise 2 Room...image Best Two-room - Wolfwise Pop up Privacy Tent and Changing Room Buy on Amazon
Outdoor Shower Tent...image Best Lightweight - Vidalido Outdoor Camp Shower Tent Buy on Amazon

All of these tents have different features. There are some that are roomier than others. We would tend to recommend shower tents that have a little more space.

These will be the two-room ones. You will probably still only put one portable shower in a tent-like this, but you can also have some space to put your clothes and get changed after you shower.

If you are at all modest and are camping around others, you will need a tent like this. Those who are in the wilderness all by themselves around no other campers can get away with a single stall. However, if you are likely to have company around, then go for a two-stall tent.

Additionally, some of the tents have a guaranteed set up time. With the fact that you will have to set up a tent as well, you probably don’t want to be fussing with a shower tent set up.

You might even have to dismantle it if you want to use it in other locations. Go for a pop-up shower tent with a setup time that is around a minute. This means that the tent has a user-friendly system in place to make your camping trip that much easier.

Some of the tents also have solar water bags. These can come in handy. You might like to look for a portable shower tent with a feature like this. It just means that you will never run out of hot water.