Best Windproof Tents – Top Wind Resistant Tents for High Winds

what is the best windproof tent

Outdoor camping is among the greatest outdoor activities for nature lovers. Going camping requires that you get well versed with the prevailing weather conditions to ensure that you are adequately prepared.

Nevertheless, certain weather changes such as wind are often unpredictable, and thus, you need to be ultimately ready. It is however unfortunate that the many tent models in the market are not all windproof and therefore, you will need to carefully purchase a tent that will not get flattened down or blown away by the wind.

what is the best windproof tent

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Double layer for highly weatherproof, a versatile 4 season tent, lightweight for backpacking, Flytop 4 Person Tent

A teepee shape for strong wind resistant, 3000mm waterproof for extreme weather, Vidalido 6 Person Tent

Special design for beach camping, pop up tent for super easy setup, a sun shelter in the windy beach, Multifun 4 Person Beach Tent


How to Choose the Best Tent for High Winds?

Below are direct guides to consider for the best tent that can withstand high wind.

  • Well ventilated

The best tent for high wind should have windows that can be either opened by a zipper or feature meshed windows to allow efficient airflow inside to keep the tent cool and light penetration during the day and the moonlight at night for a clear view.

Furthermore, a well-ventilated tent also eliminates condensation inside the tent. Also, it adds reinforcement during the windy day because it balances the pressure inside and outside the tent.

  • Doors

For a windproof tent, it is best to consider a tent that has one or fewer doors because it will be difficult for the wind to find its way inside the tent. Also, ensure that the doors are sealed tightly to ensure that they are resistant to winds, hence, minimal wind penetration.

  • Vestibule

Yes, it is advisable to consider a windproof tent with a vestibule. Generally, places with strong winds tend to be very dusty, muddy, or even rainy. Therefore, you require a place in your tent to remove and keep the dirty shoes and other gears when entering your tent.

A vestibule is a space left next to the door on the inside, or around the sides of a tent, designed to work like a mudroom. It allows you to remove your dirty shoes, gears, or clothes before entering your clean tent, thereby enhancing cleanliness.

  • Tent poles

The poles of the best tent for high wind should be highly engineered from durable and robust material to withstand breakage from strong wind. Generally speaking, aluminum poles show good wind resistance.

Besides, it should feature clippers to secure the tent to the poles tightly and have extra tent stakes to support the ground and reinforce the tent against the strong wind blowing towards its direction.

  • Weight

Weight is one of the major factors to consider while choosing the best windproof tent. Weight is a great determinant when it comes to portability. Generally, windproof tents come in a variety of weights depending on various features.

A lighter windproof tent is easily portable but weaker for strong winds, while heavier tents are less portable but ideal for strong winds. Generally, lighter tents have a weight as low as 5 pounds while heavier tents weigh 20 pounds or more.

  • Walls

Just like the name suggests, single-walled tents are tents made of one wall, and they tend to be lighter, quicker to set up, and easily packed.

They are weaker than double-walled tents as they have fewer and/or lighter poles to support the tent, hence, not ideal for strong winds. Also, they are colder at night.

On the other hand, double-walled tents are made of two layers of fabric. It has more and stronger poles which contribute to its sturdiness and stability, ideal for windy areas.

  • Shape

it should also be high at the center to form a triangle or conical-like shape to make it more wind-responsive, thereby minimizing the tent’s possibilities of being blown away by the wind.

teepee tent for windy conditions

  • Accessories

The best tent for high winds should also come with reinforcement accessories like guylines, rope or guyline tensioner, clippers, and tent stakes for reinforcing the tent to make it more resistant against the high winds.

  • Warranty

Warranty is also another factor to consider since you may purchase a tent at a higher price. Therefore, it is good to consider a high wind tent with a reasonable warranty period like from year and above.


Reviews of the 7 Best Wind Resistant Tents

This article, therefore, provides a listed review of some of the best tents in the market capable of handling windy conditions and even strong winds.

1. 4 Season – Flytop Double Layer Waterproof and Windproof Tent

4 season windproof tent


Season: 4

Capacity: 1/2

Base Size: 105″ x 83″

Peak Height: 45.28″

This model of a tent is excellent with great features to guarantee you a peaceful outdoor experience free from wind and leakage disturbances. The design of this tent is freestanding, making it easy to ground. T

he tent comes with a double door system which creates two entrances that facilitate proper airflow and ventilation in hot environments. Further included in the design are two pop-up ventilation windows on the tent’s flysheet, which also aids in the sufficient air circulation inside the tent during rain.

The tents are also installed with no-See-Um mesh wall panels which advance the heat retaining capabilities of the tents during winter by enhancing their thermal performances.

The tents are also manufactured from high-quality materials of ultra-lightweight, durable and waterproof fabric. These include an inner breathable polyester and fine nylon mesh connected downward to the floor material from oxford fabric.

The exterior is covered by anti-tear/wind-resistant checkered polyester all seam-taped for waterproofing.

Other high-quality materials for the tent include aluminum poles and stakes for durability and agility. The aluminum tent pegs are also triangles for a firm and sturdy holding on the ground.

The tying ropes are also reflective and windproof to ensure their visibility in darkness. The tent doors are also conveniently installed with a two-way zipper guaranteeing for smooth opening and closing of the doors from either side of the tent.

The materials are ultra-lightweight and coupled with the carry bag the tents come with, packaging and movements are usually easy with these tents.

  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight for easy mobility
  • Suitable in all-season weathers
  • Guarantees enough space for two
  • Only sufficient for two people

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2. Easy Setup – Hikergarden Camping Tent for Strong Windy Conditions

high wind resistant tents


Windows: 4

Capacity: 5-6

Peak Height: 76″

Base Size: 120″ x 96″

This is another great tent for ideal family camping trips in almost all weather conditions. Its design and features ensure that you have a smooth camping session.

For instance, it is quite spacious capable of comfortably accommodating up to six individuals. The center section is also high enough to allow for free upright movements within facilitating more comfort.

The design incorporates water-resistant cover materials double layered to ensure there are no leaks and sturdy and strong frame structure coupled with a strongly hooked rainfly to the ground safeguards against strong winds.

The ventilation system of these tents is also advanced with one large mesh door, and about four mesh-covered windows. These ensure that air circulation in and out is efficient while keeping out insects and bugs.

This ensures that inside the tent stays fresh and warm and not stuffy. Included in the design are also some mesh pockets for stashing your gadgets and an electrical access port for convenience whenever you wish to install electricity inside the tent.

  • Adequately spacious
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy and stable in all weathers
  • Only the central part is raised enough because of the dome shape

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3. 4 Seasons – Vidalido Teepee Tent for 5 to 6 Person

windproof tent for tall people


Season: 4

Capacity: 4-5

Peak Height: 8′

Base Size: 12′ x 10′

Camping products from VIDALIDO are usually top-notch aimed at customer satisfaction. These products often come with a wide range of quality features for maximal performance.

These tents are wholesomely designed for multiple applications in the field. For instance, due to the high height, it allows for free movement inside, it is also quite big to accommodate entire families or a group of 5 to 6 people thus cost convenient.

The set can also be separated into two components which can be installed separately and used temporarily as dressing rooms or bathrooms if needed.

The tents are also manufactured from high-quality materials such as the anti-tear 190T patterned polyester and a 150D Oxford fabric for durable performance and service.

The tent poles are also stainless steel, thus anti-rust, sturdy and durable. The stitching and taping is also premium, ensuring that the material and the tent are entirely water and windproof.

These materials are also lightweight, thus allowing for easy mobility. For easy portability, the kit also includes a packaging bag for easy carrying of the tent around.

The tents also come installed with a hook at the top mid portion for the hanging of lighting torches.

The ventilation system is also superb with both the doors and windows being made of 2000D PU 3000MM high-density nylon polyester mesh structures which enables for transparent roofs and doors when needed for great nature observations while keeping all the insects out.

Further enhancing environmental interaction are the four big landing balconies which can be elevated for airflow and viewing of nature.

  • Cost-effective
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Allows for sufficient ventilation
  • Takes time to set it up

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4. Large Space – Core 2 Room Large Windproof Tent for Family

large windproof tent


Capacity: 12

Peak Height: 86″

Base Size: 16′ x 11′

Material: Polyester

This is another great windproof tent from the CORE brand that is popular for supplying high-quality equipment. This tent is convenient for camping more so for large groups of people or entire families as it measures roughly 16 by 11 inches of floor space.

Thus, it can comfortably accommodate about 12 individuals at a go. The design is also comfortable for free upright movements inside with the center height ranging up to 86 inches.

The tent is also designed with a removable water repellant rainfly for waterproofing purposes. It is further convenient as it can be removed during warmer and clear weather to facilitate nature and stargazing by exposing the transparent polyester mesh ceiling.

The design also incorporates an advanced ventilation system with adjustable air intake vents situated in the lower areas for taking in the cool fresh air.

At the same time, the mesh ceiling allows for the escape of the hot air to outside environments, thus guaranteeing comfort in all seasons.

The tent can also be divided into separate rooms for convenience or privacy purposes, thus making it multifunctional since it has ample interior space when fully erected. It also has a dual door system, therefore, can be accessed by the door from the front or the back.

The rainfly is designed with the water block technology by CORE which, when paired with sealed seams ensures that rainwater glides faster and smoothly on the fabric.

  • Waterproof
  • Multifunctional
  • Super comfortable
  • Advanced ventilation systems
  • Costly

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5. Best for Beach – Multifun Pop up Tunnel Beach Shade Canopy for Wind

beach tent for windy conitions


Capacity: 3-4

Peak Height: 40″

Base Size: 81″ x 49″

Sun Protection: UPF 50+

It is designed with unique features coupled with advanced technology for the ultimate camping experience. The tents require no assembly as they are automatic pop-up designed.

Thus, they pop right into an erected tent shape and also fold really easily and quickly. The tent is also super lightweight and comes packed in a carrying bag for excellent storage and ideal mobility.

The ventilation system is also top-notch with three large windows with high-quality and strong mesh material which ensures 360-degree airflow ventilation and endurance of the mesh from harsh impacts.

The tents also have two entrance points in front and back for airflow improvement.

The tent is also sufficiently large for the comfortable fitting of at least a small family or about four adults. These products are also designed with polyester, which ensures waterproof and windproof features.

This material is further coated with a special sun-screening layer that reflects sunlight, thus blocking 99 % of harmful UV rays. These ensure that these pop-up tents can efficiently service your needs in any environment.

This tent can be thus used in a variety of environments during beach camping, picnics, hiking in the woods, among others. The covering polyester fabric and the mesh are strong and long-lasting.

The tent also comes with a quality fibreglass frame that is lightweight, rust-proof and stable for sturdiness and durability of the pop-up tent.

  • 360 degrees ventilation
  • Safe to use in direct sunlight
  • High-quality manufacturing materials
  • Lightweight and compact for easy mobility
  • May challenge to fold back up

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6. Instant Set up – QOMOTOP Pop up Waterproof Tent with Rainfly

best pop up canopy for wind


Setup: Instant

Base Size: 14′ x 10′

Peak Height: 6’4″

Capacity: 4/6/8/10

These tents are designed with customer satisfaction in mind. Therefore, they come a high-quality ideal for family camping. The tent is straightforward to install in less than a minute with disassembly also being easy.

This is due to the telescopic poles on the outside with a pre-attached inner tent. The tent is also quite spacious for comfortable accommodation of about ten people with the center height being favorable further supporting free and comfortable movements.

The ventilation system is also advanced due to the large mesh on the entirety of the roof, and the vents near the floor facilitate income of fresh cold air.

The tent comes with a top rainfly manufactured from waterproof materials, coupled with PU taping and full seam taping in the joints and sewed areas ensures that no water or even dust leaks into the tent.

These ensure that the tents are dry during wet seasons and that there is also no condensations of any sort on the outside fabric.

  • Quite spacious
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Easy and quick set up
  • Water and wind proof
  • Great ventilation system
  • Most comfy for four individuals

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7. Ultralight – Hillman 4 Season Tent for Wind

lightweight wind proof tent for backpacking


Doors: 2

Capacity: 2/3

Peak Height: 43.23″

Base Size: 118.1″ x 82.7″

This is a really great camping tent popular among many camping enthusiasts. Its design ensures that it efficiently services the users. For instance, it is really straightforward to set up with maximum setup time for one person being just about ten minutes or so.

The ventilation system is also amazingly incorporated in the design with large breathable polyester and high-density fine nylon mesh section in the majority of the body of the tent, facilitating sufficient airflow and durability.

These tents have double-stitched seams with high-quality polyester fabric material making it waterproof and strong against any tearing forces.

The poles and stakes included in the packaging for the erection of the tent are usually aluminum which ensures that the tent is stable and sturdy against any winds while serving for long periods.

The tent is spacious enough to accommodate at least three people on a camping trip. It is also ultra-lightweight, allowing for easy portability as it weighs only 2.6kgs.

It can, therefore, be easily carried around to vast places for camping in most weather conditions such as wind, rain, winter and dirt.

  • Durable
  • Easy to set up
  • Versatile functionality
  • Water and wind proof
  • Guarantees great ventilation
  • Cozy for 2 or 3 thus not suitable for a group or family

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How Do I Keep My Tent from Blowing Away?

It is a common occurrence in high winds scenarios for some campers to be tentless as their tents usually get blown away or flattened due to the wind pressure.

You may, however, adhere to the following guidelines to assist you in setting up your tent to ensure that you are prepared for the strong winds.

Ensure proper set up of your tent – Tents should always be assembled and erected properly. Most of the tents usually come with setup instructions which you should follow to the latter. This is because different tents are usually designed differently and thus require a differential setup.

You may, therefore, ensure that you use all the accessories provided during set up, the pegs should be properly driven into the ground for steady support and holding, and you should tie or close any flies or flaps among other directives in the instructional manual.

Seek sheltered areas – You should set up your tent in sheltered areas instead of open fields. These shelters will act as obstacles, thus breaking the wind speed and force that could have otherwise dismantled your tent set up.

wind resistant tent choosing guideUtilize more pegs and guy ropes – These accessories help in securing your tent to the ground. Thus you should use all the provided pegs and guy ropes. However, if you feel like they are not secure enough, you may also use additional ropes and pegs for increased security of the tent so that it is not blown away. You may also add rocks to the pegs to apply even further downward pressure to ensure they do not give in to the tent’s pulling force from the wind.

Use of a tarp – You may install a tarp securely and properly over your tent. This will guarantee that the wind force will be hitting the tarp and not the tent. The wind will then be deflected away, leaving your tent secure underneath. You, however, have to put the tarp in place properly and securely or otherwise it will be the first to be blown away.

Remove sidewalls – Sidewalls are obstacles to the wind as they increase the surface area exposed, thus increasing the force impact of the wind.

However, removing them will allow the wind to pass through the tent unobstructed, thus ultimately reducing pressure to the tents hence leaving the tent secured on the ground.

These techniques will ensure that you’re the wind has no chance on your secure tent, and thus your camping will not be disrupted.


How Much Weight Is Needed to Hold Down a Tent?

These measurements vary from tent to tent and also depend on the size of the tents and setup mechanisms.

For instance, for tents that usually get pinned to the ground by stakes and pins, you may not need additional weights.

However, for canopy tents, you should have at least 40 pounds and above on each corner of a ten-by-ten-inch tent.

This weight usually doubles on the doubling of the canopy tent size. The weight should, however, not be less than 40 pounds on each corner.

How much weight tent should I buy? This is dependent on many factors that you need to consider as a buyer. The roughness of the terrain you are going camping, whether you will be hiking or just stationery camping among other factors.

Thus, you will obviously need a lightweight tent for easy movement during hiking.

However, lightweight tents are not usually strong and durable as they are manufactured from light materials. Thus, for rough terrains, you will need something a little thick and strong, which might be a quite heavy tent.

Nevertheless, on average, you should carry a tent weighing 3 pounds for single-person use. This is not too light and not too heavy either.

tents that can withstand high winds


Is a Windproof Tent Pricey?

A good windproof tent that is resistant to strong and high-speed winds, for instance, EF5 tornadoes, tends to be more expensive than normal tents.

This is because, windproof tents tend to have heavy-duty material construction, as well as other additional features. It provides the strength and durability of windproof tents for safety against strong winds.

The price of windproof tents varies widely depending on several factors which include size, type of walls, and more.

On average windproof tents come with a price tag ranging between $80 – $150. However, there are cheaper and affordable windproof tents below $80, while more expensive windproof tents cost up to $400.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Should You Use a Tarp Under Your Tent?

Probably not, however, you may use it since it is highly recommended. Tarps usually present tremendous benefits to your tents, some of which include wind shielding and water shielding.

The majority of quality tents are already designed with these features, therefore, using a tarp under your tent should not be mandatory for waterproofing however it is recommended as it improves on the water deflection functions among other benefits.

Some of the other benefits attributed to tarp usage under your tent include the protection and safeguarding of your tent.

This is because, most tents usually have a thin wall and floor fabric which when based on a little rough ground, might get torn and damaged sabotaging your camping trip. Tarps, therefore, provide a layer of fabric shielding your tent floor from damaging agents.

Furthermore, tarps may also keep your tent dry and warm during rainy seasons when properly placed under your tent.

This is because as they prevent sipping of water into your tent from any unknown damaged area, they also shield the floor of your tent from the cold ground thus ensuring that your tents stay warm throughout your camping period.

Therefore, it is not a must to use a tarp under your tent, but it is highly recommended that you use one as it may be beneficial to you and your tent.

2. What Wind Speed Can a Tent Withstand?

This is a grey area of discussion commonly dependent on several external factors. These factors include the design of the tent, manufacture material quality, the force for pinning it to the ground, the openness of an area, and the obstacles around.

All these features and factors determine the wind speed that specific tents can withstand.

For instance, in open-air camping areas, most tent designs often have a threshold of up to 30 mph speed of the wind. These are tents strongly and sturdily attached to the ground and manufactured from strong fabrics and materials.

Inside the forests or in areas blocked by obstacles, the wind force may not directly impact the tents as it will be reflected in different directions.

Therefore, the tents in these environments can stay stable even in winds of up to 50 mph.

Nevertheless, many tent models and designs are usually manufactured with an average wind speed threshold of about 17 mph. This wind speed will not be damaging to the majority of tents despite their brands and manufacturing materials.

Therefore, when going camping, you should be in an area that receives winds of around 17 mph as this is the wind speed that can be handled by most tents comfortably.

Since above 17 mph will require special interventions and below it is just super comfortable and needs no worry

4. Is It Safe to Anchor a Tent in 30 mph Winds?

Yes. It is very safe to anchor a tent in such windy conditions. This is, however, only recommended as long as you properly follow the proper assembly and installation procedures required by the manufacturer.

You may also improvise if you feel the winds are too high for your setup by introducing an obstacle to break the wind such as your RV.

Ultimately, you may follow some of the above guidelines on surviving harsh winds as this level of wind speed is not too high for worrying when using many of the standard tent designs.

However, failure to set up your tent properly may see your tent being blown away or getting destroyed by such winds.

5. How Do You Pitch a Tent in the Wind?

When pitching a tent in windy weather, first you need to feel and identify the direction of the wind. You may use fabric cloth to assist you in doing this.

Before setting up your tent, you should make sure that your tent is healthy and has no tears or faulty zippers.

You will then position the tent in a way that will produce a streamlined effect. For instance, for tunnel-shaped tents, you may place the smallest portion facing the wind more so the backside with no doors or windows.

However, if the door/window areas are the thinnest, you should ensure that they are properly closed and sealed off and that no air can enter the interior of the tent.

This streamlined pitching will ensure that the wind deflects on the surface of the tent rather than forcefully impacting it. Thus, leaving your tent secure and undisturbed in the ground despite the strong winds.

6. How Much Wind Can a Pop-up Canopy Take?

Pop-up tents are not the most stable and sturdy of the tent categories. Therefore, with proper installation and setup, these tents can withstand up to approximately 20 mph depending on the brand, model, and manufacturing materials.

Thus, around 15 mph, it may become a little wobbly and unstable while at 25 mph, it completely dislodges from the ground and gets blown away.

7. Are Bell Tents Good in High Wind?

Bell tents have been on the market for a long time due to their durability and quality construction, making them extremely aerodynamic to withstand strong wind and dust storms.

Also, its conical shape makes them excellent to withstand the wind. However, it cannot withstand harsh weather conditions with wind gust speed over 40 kph.


What Accessories Make a Tent Stronger in High Windy Days?

Tents always come fully equipped with accessories that make them more potent against the high wind to ensure it lasts longer and you have memorable camping despite the windy days. Below are the accessories your tent must have to make it withstand such conditions.

  • Guylines

This is a cord or string used to secure a tent or tarp the tent to the ground for reinforcing it against being blown away by the wind.

To attach the guylines to the tent stake, you have to tie a fixed knot to the guy point and pull it outwardly from the pole under the guy out point, then loop the other end of the line over a stake that’s well away from the tent corner; tighten the guyline tensioner.

If you are searching for it, this Geertop guyline may meet your need.

  • Rope/Guyline tensioner

Guyline/rope tensioner is used to keep the guyline taut and eliminates the need for tying knots when anchoring your tent to the stakes.

  • The pole frames

These are frames that run from one end of a tent to the other corner end, allowing you to attach the tent fabric to make it tight against the wind and withstand being torn by the wind.

  • Pegs or stakes

Stakes are the support that is anchored into the ground where the guylines are tied to secure the tent while anchoring the tent to make it sturdy against the blowing wind.

Tent stakes for high winds should stick to the ground properly at an angle of 45-degrees for proper stability of the tent. This item of Eurmax tent stakes will be useful to you.



Buying the right and fitting tent for your camping season may not be that simple. Thus you may need to do some research to ensure that you find the perfect tent that could withstand harsh environmental conditions such as snow, sun, rain, and wind while being sold at a fair price.

This process has however been simplified with some of the above windproof tents which are also currently the best in the market. You should, therefore, consider them before engaging in tedious searching.

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