Best Tent for Camping with Kids – Reviews & Comparisons in 2022

Camping with your kids and family is a great way to get outside, enjoy mother nature, and spend quality time together. There are a lot of options as relates to camping products on the market today.

Most of the time, camping will be done with a tent that is pitched at a campsite or clearing; in the following article, we will be going over the top best tent for camping with kids in a family.

Additionally, there will be a comprehensive buying guide in the last sections of this article for information and assistance with purchasing the best tent for your family and your lifestyle.

In a hurry? Look at our top picks of best tents for camping with kids!

Best sale, overall design for good ventilation and waterproof, spacious enough to contain parents and kids, Coleman Sundome Tent

Special design for kids camping, top mesh panels providing good ventilation, durable frame protecting your kids well, Narmay Play Tent

Dark Room Technology for good lights block, large room for 10 person maximum capacity, instant tent for easy setup, Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

Factors to Consider when Buying Camping Tents for Children

Camping is a great way to get away from your busy hectic life and spend quality time with your family; making memories that you children can take with them forever.

Tents are an important part of any camping trip, and there are a few factors to take into consideration when you are looking to purchase a tent to take with you on your next family camping trip.

1. Budget

Finding a tent that is within your budget that has everything you may need for the next camping season is a very important consideration. Having a set budget will help you to sort through the tents that are available on the market, and having a checklist handy will allow you to select the features that you may want or need while staying in your budget.

Tents have a very large range as relates to the pricing spectrum, and the best practice is to have both a low-end and high-end budget. This will allow for more leeway when you are sorting through and researching your next potential purchase; however, it would be wise to keep in mind other products that you may need to purchase, such as lanterns and a cookstove.

2. Size

One of the most important aspects when researching your next camping tent for your family, the size of the tent will determine how comfortable you will be when camping; although keep in mind that larger tents will run a higher price.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a tent that is large enough for your family +1; the reason being that it is always good to have more space, and if you get caught in the rain playing games in the tent can save the trip.

Another thing to consider when talking about space is how much overhead room there is, and if more than one person will be able to move comfortably in the tent at the same time.

Another thing to consider as relates to size is how easy it is to set up or take down the tent. Generally speaking, larger tents will be more difficult to set up and will require more people to quickly do so.

3. Features

Modern tents are not as basic as they used to be, and the tents on the market today are loaded with a lot of extra features that you can choose from to get the one that will suit your and your kid’s needs the best.

Having a good idea of what features you would like to have in a tent will make it easier to narrow down the best option for you. While some of the features on the tent you are looking at may seem extravagant, it is still a good idea to have a basic understanding of what modern tents are capable of. Some good features to take into consideration may include:

  • Overhead lighting
  • Screened extra room
  • Increased ventilation/sunlight
  • Ability to partition off areas
  • Weather-resistant/fireproof
  • Easy to set up and takedown

Why Do You Need to Buy Special Tents when Camping With Kids?

Anything that can make your camping trip with your kids more enjoyable is reason enough to buy a tent with additional room and features.

It’s great to spend time with your family and create lasting memories, and if a special type of tent will help you to do this than it is worth investing the time to research and the money spent.

Children today are used to having more comfort than previous generations, and luckily the tents that are on the market today can help you to provide that to them. Some other reasons to invest in a tent with additional features can include:

Comfort – As stated above, the comfort that tents on the market today can provide is bar far increased from what it used to be. A lot of special tents allow for more room, storage options for electronics and accessories, and are just more enjoyable to spend time in.

Due to engineering and technological advances, a tent that you can purchase from this list is weather-resistant, some being able to block out sunlight and heat, and offer a cross-breeze throughout the tent because of the amount of ventilation.

Additionally, one of the more common features of modern family tents is a spot to feed a power cord through to charge and use electronics from a power source.

Privacy – Another great feature that camping tent with kids offer is a larger amount of privacy due to the sectioned off areas. While spending time with family is great, sometimes you still need time to decompress and enjoy doing nothing by yourself. This still gives the feeling of spending time together but allows for more home comfort by providing separate rooms for sleeping and recreational activities.

Another great option is to use these sectioned off areas for strictly playing games or recreation; adding another level of enjoyment that you can get out of your tent.


Reviews of the 5 Best Tents for Camping with Kids

1. Best Sale – Coleman Sundome Tent for Camping

best sale Coleman tent for camping with kids



Setup: 10 mins

Capacity: 2/3/4/6

Windproof: 35 mph+

A great product that is currently on sale, the Coleman Sundome tent is a great camping accessory that is available in either green or blue and can sleep up to 6 people, depending on the size chosen.

The WeatherTec system that we have come to know and love from Coleman will keep water out regardless of the weather that you are experiencing when camping, keeping you dry and comfortable.

There is plenty of ventilation with this tent that will keep you comfortable when its hot and allow for a cross-breeze, while the storage pockets will keep all of your mobile electronics and accessories safe.

For a more comfortable camping experience, there is also an E-Port, which will enable you to have easy access to electricity when you are in your tent. This is a great option regardless of the size of the family you have, and you can easily sleep everyone comfortably.

  • At a great price
  • Durable and will last for a long time
  • Easy to assemble with little help required
  • Great for camping regardless of weather conditions


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2. Top Rated – Narmay Indoor and Outdoor Kids Camping Tent

kids play tent when camping with families



Peak Height: 40″

Base Size: 48″ x 48″

Material: Polyester & Fiberglass

Designed with kids in mind, this tent is available in 3 different styles and is well-suited for either outdoor or indoor use. This sturdy tent from Narmay is a perfect way for your children to explore their imagination in a fun and safe way; regardless of where you decide to set it up. It is easy to assemble and clean; being machine-washable while water repellent.

Made of denier polyester fabric that is flame-retardant and durable; with fiberglass tent poles and durable pockets. This comes with a portable bag for easy accessibility, storage, and portability, and the air mesh at the tops allows for plenty of airflows while in use. A great gift for a child, or as a family that you can enjoy together wherever life takes you.

While this may not be the largest tent on the market, it is the perfect size for children and will help in creating lasting memories.

  • Easy to set up and store
  • A great option for either outdoor or indoor use
  • Made from flame-retardant material that is safe to use
  • Budget-friendly while retaining a high level of durability
  • Not designed for adults

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3. Dark Room – Coleman Instant Cabin Tent for Family Camping with Kids

Coleman tent with dark room for blocking sunlight


Setup: Instant

Capacity: 4/6/20

Base Size: 14′ x 10′

Peak Height: 6’7″

A great option if you are looking for a tent that features darkroom technology; meaning you won’t necessarily have to wake up when the sun does.

Available in 3 different sizes, this large tent from Coleman will not only block up to 90% of the outdoor light but also works to reduce the overall heat when you are camping; while being weatherproof and includes a signature rainfly.

Featuring instant setup that makes it faster than ever to assemble your tent and begin the full camping experience, as well as a hinged door for easy access and a room divider for extra privacy.

In addition to the large spacious interior and other features that come with this tent from Coleman, it is also easy to store and transport thanks to the carrying case that is provided.

  • Durable and from a high-quality name brand
  • Easy to set up, and can be done within minutes
  • Weather-resistant and comes with a rainfly canopy
  • Blocks out a lot of sunlight and heat when needed for a better camping experience


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4. Screened Room – Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Person Camping Tent

Coleman screened tent for camping with kids


Capacity: 6

Base Size: 9′ x 6′

Peak Height: 6’8″

Material: Polyester

This large 6-person family tent features a screened-in room as the selling point, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without dealing with bugs or poor weather. This screened-in room can also double as a recreational area to play games and converse, or as another sleeping section.

This tent also has overhead lighting, meaning that you can see what you are doing in the dark without having a lantern or flashlight handy, with an illuminated light switch with various lighting modes to choose from.

The skylight and ventilation allow you to still experience the best parts of nature without dealing with any of the negative aspects.

The Coleman Elite is easy to set up and only takes a few minutes, and can easily be transported with the carrying case that is provided. Weather-resistant material and a rainfly are included to give additional protection from the elements.

  • Plenty of ventilation with a sunroof
  • Overhead lighting for when the sun goes down
  • Versatile screened-in room for recreational activities or additional sleeping area
  • Made from high-quality materials that are both flame retardant and weather-resistant
  • Can be difficult for one person to set up and takedown

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5. Multiple Rooms – Core 12 Man Instant 3 Rooms Tent for Large Group and Family Camping

Core large tent with 3 rooms for camping with kdis


Doors: 3

Capacity: 12

Base Size: 18′ x 10′

Peak Height: 80″

A great option for additional space, this 3-room tent can easily sleep a large family, with an 18′ x 10′ floor plan, and doors at both the front and back, both of which are covered by awnings.

The rainfly that is included is removable, giving you the option for additional weather protection or a view of the night sky.

This tent is made of durable material and is easy to set up and take down; thanks to the telescopic poles that are included. Two-room dividers are included, allowing you to easily divide the tent into sections for additional privacy and comfort; with more venting available to feel the cool breeze as you converse, play games, or sleep.

This is both water-resistant and flame retardant, keeping you comfortable regardless of what the weather is like on your next camping trip. The intuitive ventilation system will keep cool air towards the bottom of the tent, while hot air is expelled outwards.

  • Easy to set up and takedown
  • Very large with partitionable rooms at a decent price
  • 2 doors for easy access regardless of who is using the tent
  • An intuitive ventilation system to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Heavier and bukier so it is more suitable for car camping

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1. Should I Buy Specialized Camping Equipment for My Kids?

It is not necessary to buy any type of specialized camping equipment for a camping trip with your children; however, it will make the trip more enjoyable for everyone.

Depending on the ages of your kids, camping may not be the most exciting time, and kids these days are used to a certain level of comfort, even when out in nature.

Having a larger tent with multiple rooms and a screened-in porch will make it more enjoyable for them, and having the option to run an extension cord without having the door open on the tent will allow them to charge their electronics as they enjoy being out in nature with the family.

2. Do I Have to Buy Multi-Room Family Camping Tents?

Although it is not completely necessary to purchase a camping tent that has multiple partitions or rooms, it does make the camping experience much more enjoyable.

One reason for this is because it gives your family the feeling of having personal space, while still being able to be together on your camping trips and outdoor activities.

This is also a great option when you are camping with others (such as friends), as you feel like you can store your stuff separately and won’t feel like you are in the way or stepping on each others’ toes; which can happen when camping in close proximity.

3. What Is the Function of the Screen Room or a Screen Porch?

Screened rooms, often called screened-in porches, can be great additions to a tent that can add to the overall camping experience. One of the great features of screened-in porches is that you get to experience the feel of being out of the tent and outdoors without feeling like you are having to deal with bugs, insects, and the occasional bad weather.

The function much the same as what you would expect from a screened-in porch on a home, as relates to letting in a cool breeze without any of the negative aspects of nature.

Additionally, depending on the size of the screened-in porch, they can add another sleeping area. This adds space to the overall design of the tent and can make warm summer nights more enjoyable as relates to sleep.

For the most part, they adhere to the same basic guidelines of the rest of the tent; meaning it is not advised to have a heat source in direct contact, as this can interfere with the structural integrity overall.



We hope this article was helpful, and that your next tent purchase will be easier to make because of the information listed above. All of the products are made from quality materials and will make your next camping trip with your family and kids memorable. Additionally, our buyer’s guide should help to answer any questions you may have had.

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