Best Family Tent with Screen Room for Additional Benefits in 2022

There are numerous models and designs of tents currently in the market with varying structural integrity and sizes.

More specifically, some of these designs usually come with installed screen rooms vital in other functionalities such as acting as storage spaces, sitting areas, or cooking space, which is an added advantage over the standard tent designs.

The vast number of tent models with screen rooms in the market today have, however, made it very challenging to acquire an authentic piece. Therefore, this article lists the best family tent with a screen room with guaranteed service satisfaction.

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Top rated with cheap price, mesh pocket for extra storage space, good ventilation and waterproof, Coleman Evanston Tent

Hot sale, overall design for most weather conditions, spacious tent for a family of 6-10, large hinged door for easy access, Coleman WeatherMaster Family Tent

Larger screen room for better ventilation, bathtub floor to keep dry and clean in rainy days, spacious for 8 person, Wenzel Klondike Tent

Roomier interior for at most 11 person to sleep, durable fabric and frame with affordable price, Core 11 Person Tent with Screen Room


What to Look for in Buying a Tent with Screen Room for Family?

Before committing to one family tent with a screen room, there are certain factors that you need to give great consideration to ensure that your purchased tent is the best fit for your camping trip. Some of these factors include:

how to choose the best family tent with screen room

1. Size

The tent’s size and the number of people expected to fit in it comfortably should be your first consideration. Thus, depending on the number of people expected to sleep in the tent, the tent’s size should increase gradually as the number of potential occupants increases.

Similarly, you do not want to choose a large tent for just one or two people since that would be a wastage of resources.

2. Durability

Since, as a camper, you will be spending your days and nights in the open exposed to some of the harshest the environment has to offer, you will need to look into the aspect of manufacturing material used to craft your tent.

The materials should be strong such as steel metal and fiberglass frames and poles and polyester fabrics, among other high-quality materials. These will guarantee your safety and protection from nature while lasting for the longest time possible in your service.

3. Ventilation System

You should make sure to properly comprehend the airflow pattern capability of the tent before purchasing it. Thus, you should check and make sure that your tent has sufficient mesh windows and roofs for the expulsion of hot air and even ground vents for allowing in cold air. This will ensure that you are cool and comfortable during your camping and thus a vital consideration before buying a specific tent.

4. Weather Pattern

You should first check on the progress of the weather changes and the possibilities of the weather at your pre-determined camping site. Thus, for light rains, winds, and sunshine, then the majority of these tents would suffice; however, for extreme conditions, you might need much sophisticated, high-quality tents to get you through without exposure to extreme cold or leaking water.

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5. Assembly Process

A good family tent should be easy and quick to set up even for an individual person. Thus, the setup time should not take you more than a maximum of thirty minutes since, above this, the setup becomes tedious and challenging, and you do not want that as it is coupled with continuous frustrations.

Similarly, breaking down the tent and packaging should be simple enough. Thus, you should learn more on the pop-up models, free-standings ones and instant setup tents, or generally those specified by the manufacturer to be easy to setup.

6. Additional Accessories and Features

These constitute features such as electrical access port, a hanger for suspending bulbs and lanterns, and wall storage pockets. These will ensure that your camping is smooth without power troubles or excess stuff in the ground. Thus, you should consider purchasing a tent with some of the above additional features.


What Is the Function of the Screen Room in a Family Tent?

As elaborated above, the benefits associated with screen rooms are usually attributed to the general functions of screen rooms. Some of these functions include:

best family tent with screen room reviews

1. Increased Tent Space

Depending on the model design of the specific family tent, screen rooms are popular since they increase the tent’s floor space. Thus, for some individuals, they can always set up a living space in the screen room.

Furthermore, some people even set up a kitchen in the screen room, thus leaving more space in the main tent room. For the fully finished tents, some screen rooms can also be used as extra sleeping space for additional individuals to increase the tents.

2. Protection

The screen rooms are designed to give the user an outdoor experience in an indoor environment. Thus, as a camper, the mesh walls and roof will protect you from the night crawling creatures, insects, and bugs as you enjoy a night out with nature.

3. Increased Ventilation

The screen rooms are usually excellently ventilated due to the all-around mesh makeup, allowing for the free flow of air through into the interior room. Thus enabling for sufficient airflow by supplying cold air through the connecting door.

4. Extra Storage Space

Since some tents’ storage space is usually only the pockets in the walls which are not sufficient, the screen room is guaranteeing to provide you with storage space for keeping some of the camping equipment, tools, shoes, kitchen appliances, and any product worth keeping here.

This will give you ample room in the tent to move freely while also keeping the interior clean.

5. Relaxation

On top of all the functions mentioned above associated with screen rooms, it is also a great relaxation space during the day or night. You can set up some camping chairs here to sit on while enjoying nature, or you can use the transparency of the screen room for stargazing at night and interacting with nature at a safe distance at night.


Reviews of the 7 Best Family Tent with Screen Room

Here are the top 7 best tents with comfortable and large screen room for family camping:

1. Weatherproof – Coleman 6 Person Tent with Screen Room for Small Family

Coleman family camping tents with screen room

Capacity: 6/10

Base Size: 11′ x 9′

Peak Height: 6’8″

Screen Room Size: 9′ x 6′

The Coleman brand is popular among many campers and thus comes highly recommended in the field. This tent is designed to the highest of standards to ensure safety and comfort during camping.

Some of the features incorporated in these tents include two doors with the front one having a hinged door system, which offers an easy way in and out without the stress of opening and closing.

The floor-less screened room offers extra ventilation on warm days and acts as a protected storage space free from bugs. For its capacity, it is sufficiently sized and can accommodate at least 6 individuals comfortably, thus great for entire family camping.

This Coleman tent is also designed with an excellent ventilation system that can be controlled through the adjustable airflow system, a vented cool-air privacy port, a privacy vent window, and an all-mesh ceiling. These guarantee maximal comfort and a constant supply of fresh air into the tent.

The tent has an electrical access port for electricity access and a storage pocket for keeping your gear organized.

This model is also incorporated with Coleman’s Weathertec system features such as protected seams, wind-strong frames, zipper protection, and water and windproof fabric for the roof and the floors.


  • Waterproof tent
  • Excellent airflow
  • Large for sufficient accommodation


  • Difficult to set up by one individual

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2. Best Sale – Coleman Dome Tent with Screened-in Porch

Coleman dome family tents with screened porch

Capacity: 6/8

Peak Height: 6′

Base Size: 15′ x 12′

Screen Room Size: 10′ x 5′

This tent, just like the above model, is large enough to accommodate at least two queen-sized air beds for comfortable camping by the entire family of at least 8 individuals.

The outstanding feature is the screen with a floor, which is vital in providing bug-free lounging, extra ventilation, storage space, and extra sleeping area on warm, dry nights.

The setup time is also easy and quite fast due to the snag-free continuous pole sleeves and instant clip pole attachments.

Its airflow system is also designed greatly with extended window awnings to allow air circulation efficiency even during the raining period without letting the water into the tents.

Just like all Coleman tents, this model also has the weathertec features installed. These include welded waterproof floors, protected seams and zippers, and strong, wind-resistant frames. What is the difference is that this one comes with a removable rainfly for more sunlight and stargazing.


  • Quite large space
  • Removable rainfly
  • Comes with compact carry bags


  • Equips with one door

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3. Cheap Price – Coleman 4 Season Tent with Screen Room

Coleman 4 season tent with screen room for family camping

Capacity: 6

Base Size: 10′ x 9′

Peak Height: 5’8″

Screen Room Size: 10′ x 5′

This design comes with a variety of features for an exemplary experience during camping. Some of these include the large and spacious inside coupled with the screen room.

The tent can sufficiently and comfortably accommodate at least six grown individuals, thus excellent for ideal families. The extra incorporated full-floor screen room is also essential as it provides storage space, an optional sleeping area on warm nights, and a bug-free lounging area.

The tent design and the accessories enable a fast setup time of about seven minutes, giving you ample time to enjoy nature.

The ventilation system is also great, incorporating awnings in windows to enhance air circulation without allowing rain into the tent. The tent also breaks down easily and comes with an expandable carry bag for easy storage and portability.


  • Fast and easy pitch
  • Fairly priced and affordable


  • Partial rainfly coverage on the tent

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4. Highly Waterproof – Wenzel Klondike Spacious Tent for Families

Wenzel 8 person family tent with screen room for 3 seasons

Capacity: 2

Base Size: 16′ x 11′

Peak Height: 6.5′

Screen Room Space: 60 square feet

These tents are greatly designed and manufactured with weather armor polyester fabric on the walls, coated with polyurethane and polyethylene floors. These ensure water resistance and the durability of the tents.

For further waterproofing, these tents’ threads, zippers, and webbings are also treated with water repellant chemicals. The seams are also double-stitched and lap-felled all over the tent.

The tent is quite spacious, with a large main room capable of accommodating at least eight individuals comfortably throughout all seasons.

The other room incorporated in the adjoining screen room, which is usually utilized for various purposes such as sun shelter, storage space, or a picnic area.

The tent is also greatly ventilated through the full mesh roof, two mesh windows, and additional rear mesh vents. These guarantee smooth and excellent airflow within the tent.


  • Fairly priced and affordable
  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Comes with a variety of accessories


  • Has only a single door

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5. Easy Setup – Gazelle Tall Cabin Camping Tent with Screen Room

Gazelle pop up cabin tent with screen room for families

Capacity: 2

Peak Height: 78″

Base Size: 94″ x 168″

Floor Space: 110 square feet

These tents come with a pre-attached frame within the tent fabric, which facilitates a pop-up setup design, which is quite fast compared to other tent models. Thus, these tents can be set up in a matter of less than two minutes.

The cabin-style tent shape is also quite large with two rooms, the main one capable of accommodating up to a maximum of eight campers, and the other room is the screen room.

Unlike in other tents, the screen room comes with panels that can be closed for increased privacy. Thus, these screen rooms have floors and can be used as relaxing areas, additional sleeping areas, cooking space, or storage space free from insects and bugs.

The tent’s overall floor is also easily removable for other plans by campers, such as the cleaning process. It is manufactured with polyester fabric, which is quite strong and durable, and this coupled with the fiberglass poles, the tent is usually safely secure on the ground and long-lasting.


  • Water and windproof
  • Easy and quick 90 seconds setup
  • Tall center height and thus comfortable


  • A little heavy for portability

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6. Best for Car Camping – Sportz SUV Tent with Screen Room

car camping tent with screem room on the ground

Capacity: 5-6

Peak Height: 7′

Base Size: 10′ x 10′

Screen Room Size: 7′ x 6′

This is specifically for those who like camping with their vehicles. These tents are designs with sections attaching to the SUV storage area to act as storage space, among other benefits. Its unique design, therefore, also ranks it among the best in the market.

The tents are quite roomy with the capability of accommodating five or six individuals comfortably. The manufacture polyester material for the fabric and the steel and fiberglass pole structures guarantees durability, strength, and stability once set up.

The fabric is waterproof, and this coupled with the bathtub floor style, the possibility of water sipping through is usually eradicated.

The tents also have fully tape seamed rainfly with a 6 x 6 inches awning for additional shade. This awning also prevents rain from entering the tent, thus allowing for improved ventilation through the two large doors and the three no-see-um mesh windows even during rainfall.

Screen room is floorless desined for other purposes such as relaxing, picnic, and storage; however, they are removable, allowing for the flexibility of installation only when needed. The vehicle sleeve can also be removed fully, transforming this tent to ground designs.


  • Easy to set up
  • Spacious enough
  • Excellent ventilation


  • It is non-freestanding

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7. Large Space – Core 11 Person Family Camping Tent

Core tent with screen room for family of 11

Capacity: 2

Base Size: 17′ x 12′

Peak Height: 86″

Screen Room Size: 9′ x 7′

When properly set up and arranged, this is a very large tent, can a home establishment away from home. The size of the tent in itself is quite satisfying with the capability of hosting a maximum of 11 campers comfortably, an equivalent of at least three air beds. Apart from the main room, there is also a pre-installed screen room, which in this case, is also quite large.

The adjustable cross vents draw cool air from the ground and push hot air out through the large mesh ceiling. The tents are also designed with water block technology using water-resistant fabrics and thermally heated and sealed seams.

Further point in the design is a gear loft with lantern hooks and pockets for keeping essentials safe and off the floor.


  • Waterproof
  • Very spacious
  • Ample center height
  • Easy and quick setup


  • Comes with a single external door

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Why Do You Need to Buy a Family Tent with Screen Rooms?

Screen rooms are quite important in a tent, more so to the sizable ones accommodating several people at a time, such as an entire family camping trip. Despite not being mandatory during camping, they are highly recommended for campers as they come with abundant benefits to the users.

  • These benefits include increased comfort during camping, hygiene maintenance, among others.
  • These screen rooms are usually used as additional sleeping quarters during the dry, warm night as they have full floors.
  • They can also be used for relaxing or even as storage rooms during camping.

Therefore, the many benefits associated will ensure that your camping trip is one to remember with maximal convenience, fun, and limited problems.

Tent with Screen Room vs. Tent with Screened-in Porch

These two terms, the screen room, and screen porch are usually used interchangeably when dealing with family tents. Despite being different in meaning, they are closely related in many aspects, with minimal differences in structural design and functions.

Screen rooms are usually either a direct extension of the main tent or separate and quite distinct from the main tent. On the other hand, as the name suggests, the screen porch is usually incorporated into the tent’s design distinctly and not conforming to the overall tent structure.

Moreover, screen rooms may usually come incorporated with floors whereas, in some tents, they lack the floor.

However, screen porches in tents usually lack floors completely and thus only come with clear mesh walls, which only protect campers against insects and bugs while allowing a full natural breeze to flow.

Screen rooms on top of having clear mesh walls are usually fitted with removable fly and compact fabric walls for added privacy. Thus, screen rooms can usually be used for various functions, including all the functions satisfied by the screen porches. For instance, whereas some screen rooms may be used as waterproof living quarters, screen porches do not protect against rainfall or strong winds.


These constitute some of the best family tents with a screen room currently in the market. The list is diverse to incorporate all categories of campers from budget-oriented individuals to premium quality desirers.

Nevertheless, they all constitute a vastness in features incorporated, which guarantees maximal comfort and satisfaction during your camping trip.

Therefore, you should check on some of these tents to ensure you have an exemplary outdoor experience and interaction with nature.

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