Best Pop up Shower Tents for Comfortable Camping in 2022

Most of you may have had problems finding an ideal spot to have a portable shower. A pop-up shower tent has proved to be the solution given that it’s a multifunctional unit, which you can transport easily.

There are several models in the market, and you need to be aware of their features to choose the best to handle all your needs. Below comes to insights into the best pop up shower tents you can carry with when camping,

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Large water capacity, overall design for most cases, large interior for an adult, hot sale with affordable price, Texsport Instant Shower Tent

Outside strap to keep your clothes dry when taking shower, taller headroom to stand freely, G4free Privacy Shelter

Double room for more space, multiple use for different campsite, mesh drain for quick-dry, Ozark Trail 2 Room Dressing Room

How to choose the best pop up style shower tents?

Given that there are several pop up shower tents in the market, you need to have tips that will help you choose the right style that will fit all your needs. Here are some of the tips that you need to consider:

1. Ceiling

Your pop up shower should be one that you always should be comfortable with when using. Therefore, the last thing you want is a shower tent with a ceiling too close down that you even can’t operate freely in the tent.

Therefore, you should ensure that the tent is high enough and that it contains hanging pockets that you can hang your clothes and never worry about the stability of the shower tent.

2. Room Numbers

Apart from popup shower tents coming in various sizes, there are also others that offer several rooms to use. As a rule of thumb, an ideal tent is the one that offers ample space that can accommodate several individuals as well as allow movement within the tent.

A tent that has only one room would be a good option depending on your needs, but it’s always a good option to choose a pop up shower tent that has several rooms for multipurpose.

For instance, you could want a tent that will provide room for changing, taking a shower, a toilet, and more. A double or multifunctioning tent is undeniably your best bet when you want to go out camping or to enjoy the beach scenery.

3. Water gallon

If the individuals using the tent are many, then you don’t water a water gallon that will go out after just one shower or two.

A large water gallon such as a 5-gallon tank should be a good option to provide you with at least several showers. Imagine a water gallon that you’ll require to refill only after one shower?

Therefore, ensure that you consider the size of the gallon and compare it with where you’ll be setting up the camp if there’s easy access to water. Besides, the number of individuals that will be using the tent should determine the size of the water gallon that you choose.

4. Storage and ventilation

When it comes to pop up showers, portability is essential, and the ability to move it from one point to another should be a factor that you never lose sight on. Therefore, it’s imperative that the shower tent you purchase is lightweight to enhance transportation.

Moreover, you should ensure that you choose a model that comes with a carrying bag to facilitate compact storage. The bags themselves should be compact, not to affect the luggage size.

Also, ventilation in your shower tent should be well facilitated. Without excellent ventilation, showering, changing clothes, or even using a restroom will surely be warm, uncomfortable, and stuffy.

Therefore, you should look for a shower tent that has a mesh opening at the top, back windows, and at the side. Given that your tent is constantly exposed to moisture, ventilation should be a crucial consideration.

5. Different purposes

Space aside, some showers will have bathrooms included inside as well as a toilet of some nature. Some showers will be used for changing clothes, meaning that you can have a pop up shower tent that can serve you with different purposes.

There’s no better shower tent than the one that you can use for several purposes under one roof. You should, therefore, try as much to buy one to cut your worries when camping.

6. Additional Features

There’re several things that you need to consider to ensure that you come out with the best shower tents. Others include things such as the material construction used that it must be durable and water-resistant.

Also, a good tent should include interior amenities like integrated storage shelves, mesh shower racks, and clotheslines.

Why buy a pop-up shower tent?

There are several scenarios that you may need to have a pop up shower tent that you may not even have noticed. It doesn’t matter that you must be planning for an outdoor camp for you to purchase a shower tent.

best pop up shower tents reviews

As far as its most share of uses is various activities, you can still use it at home comfortably. For instance, what if your bathroom required maintenance, and you just called a plumber who’s now working and replacing it?

In such circumstances, it doesn’t mean that you won’t shower or something; all you need is to buy a pop up shower tent and set it up for use in the meantime. You can opt to buy one that’s only a mere tent or choose the other portable model that features a loo as well.

Also, when you’re out in the wilderness camping, you definitely need to buy a camping shower tent. In fact, it’s a no brainer to have one when camping.

Whether you are camping with family or friends, a shower tent will come in handy; especially, a multifunctional option will help serve you with things like taking a shower and changing of clothes.

Besides, they help to increase the privacy levels within a family camp. Some members of the family, such as children or the elderly, maybe on the losing end if subjected to too much sun rays.

Therefore, you may need to buy the pop up shower tent so that they could be enjoying the beach scenery without being exposed to the sun that may even result in sunburns.

During festivals also you may require that you buy a shower tent to offer space for visitors to shelter. They can be the perfect alternative to toilets in areas that you may not access the toilet faster and easily.

Moreover, they are the best alternative to offer you storage when you’re camping, for example. Therefore, the reasons that may make you buy a pop up shower tent are indeed unlimited given that they can be used for a plethora of places and occasions.

Reviews of the 6 best pop up shower tents you can buy

Here are the 6 best models you can handle and all of them are worth investment.

1. Best Overall – Texsport instant outdoor shower tent for camping

best sale Texsport pop up camping shower tent reviews



  • Reasonable price
  • 5-gallon shower capacity
  • Removable polyethylene floor
  • Breathability and superior ventilation with windows and skylights


  • For single person use at a go

The best overall pop up shower tent is the Texsport instant outdoor; heavy-duty as well as durable model. It also comes with a relatively low price at around $80, making it a great value for the money given that it comes incorporated with a free five-gallon shower bag as well as a showerhead.

Its body is made of heavy-duty polyurethane with taffeta walls as well as a removable polyethylene floor. The outside has a removable hanging towel bar, and the interior has a mesh shower rack together with a shower utilizing 5-gallons of water.

The frame is made of steel and is rust-resistant with clips for strengthening the joints as well as weak areas. The material is also flame retardant having the APQI-84 rating.

The unit is well ventilated, featuring 2 windows, providing full privacy. It also has racks and storage pockets, providing space for storing your shower stuff and a shower unit.

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2. Large Size- Kingcamp oversize pop up shower tent and privacy shelter

Kingcamp pop-up shower tents with large interior


  • Spacious for 2 adults
  • A zippered door that offers easy accessibility
  • Smooth water drainage featuring a mesh floor
  • Exterior as well as interior pockets with several compartments


  • Heavy-duty steel frame

The Kingcamp oversize model is designed for outdoor use, thanks to the several features that will make your outdoor experience stand out. For instance, it has sharp edges that provide a reasonable appearance that you’ll appreciate.

It features polyester plastic coverage for durability as well as excellent performance. The watertight plastic helps to prevent repelling of water hence giving you the perfect shelter in wind, snow, or rain periods.

The unit is spacious, with a sturdy frame supporting a 5-gallon shower unit. It’s also ventilated with the outside featuring a large pocket split into 2 parts. It has a rope to hang the towels, and the interior has another pocket separated into 4 sections for smaller condiments.

You can fully close the two windows of the unit to block any visibility and hence providing you with the privacy you may require.

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3. Top Rated – Wolfwise pink portable pop up privacy shower tent for women

pink female shower tent with pop up design



  • Large storage space
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Provides super privacy
  • Sun-proof and water repellent


  • Some customers dislike its pink exterior

With a galvanized steel construction as well as an inbuilt fly, the unit is always ready for any outdoor trip.

The shelter is stable enough that it can last you long enough and is versatile that you use it as a camp toilet, sun shelter, private shower, or dressing room depending on your needs.

The model is very much lightweight, making it portable that you can take it anywhere with you without having to worry. It’s also very easy to set it up as well as fold it down when you’re done with your session.

It also features the use of taped seams as well as repellent polyester working together with a silver-coated surface to block the UV rays from the sun.

Its inbuilt floor mat making its drainage excellent with tents that provides ventilation as well as providing privacy.

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4. Cheap Price – Lightspeed Outdoors Pop up camping shower tent and changing room

pop up shower and toilet tent



  • Very spacious
  • Pre-threaded poles for easy setup
  • D-shaped dual zippered door for access


  • Can be too large for some

Another popular lightweight shower tent is the Lightspeed outdoor pop up shower tent, which can also be used as a portable changing room or a privacy tent. It’s a single-roomed design with the interior spacious that you can move around.

The unit has a very simple assembly method that you can get ready for use within a few seconds, thanks to the pre-threaded poles and pre-attached frame. The unit also weighs about 16 pounds, meaning that its very lightweight to carry around to just about anywhere.

It has a shelf for solar showers and a floor that you can clip down or up easily. Besides, it features amenity pockets together with a towel strap and a two-zippered mesh top of the roof windows for ventilation.

The dual-zippered doors make access to the tent easy and are D-shaped. Depending on the mood of the users and the location, the tent can be used as a changing room, a toilet, or a camp shower.

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5. Large Headroom – G4Free pop up privacy room for wind

cheap pop up shower tent for camping



  • Rustproof
  • Can be multifunctional
  • Fitted with protective anti-insect screen
  • Protected PE Velcro floor to keep your wet legs off the dirt


  • Holds 3 or 4 gallon water

Are you looking for a high-quality pop up shower tent? The G4Free is definitely the one you should consider. It doesn’t matter the weather conditions; this unit will provide you a versatile and very practical solution.

It has a rust-resistant frame of high-quality, making it an excellent option to use in the wet and windy weather conditions. Besides, it has a specially coated fabric that can protect the users of the shower tent from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

It also provides a discreet and private changing and showering facility. Your feet won’t get dirty after getting out of the shower, thanks to the PE Velcro floor.

The frame is sturdy that it can hold comfortably 4 gallons of water. It also features double zippered windows that you can open for ventilation, and the high-density insect-proof screen makes it breathable and keeps the unwanted bugs and insects out.

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6. 2 Rooms – Ozark trail double pop up tent and toilet and changing room for beach camping

double pop up shower tent



  • A drain-off feature
  • Privacy coated fabric
  • Provides double rooms
  • A free 5-gallon solar bag


  • Pricey

The Ozark Trail double is an excellent two-room shower tent with an abundance of features and featuring a free 5-gallon solar shower. the unit is meant to serve as a changing room, as well as a shower tent.

Every door, as well as entry panel of the unit, is sealed to ensure that it provides enough privacy. It also has durable and waterproof zippers that stop wet or even condensation that may seep into the next compartment.

The tent has a five-gallon solar shower that’s portable and easily attached to a loop that’s is integrated into the inside of the tent. Hot air escapes easily via the top of the roof, and the drainage of the unit is facilitated with a meshed floor area.

It also features several storage pockets that provide convenience for storing all the shower paraphernalia and toiletries. Besides, there’s a towel rod to hang the towels or even wet clothes to dry as you shower.

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How to pitch and fold up a pop up shower tent?

#1. How to pitch?

Just like regular pop up tents, pitching a pop up shower tent is much similar.

  • With the pre-attached framework, all you need to do is just pull the shower tents’ center hub upwards to ensure that you expand the frame.
  • The second step after expanding the frame far enough, the locking system will then click into place, and the frame will have been fixed.
  • Then proceed to secure the tent stakes as well as the guy-lines where they are needed.

In fact, the pop up shower tents are a breeze to pitch, whereby all that’s required of you is to just throw the tent into the air right after unpacking, and then they’ll explode automatically into shape.

how to fold a pop up shower tent

#2. What about folding a shower tent?

Sometimes you may feel that folding your pop up shower tent after use could be one of the hardest procedures you can ever have. But that’s not the case; in fact, folding a shower tent is easier than you could imagine.

  • First, you need to zip the whole frame in the closed condition of your shower tent.
  • The second you start to fold the opposite corner of the tent into the other. When done, your frame will take an L-shape from the top.
  • After that, fold you 2 halves of the L-shaped tent to make it a flat frame.
  • Now, ensure that you turn your resultant frame and narrow it end-down in an upright direction from the feet.
  • Ensure that you fold the topmost side end-down over your previously narrowed end-down. After that, keep your combination below your feet.
  • By now, you must be having 2 side loops, which you can then proceed to fold towards the center easily to deliver a 3 looped tent that’s closed and will fit into the carry bag.


#1. Does Spinifex still make pop up shower tents?

There are several brands that produce quality pop up shower tents that you can trust. One of the best shower tents that still ranks highly in the current market are those from Spinifex, which over a long period it has garnered popularity from the type of products they produce.

Therefore, it’s evident to say that Spinifex still has got much in their tank when it comes to making of the pop up shower tents. Unfortunately, Spinifex doesn’t sell their pop up shower tents on Amazon.

#2. Should I buy a double pop up shower and changing combo tent?

Now, there are several types of tents that you can consider buying. Some will be multifunctional, while others are single-use only. Therefore, you should be very much cautious when you’re choosing your pop up shower tent. First, you should have in mind where and when you’ll be using your tent.

For instance, if you’re setting out for the beach experience, it will be very much unfortunate if you buy a single tent for use. The reason is simple; you need to do shower, change, or even use the toilet.

When in the open space, you can be almost certain that you may not find a toilet anywhere near – think about camping in the wildness. Therefore, buying a double pop up shower and combo changing tent will prove to be the wisest decision you could have ever made in recent history.

You don’t want to be hit with the reality of the outdoor when you’re not well prepared. Ensure that you set your priorities right before stepping out of your room.

Buy Ozark Trail shower tent and privacy room combo

double pop up shower tent

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#3. What is the best Coleman solar shower for pop up shower tents?

Among the top providers of the tents, Coleman solar shower tents are also taking their place among the best tents that you can consider buying. But which is the best Coleman solar shower?

Perhaps, all their products will work just fine, but the Coleman 5-Gallon solar shower has proved beyond doubt to be top of the list. The unit holds enough water to give you multiple showers, strong handles that you can rely on to carry and hang clothes, and it features an on/off valve connecting the showerhead.


There’s no denying that camping is arguably one of the favorite past time thing for most individuals across the globe. It allows one to spend quality time outdoors with family and friends, creating as well as recreating memories that last an entire lifetime.

Pop up shower tents are excellent when used as a mobility restroom or a changing room. When you’re looking to buy your shower tent, you should consider your needs, water gallon, storage, ventilation, size, material construction, privacy, and many others.

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