What do you need for hiking?

Whether you are planning to hike for one day or months, there are the essential items you should always carry. Carrying the proper items is critical in ensuring you enjoy the hike, and you do not endure inconveniences that will halt your hike. These hiking gears essentials ensure your safety and comfort. The following are the 10 essential gears that you should always carry on every trip.

what do you need for hiking

1. Navigation

Topographic Maps and compasses are navigation tools you should always carry. They are reliable and not heavy to carry. Therefore, when you plan for a hike, you should learn how to use them because they keep you on track or help you find your way when you get lost.

Also, GPS devices and phone mapping apps can supplement a map and a compass. If you plan to use GPS mostly, you should carry a USB power bank in case your device runs out of power. Though GPS tools are convenient and useful in hiking, they cannot fully replace a map and compass.

2. Sun protection

Regardless of cloudy weather or cold temperature, sun protection is an essential part you should consider before starting a trail trip. Sunscreen, sunglasses, SPF lip balm, brimmed hat, and sun-protective clothing are vital on a hiking trip. Sun power can cause sunburns, snow blindness, or bleeding cracked lips.

3. Insulation

Weather is liable to severe changes, so even on cold-weather trips, you should carry extra clothing for warmth. You should consider clothes that are quick to dry, manage sweat, and have synthetic layers to keep you warm. Your clothing system should be favorable to either warm or cold weather.

4. Illumination

A source of lighting is essential in every hiking trip. A trip can take longer than expected, and the source of light will aid you in finding your way. Also, in case you get lost at night, and you need to rescue light help to signal the rescuers.

It would be best if you carried a reliable headlamp and a smaller backup headlamp. Also, phones have in-built flashlights that can serve as a backup of the light source.

5. First aid supplies

It is advisable to carry a first aid kit on every hiking trip. The package should contain the basics, and it would be best if you add painkillers and any other medication you may need. Hikers mostly suffer from muscle pains, blisters, and small cuts, and the kit supplies the necessities of managing the injuries.

6. Firestarter

A fire starter is a must carry in every hiking trip. You can use fire for warmth, Light, Signal, to cook, and many more. Fire can save you from hypothermia, and the smoke can be a signal to the rescuers if you want help. You carry along with any item that can light the fire, such as waterproof matchboxes.

7. Repair Kit & Tools

It would help if you carried a multi-tool and equipment you can do necessary repairs and aid in first aid. A knife is a suitable tool that can assist in several situations. Also, duct and tenacious tapes are excellent tools that you can use to repair your gears.

8. Nutrition

Ensure you carry enough food that can sustain you throughout your hike trip. It would be best if you packed calorie-dense meals to maintain your energy. Pack an extra portion to serve to incase you prolong the journey than expected.

9. Hydration

Adequate drinking water is essential for every hiking trip. Taking water cools you in hot weather and warms you up when it is cold. Also, water ensures the proper working of muscles and joints to prevent injury during the hike.

You should ensure you carry enough water to sustain you throughout the walk. You can also bring a water purifier to pump water from water sources you come along in the hike.

10. Emergency shelter

Pack a hiking tent where you can spend the night in case you get lost or get an injury. Also, carry emergency blankets that are inexpensive and lightweight.

The above are some of the essential things you need for hiking. They ensure your safety and comfort as you hike. The duration of your hike will determine the quantity of food and water you pack.

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