How much do camping tents cost?

For a moment, imagine those tough nights you will have to endure during your camping adventure. From unknown creatures to stormy rains and wind, you will hardly have the peace you so desire. In such times, the best move would be to get reliable camping tents. Such tents need to be sturdy, made from topnotch materials, and durable.

Despite these, there is one concern that remains. How much will you pay for your camping tent? Will it provide you with value for money? Here are a few insights into the same.

What is the average cost of camping tents?

Camping tents will often attract different prices, depending on various variables. However, you will get good tents from as low as 40 USD to as high as over 500 USD. In this light, your choice will significantly be dependent on your budget.

Factors influence your camping tent price

As mentioned, we have different variables that could influence how much you pay for your tent. Here are a few that you should keep in mind.

how much does a camping tent cost

  • The type of camping tent

Different types of camping tents will often cost you different amounts. For instance, pop-up tents, which practically pitch themselves, will cost you between $60 and $200. These tents are not only lightweight but also suitable for no more than two people.

If you were to choose dome tents, you would pay between $50 and $120.

While tunnel tents will cost you an average of 400 USD, you will spend an average of $160 and $610 on the ridge and inflatable tents, respectively.

  • Size

Indeed, the goal of any camping is to ensure that you enjoy the comfort you so deserve. Mostly, luxury comes with size, and any increase in this size translates to a higher cost in the long run. It is in this light that you will pay approximately $100 for a camping tent that accommodates no more than two people.

On the other hand, you will spend about $600 on topnotch camping tents that can host more people. While at it, a family tent will cost you between $200 and $600.

  • Brand

Undoubtedly, you will pay more for these camping tents if you choose one from a renowned brand like Coleman. While some brands will sell you a tent at approximately $100, some will charge you over $600.

However, these reputable brands guarantee you of enhanced value for your money. That is because their products are not only durable but also of premium materials.

  • Weight

The weight of the camping tent will have a significant impact on the eventual cost of your tent.

For instance, light tents will cost you between 40 and 70 USD.

Rugged camping tents will cost you about 100 to 25 USD, while those that can withstand severe weather conditions will cost you over $300.

It is, indeed, a little hard to indicate how much you will pay for your camping tent, as various variables are at play. However, with the insights provided here, you will be confident of getting the best choice for yourself.