What Are the Four Different Types of Tents?

A tent provides shelter that is a basic need in life. There are a variety of tents in the market, making it a little overwhelming when you want to buy one that will suit your needs. Canvases come in different shapes and sizes. Every tent is unique in its way, and none fits all solutions. The following are the four different types of tents that you can consider.

1. Dome tent

what is a dome tent

It is the most popular design in the market and has a dome shape. Dome tent is spacious and has more headspace allowing free movement while inside.

This tent constitutes two poles that cross each other at the center, bending down to anchor to the four corners of the canvas. These poles improve the stability making the tent not need any stakes. Some have a rain fly that rests on top of the poles adding protection against elements.

The rounded edges enable the shelter to shed rainwater, preventing accumulation on the top. Dome tents are robust and can withstand different conditions.


  • It is affordable
  • Sufficient headroom
  • Had multiple size options to choose from


  • Small porch area

2. A-frame / ridge tent

A frame tents

Another common type of tent used during hiking is the ridge/A-frame tent. Unlike the normal frame tents, this tent resembles letter A. The A-shaped area provides enough headroom allowing you even to stand while you are inside the tent.

It consists of lightweight aluminum poles and waterproof outer fly sheets from nylon or polyester. Ridge tents are suitable for two people.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to set up
  • It is sturdy in bad weather condition


  • Not suitable for large groups, and usually ideal for 1 or 2

3. Multi-room tent

benefits of using a multi room tent

Multi-room tents have more than one room allowing you to enjoy extra privacy and space. An internal room divider separates the rooms in this tent. This tent is perfect for those camping as a family or a large group.

A multi-room tent can accommodate 4-10 people. And the most commonly seen multi-room tents could be 2 room tent and 3-room tents.


  • It allows privacy
  • It is spacious and has plenty of space


  • Pricey
  • It is heavy

4. Geodesic tent

A geodesic tent is an improved variation of a dome tent. It has an improved basic structure than a dome tent making it more robust and stable.

This tent has more poles that cross each other several times and intersect, forming triangles enabling it to have maximum stability against weather and wind. The geodesic tent is best suited for at least four people.


  • It has good headroom
  • Has a clear vision on the outside scene
  • Stable in bad weather and strong wind


  • It is pricey
  • Challenging to put up


Other types of tents on the market

Since tents are one of the most expensive camping equipment, it is a good idea to buy one that will last. Various types of tents are available and classified according to the purpose and the place of camping.

Apart from the above four main types, these 8 are also popular when it comes to camping or backpacking.

1. Tunnel tents

Tunnel tents are shaped like a tunnel. They are the best tents that you can discover and live up to their name.

There are many different sizes, and they are also made for different people. Tunnel tents can be used as a small playground for your children. Or you can even use it as a place for your pets, especially cats, to play.


  • They are easy to set up
  • Comes with a great interior height
  • Easy to handle due to its distinctive design


  • Most of the tunnel tents are designed for children
  • Limited tunnel tent options for camping on the market

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2. Cabin tents

The cabin tent is simply a large tent with cabin-shaped compartments and walls made of nylon seams or fabrics and screens.

They usually have multiple entries and exit points and integrated windows as well.

As such, cabin tents can be an excellent choice when camping with family and friends. Typically, the cabin tent will be larger and will accommodate 8 people and even more.

It provides much greater comfort than a traditional tent because its occupants can stand upright and do not need to bend down to walk inside the tent.

Due to their height, these tents often have fantastic ventilation than other types of tents. Ventilation in a tent is crucial because it allows the inside of the tent to stay cool in the warmer seasons, and also, if it rains, air circulation will dry the tent more quickly.


  • Spacious
  • They are comfortable
  • They have amazing ventilation
  • Useful for a large number of people
  • Some have dividers to separate several rooms


  • Hardly find small cabin tents

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3. Hammock tents

The hammock tent, secured between two trees, is just a traditional swing hanging in the air with the addition of a blanket or protective cloth used for sleeping and shelter. You can use a regular hammock and hang the tarp over it with ropes and pegs.

The hammock tents you buy are created so that the protective covers are part of the hammock. You can buy them with mosquito nets and rain protectors.

These tents have an entry system that can be closed using a zip, velcro, or other closure systems. Camp enthusiasts get excited about the hammock because hammocks don’t harm the environment like a traditional camp.


  • No risks of animals and pests
  • Best where the soil is accommodating
  • They are comfortable because you avoid the hard ground


  • Not really suitable in cold conditions
  • Limited capacity, always for 2 or 3 people

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4. Bell tents/teepee tents/pyramid tents

Though bell tents were initially designed for camping, for some years now, bell tents have been known as festive tents.

That is because they are prevalent during parties and holidays and suitable for almost every occasion, from an adventure trip to a party at your home.

Plus, some of the small teepee tents also can be used as an indoor play tent for kids.

Whether the bell tents or teepee tents, both are durable, reasonably priced, and well compatible with almost all weather conditions and other needs.


  • Very spacious
  • They are multi-purpose tents
  • Make you feel at home than a tent
  • Suitable for a large number of people
  • You can use them for commercial application


  • Needs help to setup
  • They may be costly depending on the size and design

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5. Rooftop tents

A rooftop tent works precisely, as the name suggests. You must install a set of roof racks and install the tent only on the roof racks. When you stop, you can install the tent on top of your car without any problem.

These tents are the best when you compare them to ground tents.

Depending on your personality and the campers you are camping with, the rooftop tent with its elevation can provide an additional sense of security.

The chances of lizards and land insects crawling are non-existent, while there is always the possibility in a land store.

If the area you sit on is sandy or dirt-covered, this rooftop tent will keep it from spreading.


  • They are spacious
  • Come with a sense of security
  • Free you from the dirty ground
  • They keep you and your vehicle safe


  • Pricey
  • They need to much time in folding the tent

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6. SUV/RV tents

SUV tents are great! If you have an RV truck, you no longer need to hunt for hours to get the perfect place to tame your tent when you go camping. You don’t need to dig rocks and fill the hole with dirt to get a flat surface for your tents.

Just park your RV truck anywhere and put the tent there on your RV truck bed faster than collect firewood from the old logging bed!

The tent comes with huge mesh windows that allow fresh air in a while avoiding insects. If that’s not enough, these tents come with a canopy to get instant shade during camping meals.


  • No need to find the campsite
  • Will have an excellent view at night
  • With them, you can camp anywhere
  • Your RV truck will be used as support


  • Pricey
  • Times consuming when installing

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7. Pop up tents

The pop-up tent has proven to be an excellent option for camp members because they use a lot of technology. It is the easiest way to treat it because you don’t need any effort to put it in its place.

The main difference between the pop-up tent and the other tent is that it can be easily set up without reading complex instructions and then going through the pain of assembling the tent.

However, it is elementary to set up pop-up tents, as you only need to place them in the camp with only the required movement of the posts. It merely adapts to everything by itself, and the configuration comes up in no time, thus saving more time to enjoy and not consume much energy from the car.


  • Setup within minutes
  • Ideal for beach camping and indoor kids playing
  • Such tents as shower tents, beach tents and camping tents adopt popup technology


  • Some are too small

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8. Inflatable tents

An inflatable tent only needs some air to be what you want. It can be used for many purposes.

  • You can use it as a tent to organize a family or business event.
  • Plus, you can use it to go on vacation and camp inside your tent.
  • Your kids can use it to play in the garden and get their first camping experience, as these tents are a cheaper way to go on vacation.
  • Also, organizing something when you have a large group of friends is very difficult. Inflatable tents are a good option.

They are very affordable, and you can go to different places with them, from going to the beach to hiking or just using it in your garden. It can be used mainly anywhere.


  • Very light in weight
  • They are affordable
  • Can be used anywhere
  • No need of too much learning


  • Can’t stand with harsh weather
  • Takes time and energy to blow it up

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Many types of tents are available for every occasion. The above models are the most popular tents that you can consider. They provide a comfortable and cozy place for shelter where you can relax at night.

Apart from the above, the instant cabin tents are most preferable for family camping. In the light of homeowners, gazebo tents and screen tents are the best choices for backyard camping.

For harsher climates, the best option is to buy a tent with a well-insulated body. For small groups and quick setups, pop tents are usually the best option. Family tents are the most basic and can accommodate all of your regular camping needs.

So, think well before picking a tent.