Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent with LED Light Review

Coleman Elite Sundome 6 person tent with LED light is a smart product. If your family and friends think about going outdoors, then the Coleman Elite Sundome tent is the one for you. It assembles fast and leaves you with ample time to enjoy the outdoors.

The Elite tent has a Weather Tech feature that ensures you are protected from harsh climates. Auto roll windows are also included together with a patented hinged door. Plus, it has an LED light that helps you see at night.

coleman elite sundome 6 person tent with led light review

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Specification of Coleman Sundome Six Person Tent

Doors: 2

Rooms: 2

Season: 4

Capacity: 6

Setup: 10 mins

Tent Type: Dome

Warranty: 1 year

Floor Size: 12′ x 10′

Peak Headroom Height: 6′

Poles Material: 11 mm fiberglass

Tent Fabric Material: Polyguard

Fly Material: Polyester taffeta 75D

Floor Material: 1000D polyethylene

LED Lighting: 3 levels of light intensity

Accessories Accommodation: Fits 6 camping pads/2 queen-sized air mattresses


Overall Review of Coleman Elite Sundome Tent for Group of 6

coleman elite sundome 6 tent

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The Coleman Elite Sundown 6 person tent is a great outdoor technology for your next campout. It has auto roll windows, LED built lights, and even patented hinged doors. That means that during the night, you don’t need to look for torches, you just have to turn the 100 lumens lights.

The CPX system lets you choose the power you want. You can also select the 4D cell batteries or the included CPX power rechargeable cartridge. The system also has CPX six powered energy pack that charges anything through a USB port.

During the day, enjoy nature’s view and sunlight by just rolling down the windows. That is done by just unzipping them.

In case it rains, then the Whether Tec will help you. The welded floors that are patented and the protected seams that are inverted will make sure that you are dry.

Additionally, the Sundown Elite 6 person tent has Insta clip pole attachments that will remain steady even when the weather is windy. The snag-free pole sleeves are continuous, ensuring you take as little time as possible when installing hence saving you time.

The large hinged door and a zipper door on the other side make it very easy to go in and out.

The tent is tall enough that you can stand and move. You are not forgetting the mesh inner and ventilation system that allow fresh air in a while at the same time keeping the insects out.

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Pros and Cons of Coleman Elite Sundome Tent for 6


  • Waterproof
  • Improved ventilation
  • Door hinging helps keep out the rain
  • Rainfly for additional weather protection
  • Insta-Clip suspension makes it easy to install
  • CPX energy pack makes it easy to change things in your tent


  • Takes 10-minute to set up
  • Not really suitable for heavy rains unless you buy another full rainfly
  • Requires an extra setup to avoid soaking in the water when it rains a lot

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Key Features of Coleman Elite Sundome 6-Person Tent

With its functionalities and usability, this Coleman tent certainly has some unique features. Here are some of these features:

#1. E-Port

The tent features a CPX 6 powered energy package. It charges anything using a USB port. It allows you to come with an electrical cord, which will enable you to power things like phone chargers and even fans when camping.

The PX system is compatible allows you to choose the power source you want. You can either use the included CPX 6 power rechargeable power cartridge or the D battery cells.

Many people didn’t know that when camping, you don’t have to go analog. The port feature allows you to remain digital even when you are away from the city’s noise.

You can charge your phone and keep in touch with your friends and family. You can also come with your fan and use it when the conditions become too hot.

#2. Built-in LED Lighting System

coleman elite sundome led light

The built-in LED light system is very useful. It uses a 4D battery that has three settings. The set includes the 100 lumens on its high settings, 40 lumens in low, and the night light.

The switch that operates the LED light is visible at the door on the wall of the tent.

All the wiring for the light system is only found inside the sleeves, ensuring that the wires don’t get in your way, and also they are well protected because no one can trip on them. You just have to plug in the power pack, and you are good to go.

#3. Weather Tec System

Coleman’s weather Tec system helps protect you during the storms. The tent is built with a polyester-coated fabric that has been combined with anti-wicking thread zippers and webbing designed to ensure you are dry. The tent’s floor is waterproof and has inverted seams.

That increases its water resistance by ensuring the needle holes are well hidden. The frames are very strong and wind-resistant. The poles are designed as a guy out triangles making them able to anchor the tent, therefore, increasing its performance.

Coleman is very confident in its weather Tec design that they even expose you to a rain room that mimics very heavy downpour, not forgetting a wind machine that can produce a hurricane. The results are that the tent remains dry even after all this.

#4. Half Rainfly & Integrated Door Awning

The Coleman Elite Sundome 6 tent has a rainfly featuring an integrated Awning. These two are very important to the camper because they help keep rain from entering into the tent.

The Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric that is very durable is put in place to endure the harsh condition year after year of successful camping.

These features are very important for campers because they ensure comfortability when outside. If you are a first-time camper that is afraid of the weather, then worry no more.

The Coleman Elite Sundome will ensure you are safe from the harsh weather in case there is a storm when you go camping.

Even when you decide to take your kids camping, you won’t have to worry that they may be sick from the rain because as long as you are inside, you won’t get wet at all.

#5. For 4 Seasons

coleman elite sundome 6 for family camping

When it gets cold, some people just want to curl up on their couch in their warm living room as they wait for a warmer season.

Camping during winter when it is so cold can be seen as a terrible idea. That is if you are one of those people that can’t handle very low temperatures.

However, before you curl up on your sofa, and put away your camping tent, waiting for spring, you should first consider that each time you postpone that camping trip because it is very cold, you miss out on many unique sights.

So if you are looking for a four-season tent that will give you great shelter when camping, then the Coleman Elite Sundome 6 person tent is the one for you. It is water-resistant and very sturdy.

It is also UV resistant, so it protects that inside from sun rays when it is very hot. The Polyguard double-thick fabric it is made of helps a lot.

#6. Air Flow

excellent vent of Coleman Sundome Elite 6-man tent

The Coleman Elite Sundome tent has enough airflow. Starting with the ground vent and then the 2 auto roll windows. The design ensures moisture buildup is eliminated.

The shelter has the rainfly feature that covers half of the walls hence allowing great airflow. The doors also have small mesh windows that add to the air circulation.

The auto roll windows roll very neatly when you unzip them, and they offer great ventilation. So when you are camping, and it is too hot, go down the window and get a cool breeze while relaxing inside the Sundome tent.

The tent has a mesh roof that provides airflow in fair weather conditions.

#7. Very spacious

The tent floor measures 12 by 10 feet, which provides you with 120 square feet of enough living space. Together with the 6 feet middle height, that’s much space for a six people tent.

It will adequately hold two air mattresses that are queen-sized and leave you with enough room to spare. You will be able to stand tall in this tent without a problem.

It has enough space for three cots, a chair, a table, and the rest for our gear.

#8. 2 Doors and 2 Rooms

large zipper door and hinged door

The Coleman Elite Sundome has two doors and two rooms. When you consider the tents pocket-friendly price, these are very cool features.

There are two types of doors the hinged one and the zipper door. The hinged door also has the option of using a zipper.

The hinged door has a Velcro feature that is impressive. You don’t have to zip and unzip each time you go out. It opens like a regular door, and the Velcro feature ensures it is shut. That makes it a very big time saver.

The tent is divisible into two rooms, and if you go camping with your family, you can get some privacy as the kids will be in the other place and the adults on the other one.

Isn’t that very cool? The tent is big enough to fit two queen air mattresses making it very spacious.


Coleman Elite Sundome 6 vs. Coleman Elite Montana 8

Below are the differences and similarities between the two above mentioned Coleman Elite 6 and Coleman Montana 8 tents so that you can have all the information if you want to choose between the two:

  • Size

The Elite Sundome six is 12 by 10 feet, which provides you with 120 square feet area, but the Coleman Elite Montana 8 has a floor area of 16 by 7 feet.

As you can see, both tents are spacious, so you can’t go wrong with either of them.

  • Number of People

Elite six is made for six people, while the Elite Montana 8 is made for eight people. As you can see, the difference is not that big.

Both the tents are very spacious. The other difference is that the Elite 6 is divisible into two rooms. Hence gives more privacy.

  • Floor Space

The Elite 6 fits two queen-sized air mattresses comfortably while the Montana 8 can fit three queen-sized air mattresses.

Even after putting the air mattresses, both tents have some space left for other stuff like your camping gear.

  • Number of Doors

The Elite 6 has two doors, while the Montana 8 has only one entry. That is a sure advantage for anyone that wants to buy the Elite 6.

Their doors are hinged, which means that you don’t have to zip and unzip every time you want to enter or go out. That makes the tent feel more of a home than a tent.

  • LED Light

Both tents have an LED lighting system that emits 100 lumens of light, making it easy to see during the dark. You don’t have to struggle with torches or other lights anymore.

The lighting provides a comfortable environment when you are outdoors. Just make sure all the lamp notches are correctly lined up for a secure fit.

  • Ventilation

Both the tents have almost the same type of ventilation with the auto roll windows to the mesh roof and ventilated floor.

The only difference is that Montana 8 comes with cooling vents, so that is a plus for the Montana 8, but ideally, both give great airflow.

  • Pitching

Both tents don’t require very long to pitch them. Maybe around 10 to 20 minutes. That is possible because of their pole design.

The pole is snag-free and continuous in design. It is even made easier through color-coding. Color coding helps you know which pole goes where and this saves on time.



The Sundome Elite 6 person tent is perfect for the outdoors. It is a great camping tent for all four seasons because of its features like the weather Tec.

The hinged door is a plus on the other door, and the two windows provide enough ventilation. The inside is big enough that it fits two queens sized air mattresses and still has some spaces left.

Therefore if you are thinking about buying the Coleman Elite Sundome 6 tent person, you are on the right path.

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