Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent for Safe Camping

Camping outdoors has changed over the years. Manufacturers nowadays design products that meet your specific requirements and needs. There are many different types of tents that you can choose. There are single tents for one person to large ones meant for an entire family.

Therefore, for those who want to buy a family tent, then the Coleman red canyon 8 person tent is perfect for you. This tent is great because it is very spacious and has a lot of great features. It ensures that every member is comfortable during the camping period.

Specifications of Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent

Rooms: 3

Capacity: 8

Base Size: 17′ x 10′

Peak Height: 72″

Floor Area: 170 ft²

Weight: 22.4 pounds

Colors: Black, Blue, Red

Overview of Coleman Red Canyon Tents

The Coleman Red Canyon comes in three different colors. There is black, blue and red. That is great since you choose the color that you love.

It is perfect for a large family of eight people because you can get privacy even though there are eight of you. Whether for backpacking, overnight stay at the beach, or hiking, you will be glad you have it.

Its excellent design makes it stand out, making it a unique three-room family tent. What more impressive is the size of its floor, with 170 square ft.

The tent gives you more than enough space. The inner tent has a lot of mesh openings that offer excellent ventilation through the free airflow. That is great if you are camping during warm weather.

The tent is an extended dome type of camp tent. That is because there is the central dome, which is extended to the sides using two extra poles.

Ensure that you pitch the canvas according to the given instructions so that it can stand firm. That will ensure you get the best experience using it.

The tent is very easy to clean. You just use warm soapy water and then hose it, especially after use at the beach.

Always remember not to store it before it completely dries up to preserve your tent. That will ensure that it lasts longer. Shake out the dirt before you fold it. That will ensure no soil remains inside that can eventually cause wear and tear.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Has dividers for 3 rooms
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Very high-quality materials
  • Compact in size & very spacious


  • Takes 10 to 20 mins to set it up
  • You have to wait for it to dry before packing up

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Key Features of Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tents

The Coleman outdoor camping tent is great because of the great features that it offers. Its spacious feature is the main reason why families buy it because it ensures everyone is comfortable. We are going to discuss the tents features below:

#1. Spacious

Coleman red canyon 8-man family tent

The Coleman 8 person tent is made to fit eight people comfortably. It has a floor size of 170 square feet and a height of 72 inches.

You can depend on it to fit three air mattresses; hence you can count on it to accommodate a family plus a small group of friends. That can save you a lot of money because you don’t have to spend money on additional tents.

Its size is convenient because when you are a big family, you don’t have to separate in two or three different tents for everyone to be comfortable as it is a 3-room tent.

With this tent, you can all spend quality time as a family. Most families only get time to see each other and talk during the camping season. That is when you unwind and catch up on what you have been missing.

#2. 3 Room Designs

Are you looking to share a tent and still maintain your privacy? Then you don’t have to worry because the Coleman Red Canyon tent is the one for you.

For most people, the idea of eight people sharing a tent can make them wonder how they will get their privacy, but with this tent that comes with dividers, you don’t have to wonder anymore. The dividers make it into a three-room tent.

That ensures that the occupants get their privacy no matter the number of people in the tent.

Two of the dividers can be removed and attached to the walls by loops and toggles. They need to connect to the sidewalls because if they go to the roof, they will distract your view, and if they go to the ground, they can tamper with air circulation, so this is a plus for the tent.

So for those parents going camping with their kids, you don’t have to worry about getting privacy. With the three-room design, you get as much space yourself as you want. The children will also enjoy time away from their parents.

#3. Rainfly

coleman red canyon tent 8 person

The rainfly feature is significant because it seals the tent to avoid rain from entering. Not only does it seal the tent from rain, but it also gives excellent airflow.

It is so cool because even when it is raining, you crack up the side windows and enjoy the view without the rain getting in.

The rainfly also gives you a vestibule outside that is spacious enough to store your shoes, and they even stay dry.

Everyone always wants to keep dry, especially when it is raining, and with the rainfly, you can achieve this.

#4. Weather Tec System

The above feature gives you inverted seams and patented floors that are welded on the floor of your tent and even taped in other areas. That ensures that the floors are dry at all times. The fabric is also waterproof so that water won’t get in.

The Red Canyon can withstand stormy weather no matter where you are camping. The poles are wind resistant, so they will remain standing even when there is a strong wind.

#5. Setup

The dome is the simplest to set up. It is mostly for short trips with your friends.

Unlike other tents in the market, the Coleman 8 person tent is very easy to set up. You just have to follow the instructions given, and you are good to go.

#6. Adjustable Vent

coleman red canyon tent review

The Coleman Red Canyon tent comes with a cool airport. It also has a veriflo venting system that is adjustable. It is designed in a way that allows every user can adjust airflow with access gear, which is a very brilliant idea and is a great plus for the tent.

Apart from the adjustable vent, there is a lot of ventilation system in the tent. There is a ground vent that can even serve as a pet door.

If hot air gets into through the vent, it escapes through the ceiling. The integrated adjustable vent is excellent because you can change the airflow as per the temperature.

The two large windows made with mesh provide you with excellent ventilation and a great outside view. You can gaze at the stars during the night on a clear sky.

#7. Storage

One of the advantages of the Coleman 8 person tent is its well thought details. The tents storage is assured as it comes with a storage bag for the tent, stakes, and even poles.

After camping, you just have to pack the tent and other parts in the same storage bags, and you are good to go.

#8. Detachable Mud Tarp

If you think doormats are only used at home and for offices, then you are wrong.

The Red Canyon tent is a smart tent that lets you leave debris and mud at the door. That ensures that the inside of the tent remains clean at all times. You cannot get this feature with ordinary tents.

The Coleman 8 person tent comes with a detachable mud trap. The mud trap acts like a doormat. The doormat is removable, which makes it pretty cool.

Therefore when it becomes dirty, you can remove it and wash it separately.

Who Should Buy Coleman Red Canyon?

The Coleman Red Canyon 8-person tent is excellent for groups of friends at open-air festivals, parties, and camping. So for the answer to the above question, people that should buy it are those people that need a tent with an enormous amount of space.

If you are a family of more than four kids, this tent is for you because not only is it spacious, but it also gives out privacy because it separates into three rooms.

If you are a group of mixed friends whereby I mean men and women that are hanging out at a festival, then privacy is essential. With the Red Canyon, you can get this and more.

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Instructions about Its Setup

1. First, Position your tent in the direction you desire. Then unzip the door.

2. Next stake the tent corners with the stake loops. Ensure that the tent floor is stretched.

3. In order for the frames poles to come together, join the four corded shock poles.

4. Place the poles in their respective pole sleeves. The red long poles should form an X at the middle of the tent. The short poles that are grey in color go into the sleeves starting from front to back.

5. Place a pin on the central tent pole. On the pole’s end make an arch using the pole so as to put a pin in it. Repeat for other pole.

6. Place the pin in the end of the side pole. Go to the other end side of the pole and then form an arch. Set the pin in. Repeat the same with the other side.

7. With the frame poles, ensure you connect the clips of the Canyon’s edge. Stick to the other middle loops.

8. So as to fasten the rainfly, put the poles in their respective sleeves and curtain the rainfly on the tent. Use the given S hooks to be able to connect the loops and place the tips of the poles in the grommets.

What Are the Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent Replacement Parts?

coleman red canyon 8 person tent instructions

You can purchase the Coleman spare parts instead of buying a new one. Purchase the tent poles and have tent replacement pole kit your gear part.

The gear kit includes four 27″ poles that are made of fiberglass that attach to one another, therefore, allowing you to be able to adjust your new pole to the length you want.

The kit also has a shock cord that measures 10 feet and a lead wire that will give you enough tension. The vinyl pole caps ensure the tent does not rip.

Coleman Red Canyon vs. Coleman Montana

It is clear that not all tents have the same features, so investing in the right one is very important. Both these tents are very high quality so you can go wrong with either of them. Below we are going to discuss their similarities and differences.

1. Similarities

The main similarity between these tents is that they have the same amount of space, size and even height. The setup time is also the same for the two tents making both tents really great.

2. Differences

There are very small differences between the two tents. The significant one is that the Coleman Red Canyon has a little bit bigger dimensions than the Montana. The Red Canyon also has room dividers that the Montana does not have. It also has a better system of ventilation.

  • Capacity

Both tents are spacious enough. Knowing that you will not cramp inside the tent during your outing is very important. Both the tents fit 8 people therefore big enough for most trips.

The main difference is that the Red Canyon has dividers that can make the tent into three rooms.

  • Dimension

When you compare the surface area, then the Coleman Red Canyon has more area.

It measures 170 square feet, whereas Montana has only 112 square area of feet. But as you can note both spaces are big enough for a small group of people to fit comfortably.

  • Height

Height is the highest single point of the tent. Both tents have almost the same amount of center height. The Red Canyon has 72 centers and the Montana has 74 center height.

Unless you really need the 2″ difference, the tents are typically the same center height.

  • Ventilation

Great airflow is very important, especially when camping during a hot season. The Red Canyon has great unique ventilation that is even adjustable with an airport. That means everyone in the tent can have as much airflow as they want.

The Montana on the other hand has accessible electrical ports together with a reverse angle window for great air flow.


As we have discussed above the Coleman Red Canyon 8 person tent is a really great tent. It is spacious enough to fit a large family or a small group of friends.

When you are done camping and it is time to go back home, ensure you press the tent tightly before packing it so as to remove all air bubbles.

coleman red canyon 8 person tent

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