Best Portable Screen Room for Indoor & Outdoor Fun in 2022

Portable screen rooms are a handy outdoor companion. And if you are a common camper, then this is a worthy and necessary investment. These screen rooms are designed to offer you the shelter you need.

Whether it is harsh sunlight or relentless invasion of insects, these portable screen houses allow you to set up a shelter where you need it and enjoy the outdoors. They are conveniently portable and won’t take up too much space in your car.

The mesh sidewalls come in handy to keep the bugs away while allowing for proper ventilation. They are handy for any parties, events, camping, or hiking activities.

Now let’s take a look at 7 best portable screen rooms available.

Top 7 best portable screen rooms list

Why buy a portable screen house?

Portable screen houses might have a similar structure with the normal tents, but these structures have more to offer. The houses are designed to offer shelter and more. So, why should you get one?

best price screen enclosure tent


#1. Versatility

The tents are a perfect structure that you can use on most of the outdoor activities. The ease of assembly and setup make them even more user-friendly.

And you can use it for get-togethers, parties, camping, fishing, and more.

#2. Protection from insects

Can you imagine getting mosquito bites while you wait to catch a fish or even worse while enjoying a getaway in a camping ground? Yes, it’s unpleasant.

The portable screen room comes with a viewing screen and well-built windows for allowing easy access in and out of the room. The mesh or clear polythene wall will give you a better view while you stay safe.

#3. Improved ventilation

While the portable screen house provides complete rain and thermal protection, it does also offer advanced ventilation. It’s a good way to keep you cool during a warm evening while enabling cool air penetration and hot air out.

That is quite different if you compare it with a standard tent.

#4. Portability

Getting a portable screen room allows you to use it to its full potential. You can use it on your moving RV, in your backyard, camping ground, and other outdoor spaces.

What’s more, the lightweight design allows better transportation and storage.

Reviews of the 7 best portable screen houses

#1. Best sale – Coleman portable screen house with instant setup

Coleman portable screen enclosures review


Peak Height: 7 ft

UPF Rating: 50+

Base Size: 10′ x 10’/13′ x 15′

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The Coleman portable screen house is ideally a must-have camping companion. This instant screen house offers the protection you need against wind, bugs, and the scorching sun. Instant, because it pops up in a matter of seconds.

This screen house is made of Polyguard 2X fabric which is not only durable but also double thick for reinforced strength.

It is also equipped with UV guard for extra sun protection. You, therefore, assured of a long-lasting screen house and the ultimate protection.

Being equipped with two large doors, it offers you access convenience at the front and back.


  • Durable fabric
  • Pre-attached guy lines
  • Two large doors for easy access


  • Not really for small group

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#2. Runner up – Tailgaterz screen enclosures with magnetic doors and perimeter floor

Tailgaterz magnetic screen room tent


Doors: 2

Base Size: 11′ x 9′

Materials: Polyguard & steel

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Tailgaterz screen house employs magnetic technology on its doors, which promotes hands-free and easy access as when they close automatically. This is designed to offer protection against insects and other elements of weather such as wind and sun.

It is equipped with a perimeter floor, together with the footprint, enables easy setup as well as placing of a picnic table.

The frame is sturdily constructed with durable steel and fiberglass, which guarantees long-lasting use and enhance a quick and easy setup.

With large mesh walls, it serves to not only keep the bugs away but also suitably allow a relaxing breeze blowing through.


  • Convenient magnetic doors
  • Perimeter floor for easy setup
  • Sturdy fiberglass and steel frame


  • Lacks storage and carry bag

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#3. Best cheap – Sansbug 1 person small portable screen tent shelter

Sansbug screen room for solo

Capacity: 1

Weight: 2.1 lbs

Peak Height: 35″

Base Size: 86″ x 39″

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If you are looking to have an ideal siesta naturally, then this is the screen tent to have.

The mesh design allows cool air in a while, keeping bugs and mosquitoes at bay. You can even carry it to events, picnics, among other outdoor ventures, to shield yourself.

Furthermore, this tent is the ideal beachside camping gear for great luxury after exhausting activities such as surfing and snorkeling.

Sansbug screen tent is unique and cost-effective. It has a poly floor that is smooth for comfortable use. The sturdy fiberglass poles enhance stability as well as durability.


  • Instant setup
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable poly floor
  • Unique and cost-effective


  • This tent is designed for one-person use

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#4. Best for outdoor camping – Gazelle 6-sided portable gazebo screen house

gazelle pop up large portable screen rooms

Peak Height: 7′

Base Size: 124″ x 124″

Floor Space: 92 square ft

Water Protection: 2000 mm

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The Gazelle tents has a matchless hub design system that makes assembly and disassembly a breeze. It is 6-sided and very spacious for the accommodation of many people, chairs and center tables.

The roof is well equipped with a waterproof and UV resistant polyester material to make it well suited for its purpose.

The six walls are designed with a tight weave mesh to keep away the smallest of bugs. There is a heavy-duty material sewn overall corner joints for reinforced strength.

The zippers are durable and will not wear and tear easily. Also, it is equipped with sturdy fiberglass poles for stability and enhanced strength.


  • Heavy-duty material
  • Portable and instant setup
  • Unique hub design system
  • UV resistant, waterproof polyester


  • Weighs 34 pounds

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#5. Best with large size – Vingli pop up 10’x20′ screen rooms with removable sidewalls

large portable screen rooms review


Weight: 38 lbs

Height: 3 adjustable levels

Base Size: 10′ x 20’/10′ x 10′

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If you are looking for a large size screen house, then the VINGLI tent is the ideal choice for you.

The sidewalls are also suitably removable for more options. Furthermore, the height is conveniently adjustable to suit various user needs.

On top of that, the 420D oxford cloth is silver coated to protect you against harsh sunlight and other weather elements.

These tents are ideal for special events, gardens, parties, camping, and spending quality time with friends and family.


  • Tight weave mesh
  • 3-level adjustable height
  • Removable mesh sidewalls


  • Not entirely enclosed

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#6. Best for Decks – Alvantor screen enclosure for 6 to 15 persons

portable patio screen enclosure

Capacity: 4-6

Weight: 15 lbs

Peak Height: 7′

Base Size: 10′ x 10′

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Setting up this tent is a breeze given its automatic pop up design. It is conveniently lightweight and comes with a suitable carry bag for easy transportation and storage. You can also easily fold it up after use.

The innovative frame and sturdy materials make this screen house guaranteed to last. The strong fiberglass comes in handy for enhanced stability and durability.

Another thing is, this tent is spacious enough to accommodate up to 15 persons. The fabric top has a UV protective guard to protect you and your family from harsh sunlight.

The huge interior space can even fit furniture and even BBQ grills. Overall, it is a tent ideal for backyard, gardens, and outdoor travels.


  • Mesh screen
  • Instant set up
  • Strong fiberglass


  • Not waterproof

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#7. Best for patios – Quick Set clam portable pop up screen room for rain and wind

clam screen house portable tent review

Weight: 41 lbs

Base Size: 150″ x 150″

Peak Height: 94 inch

Pack Size: 81.5″ x 10.5″ x 10.5″

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The Quick Set pavilion screen house works marvelously and of great quality. It sets up in a matter of seconds. You can use it right away, and the assembly is hassle-free.

This tent is well suited to offer you protection against harsh sunlight, winds, and rain. It has adjustable zippered weather panels for easy use.

The triple layer corner pole pockets also come in handy for enhanced stability.

What’s more, the roof is water-resistant with taped seams for protection against rains with the UV guard protection for the scorching sun and wind panels for extra protection.


  • Spacious room
  • Oversized carry bag
  • Waterproof taped seams
  • Adjustable zippered weather panels


  • It is heavy-weight

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How to choose the best portable screen tents?

There is a wide availability of portable screen houses in the market today. There are suited differently for a different range of needs. They are indeed handy for various outdoor ventures and are well equipped to be well suited for their purpose.

You may have a hard time trying to find the ideal one, given their various designs. And that is why we are here. Below is a list of factors that you may need to consider, and we believe it will help you make the right decision.

#1. User needs

These portable screen houses are differently designed to suit a wide range of user needs.

For instance, there are those well suited for both outdoor and indoor use. That is enhanced by features such as a weatherproof roof or wind panels and UV protected materials. Some roofs are not waterproof and can, therefore, not withstand rains.

There are those designed for one person use while others can accommodate up to 15 people, furniture, and even barbeque grills. Some are designed with a comfortable poly bed so you can lay down for a natural siesta.

Buy Sunsbug Screen Room for Solo

Sansbug screen room for solo

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#2. Convenience

The convenience of these portable screen houses is enhanced by several features to ensure great user experience.

For instance, some have pre-installed some features such as guy lines, and ground stakes for easy assembly. Others have a lightweight design so that they are easy to carry around. Also, some come with suitable carry bags for storage and transportation convenience.

Some can easily fold and have a hassle-free assembly and disassembly for easy use.

Some have a tight weave mesh design to keep all the annoying flying insects away, and others incorporate magnetic technology on their doors to enable hands-free use when your hands are full. Choose one that you find most convenient.

Buy Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen Room Tent

Tailgaterz magnetic screen room tent

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#3. Design

Portable screen rooms come in a variety of designs and make.

For instance, some employ magnetic technology for easy and hands-free use. Some have heavy-duty zippered doors for safe access. Also, some are six-sided, gazebos, canopies, and other shapes.

Others also have removable side walls for more options. Some have a perimeter floor to enhance an easy setup and tables, whereas some have a poly bed where you can comfortably lie down.

The color options also vary in a broad spectrum. There is a wide range of designs to choose from.

#4. Size

The sizing of these screen houses determines the number of people it can accommodate. Some have smaller floor space, while others can comfortably accommodate up to 15 persons, including furniture.

Some also have an adjustable height feature to suit different user heights.

Also, the space available for your tent will determine its size. If you want one for your patio, you will choose one that can perfectly fit in the space available.

If space is a large camping area, you can also choose the ideal one. Depending on the number of people you intend to host or for home use, choose the ideal size.

Buy Vingli Large-sized Screen House with 3 Height Adjustments

large portable screen rooms review

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#5. Special features

Some of the portable screen rooms have incorporated several features to make them stand out. For example, some have zippered closures for safe use. Others have removable sides for more options, and others have waterproof taped seams for more functionality.

Some come with pre-installed guy lines and ground stakes for easy setup.

Other special features include patented design, adjustable heights, a unique hub design, comfortable poly floors, magnetic doors, and many more. Choose one that has all the features you desire.

#6. Construction and durability

To be assured of long service use, you need to be keen on the materials used in the construction of the portable screen houses. They need to have sturdy frames for enhanced stability. Some even have heavy-duty material sewn overall corner joints for reinforced strength.

The zippers featured in some tents are durable and will not wear and tear easily. Also, they need to be equipped with sturdy fiberglass poles for stability and enhanced strength.

Buy Gazelle Pop up Screen Tent with Heavy-duty Fabric

gazelle pop up large portable screen rooms

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When and where can I use a portable screen room?

Portable screen houses have great versatility allowing them to be used in multiple places. With a modern screen house coming with improved styles and abundant features, you can use it for multiple uses comfortably. Here is a rundown of when and where to use a portable screen room.

#1) Camping

A portable screen room offers an excellent place for eating, relaxation, food preparation, or a place to take a break from the scorching sun while camping.

And since some models come with some advanced features such as side curtains, you can also replace the family tent with it for a perfect weekend camping trip.

best screen room reviews

#2) Fishing

Fishing requires patience. What better place to relax as you prepare or wait for your days catch.

A portable fully-screened room will help keep the flown, small animals, and birds from getting inside your tent for a piece of your cleaned fish.

#3) Specialty shows

A portable screen room is a favorite place for relaxing while you watch racing events, dog or cat shows, and trade exhibits.

It provides added protection from the sun with its canopy. And when it comes to awnings, you can use it for extra shade to your customers.

#4) Hunting

Another occasion you can use a portable screen room is while you hunt. You will need to enjoy the natural light as you cut the meat.

A room or house can help keep the bugs away from your freshly cut and dressed meat for clean and healthy living.

#5) Parties

If you need a fantastic space to enjoy an outdoor party, well, a portable screen room is great equipment.

You can use it for a celebration part, BBQ and more. It’s an ideal way of keeping your visitors comfortable.


#1. Why are instant screen houses heavier than non-instant screen tents?

If you consider their usage and structure, portable screen houses require heavier construction to hold and stay in shape for several uses. The heavier construction also prevents tearing during instant setup.

On the other hand, instant tents are always loaded with pre-attached poles while non-instant tents are not.

In this way, instant tents are heavier.

#2. Why are most portable screen tents floorless?

The reason most of the portable screen tents are floorless is to allow smooth and straightforward set up on any ground.

With this kind of screen room, all you need is a place to hook the ground pins.


Screen tents are the future for outdoor adventures. These are well designed to give you the shelter you deserve and keep you well protected against weather elements as well as annoying flying insects.

They are differently designed to make sure you get one that meets your specific needs. You now do not have to worry about finding a comfortable place for all your friends and family and enjoy yourselves.

With the right budget, you can find the best portable screen room and expect your next outdoor adventure to be more relaxing.