Best Portable Shower Tents for Easy Travel in 2022

A shower tent is a necessity you should consider while going for a camp and you want privacy when showering or changing your clothes and it can be single or double-roomed. The best portable shower tent is lightweight, foldable, and significantly takes less space whether one room or 2.

There are a variety of portable shower tents in the market that are different in design, size, and quality. Therefore choosing the best one that will serve your purpose can be challenging.

The following is the review of the best single and double-roomed portable shower tents available in today’s market that you can consider when looking for one.

7 Best portable shower tents list

What is a portable shower tent?

A portable shower tent is a private tent that one can use as a bathroom during an outdoor camping.

These tents are made from a sheet of fabric while others from draped materials attached to frame poles.

Portable shower tent offers you a temporary private area to change your clothes, or use as a bathroom.

These tents are also useful to people living in temporary shelters, nomads, and outdoor recreation seekers.

A portable shower tent is easy to carry, fold, and set up.

As a result of these features, a shower tent becomes a multi-purpose camping necessity that one must-have when planning for an outdoor expedition.

Why buy a portable shower tent?

There are several reasons why you should buy a portable shower tent.

  • Outdoor comfort

A portable shower tent gives you comfort and privacy when in the wild. It is because you can shower privately in one cubicle and change your clothes in the next cubicle.

best portable shower tents reviews

  • Portability

Most portable shower tents come with a standardized height and weight. These tents are made from fiber poles and lightweight polyester materials, thus making them compact and easy to move with for adventure seekers.

For enhanced r portability, most of them can be folded into one bag.

  • Easy to assemble

Most of these portable shower tents are user friendly as they have a pop up design. When assembling these pop-up shower tents, you don’t have to consult an expert.

These portable shower tents do not require you to assemble them once you remove them from your bag; they just pop out. It takes the user minimal time to join it, and no effort is needed to disassemble it.

  • Easy to clean

Portable shower tents are easy to clean. It is a result of the washable polyester fabric that is also useful in ventilation and maintenance.

What are the uses of a portable shower tent?

A portable shower tent comes handy in its uses. It can be used as a changing room, shower room, toilet, and storage purposes.

1. Shower room

You can also use a portable shower tent as a shower room. It is integrated with features that allow you to shower when camping.

The shelter has enhanced privacy features and comes with a base with a drainage system. Also, the fabric of the outer cover is waterproof and non-transparent.

2. Storage tents

Most portable shower tents come integrated with pockets and shelves where you can safely store your items.

Double-roomed tents have a spacious changing room that you can keep your clothing and maintain them dry because the divider does not allow water to get into that room.

Buy Ozark Trail Double-Roomed Shower Tent

3. Toilet

A portable shower tent can be useful in camping as a toilet. With all the enhanced privacy that these tents offer, it can conveniently function like a regular toilet.

You just need to place a waste tank in the tent and empty when need be. This usage makes a portable shower a requisite when camping in a place that does not have all the essential amenities.

4. Changing and dressing room

A portable shower tent can serve as a changing room.

Most canvases come with collapsible cubicle partitions that have a zipper door. This zipper is easy to open and let you in and out when accessing the dressing room.

Top 3 single portable shower room reviews

1. Best sale – Texsport instant portable shower privacy shelter

Texsport best sale portable tent for camping shower reviews



Room: 1

Peak Height: 87″

Base Size: 4’47” x 4’47”

Camp Shower Capacity: 5 Gallon

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Texsport portable shower is highly portable and spacious, allowing convenience and luxury while showering.

The shelter has a decent size that gives you plenty of room for changing clothes and showering in privacy. It features a removable hanging towel bar and a durable mesh shower rack where you can conveniently keep your clothes. It has a sizable Zippered D style door that is easy to access.

Also, it has light windows that improve ventilation and visibility while showering and a removable rip-stop polyethylene floor to stand on. These shower tent walls are made of heavy-duty taffeta with a polyurethane coating that improves its longevity.

It comes with a 5-gallon reservoir, thus preventing extra expenses. It has a durable steel post that is rust-resistant and clips that strengthen its joints and weak areas.


  • Large D style door
  • It has an internal mesh shower rack where you can keep your clothes


  • No towel rack inside

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2. Runner up – Lightspeed spacious portable shower tent with compression hub

Lightspeed portable shower tent with tall ceilings



Room: 1

Base Size: 5′ x 5′

Peak Height: 6.75′

Packed Size: 41″ x 7.3″

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It is a popular shower tent that serves as a portable changing room, camping shower, camp toilet, or a privacy rent. Lightspeed has a single-roomed design that is spacious, providing plenty of room for you to move around.

This tent has pre-threaded telescoping poles and a pre-attached frame making it easy to set it up.

Lightspeed is very light and weighs only 16 pounds, thus an excellent choice for hike trip and camping trip. It has an 800mm PU coated umbrella making it waterproof hence favorable on wet weather.

Lightspeed provides several convenient storage options during showering sessions. It has towel straps, storage pockets, and a solar shower shelf. It also has two meshed rooftop windows that allow the steam to move out.

Another fantastic feature about a lightspeed shower tent is that you can clip its floor upward or downward for use. It also includes an oversized carry bag, stakes, and guy lines.


  • Dual-zippered D-shaped doors for easy access
  • Comes with storage pockets, towel straps and solar shower shelf


  • Only one room

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3. Best with angled windows – Browning Camping freestanding portable shower tents with light weight

Browning Camping portable tent for shower with angled windows



Room: 1

Peak Height: 86″

Base Size: 5’6″ x 5’6″

Packed Size: 7″ x 26″

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The Brown Camping shelter is solidly constructed from top-of-the-line materials. It is made from lightweight materials, which makes it very portable and easy to move from one place to another.

Its floor has Velcro at the corners and in the middle making the drainage and cleaning process quick and easy. The base is also retractable and easy to use.

Its poles are made from steel and fiberglass with a free-standing design making the tent more robust and stable.

It has a mesh roof that allows improved ventilation in the tent and a side window that will enable enough light while showering.

You can securely store your handy items on its storage pockets and side shelf.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Made from waterproof coated materials


  • It weighs 14 lbs 3 oz, a little heavier than other brands

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Reviews of 4 best double room portable shower tents

1. Best with 2 Rooms – Core instant portable camping shower tent with changing room

Core instant 2 room tent with portable size review



Room: 2

Peak Height: 84″

Base Size: 3.5′ x 7′

Packed Size: 7″ x 7″ x 50″

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Core instant camping showers make showering and changing a privatized affair. The shower tent comes with pre-attached telescopic poles making its assembly extremely easy.

It has a mesh roof that caters for ventilation in the tent shower. A mesh surrounds the floor that allows natural drainage after showering.

Also, its floor is comfy, easy to clean and to drain and its base is padded and water-resistant, dispelling it to enable comfortable bathing.

The set up includes a water reservoir with an attached shower head using a push and pull technique of water flow, allowing you to get home-like experience while camping.

The shelter has two rooms that are separated by a zipper that keeps dry items apart from the wet area. Either a single person can use double rooms or two people at a time.

Also, you can hang your wet towels and clothes on the cloth line integrated into the shower tent.


  • Dual space
  • Instant setup
  • It has a comfy padded floor


  • A bit expensive

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2. Best for outdoor camping – Ozark Trail 2 room shower tent and dressing room

Ozark Trail portable shower tent with changing room



Room: 2

Peak Height: 7′

Base Size: 3.5′ x 7′

Camp Shower Capacity: 5 Gallon

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Ozark Trail 2 room shower tent and dressing room for outdoor camping has a variety of excellent features and comes with a free 5-gallon portable solar shower.

It has a meshed rooftop that allows hot air to escape and a meshed floor area for draining water.

The multiple storage pockets will enable convenience when washing and a place to store all your showering and toiletries items. Additionally, it has a towel rod where you can hang your wet clothes or towel.

Its walls have a silver aluminum coating making it an excellent reflective cover that is non-transparent.

The shower tent has two windows that can fully open, allowing ventilation of the rooms after showering. Also, the entry panel and the door are entirely sealed with zippers that are waterproof and durable.


  • Spacious
  • It comes with a 5-gallon solar shower


  • Pricey

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3. Best oversize – Quictent pop up portable shower tent and toilet room for beach camping

portable pop up tent camping beach toilet shower



Room: 2

Peak Height: 7′

Base Size: 3.6′ x 7.87′

Packed Size: 2.3″ in diameter

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Quictent is a sizable double-roomed privacy tent and shower tent that has a large shower area.

Along with the rooftop holes, the 2 meshed windows which are quick to set open, it is capable of providing sufficient air circulation within the canvas. The holes in its roof help in ventilation.

This pop-up tent is made from a high-quality waterproof material that is silver-coated oxford fabric that ensures full UV protection and has no pungent smell. The fabric is also durable, allowing the tent to be reused over and over again.

It has a durable frame assembled by aluminum pole and fiberglass, making it durable and sturdy.

It also has a proper drainage system at the floor with water outlets on every sidewall keeping the basement dry after a shower to prevent mildew and slippage.


  • It has a durable frame
  • Four-sided water outlet


  • 1-year warranty

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4. Best  with tall headroom – WolfWise portable pop up shower tents for large group camping

WolfWise tall portable tent with 2 rooms



Room: 2

Peak Height: 74.8″

Base Size: 95.5″ x 47.2″

Packed Size: 24″ x 24″

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WolfWise is made from taffeta polyester that is waterproofed and has a coating that prevents UV rays making it more durable.

This pop-up shower tent can automatically pop up within seconds and does not need to be assembled and collapses easily at the end of its use. It has a meshed roof that allows proper circulation of air and a galvanized frame that does not rust or easily bend.

WolfWise shower tent does not have a base; hence water quickly drains from it. It has a side bag that you can keep your device or other items and a clothesline for hanging wet clothes or towels.

The tent includes six winds ropes and 14 mounting stakes that enable the shower tent to withstand wind, and has a more massive zippered door that allows easy access.


  • It is well ventilated
  • It is lightweight and portable


  • Floorless

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What to look for in a portable shower tent?

There are several factors and features that you should consider while buying a portable shower tent. The following are some of the things you should take into account.

#1. Single vs. double rooms

A single room tent does not provide a separate changing room, as in the case of a double room. If you are looking for a more spacious tent that will suit you better, you should consider for a double room.

Also in the double-roomed tent, you can use the tent alone or use it with another person at the same time. The shower tent has a divider that allows privacy, even if you are using canvas two at a time.

Buy WolfWise 2 Room Shower Tent with Spacious Interior

WolfWise tall portable tent with 2 rooms

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#2. Setup

It is advisable to go for a tent shower that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Some of the available tents showers in the market do not need any assembling, but they just pop up; hence are very quick and easy to set up.

For those that need to be set up, you should consider the one with an assembly instruction directing you how to do it. I will save you time and effort that would be spent on getting the installation done.

#3. Floor

Most of the shower tent comes with some sort of floor that is mostly mesh or tarp. Others like WolfWise tent shower do not provide a base. Therefore before you choose a shower tent, you should check its flooring to decide if it will be suitable.

Also, you should consider the drainage system used on the floor. A good shower tent should have a base with water outlets to allow comfort while showering and keeping the floor dry after a shower.

Buy Texsport Single Portable Shower Tent with Removable Floor

Texsport best sale portable tent for camping shower reviews

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#4. Privacy

Privacy is a vital factor to consider when choosing a portable shower tent. A good shower tent should have features enhancing your privacy while using the canvas.

Most of the tents come with zippered doors that can be completely sealed and have covering materials that are non- transparent.

If the shelter has windows, you should consider the one that is lockable to enhance privacy.

#5. Weight and packed size

The weight and packed size determine the portability of a shower tent. Depending on the means of transport you will use to go camping, it should be convenient.

If you are considering back packaging, you should consider a lightweight and compact shower tent that won’t take up a lot of space but still delivers reliable performance.

If you use a caravan or a car, you can consider a bulkier shower that has a high capacity reservoir.

Buy WolfWise Lightweight 2 Room Shower Tent with a Weight of 11.9 lbs

WolfWise tall portable tent with 2 rooms

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What is the best way to fold your portable toilet and shower tents?

Portable shower tents have different methods of setting them up and bringing them down. Some need assembling while others just pop up.

Folding a portable toilet and shower tent may be challenging for the first time, but once you get used to it is quick and easy. You should wrap the canvas in its original packed size so that it can fit into its storage pack.

Some portable shower tents come with an instruction guide on how to set up and bring down the tent. In case you aren’t provided with a manual, you should follow the following steps.

1. First, you should fold the sides of the canvas into one.

2. Then you lower the top of the tent downward and inward.

3. When you bring the top side down, it is curved inside.

4. Lastly, you should then bring in the two sides to form a circle.

5. Then store your portable shower in its compact storage bag.

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Buying the best portable shower tent will be beneficial for your camping. There are several factors you should look out for, such as size, weight, setup, and privacy when buying a shower tent.

The above tents are the best portable shower tent available in the market you should consider when purchasing one. They have excellent features enhancing privacy and security as you use the canvases.