Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Family Tent – Comprehensive Review in 2022

Have you ever thought about camping or hiking? If you have, then, undoubtedly, the idea of owning a tent has crossed your mind. From the unparalleled comfort, they provide to the enhanced security that you will enjoy from them, this will be the ultimate gear for your camping experience. Things can get even juicier if you choose the Wenzel Klondike 8 person family tent.

Indeed, the Wenzel Klondike 8-person tent has grown relatively popular in the recent past, thanks to its superior craftsmanship. That this product will meet various needs, and comfortably so, is no secret.

But is that all you should know? Here are a few invaluable insights into this impressive tent.

Specifications of the Wenzel Klondike 8 person family tent

Season: 3

Base Size: 16′ x 11′

Weight: 25. 8 lbs

Colors: Blue/Grey

Packed Size: 36″ x 16″

Main Room Area: 98 sq ft

Screen Room Area: 60 sq ft

Main Room Peak Height: 78″

Screen Room Peak Height: 61″

General review of Wenzel 8 person Klondike tent

This dome-style tent has garnered some pretty decent ratings in the recent past. Ith its size, it has become a perfect choice for relatively large families.

wenzel klondike 8 person family tent

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It will suffice to mention that this product comes with multiple rooms, where you can accommodate beds and the main room. Here, you will be free to use up to two bunk beds and one queen-size bed.

Besides that, you will be confident of enhanced storage space at the end of the day. Typically, this is a perfect tent for big camping trips with family and friends.

Most importantly, setting this tent up will take the least of time. Within 20 or so minutes, you will be good to go. Ideally, you will need to spread it, then stake it on the floor.

Next, you will have to add the fiberglass poles in the sleeves of the tent. Once you get the dome shape, you will be sure of the stability you need.

Its robust and friendly construction highlights copious ventilation, which is essential in improving air circulation within the tent.

Thanks to its spacious front awning and the mesh walls, you will hardly need to worry about fresh air.

This tent comes with a polyethylene fabric floor whose reliability and durability remain unmatched. With this, you will be confident of a little comfort and warmth.

Further, the upper part of the tent is a product of polyester coated with polyurethane.

With these two, there is no denying that the tent will comfortably withstand extensive abuse.

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Pros and cons

What We Like

  • Enhanced ventilation
  • Perfect separation of the living area and the sleeping region
  • It comes with waterproof seams and a reliably sturdy fabric
  • Relatively straightforward to assemble and even disassemble
  • Will comfortably accommodate a huge family, thanks to its spaciousness

What We Didn’t

  • Takes about 20 mins to set it up
  • It is a 3-season tent, not really suitable for harsh stormy weather

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Top features of the Wenzel Klondike

This product prides itself on a variety of features, which are vital in improving your ultimate camping experience. Perhaps, a little insight into these features could ensure that you make logical decisions in the long run.

Some of the top features you will get to enjoy will include the following.

#1. Large screen room

wenzel 8 person klondike tent blue

Who will not fall in love with a relatively large screen room? It will suffice to mention the incredible role this attached screen tends to play in providing unmatched ventilation.

This 60 square screen room features a topnotch mesh through which air flows freely. With improved air circulation, there is no denying that you will fall in love with the comfort provided.

Further, this screen room can come in handy for those who want to play different games or relax. As long as you want to take things a little slow while camping, this room will be a haven for you.

Remember, the mesh will keep away any insects or pests, giving you the peace of mind you so need.

#2. The main room

cheap wenzel klondike tent

You will fall in love with the main room right from the onset. This area comes with an area of up to 98.1 square feet, and the dimensions of 11 x 9 feet.

This main room is big enough for you to squeeze up to two queen-size beds. However, you will hardly be left with enough space after doing this.

How about you choose to use two bunk beds and one queen-size bed? This move will, indeed, assure you of more storage space at your disposal.

You will be free to use this main room for anything, especially if it needs no extra privacy.

#3. The external and internal doors

Wenzel tent for camping

It will be relatively hard to overlook these two aspects, as they matter a lot in defining your space and comfort in the long run.

This tent comes with 2 doors, which you will use both for entry and exit. The interior door is usually at the entrance of your front-porch side.

It would be invaluable to highlight the inverted T shape that the exterior door has. It is a zipper protected by a reliable storm flap.

The inside door is circular, complete with a zipper that goes around it.

#4. Poles

This product comes with up to nine poles, where six are metal, and the remaining three are made from fiberglass. Since the fiberglass poles boast of shock-cording, there will be no reason to worry about their loss.

#5. Waterproof

Water-resistant material will always come in handy for you when you are camping, as you can never know when it shall rain.

Thankfully, this product comes with a polyurethane coating, which is neither vulnerable to leakage nor susceptible to water. With this coating, you are confident of your family and friends in the tent remaining warm at all times.

Further, you will be sure of the welded polyethylene floor. This floor ensures that no water seeps into the tent and that you do not get exposed to moisture.

#6. Ventilation

wenzel klondike tent instructions

That this tent is adequately ventilated is no secret, thanks to the full mesh fabric walls. With this mesh, you will comfortably sleep at night. There will be enough fresh air seeping in, without necessarily exposing you to insects and pests.

Did you know that it comes with an extra built-in vent? This vent ensures that you do not end up exposed to condensation when in the tent. Nothing could be more vital in giving you the comfort you so need than this.

Further, the tent comes with two mesh windows and a ventilated back door. These mesh windows will ensure that you get enough fresh air at all times, regardless of the weather.

Whether the windows are zipped or not, the inflow of air remains the same.

#7. Large front awning

wenzel klondike 8 person family tent review

One of the things that make this tent outstanding is the beautiful, spacious awning that it features. With this feature, the canvas tends to look much bigger than it really is.

It will suffice to mention that this area gives you enough space to store the different camping items that you have.

Besides, you have a perfect place to rest as you watch the birds humming to their tunes.

Above all, this large awning will comfortably house up to two adults whenever necessary.

#8. Comes with a carry bag

Imagine the convenience that comes with an extra bag to carry your tent and other camping supplies. That is what you will get from this beautiful tent.

This bag boasts of impressive fabric, which will comfortably take over 12kgs of this tent.

Wenzel Klondike 8-Person tent vs. Coleman Montana 8 Person

It will be unfair not to mention one of the biggest rivals of this Wenzel tent. The Coleman Montana has made a name for itself in the industry, proving how reliable it can be.

While it is hard to decide which one rules between the two, it is much easier to highlight where they are similar or different.

Here are some of the aspects that these two tents tend to share.

#1. Type and size of the tent

These two tents share the shape taken when they are set up. Ideally, they all take the dome shape, thanks to the raised central part, and the two poles used to hold up the tent.

The two main poles come in handy in not only extending the space but also ensuring that the users do not have a hard time while moving around.

Further, both tents can accommodate up to eight people. While the Coleman Montana might provide you with more space, the idea is that it should hold a maximum of eight persons. That implies that both tents are ideal for large gatherings or family trips.

While the peak height the Wenzel is about 78 inches, Coleman comes with no more than 74 inches. For that reason, the former is assures you of more headroom than the latter.

#2. The type of door

One of the things that make the Coleman Montana one of the best is the hinged door it features.

A hinged door assures you of enhanced stability and reliability in the long run. Ideally, they give you not only better headroom but also provide enhanced ventilation.

On the other hand, the Wenzel comes with an inverted T-shaped door that is hardly hinged. This door is held together by a zipper, and it rarely plays a central role in improving the headroom within the tent.

#3. Windows

The Coleman Montana 8 prides itself on up to three windows, where two are inversed angles covered by the rainfly. The top of these windows features a mesh, which allows the users to enjoy the fresh air at all times.

It also means that you could keep the window open without necessarily worrying about anything.

On the other hand, Wenzel Klondike comes with two windows, which are on opposite sides.

Besides bearing the same shape, they ensure that the tent is not only livable and pleasant but also adequately lit. Each window features a mesh, whose aim is to keep pests and insects at bay.

#4. Front awnings

You can hardly ignore the large front awning that the Wenzel Klondike comes with, as it is the highlight of the tent. This awning is large enough o accommodate up to two adults, and it provides enough space to store some of your camping supplies.

In contrast, the Coleman Montana has a relatively modest awning. That implies that it is hardly big enough to accommodate anything, whether you are talking about camping supplies or a person.


Is Wenzel Klondike waterproof?

You can hardly doubt how waterproof the Wenzel tent is waterproof.

Its polyester fabric will always protect the users against water, as it can comfortably resist the seeping of water. While at it, you will witness that the seams are waterproof, giving you the performance that you so need in the long run.

In brief, you no longer need to worry about water leakage when you are with this tent.


Wenzel Klondike 8 person family tent has proven to be one of the best tents for eight people. From its durability to how easy it is to set up, it is an option that you will hardly want to overlook.

While it has a few drawbacks, this choice will be the ultimate one for those who want value for money.

wenzel klondike 8 person family tent review

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