Coleman Elite Montana 8 Person Tent – Full Reviews in 2022

Are you looking forward to camping with your family or friends? If you are, then you will need a reliable tent that can accommodate all of you. It will suffice if you look no further than the Coleman Elite Montana 8 person tent.

Thanks to its impressive features and the benefits it draws, it is an ultimate choice for many people. Here are a few insights into the same.

Specifications of Coleman Elite Montana 8 Person Tent

Season: 3

Base Size: 16′ x 7′

Peak Height: 6’2″

Weight: 24.5 pounds

Colors: Black/Blue/Green

Packed Size: 13″ x 33″ x 8″

Windows and doors: 1 hinged door and 3 windows


General Review of Coleman Elite Montana 8-person Tent with Hinged Door

The Coleman Montana 8-person tent is hardly a freestanding canvas that you will always find enticing. That means that you will need to be relatively careful about where to pitch your tent, as this will determine its functionality.

Ideally, it is an extended dome tent, which has a central section with two main poles that create an X shape.

coleman elite montana 8 person tent

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This tent is not only roomy enough but can also accommodate up to eight people without too much hassle. Theoretically, you will be free to fit up to three queen-size beds in this impressive tent. Its high ceilings imply that you will have no difficulty walking around.

This product boasts of not only enhanced comfort but also unmatched protection. Remember, it is a three-season tent, whose fabric will comfortably cushion you against severe weather.

While this is a three-season tent, it would be best if you did not use it in adverse weather conditions.

It will suffice to highlight that this tent comes with a breathtaking electrical plug inside, which allows you to charge your technology hassle-free. The E-port is strategically placed, allowing you to swim in unparalleled convenience.

Besides, did you know that it comes with various storage pouches? This way, storing your camping essentials, including headlamps and phones.

Of course, the led lighting system must be its plus. With the in-built led lighting, there is no need to find camping lanterns. Its led light provides you with 3 different light intensity for different time use.

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Pros and Cons

What We like

  • Built-in lighting system
  • Provides you with a perfect shade
  • There is an e-port for electrical power
  • Assures you of enhanced spaciousness
  • You are confident of improved longevity
  • Comes with a hinged door for much easier access

What We Didn’t

  • Single room and no dividers
  • It is made of fiberglass poles
  • No low-vent on the bottom part


Critical Features of Coleman Elite Montana 8 Family Tent

It is almost impossible to overstate how feature-rich this Coleman Elite Montana tent is. From its exclusive WeatherTec system to snag-free sleeves and auto-roll windows, this is a dream for many people.

But how about we explore the definitive features of this impressive tent? They will often include the following.

#1. Angled Windows

Coleman Elite Montana 8 tent for family camping

One of the things that will define the comfort in your tent will always be the windows present. How they are shaped, and the technology used will always be worth considering.

Fortunately, this tent boasts of precisely-angled windows, which have proven to be both convenient and reliable.

This tent features three windows, with the two on the sides being reverse-angle windows. The third window sits atop of the door, and it will be vital to keep it open at all times.

With these three windows, you are confident of unmatched ventilation and comfort. The windows are protected by mesh, which helps in keeping pests and insects at bay.

While at it, you will appreciate these auto-roll windows. This technology assures you of not only elegance but also a sense of expediency. You will hardly need to put in too much effort in opening or closing your window.

#2. LED Lights

coleman elite montana 8 tent price

The presence of this system means that you will no longer need to struggle with setting up your own light. There will also be no hassle in getting the right angle.

It is for this reason that you will comfortably handle all your tasks without straining your eyes.

While at it, keep in mind that this system will give you up to 100 lumens. That implies that you will not need to use your torches anymore.

As long as you line up the lamp and adequately secure it accordingly, you will have no problem seeing every corner of the tent with the 3 levels of light intensity from nightlight to its high brightness.

#3. Hinged Door

Accessing your tent should be among the top considerations when selecting any canvas. The hinged door featured on this Elite Montana sets it apart.

Thanks to this innovative door, you will no longer have to struggle with zippers.

Besides, you will open and close it like a regular door in your house, giving you the convenience you so deserve. You can hardly overlook the reliability and sturdiness of this door.

#4. Size and Capacity

This product comes with impressive dimensions of 16×7 feet, which translates to approximately 112 square feet. This size is sufficient enough to accommodate up to eight people, and comfortably so.

You will be free to put up to three queen-size beds in this tent, depending on how many people you are.

While at it, this tent features one room, as there is no divider. Besides, there is no chance for you to embrace conversion since there is nothing to which you can tie things.

While this could limit the level of privacy, it is perfect for those who want to bond better with their friends or family.

The peak height of your tent is about 6 foot 2. This height assures you of not only more headroom but also enough space to move around comfortably.

#5. WeatherTec and Polyester

coleman elite montana 8 family tent

Undoubtedly, the WeatherTec system is the highlight and signature of the Coleman tents. The Coleman Elite Montana is no exception, as it prides itself on this impressive technology. With this, you are sure of welded floors that guarantee you maximum comfort.

The combination of this WeatherTec system and polyester means that you will not need to worry about water issues. This blend guarantees you reliable waterproof abilities.

Further to this, there will be inverted seams, which ensure that no water seeps into the tent.

Remember, the fly material features 75D polyester taffeta, while the inner tent comes with a 68D polyester mesh. On top of that, the floor has a 1000D polyethylene material. All these materials assure you of up to 600mm waterproofness.

It will suffice to mention that this fabric assures you two things, including wind-resistance and water-resistance. The WeatherTec system comes with a responsive frame that will hardly break, even in high winds.

The polyester fabric is the one that plays a significant role in enhancing waterproofness. Further, it ensures that no water leaks in at any time.

#6. Ventilation

coleman montana elite 8 reviews

Thanks to the multiple vents and the three windows on this tent, you will never wake up to a stuffy tent. The cooling vents and the mesh roof will be vital in keeping a constant flow of air within the canvas.

Further, you will rely on this mesh to keep out any tiny insects and bugs. You could also consider using the zipper to keep them away, especially those attracted by light at night.

#7. Pitching

Setting up this tent is relatively straightforward, and it will take you between five and ten minutes. As long as you read the pitching instructions carefully, you will hardly have any problem.

Most people prefer the ring-and-pin method, as this is the most straightforward approach to setting it up.

While doing it alone can take time, it is not impossible. If you are alone, the process could take up to 20 minutes, which is not too much time still.

Pitching Instructions:

Usually, you will start by spreading the canvas on the ground and slipping the poles into the sleeves.

Next, you will have to secure the poles into each pin, with another person holding down the second.

From there, all you will need to do is to pull it, as it will automatically set itself up.

#8. Durability

coleman elite montana 8 person tent with led light

You can hardly doubt how durable this product has proven to be. From the polyester fabric to the WeatherTec system, you are confident of the utmost performance.

All these aspects will assure you of a much longer lifespan. Its inverted seams and the multiple lines of stitching are a definition of robust construction.

This tent boasts of impressive zippers, which ensure that you remain adequately protected at all times.

On top of that, you will be sure of topnotch fiberglass poles. These poles are relatively easy to bend, and they will last for a couple of years.

#9. Gear lofts and pockets

Did you know that this product comes with deep side pockets for you to keep your camping essentials?

This tent features mesh stow pockets that can handle small items, including phones, glasses, and headlights. These two pockets sit on the side of the walls.


Who Is the Coleman Elite Montana 8 for?

Undoubtedly, understanding the target audience of anything will always be an ingredient in making the right decisions.

As mentioned, the Coleman Elite Montana is one of the most spacious tents that can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people.

For this reason, it will be a viable option for families or festive-goers. If you intend to camp with a group of friends or family members, this choice will be worth it.

For instance, a family with two to four children will find this option worth it. That is because it will assure them of not only comfort but also advanced features.

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Difference Between Regular Montana 8 and Elite Montana 8

The differences between the regular and Elite Montana are so massive that you can hardly overlook them. While they are from the same company, they come with multiple similarities and distinctions alike.

First, it will be vital to note that the Elite is a successor of regular Montana. Here are the things that distinguish these two.

#1. Lighting System

The presence of the LED lighting system in Elite Montana is so apparent that it has become the main differential highlight.

This lighting system has proven to be vital for those that do not want to strain their eyes when handling their tasks.

Usually, you will not have to come with your light nor have to struggle to fix it. Nothing could be of more convenience to you than this.

The converse is valid for regular Montana, as it has no LED lighting system.

#2. Auto-roll Windows

It will suffice to mention that the regular Coleman Montana has no auto-rolling windows, unlike the Elite option.

This feature ensures that you do not struggle to roll the windows up or down. It will also assure you of enough ventilation and protection against bugs.

#3. Pricing

The Elite option will cost you more than the regular version.

In most cases, you will spend approximately 230 USD on Elite Montana, while the regular one will cost you around $150.

The significant difference is thanks to the advanced features that Elite Montana has.



In conclusion, do not hesitate to get the Coleman Elite Montana 8 person tent. It is worth every dime you spend on it. While you will have reservations because of its few drawbacks, you will appreciate how durable it can be in the long run.

coleman elite montana 8 person tent reviews

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