Kelty Salida Tent for 1-, 2- and 4-Man Camping and Backpacking

Camping and backcountry excursions are becoming quite popular among many individuals. Thus, many people tend to embark on these adventures as a way of taking a break from the gruesome civilization and relax while communing with the best nature has to offer.

However, finding the best tent may often prove problematic since there are various models currently in the market. We have henceforth provided you with the best possible choice from the renowned and well-respected Kelty Company, the Kelty Salida 2 tent.

These tent models will guarantee that you have the best camping/excursion as elaborated in the reviews below.

Specifications of Kelty Salida 2 Man Tent

kelty salida tent for family



Season: 3

Capacity: 1/2/4

Waterproofness: 1800 mm

Material: Polyester & Nylon

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Different Capacity Parameters

1P Doors: 1

1P Height: 38”

1P Vestibules: 1

1P Weight: 3.89 pounds

1P Floor Area: 20 sq ft

1P Vestibule Area: 6.5 sq ft

2P Doors: 1

2P Height: 43”

2P Vestibules: 1

2P Weight: 4.57 pounds

2P Floor Area: 30.5 sq ft

2P Vestibule Area: 10 sq ft

4P Doors: 1

4P Height: 56”

4P Vestibules: 1

4P Weight: 7 pounds

4P Floor Area: 55 sq ft

4P Vestibule Area: 11 sq ft

General Review of the Kelty Salida 2 Person Tent

kelty salida small tent

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The Kelty Salida tent is a great quality tent specifically designed primarily for solo campers and families of 2 or 4. These tents are manufactured by incorporation of unique features which ensures that they deliver maximal satisfaction to users.

A rough overview of the features includes the high-quality manufacturing materials for the fabric and the support systems which ensures robustness, sturdiness and durability during use.

This makes the tent enduring and susceptible to all manner of weather conditions.

Other incorporated features include the lightweight of the tent, spacious interior, mesh wall and roof for air circulation and vestibule space.

The tent also comes with a carry bag for easy movements, and it is free-standing and easy to set up just in minutes.

The construction is also wholesome with corners and tent edges perfectly sewn, and seam taped to ensure there is no leakage.

It is also usually shipped with several accessories such as the rainfly, hug clips, support poles, easy to spot hook stakes among others which further ensures that you properly set up your tent and enjoy the stay without disruptions.

These are some of the features incorporated in the design of the Kelty Salida 2 tent, and they guarantee excellent camping.

It, therefore, comes highly recommended by professionals and users claiming it stands out as one of the best tents so far in the market.


  • Waterproof
  • Sufficient space
  • Robust and durable
  • Easy and quick set up
  • Lightweight for mobility
  • Comes with gear loft and storage pockets


  • Small headroom
  • The single door is inconvenient for some

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Key Features of Kelty Salida Tents

The Kelty Salida tent is designed with 3 capacities, one size for solo campers, one for 2 people and the other for a group of 4.

Takes Kelty Salida 2 as an example when speaking to the dimensions and size.

#1. Capacities and Sizes

First and foremost, the floor space covered by the tent when properly set up is always about 30.5 square feet which can comfortably accommodate one individual living free space for air circulation and movement.

A second design feature is the incorporated vestibule space for keeping your stuff dry despite the overnight condensation.

The created vestibule is usually about 10 square feet which is moderately sized to accommodate some of your camping gear like backpack and boots. This space may, however, not be enough for storing much stuff.

The third includes the storage space capacities inside the tent. They are the gear lofts and loops and wall/corner pockets.

They further provide space capacity for storing some of your essential gear like dry clothing and electronics among other equipment.

These make it sufficiently spaced for you and all your stuff.

#2. Polyester Rainfly

kelty salida 2-person tent

The tent also comes with an included rainfly without extra charge. The rainfly is always manufactured from high-quality polyester material which is waterproof and fully sealed with no windows/vents preventing any rain or condensed water from dripping into the mesh wall.

The polyester rainfly also ensures guaranteed protection against potential impacts that could damage the mesh wall since it is tough and robust.

To enjoy all these rainfly benefits, you have to properly set it up without any sagging areas as these could act as puddles and collect water and debris which would be quite inconvenient.

#3. Ease of Setup

Many people want a tent that is simple and quick to set up as opposed to that which will take forever. Thus, this tent model’s 2 poles quickly and easily snaps into place to provide structural support.

The tent’s color-coded clips further allow for easy hooking of the tent fabric wall to the poles.

Finally, the spikes are also light and sharp allowing for easy securing of the tent to the ground.

The whole process is made easier by the fact that the tent is of the free-standing design, which takes about 2 to 5 minutes to set up.

Moving the tent from one camping site to the next may not warrant disassembly as you can just move the tent in the wholesome assembled form.

#4. Comfort

kelty salida tent for 2

The Kelty Salida 2 tent has managed to fulfill the feature of comfort by sufficiently facilitating certain camping aspects.

For instance, the ample space inside with a high enough roof at 43 inches provides for comfortable accommodation and free space to move and stretch around.

This is supplemented by the roof mesh, which allows for free air circulation while also being able to watch the nature around like stargazing at night.

The floor is also made from a quality nylon material that is sufficiently thick and waterproof preventing any water sipping into the tent, thus guaranteeing comfortable rest.

The wholesome design and proper sealing also prevent any nightcrawlers and bugs from entering your tent, further ensuring comfortable camping.

#5. Weather Resistance

Camping and excursions are always accompanied by unpredictable weather patterns. Thus, in sunny weather, rainfall and harsh winds may often pop up from time to time. This henceforth warrants for an all-round and weather-resistant tent.

The Kelty Salida 2 tent is usually designed for guaranteed weather resistance.

For instance, the nylon floor material and the polyester rainfly when properly set up guarantees resistance from rainfall/water interference since they are waterproof.

Furthermore, the strong and agile aluminum poles and hook stakes also ensure that the tent is properly secured to the ground and steady enough to withstand moderately harsh winds.

Thus, this tent model can withstand and resist several weather conditions such as heavy rains and winds.

#6. Weight and Packed size

kelty salida 2 installation

This usually comes packaged in an oversized stuff bag which is usually in the size of a backpack.

The overall weight of the package tent is always at 4.57 pounds. This is usually very lightweight in comparison to other tents of similar price.

This makes carrying the tent and packed accessories from place to place quite simple. This allows you to move far off and even in rugged terrain like mountain climbing while carrying the packaged tent with maximal ease.

#7. Mesh of Inner Tent

mesh roof of kelty salida 2 tent


The inner wall of the Kelty Salida 2 tent is made from high-quality 40D No-See-Um Mesh material.

This material ensures proper ventilation inside the tent as the mesh network allows for free movement of air as cool air enters through the door and the warm air leaves through the mesh.

The mesh is also transparent, allowing you the opportunity to see the outside environment clearly despite being inside the tent.

The fine mesh network also prevents any small animals from invading your camping space.

#8. All 3 Seasons Use

The wholesome design of this tent ensures that it functions perfectly in at least three seasons without getting damaged or feeling uncomfortable.

Thus, the manufacturing materials of polyester and nylon guarantees efficiency in three seasons.

For instance, during summers, the mesh wall allows for proper ventilation minimizing the rise in temperature to unbearable levels.

In spring and fall, the weather is always conducive for camping as they are not too warm nor too cold.

The average temperatures thus can be comfortably handled by this Kelty Salida 2 tent guaranteeing for an exemplary and memorable camping trip.

#9. Wholesome Construction

The tent is also properly sealed. Thus, the corners are always perfectly sewn with great stitches and further fully seam taped.

This prevents any space that could allow water or cold inside the tent. This makes the tent very comfortable to use.


The Kelty Salida 2 tent is a great tent for camping. The tent is designed with high-quality materials, and customer needs given extensive consideration by Kelty.

Despite all the features, it is also cheap and affordable to many people.

Therefore, if you are going camping solo, this is the best tent for you as it has the features you would need to utilize while out there.