Coleman Sundome Tent for 2-Person, 3-Person, 4-Person and 6-Person

There is no denying that staying in a tent is one of the highlights of camping or hiking. With the right tent at your disposal, you will be confident of unparalleled experience in the long run. It is at this point that the Coleman Sundome Tent steps in, as it is a tent you will hardly resist.

From its enhanced protection to improved durability, it is something you will embrace. Here is why.

Specification of Coleman Sundome Tent

Capacity: 2/3/4/6

Easy Setup: 10 mins

Warranty: 12 months

Color: Grey, Navy/Grey

Windproof Rating: 35+ mph

Material: Polyester & Fiberglass

Rainproof: WeatherTec System

Dimensions of Coleman Sundome Tent with Different Capacity

2 Person Sundome:

2P Base Size: 7’ x 5’

2P Center Height: 4’

2P Weight: 6.9 pounds

3 Person Sundome:

3P Base Size: 7’ x 7’

3P Center Height: 4’4”

3P Weight: 8.2 pounds

4 Person Sundome:

4P Base Size: 9’ x 7’

4P Peak Height: 4’11”

4P Weight: 9.75 oz

6 Person Sundome:

6P Base Size: 10’ x 10’

6P Center Height: 6’

6P Weight: 14 pounds


General Review of Coleman Sundome

That this tent has become a popular choice among campers and festive-goers is no secret, thanks to its improved features. It comes at a bargain base price, which could effortlessly provide you with value for money.

coleman sundome 3 person tent

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Ideally, it is a three-season family camping tent that is not only lightweight but also freestanding. With this, you will be free to pitch it anywhere, regardless of the terrain. Further, once you set it up, you will freely rotate it and move around with it.

The generous vents on either side of the tent will readily appeal to you. This mesh allows you to enjoy an enhanced airy feel at all times, keeping you relaxed.

It will suffice to mention that this tent comes with fiberglass poles. These poles play a significant role in creating the X-shaped dome that you get when setting up the structure.

While the two main poles create the X shapes, the short one comes in handy in raising its two awnings. This way, you will be confident of an unobstructed view from the windows.

On top of that, this tent boasts of 4 sizes from 2-person capacity to 6-person. The Coleman Sundome has proven to be a sufficient shelter for either wild camping or beach camping.

From its simple porch area to the breathable mesh, you will hardly have any reason to worry about anything when camping.

It suffices to highlight that both the walls and the floors are weatherproof, ensuring that you are safe regardless of the weather.

Remember, it features the WeatherTec patented technology, which relies on the use of welded floors.

In brief, if you need comfort, this is home.


  • Enough ventilation
  • Improved spaciousness
  • Comes at a relatively friendly price
  • Features a thick, durable bathtub floor


  • Not the instant setup tent
  • It does not provide you with enough storage space

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Critical Features of Coleman Sundome Series Tents

This product boasts of a myriad of features, which you will find enticing. Usually, the elements determine the performance of any tent.

Some of the critical aspects you will be sure of will often include the following (Take Coleman Sundome 6 person tent as an example).

#1. Capacity

coleman sundome rainfly

This tent is designed to carry a maximum of six people, thanks to its 10×10 square feet.

However, this interior space can hardly live to that expectation, as holding six people has proven untenable. While it could be roomy enough to put six sleeping pads, there will barely be enough comfort for you.

Instead, you can rely on it to carry between 3 and four people plus a pet.

#2. Dimensions

You can hardly doubt the relative roominess provided by this tent. Usually, you will enjoy up to 100 square feet of interior space, as the tent measures around 10×10 feet.

It also prides itself on a 6-foot peak (72 inches), which makes it considerably tall.

The area occupied by one person in this tent is approximately 16.7 square feet. However, things tend to improve if you are fewer in the canvas.

For instance, if you are only four, you will end up with about 25 square feet per person. By the way, did you know you can fit three double blow-up mattresses here?

This tent measures around 27*8 inches when packed.

#3. Weight

That this product is relatively lightweight is no secret. It comes with about 14 pounds.

It will suffice to mention that this is one of the lightest tents you will ever get in the market. It allows you to carry it on your back as you go on hiking.

#4. Material

coleman sundome 4 person tent

The canopy of this tent is a product of polyester, which is not only high-performing but also durable.

On the other hand, the floor comes with a sturdy 1000AD polyethylene. Its bathtub features a thick, tarp-like material that you will effortlessly find enticing.

Next, we take a look at the poles used in this product, as mentioned, it comes with fiberglass, which is relatively stable.

Besides being easier to bend, it is likely to last for a relatively long time.

#5. Weatherproof

coleman 7x7 sundome tent

You can hardly overlook the role of WeatherTec technology when highlighting how weatherproof this product is. This patented system assures you of welded seams, which is generally the best among equals.

As long as they are correctly done, they will end up being more reliable than the surrounding fabric.

It comes in handy in ensuring that the tent is 33% more weatherproof than the other competitors.

Ideally, its waterproofness is approximately 600mm, which means that you will find it invaluable during mild summer times and less rainy seasons.

Both the floor and the lower body of your tent will be waterproof.

The upper part, however, features a mesh. It is for this reason that there is a rainfly. It helps in protecting the tent against too much rain in the long run.

#6. Enhanced ventilation

coleman sundome tent dimensions

Besides having mesh on both sides of the tent, this product features a double-wall design.

These two variables are vital in improving the ventilation within your tent. The partial rainfly will also come in handy in granting you a relatively breezy feel.

Remember, this rainfly allows a significant amount of airflow regardless of the weather. The mesh will also guarantee you of fresh air at all times.

On top of that, the large windows and the ground vent will matter a lot too.

#7. E-port

coleman sundome 6 person tent instructions

The presence of an E-port in your tent will always be vital.

It not only allows you to access an extension cord easily but also prevents leaking in the long run. This E-port will ensure that there are hardly any bugs in the tent too.

#8. Storage Pockets

The storage offered by this tent will comfortably handle the basics only.

It comes with two pockets, which are of different sizes. Here, you will out things like keys, phones, or even headlamps.



#1. What are the Coleman Sundome tent accessories?

The Coleman Sundome tent prides itself on a variety of impressive accessories. These attachments come in handy in improving your experience at the end of the day. They will often include the following.

  • Rubber mallet with peg remover

This rubber mallet is an essential tool when setting up your tent. It will ensure that the pegs are not only secure but also sturdy enough to assure you of enhanced comfort.

The peg remover will be vital when you are disassembling your tent after camping. It will ensure that you do so within a relatively short time.

  • Tent repair kit

There is no denying that your tent could get damaged at any time. It is for this reason that having this repair kit will be one of the best things for you. From tying strings to enough glue, this kit will always matter to you.

#2. Is the Sundome tent waterproof?

The simple answer to this would be yes. This product comes with the WeatherTec system, which ensures that the campers stay dry regardless of the weather.

The fabric used to make this tent will also assure you of limited water seeping through it. Remember, it comes with a 600mm level of waterproofness.

coleman sundome 7x7

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#3. How do you set up the Coleman Sundome tent?

Setting up this Coleman Sundome tent is one of the most straightforward procedures you can undertake.

Usually, you will need to start by putting together the two identical fiberglass pole. Ensure that you form an X in this pursuit.

It will suffice to mention that these poles are hardly color-coded, which implies that there will be no confusion.

Take the time to hold the poles with the sleeves on the tent.

Here are the steps to follow.

  • Remove the tent from the carrying bag.
  • Put out the canvas, and lightly peg out the four corners.
  • Assemble the fiberglass poles.
  • Insert the fiberglass poles into the pocket sleeves of the tent.
  • Insert the pins into one side.
  • Push it until it forms a dome.
  • Insert the pins into the other ends of the poles.
  • Clip the canvas to the fiberglass poles.
  • Lay out your flysheet.
  • Put the shorter fiberglass pole through the Velcro.
  • Let the flysheet go over the tent and attach it to the Velcro before securing it at ground level.
  • Tighten the pegs.
  • Add your doormat and secure it with pegs.


Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent vs. Coleman Elite Sundome 6

The Coleman Sundome and the Coleman Elite Sundome 6 are rivals in this space.

#1. Capacity

They are both designed to accommodate up to six people.

However, while the former comes with a 100 square feet interior space, the latter features a 120 square feet space. That implies that the Coleman Elite will be handier for those who need roomier tents.

#2. LED lighting

Did you know that the Coleman Elite Sundome 6 comes with built-in LED lighting?

With this, you will be confident of unmatched lighting experience when camping.

You will be free to select from the nightlight (5 lumens), low (42 lumens), and high (100 lumens) modes.

#3. Hinged door system

These two products boast of a hinged door system, which assures you of unparalleled convenience.

Ideally, this door allows you to open it like a regular door, which means you no longer need to worry about zipping or unzipping all the time.

#4. Is it a 3-season tent?

It will suffice to mention that the Coleman Sundome tent is a three-season tent, unlike the Coleman Elite Sundome.

The latter seems more susceptible to cold temperatures, exposing you to significant discomfort.

#5. Self-rolling windows

The idea of self-rolling windows is one of those that paint a picture of convenience and class. This feature is present on the Elite version only.

With this, you are confident of more ventilation, and with much comfort to explore.


Coleman River Gorge 6 vs. Coleman Sundome 6

You will hardly not want to compare the Coleman River Gorge to the Coleman Sundome. Their differences and similarities alike will always captivate your fancies. But how do they compare?

#1. Capacity and dimensions

While the Coleman River Gorge is designed to accommodate around four people, the Coleman Sundome is meant for six people.

The former comes with an interior floor space of about 108 x 84 inches and a peak height of about 60 inches.

In contrast, the Coleman Sundome features a 100 x 100 square inches floor and a peak of 6 feet. That implies that the Sundome tends to be much roomier than its counterpart.

#2. Setting up

The Coleman River Gorge is a fast-pitch tent, unlike the Sundome. That means that it comes with a pre-attached and color-coded poles. It also has a hub and fast fit feet.

It will suffice to mention that setting up this River Gorge tent will hardly take over seven minutes.

That is not to be said about the Sundome, as it usually takes at least ten minutes to set it up.


Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent vs. Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Taking the time to compare these two tents will be one of the best decisions. Perhaps, this comparison will ensure that you make logical decisions in the long run.

Here are a few insights.

#1. Capacity

The Coleman instant cabin tent has come out as one of the best 4-person tents you could ever find in the market.

It comes with an 8×7 square feet plan, which assures you of enhanced roominess. You will also find that its peak center height is about 4’11”, which is reasonably comfortable for short people.

On the other hand, the Coleman Sundome boasts of a 9×7 floor plan. This tent also highlights a 4’11” peak center.

#2. Windows and doors

Notably, the Coleman Instant cabin tent features up to 4 windows.

On the other hand, the Coleman Sundome assures you of a maximum of two windows, but with enough vents as well.

#4. Setup

The Coleman Instant cabin tent highlights significantly instant setup which means you can pitch it within minutes even though you don’t know anything about tent building.

While Coleman Sundome needs to be built in shape at least 10 mins.


Final Thoughts

You can hardly ignore how impressive the Coleman Sundome tent is. While it comes with various drawbacks, there is no denying that it will provide you with value for your money.

From its roominess to the impressive WeatherTec system, it is a tent that could easily be a darling to your eyes. Now is the best time for you to get it.