Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent – Full Review

One of the essential things any human should have is shelter, and it is no exception when you are camping. From sheltering you against severe weather to keeping you away from danger, having a perfect tent is all that you can ever need. Understandably, getting an excellent canvas for a large family can be a daunting task. But have you thought about Core 9 person instant cabin tent?

The Core 9-Person instant tent has proven to be worth embracing. Its myriad of features and benefits will get you smitten. It is in this light that we take a look at the different things this tent can bring on the table.

Specification of Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Rooms: 2

Peak Height: 78”

Base Size: 14’ x 9’

Fabric Materials: Polyester

Pole Materials: Telescoping steel

Doors: 2

Seasons: 3

Weight: 35.15 pounds

Pack Size: 48” x 11” x 10.5”

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General Review of Core 9 Person Instant Tent

core 9 person tent

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You can hardly overlook how popular this tent has grown to be in the recent past, thanks to its unmatched reliability. From how robust the construction is to how easy it is to pitch, you will hardly resist falling in love with this beauty.

That you will marvel at this freestanding tent is no surprise. The structure is not only self-supporting but also allows you not to worry about staking it on the ground.

It is a 14′ x 9′ tent, which is ideal for large families or a group of friends. Whether you are camping, hiking, or right in your backyard, this tent will come in handy for you.

Its instant setup makes it a more exciting tent to embrace. There will hardly be any hassles or even wastage of time, as this process takes no more than 60 seconds.

Ideally, you will be free to pitch it anywhere, and it does not matter whether you are alone or not. Its innovative engineering and sturdy poles come in handy in making sure that the process is seamless.

It will be unfair not to talk about the fabric and the general construction of the walls.

First, it has mesh ceilings, which are vital in giving you the fresh air that you so deserve when in there. The mesh does not allow insects or pests to come in.

What is more exciting is that you will comfortably be in a position to enjoy the night sky view when in the tent. What a beauty!

Have we talked about the privacy this room tends to provide? Well, it is unparalleled. Thanks to its room divider, you will comfortably divide your room into up to two bedrooms.

This way, you will enjoy enhanced comfort and confidentiality at all times. While at it, this room divider is detachable, providing you with the convenience you so need.


  • Relatively easy to set up
  • Assures you of enough space
  • Its price is reasonably friendly
  • Comes with a divider, allowing you to have privacy


  • It tends to be more suitable for car camping

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Key Features of Core 9-Person Tent

There is no denying that this instant tent prides itself on various features. With the myriad of features at your disposal, falling in love with this tent will hardly be a hassle.

It will also be much easier for you to make logical decisions after reviewing the features at hand.

Some of the most critical features it comes with will include the following.

#1. Fly

core 9 person instant cabin tent review

How else would you be comfortable during rainy days if your tent has no fly?

Well, this is no longer a problem, as the Core 9-Person boasts of one of the most reliable ones in the market.

What is more, this fly is waterproofed, giving you the peace of mind you need during severe conditions.

This fly is detachable, and you will be free to remove or install it whenever necessary.

It will be fair to mention how a minimalistic design this fly takes, as it covers no more than the top ceiling.

Thanks to the many windows and doors on the tent, this design is more than enough for you.

#2. Waterproofness

You can hardly doubt how waterproof this tent is. From its fly to the fabric on its walls, you will be confident of no water seeping in at any time.

Regardless of how heavy the rain or how severe the weather is, you will be sure of getting enough warmth at all times.

It will suffice to mention that this tent comes with the H2O Block technology, which has proven to be a critical element of weather resistance. This technology will effortlessly hold you down in severe climates or even harsh wet conditions.

Ideally, this tent comes with sealed seams, thanks to H2O Block. This sealing is a result of heat, and it gives you confidence in keeping water away from you.

On top of that, it comes with 68D polyester fabric. This polyester has over 2000mm water resistance level, which implies no water is likely to seep into your tent.

Besides, it ensures that your canvas does not sag in the long run.

#3. Pockets

Nothing is as integral as the storage and the storage space you have in your tent. Indeed, the presence of pockets will often be the highlight of this aspect.

You will be sure of several pockets on the sides. These pockets will play a significant role in keeping your small items safe.

Whether it is a phone, headlamp, or a pack of cigars, you will be sure of where to keep them.

Remember, the pockets tend to be quite accessible. It is through this that you will not struggle when reaching out to your items.

#4. Instant setup

easy to set up tent for camping

Indeed, instant setup is the highlight of this tent. Usually, it will take approximately 60 seconds to have this tent up and ready for use. Interestingly, you will find it relatively easy to pitch it even when you are alone.

It will suffice to mention that this instant setup is thanks to the innovative telescoping technology, which subtly guides you in the process.

This engineering implies that you will need to put poles into the previous section.

With such an instant setup, you will comfortably save enough time to relax or keep having fun.

#5. Zipper Closure

Did you know that this tent comes with up to two impressive doors? The solidity of these doors is out of this world. But what seems to be more interesting is the zipper closure that you get.

Each entryway comes with sealed zippers, which are vital in providing you with the enhanced protection you need.

It will be indispensable to indicate that these zipper closures are not only heavy-duty but will also require up to two hands for one to seal them.

#6. Spacious Interior

core 9 tent for large family

That the Core 9-Person instant tent is spacious is no secret. This 3-season tent prides itself on impressive dimensions of about 14×9 feet.

With this, you are assured of up to 126 square feet, which is big enough to accommodate nine people.

However, if you are looking for more comfort, it will be best for you to embrace a lower number of people,

You will have enough space to put sleeping or bunk beds for your children and even store your gear. Typically, you could put up to two queen-size airbeds in this tent.

#7. Adjustable Ground Vent

Everyone will often look forward to having enough ventilation in their tents. Fortunately, the Core 9-Person tent provides you with more than enough.

It comes with adjustable vents, which are only a few inches above the ground. It is through these vents that you will get to enjoy as much fresh air as you wish.

Mostly, people will rely on these vents to keep the temperature in the tent within the check.

The vents will also ensure that the air circulation within the canvas does not end up compromised.

#8. 2 Rooms

core 2 room 9 person tent

Imagine how impressive it would be to enjoy an extra ounce of privacy.

The Core 9-Person tent comes with a detachable room divider, which allows you to have up to two rooms.

With the room divider drawn, you will comfortably enjoy the peace of mind you so need. You can rely on it to separate the living room with the bedroom.

It becomes even more impressive to use it whenever you want to keep children and adults in separate spaces.

#9. Materials

core 9 person instant cabin tent

The quality of materials used in making this tent is worth appreciating. From the impressive 68D polyester to the sturdy steel poles used, you are confident of longevity.

While the poles will ensure your tent remains erect and sturdy, the fabric protects you against severe weather.

Further, you will be sure of mesh ceilings, which will allow you to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sky. This mesh will enable you to have enough air circulation too.


Who Is It for?

This 3-season tent will be ideal for anyone that wants to vacation with their family or a group of friends.

Thanks to the spaciousness provided, you will comfortably accommodate up to nine people.

Usually, it will be a preferable choice for those who are camping in areas that are vulnerable to severe weather.

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Core 9-Person Instant vs. Core 9-Person Extended Dome

There is no denying that these two tents are relatively compatible, with one being an alternative to the other. But do you know what distinguishes them?

Indeed, these two tents are similar in almost all aspects, but here are a few insights into their differences.

#1. Center height

There is a whole 6-inch difference in the center heights borne by these two tents.

While the Core Instant comes with a 78-inch center height, the Extended Dome provides you with up to 72-inches at the center.

That implies that the former guarantees you of more comfort and ease of movement within the tent, thanks to the enhanced headroom.

#2. Storage

Did you know that the Core 9-Person Extended Dome comes with an extra gear loft?

With this, you will not worry about where to put your items. Enough storage is likely to ensure that the tent remains organized at all times.

On the other hand, the 9-Person Instant features incredible and multiple wall storage units. Here, you will effortlessly keep your small-sized items.

#3. Style

Accordingly, the Extended Dome tent seems to be more like a dome. In contrast, you will appreciate the Core 9-Person instant tent as a cabin tent.



#1. What Is An Instant Cabin Tent?

Instant cabin tents are those cabin-shaped tents that take the least time to set up. In most cases, they tend to be freestanding, which means that you will effortlessly pitch them anywhere.

It will suffice to mention that these tents are engineered in a way that allows you to put the poles into the previous section, assuring you of a seamless process.

Typically, these tents will save you much time when setting them up, as they take no more than 60 seconds to pitch.

#2. Can One Person Get It up?

The process of pitching this tent is relatively straightforward. Whether you are alone or not, all you will need to do is to put the poles in the right places.

For that reason, the simple answer to this would be yes.

#3. Does It Have a Footprint?

Yes. Understandably, a tent with a footprint will often assure you of enough protection against moisture from the ground.



In conclusion, we cannot overlook the significance of instant tents. From how easy they are to set up to how durable they are, you will find them worth your money.

But above all, let the Core 9-person instant cabin tent top your priorities, as it offers you value for money.

core 9 man insant tent for camping

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