Browning Camping Big Horn Family Tent – Top Pick Cabin for 5-Person and 8-Person Camping

This Browning Camping Big Horn family tent is a two-room tent, which is designed to sleep up to 8 people inside it. It has an extra tall center, whilst its straight sidewalls provide more space for cots, sleeping bags or other additional items.

Let’s dive into its other impressive features!

Specifications of Browning Camping Big Horn Family Tent

browning camping big horn tent review

Capacity: 5/8

Type: Freestanding

Waterproof Rating: 2000mm

Material: Polyester and Fiberglass

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5 Person Tent Dimensions:

Room: 1

Doors: 1

Windows: 4

Peak Height: 84″

Base Size: 10′ x 8′

Packed Size: 9″ x 29″

Total Weight: 21 lbs

8 Person Tent Dimensions:

Room: 2

Doors: 2

Windows: 6

Peak Height: 87″

Base Size: 10′ x 15′

Packed Size: 12″ x 30″

Total Weight: 34 lbs 11 oz


General Reviews of Browning Big Horn 8 Person Tent

There are many good things about the Browning Big Horn tent, and a couple of things, which could be better. It is a really spacious tent, and you could have 8 people sleep in it.

The hub design looks good and it is great that clothes can be hung up as well. This tent has got to be a dream come true for tall people, as they can stand up tall inside this product.

A large tent for the money that you pay for it. Right?

browning big horn 8 person tent

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Generally, it is a good tent that will protect you from the elements for 3 seasons in the year, especially if you use the flysheet it is supplied with when it rains or there are high winds.

The materials that the tent, poles and flysheets are made from are of a high standard.

Overall, the Big Horn is a tent you should seriously consider buying if you are searching for a large family tent or if you have a budget of up to $300.

What We like

  • Easy to put up and quick to take down
  • Wall divider to make it a two room tent
  • Available in 5-person and two-room sizes
  • Extra tall center so greater headroom for taller people and makes it easier to hang clothes
  • Polyester tent with UV protection and weatherproofing as well as a fly sheet for extra protection from the rain

What We Don’t

  • More suitable for car camping
  • 5-person size features a single room

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Key Features of Browning Bighorn Tent

#1. 2 sizes Available

browning bighorn tent review

There are 2 sizes available, the 5 person model and the two-room model, which is the largest one.

The two-room tent is large enough to comfortably sleep up to 8 people inside it.

Depending on where the tents are purchased from the smaller 5 person tent is roughly $40 to 50 cheaper than the two room tent.

Essentially, the Browning Camping Big Horn 5-person tent has the same pros and cons as the larger two room tent, except that it is smaller.

#2. Wall Divider and Doors

The two-room wall divider means that you can decide whether to have a single larger room, or two rooms depending on how many people are going on the camping trip.

It has six large windows, two doorways as well as a mesh roof allowing for plenty of ventilation when camping during the summer months.

The windows let in a lot of light too, meaning it is a light and cool tent to stay in during the summer months.

#3. Spacious

browning bighorn

This tent has an area of 10′ x 15′, meaning that there is plenty of space shared between the two rooms.

Not to mention the extra tall center and straight sidewalls gives more room for cots, sleeping bags as well as extra gear.

There is more storage than other family size tents and the walls are higher so supplies can also be stacked higher.

The extra height is useful for hanging clothes and allows people to get changed standing up as opposed to attempting to put clothes on while on the floor or sat down.

This tent has a center height is 87″, and that means it is a better tent for taller campers. Most tents, even the family ones do not seem to make it easy for tall people to use them without having problems.

Strongly consider buying this tent if you are tall as you will not have to bend down to get in the tent and you are able to stand up inside it.

#4. Unique Hub Design

browning camping big horn family tent

This tent features a unique hub design, which among other things means that it has taller poles, allowing greater amounts of headroom.

The extra headroom is a good selling point for tall people as the center height is 87″.

This unique design is meant to get people to treat the tent as their center, their focal point during the whole of each camping trip.

#5. UV and Weather Protection

The polyester fabric has been specially treated to offer UV protection and weatherproofing.

This tent should be fine for use in spring, summer and fall unless there are extreme weather conditions.

Besides the polyester, a fly sheet is included for extra protection from the rain. With the flysheet over the top, this tent will keep out heavier amounts of rain, and will withstand high winds.

How much you will have to rely on this tent and fly sheet to keep you dry and protected from the elements may depend on the time of year you are camping, where you are camping and any forecasts of potential extreme weather while you are on the trip.

A week long camp in summer with only the remote chance of a thunderstorm should pose no problems for the weatherproofing of this tent.


Who Is It for?

  • Campers that are tall
  • Families or friends going on a camping trip
  • Camping in all but the worst weather conditions
  • Anybody that likes to camp in a large and roomy tent
  • Anybody that likes staying in a light and well ventilated tent


Who Is Not Great for?

Although this tent has some notable pros, its cons means that it is not great for everything.

  • This tent is not especially good for couples as it is much spacious.
  • Do not use this tent for camping in the chilly cold and snowy days unless you live in a part of the country that has mild and mainly dry winters.



The Browning Camping Big Horn family tent is a tent which has 2 sizes for you to choose from, one for 5 person and the other with 2 rooms for 8 person.

With the basic functions for family camping and extra features like excellent ventilation where it shines, you can feel free to buy!


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