Best 3 Room Tents for Multi Family Groups – Top Tent with 3 Sections in 2022

From their impressive spaciousness and unmatched privacy to their flexible use, 3-room tents have proven to be worth every dime. With the myriad of features they have, you will hardly resist falling for them.

Unfortunately, choosing the best 3 room tents could prove to be a big issue. It is for this reason that we take a look at a few invaluable insights.

Our Top Picks of Best 3 Rooms Tent

Hot sale with affordable price, spacious for 8 persons, good ventilation and waterproof, Coleman Red Canyon Car Camping Tent

Instant setup within 2 minutes to save energy and time, two entry for easy access, mesh ceiling for good ventilation, Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Large capacity for at most 16 persons to sleep, extra coverage fly for highly waterproof to keep dry in rainy days, Tahoe Gear 3 Room Tent

Benefits of using a 3-room tent

Various benefits come with using these three-room tents. Typically, as long as you understand what benefits they draw, you will comfortably make logical decisions.

Some of the top reasons to buy these tents will include the following.

– Unmatched privacy

3-roomed tents will often assure you of enough discretion, which allows you to enjoy a little me-time. For instance, you could have different rooms for children and adults.

Further, if you are many couples, each of these couples can have their place.

– Spaciousness

There is no denying that most of these 3-roomed tents boast of more than enough floor area.

Besides the multiple rooms, you will be confident of enough headspace. This way, moving around the canvas will be much easier for you.

– Versatility

There is a sense of flexibility that comes with these 3-room tents. Since you have multiple rooms, you will be free to dedicate each of them to a particular usage.

For instance, you could choose to have one living area, a bedroom, and a storage room. It is through this that you will keep your stuff organized at all times.

– Comfort

With enough space at your disposal, you will no longer need to worry about discomfort when sleeping.

The sleeping area per person increases with an increase in the floor area of the tent.

Besides, better air circulation comes with these massive tents.

What are the key features to consider when buying 3-room tents?

We cannot stress enough how daunting the process of selecting a 3-room tent can be. From understanding the technology used to what quality they guarantee, you will need to invest lots of time and effort in this process.

However, there are specific elements that you will need to consider when selecting these tents. They will include the following.

#1. Capacity

The capacity of your chosen tent will depend on the goals that you have in mind. It will also be reliant on the number of people that are taking this trip.

For instance, you could consider a 10-person tent if the maximum number of people traveling is ten.

However, if you are looking forward to getting enhanced comfort, a bigger tent will come in handier. That is because an increase in the size assures you of more sleeping area per person.

Further, check the center height that the tent has. Most often, it will be best to pick a canvas that guarantees you more than 6.1 feet at the center.

That is because this height allows you more headroom and ease of movement.

#2. Ventilation

One of the things you will barely overlook is the air circulation the tent is ready to offer. Unless you get enough air circulation, there will hardly be any comfort in your rooms.

It is in this light that you will have to focus on the number of vents provided by the given tent. There will also be a need for you to pay attention to the location of these vents.

Preferably, you should focus on tents with many vents on both the walls and the ceilings. There will also be a need to consider floor vents.

With all these, you will be confident of getting enough fresh air from outside. There will also be no reason to worry about high temperatures.

While at it, walls with mesh will assure you of enhanced comfort and airiness at all times.

#3. Materials and fabric

Did you know that the materials and fabric used in making your tent determine how long it will last?

In most cases, it will be best to consider waterproof and weather-resistant material. Any structure with 2500mm waterproof levels will assure you of exceptional protection against water problems.

Polyethylene floors and bathtubs will also come in handy for you. Thanks to the warmth and the durability they offer, you will be sure of enough comfort.

Polyester and nylon walls and flies will protect you from rain. How about the seams? Have they been sealed? If they have, this is the ultimate choice for you.

While at it, take the time to understand how strong the poles are. Mostly, you will need to choose between fiberglass and steel poles.

While steel poles are long-lasting, fiberglass poles tend to be more flexible. Ensure that you select whichever suits your needs better.

#4. Weight

You can hardly overstate the importance of weight in determining the portability of your chosen tent.

It will always be vital for you to aim at a canopy that rarely makes your life hard. While you might not get an ultra-light option, you can still pick something that is not way too bulky.

For instance, tents that weigh between 3 and 4 pounds per person are likely to give you a much easier time in the long run.

#5. Does it have vestibules?

The presence of vestibules has proven to be worth considering. They are tent extensions, which provide storage room for your camping essentials.

In some models, these vestibules serve as shades for the whole family.

Reviews of the 5 best tents with 3 bedrooms

The best 3 room tents will include the following.

#1. Best sale – Cheap Coleman 8 person dome tents with 3 compartment for camping

coleman 3 room dome tent

Capacity: 8

Peak Height: 6′

Base Size: 17′ x 10′

Color: Black/Blue/Red

This product has been a top seller for a relatively long time now. Thanks to how spacious this tent is, you will hardly regret having it.

It will suffice to mention that it measures approximately 17×10 feet, which means you have over 170 square feet as floor area. This space is big enough to accommodate up to 8 people, and comfortably so.

This 3-season tent comes with a dome shape. Ideally, it is an extended dome since it features the main one and the extended ones on its sides. Remember, there are two additional poles featured in this tent.

The weather protection provided by this tent remains unrivaled. From its fly to the windows, you will be sure of impressive features that will keep you safe regardless of the weather severity.

First, the polyester fabric is waterproof and weatherproof. This way, you will hardly need to worry about water seeping into the tent.

Then, the windows and the doors come with waterproof panels, which will cushion you accordingly.

What We like

  • Spacious enough
  • Can house up to 8 campers
  • Enhanced weather protection

What We Don’t

  • Comes with no lanterns

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2. Runner up – Core 12 man 3 room tent with instant pop up setup

Core large 3 room tent

Doors: 2

Capacity: 12

Base Size: 18′ x 10′

Peak Height: 80″

Materials: Polyester & Telescoping Steel

If you are looking for a tent that can accommodate up to 12 people, this tent should top your priorities. It is ideal for large families who are either camping or hiking.

The doors to this cabin tent are not only remarkable but also easy to use. Ideally, campers will freely share the entry regardless of how many they are.

Besides the doors being two, you will witness that they are both covered by impressive awnings.

Privacy is an aspect that you can never overlook, especially if you are camping as a large group or family. It is for this reason that you will find the room divider in this tent useful.

The tent comes with two dividers, which allow you to have up to three private living spaces.

The unrivaled venting on this tent is worth appreciating. With these large vents, efficient air circulation within the room is effortlessly achievable.

What We like

  • Instant set up
  • Water-resistant
  • Impressive center height
  • Durable materials and robust construction

What We Don’t

  • Has no screen room

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#3. Large space – Tahoe Gear 16 person three room family cabin tent with living room and 2 floor vent

Tahoe Gear 3 compartment tent for 3-season camping


Capacity: 16

Peak Height: 7′

Base Size: 15′ x 16′

Waterproof Rating: 1200mm

Here is yet another 3-season tent that assures you of immense value for money. It prides itself on being one of the largest tents at your disposal. It is a freestanding canvas that has a center height of 7 feet.

Besides comfortably accommodating 16 people, you will realize that it features many windows, floor vents and mesh roof design.

The materials used in this tent are outstanding. From the fiberglass poles used to the 1200mm polyester fly, you are confident of not only durability but also sturdiness.

Its polyethylene floor assures you of unmatched waterproofness. As if that is not enough, you will enjoy better comfort levels, thanks to the zippered panels.

The impressiveness of this tent’s ventilation is hard to overstate. The considerable ceiling mesh and the mesh on doors and windows are responsible for this awesomeness.

On top of that, there are two vents integrated into the fly. These vents assure you of better circulation from the top. What is more, you have access to 2 floor vents.

What We like

  • It is spacious and livable
  • Assures you of enough privacy levels
  • The 2 floor vent and mesh cover gurantees an excenllent ventilation

What We Don’t

  • Single door

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#4. Highly waterproof – NTK 10 man 3 room tent for 3 season camping

3 room tent with living room

Capacity: 10

Base Size: 10′ x 18′

Peak Height: 6’9″

Waterproof Rating: 2500mm

You can hardly ignore how popular this tent has become, thanks to its waterproof technology. This extended-dome type of tent is capable of holding up to 10 people, and it assures you of up to 3 rooms.

With this canvas, there will be up to 180 square feet of floor area. There will also be a center height of up to 6.9 feet. Further, it weighs around 13.9 kgs.

The fabric used in making this tent will appeal to your heart almost instantly. It comes with 190T polyester, which is 2500mm waterproof.

With its sealed seams, you do not need to worry about 50+ UV rays. That does not mean that the inner tent is not breathable.

Its poles are made from fiberglass. While fiberglass is not the most durable as steel, it remains both flexible and reliable. What is more, these poles are often color-coded, ensuring that you have an easier time when installing them.

This tent features mesh on either wall. Mesh is vital in providing enough ventilation for your rooms.

What We like

  • Lightweight
  • Enough protection
  • Great tent for spring, summer and fall camping

What We Don’t

  • Comes with one door

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#5. Advanced ventilation – Ozark Trail 10-person 3 room xl cabin tent for family

ozark trail xl 3 room tent

Capacity: 10

Base Size: 20′ x 10′

Peak Height: 78″

Materials: Polyester

One of the things that you will instantly notice about this tent is the unrivaled ventilation. With its sturdy construction, the Ozark Trail assures you of the best weather resistance levels.

Its seams and tub floors are sealed, making it resistant to water. Besides, it will comfortably withstand winds of up to between 50-60 mph.

The quality provided by this canvas is incredible. Ideally, there are two types of poles used in making this impressive tent, including the fiberglass in the main room and the steel poles that hold up the structure.

The polyethylene floor ensures that no water seeps in, while the nylon fly is water-resistant.

It comes with up to six windows and three doors. These entries have mesh, which means you will enjoy a better circulation of air at all times.

What We like

  • 3 doors
  • Unmatched ventilation
  • Relatively easy to put up
  • Has 2 removable room dividers

What We Don’t

  • Not the tent with instant structure

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Which brand makes the best 3 section tents?

You will hardly overlook the role of a brand when selecting your tent. That is because brands are a reflection of the functionality, durability, pricing, and technology used in making your chosen canvas.

For that reason, it is valuable to understand the basics of different brands before settling for a product.

Over the years, two brands have been a force behind tent-making on 3 rooms. They include Coleman and Ozark. But which one is ideal for you? We take a look at each of these brands.

– Ozark

#1. Ability to withstand severe weather

It will suffice to mention how reliable Ozark tents tend to be in the face of adverse weather conditions. Usually, the fabric used in making them can comfortably resist both water and severe weather.

Did you know that the seams on these tents have substantial seals? With this, no air will escape into the unknown. There will also be no reason for you to worry about discomfort in the tent.

What is more, the fabric used can effortlessly withstand enormous wind strengths. Any wind with between 50 and 60 mph will have no significant impact on these tents.

#2. Quality

While the quality of these tents seems to be topnotch, we can hardly fail to notice fragility.

Some of their tents will end up compromised after a few years. This thing could end up affecting the returns you get from the tent.

– Coleman

#1. Pricing

Seemingly, Coleman tends to target high-end and budget-seekers or users when making their tents. Usually, most of their 3-room tents will end up costing below $300, which could easily allow people not to break their banks.

#2. Variety

That Coleman has a wide variety of options at its disposal is no secret. Whether you need a 10-person, 6-person, or 16-person tent, you will be sure of a perfect fit for you.

#3. Weather resistance

First, it will be necessary to point out its patented WeatherTec system. This technology protects the tent from severe weather conditions.

Ideally, it focuses on waterproof floors, protected seams, and weather-resistant fabric. These tents can withstand up to 30 mph of wind speeds.

#4. Quality

These Coleman tents pride themselves on the use of settle frames, which come in handy in creating upright walls.

Most of their poles are fiberglass. Remember, fiberglass is more lightweight than steel poles.

– Comparison: Coleman vs. Ozark

It will only be fair to make an incisive comparison between these two brands. Indeed, so much goes into deciding between these two tent-making brands. There is no denying that it will be a tough choice, as they both offer remarkable products.

You can hardly compare the quality of the products provided by these two brands. It will be fair to point out that Ozark guarantees you remarkable products.

From their high weather resistance abilities to improved structure strength, you will hardly resist falling for them. These tents will last you for a long time.

Instant setup is something worth lauding. That is something you will hardly get from Coleman. It only implies that you will spend more time trying to set up Coleman tents compared to its counterparts.

With the insights above, the right choice for you would be Ozark.


In conclusion, 3-room tents are here to stay. However, the difference lies in which product you want to choose.

With the information provided here, you are confident in making logical decisions in the long run. Get one today!

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