Best Camping Tents for Rain – Top Waterpoof Tents in 2022

Tents that are specious, user-friendly and equipped with rich features are ideal for a luxurious experience in an outdoor activity. With different tent companies available in today’s market, choosing the best camping tents for rain can be relatively challenging.

Fortunately, in this article, we shall be taking you through some of the best options that suit for camping on rainy days in the market today.

In a hurry? Look at our tops picks of rain shelters when you’re camping

Instant pop up design for super easy setup, lightweight to carry, spacious for a family of 5 people, Moon Lence 5 Men Waterproof Tent

Hydraulic hexagon shape for a spacious room and waterproof, fast pitch system to save time, good rain shelter with affordable price, Hewolf Waterproof Instant Tent

Roomier space for at most 8 person to sleep, separated room design to protect your privacy, good waterproof for light rain, Hikergarden 8 Person Camping Tent

Benefits of buying a camping tent for rain

When going camping, the last thing you would want to experience is to get soaking wet in your tent during rainstorms. This is why it is always a great idea to look at the benefits of a camping tent for rain.

If you are planning on going camping during the summer or fall of the year, you should know how much you can rely on a waterproof camping tent.

The best part is that waterproof tents are not heavy on your back; therefore, you will become more comfortable knowing that you will make it through the rain without getting wet.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy when using tents for rain include:

– Less stress.

When hosting an outdoor activity, you always have to check out the weather. With a rain tent, you don’t have to stress anymore about the weather since you enjoy maximum protection from a torrential downpour.

– Comfortable.

By protecting you from the outside weather, rain tents will help in making you feel more comfortable and relaxed while camping.

– Privacy.

In addition to protection from the outside weather, tent rain offers privacy which is highly essential, especially while in the wild.

Getting wet while trying to get some sleep can be pretty much annoying, with rain tent, you will no longer have to worry about that since you will be protected throughout the rain.

Therefore, due to these great benefits, rain tests stands to be an excellent investment for camping.

What to look for when buying a camping tent for rainy days?

Looking for a waterproof tent that will best suit your camping need is never that much easy; however, by keeping these essential aspects in mind, you will be able to get a rain tent that will best suit your needs.

#1. The amount of waterproof.

Different rain tents feature different degrees of waterproof.

In addition to that, rain tents are designed from different fabrics; most of these fabrics feature different waterproof ratings. Therefore, when choosing a rain tent, you should note that the higher the rating, the better the waterproofing ability the tent possesses.

When camping in an area that tends to experience wind-driven rain, a rain tent with a higher waterproofing rate will be best for you.

#2. Durability.

The durability of a camping rain tent is often determined by the fabric used; however, a fabric with a high waterproof rating does not mean it is durable.

Rain tents that are equipped with PVC are considered to be highly durable and feature incredible waterproof rates.

In addition to fabrics, tent poles are something that you need to consider as well. The best materials for rain tent poles are fiberglass and aluminum. These materials are flexible and sturdy.

However, fiberglass is regarded as the best option over aluminum since it does not corrode.

#3. Breathability.

You should always look for a camping tent for rain that is equipped with ample ventilation that will help improve airflow in your tent.

At the same time, ensure that the tent is fitted with window curtains that will prevent excess humidity from getting in your tent.

PVC tents are highly prone to condensation; this results to the formation of water bead in your tent.

A tent with a mesh material incorporated in it is ideal since it helps in improving breathability and keeps the bugs out.

The mesh part has to be situated at the top; this helps in protecting you from strong wind.

#4. Capacity.

When choosing a camping tent for rain, you should keep in mind your family size and figure out whether or not you will require additional space for your friends, dogs or gears.

While evaluating the capacity of a rain tent, you should always assume a close fit. When you seek for an extra room, you should consider upsizing your camping rain tent by one person.

#5. Vital features.

It is always essential to look at these vital features before settling for any rain tent; peak height, tent length, tent doors, rainfly and tent poles, among others.

If you are a tall individual and you love changing your clothes while standing, you should consider looking for a camping tent for rain with a high ceiling.

In addition to that, if you are over 6 feet tall or you would like additional space, you should consider looking for a tent with floor-length of 90 inches.

When looking at tent doors, you should consider the number of doors you need including their orientation and shape. When camping with family, a rain tent with multiple doors will be essential.

Rainfly is necessary to waterproof covers designed to perfectly fir over your camping rain tent. You should always use it when you expect rain or due or any other time you require extra warmth in your tent.

For maximum protection, you might consider a full-coverage rainfly. On the other hand, a roof-only rainfly offers protection against raining in your tent from the roof.

Reviews of the 7 best rainproof tents for camping

#1. For cold weather – NTK 2500mm waterproof camping dome tent

NTK rain tent for small family review



Capacity: 3-4

Base Size: 7′ x 7′

Peak Height: x

Waterproof Rating: 2500mm

  • Easy to assemble.

The NKT Cherokee GT waterproof tent has been designed to be relatively easy to assemble. This ten is ideal for a small family, and it features an easy to assemble a spacious one bedroom.

  • Light in weight.

In addition to being easy assembly, this NTK tent weighs approximately 15.2 pounds which makes it highly portable and ideal for outdoor activities such as camping. Furthermore, it features a comfortable floor measuring 7 feet by 7 feet and a maximum comfortable height of 4.4 feet.

  • Highly durable.

This NKT tent is 100% waterproof; it is designed from 190T polyester laminated with polyurethane. Its 2500mm water column rainfly has been designed to offer full protection against rain.

The tent is also equipped with a heat-seamed thermoplastic coating that offers ultra-violet protection. Inside of the tent is a large 2-way zipper and a D-style door fitted with a mosquito mesh.

  • Breathable.

For maximum breathability, this tent is equipped with micro mosquito mesh. The ultra-thin no-see polyester protects you from small insects while it lets in the fresh air.

What We like

  • Equipped with a heavy-duty anti-fungal floor material
  • Features a double layer for maximum protection from the rain

What We Don’t

  • Doesn’t feature a screen room

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#2. Best for rain and heat – Wenzel 8-person cabin tent with a screen room

Wenzel screened tent for camping in rainy days


Capacity: 8

Base Size: 16′ x 11′

Peak Height: 6.5′

  • Incredible size.

If you are looking for a tent that features incredible size, then the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike tent will be best for you. This tent has been designed to accommodate up to 8 individuals at a go.

  • Convertible screen.

This Wenzel tent is equipped with a convertible screen room with an inverted T-door. Furthermore, it features windows with inside flap zippers.

  • Protection.

For maximum protection against small insects and improved breathability, this tent is designed with ultra-thin mosquito mesh roof vents. This makes it ideal for use in places with high temperatures or during summer seasons.

In addition to that, this tent is waterproof; this means that you can use it in areas that experience high rainfall as well.

  • Relatively easy to set up.

The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike tent is equipped with shock-corded fiberglass roof frame along with steel upright as well as corner elbows fitted with pins and rings for easy setup.

What We like

  • Highly breathable
  • Ideal for use in places that experience high rainfall
  • The tent features a removable seam-sealed fly, making it the best during summer seasons

What We Don’t

  • It could be better if the tent features a lantern

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#3. 3 seasons – Eureka large family cabin camping rain shelter

Eureka large family camping tent


Capacity: 4/6/8/12

12P Base Size: 14′ x 12′

12P Peak Height: x7′

Packed Size: 11″ x 29″

  • Incredible size.

The Eureka Copper Canton LX is an incredible 3 season camping tent designed to accommodate up to 12 individuals. There is no doubt that this tent is your home away from home.

Moreover, setting up this tent is relatively easy, and it is equipped with smart features. The tent features an incredibly high ceiling which makes it more livable than a camping car.

  • High durable.

For maximum durability, this tent is equipped with a durable frame made from fiberglass and durable steel. It features pole sleeves corner hubs and clips for 2-person setup.

  • Steep walls.

This eureka tent features steep walls which create lots of ample room for standing and are great for camping with air mattress and cots.

  • Waterproof.

The tent is equipped with large mesh windows which help to keep out small insects and improve breathability. In addition to that, it features waterproof curtains which offer an incredible view.

What We like

  • Ample space for accommodating up to 12 people
  • This tent is equipped with two great doors at both the front and rear side
  • It is waterproof, which makes it ideal for use in areas experiencing high rainfall

What We Don’t

  • A bit large for couples

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#4. 4 seasons – HIKEGARDEN double layer rainproof and windproof tent with 2 rooms for camping

8-person camping tent for rain and wind


Capacity: 8-9

Base Size: 14′ x 9′

Peak Height: 6′

Waterproof Rating: 1000mm

  • Roomy.

The HIKEGARDEN CAMPROS tent features an incredible space to accommodate up to 8 people; this makes it perfect for a family. The tent measures 14ft by 9ft by 6ft (H); you can fit in 3 queen air mattress or eight sleeping bags in this tent.

  • Highly durable.

This CAMPROS tent is designed from 185Y polyester. It features 1000mm polyurethane hydrostatic rated coating. This means you are guaranteed PU 1000mm waterproof. With this tent, you will remain 100% dry under light rain.

  • Easy to assemble.

You do not require any particular skill to set this tent up; within 5 minutes, two people can set up this tent.

  • Highly breathable.

For maximum breathability, the tent comes equipped with one large mesh door, five mesh windows and a mesh top. This allows for air to flow while keeping out small insects out. It comes equipped with separated curtains for dividing the rooms.

What We like

  • 100% waterproof
  • Relatively light in weight which makes it highly portable
  • Features ample room for accommodating up to 8 individuals

What We Don’t

  • Some people may don’t like the tent shape

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#5. Best budget – Moon Lence breathable camping tent with excellent ventilation

cheap camping tent for rain


Capacity: 2/4/6

2P Peak Height: 48″

2P Base Size: 83.8″ X 59.8″

Waterproof Rating: 1000mm

  • Ample room.

The MOON LENCE camping tent is equipped with ample room for two individual. It measures 213 by 152 by 122 cm this makes highly spacious for two adults. Furthermore, it weighs 5.95 pounds which makes it highly portable.

  • Maximum protection.

This tent offers all-round protection; it designed from 190T PU material which provides 1000mm water-resistant along with an incredible UV resistance. The tent is equipped with rainfly which offers incredible resistance to harsh weather.

  • Breathable.

MOON LENCE tent features a large section mesh and one D-shaped door equipped with a durable zipper. For better ventilation, the tent is equipped with a ground vent and two windows.

  • Easy to setup.

Assembling this tent is relatively easy since it is equipped with two shock cord connecting pols and clips on the tent to help with the entire process.

What We like

  • Highly portable
  • Best for use in harsh weather
  • Features an incredibly durable design

What We Don’t

  • Single door

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#6. For 2 person – Hewolf instant camping tent and sun shade

Hewolf instant camping rain tent for couples


Capacity: 2-3

Peak Height: 5’5″

Base Size: 84.6″ x 97.2″

Waterproof Rating: 2000mm

  • Spacious interior.

The Hewolf tent features a spacious interior which helps in improving your camping experience. Furthermore, the tent is equipped with poles that are joined permanently to the tent’s material; this makes the assembly process more comfortable.

  • Waterproof.

This Hewolf tent has been designed from waterproof material which will in keeping you and your belongings dry during rainy days.

  • Breathable.

When it comes to breathability, this tent is equipped with two large doors that enhance airflow. In addition to that, the tent is fitted with mesh windows which helps keep out bugs while letting fresh air through.

  • Durable.

This Hewolf tent has been designed to be long-lasting. The tent is designed from materials that are UV resistant, wind-resistant and waterproof which helps in boosting its durability significantly.

What We like

  • Easy to set up
  • Features good ventilation
  • Features a highly specious interior
  • Comes with a vestibule to store gears

What We Don’t

  • Limited capacity

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#7. Lightweight – Moon Lence portable automatic pop up camping tent for rain

Moon Lence pop up 5-person camping tent for rain


Capacity: 4-5

Peak Height: 52.4″

Base Size: 114.2″ x 121.3″

Waterproof Rating: 2000mm

  • Roomy.

This MOON LENCE tent has ample space to host up to 5 people. Furthermore, the tent weighs 10.25 pounds which makes it relatively portable and super easy to carry it everywhere you go.

  • Breathable.

The breathability of a tent is vital, and this LENCE tent offers just that; it is equipped with four large mesh windows and one D-shaped door. This provides maximum ventilation while keeping out bugs.

  • Maximum protection.

This tent offers all-round protection; designed from 190T material and 210D Oxford Ground Sheet; this tent offers up to 2000mm water protection and an incredible ultra-violet ray resistance.

  • Easy to assemble.

The MOON LENCE tent features an instant pop up mechanism; this makes the assembly process much more comfortable. With this tent, you will be able to set it up in under one minute.

What We like

  • Highly breathable
  • Automatic pop up design
  • Offers ample space for up to 5 people
  • Offers up to 2000mm water-resistant making it ideal for use in rainy days

What We Don’t

  • Not suitable for large family

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#1. Can a tent withstand rain?

Yes, rain tents have been designed to withstand rain. However, you should note that not all tents are designed to withstand rain and different rain tents feature a different waterproof rating.

This means that a rain tent will withstand rain depending on its waterproof rating. In most cases, rain tents with vestibules tend to perform better in the rain due to several reasons. This tent will keep the entrance to the tent clean, dry and separate.

#2. How do you sleep in a camping tent when it is raining?

When it is actively raining or likely to pour, you should consider putting down a waterproof tarp in your tent.

By installing it under your tent, the tarp will inadvertently collect water that will collect underneath. This will help in protecting your tent from becoming soaked.

In addition to that, you should always keep in mind how the ground is inclined. Always consider the angle of your tarp and the angle in which the wind is driving the rain; this will help prevent the amount of water entering your camping tent while sleeping.

You should consider setting your tent on a slight angle; this allows water to flow rather than pooling underneath.

Final verdict

Since you will be setting up a home away from home, sometimes camping can be heavy on gear and tents are considered as one of the biggest purchase.

Therefore, you should always look for a camping tent for rain which will best suit your needs before making your final decision.

With different brands and fabrics available in the market, it can be relatively challenging to choose a camping rain tent. However, by going through this article, we hope that the process will be much easier.

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