Best Camping Tent for Dogs – Reviews and Guide for Dog Owners in 2022

what are best tents for dogs

Finding the best camping tent for dogs can be quite challenging especially if you have no idea about what features to expect. Knowing what to expect can be of great help as you would know what’s the most suitable option available for your precious little friend.

Your dog won’t be interested in the material of the tent, but you have to be careful with your selection.

In fact, when planning the camping trip with your dog, you should be aware of the do’s and don’t so that making the final decision would be easy for you.

Finding information about the right tent and dog-friendly campsite can be of huge help. Here it is!

what are best tents for dogs

In a hurry? Check our tops picks of best camping tent for dogs and owners!

For owners, lightweight for backpacking, 4 season tent for highly weatherproof, 2 doors making easy access for owners and dogs, Bessport Backpacking Tent 

For owners, hot sale, FastPitch System for easy setup, durable fabric and frame, a screen room providing perfect sleeping space for dogs, Coleman Steel Creek Dome Tent

For dogs, top-rated with cheap price. a special dog door design, removable mesh shade cover for good ventilation, Parkland Pet Dog Tent

For dogs, elevated off-ground design, spacious enough for large dogs, lightweight for good portability, AmazonBasics Pet House

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How to Choose the Best Tent for Camping with Dogs?

best tent for camping with dogs reviews

If you love camping and spending time outdoors, then you are not alone. Dogs love camping and the experience of running in the wild chasing squirrels and tasting a different kind of wild food is appealing to them. Dogs love to exercise running around in the forest and breathing fresh air.

Therefore, when you are choosing a tent for your camping experience with your dog, you should get one that is comfortable for both you and your dog.

  • Durability

When choosing a camping tent for dogs, you should pick one which has been constructed with your dog or puppy in mind. This means that the tent you choose should be durable and that it will serve you in your camping time without tearing or breaking.

When you choose a durable tent, you are assured of security because reptiles such as snakes will not be able to get to your tent easily and that it will not tear up easily as your dog is playing around and enjoying the wild experience.

  • Enough space

You should also choose a tent which is spacious enough for you and your dog. This will allow you to enjoy and be comfortable in your camping experience.

The spacious tent will also give you enough space to play with your dog and sleep well without having to squeeze yourself in a tiny and uncomfortable tent.

The dog will also enjoy the tent which has been designed with unique amenities such as taking account of the dog’s mood and making your dog comfortable.

Hence the best tent for camping with dogs provides room for storing other dog materials which makes it comfortable and happy.

  • Comfortable

When you are choosing a camping tent, you should consider one that is large enough and more convenient and comfortable for you and your dog during your camping experience.

You should not let your dog sleep alone in a lonely room because it might feel isolated but instead you should choose a tent that accommodates you and your dog in the same room so that both you and your dog enjoy your camping experience.

Your dog might get disturbed by unfamiliar sounds and unfamiliar smells in the lonely room.

  • Vestibules

Also when you are choosing a tent for camping with your dog, you should choose one that has vestibules.

Vestibules should be well ventilated, and comfortable for your dog to sleep in while other family members sleep in the main tent.

This vestibule will also entertain your dog as you engage in other productive activities and your dog will be happy and enjoy during the camping adventure.

The screen in the vestibule will entertain your dog and will make them calmer and happy as you continue with your camping.

  • Tear-resistant

You should get a tent that is thick and tear-resistant when you are choosing a tent for you and your dog. This ensures that it resists the strong wind and resists hard scratches of your dog as they sometimes get excited and start scratching places.

You should not only be budget conscious but choose a high-quality tent for you and your dog during the camping or else you will sleep in the cold as it might tear up easily.

You can also trim your dog’s nails to reduce them from scratching your tent which makes your tent last longer.

  • Weatherproof material

You should choose a tent that is made of higher quality weatherproof material for your camping adventure with your dog. This ensures that it withstands strong rains and winds in the wilderness both inside the tent and outside the tent.

Additionally, make sure that you choose a tent that is warm enough for you and your dog.

The tent you choose should allow air to flow in and out during your camping experience making you feel cool and refreshed.


Reviews of the 8 Best Camping Tents for Dog Owners

1. For couples and dog – Bessport 4 season backpacking tent for camping

Bessport 2 or 3 person tent for camping with dogs

The first best-camping tent for dog owners is a model from Bessport designed to be ideal for a couple with a dog. The Bessport 4-season tent comes as a lightweight, breathable tent made with durability in mind.

When it comes to its capacity, what you get here is a 2-person tent with enough space and 2 D-shaped doors. It can accommodate up to two adults and leave enough space for a dog and your camping gear.

  • Durable, rugged construction

It does feature rugged, ultra-light contrition and tear-resistant fabrics. The building of this tent makes it a durable hiking and camping tent with a waterproof interior; it will keep you dry.

There is also the use of micro-mesh fabric and durable zippers, all put in place to better the breathability, lower condensation, and better your comfort.

  • Spacious interior

The interior is made so that, when you put your sleeping bed, you still get a room for your luggage and a dog bed.

Setting the tent is very straightforward, thanks to the use of two pre-attached poles with a clip.

The canvas also has a freestanding design allowing you to move and relocate it quickly without needing to disassemble it.

What We like

  • Spacious enough interior
  • Lightweight, durable & breathable
  • Rugged and waterproof construction
  • Easy setup with freestanding design

What We Don’t

  • Not suitable for large size family

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2. Screen room – Coleman Weathermaster spacious tent for a mid-sized family with dogs

Coleman weathermaster 6-person camping tent with screen room

Coleman WeatherMaster is a spacious 6-person tent that features a screen room. It’s designed to hold two queen-size airbeds; it’s perfect for a mid-sized family with dogs.

There is also an E-port put in place to conveniently run an extension cord to your tent from the outside for electrical power supply inside your tent.

  • Screen room and hinged door

The separate floorless screen room featured here offers bug-free lounging. It’s equipped with everything needed to keep you secure, safe, and dry.

When it comes to the convenience of getting in and out, this model has been improved by using a hinged door.

  • Weathertec features

Coleman wants you to enjoy your time outdoors with this 6-person tent. That’s why they equipped it with several Weathertec features ideal for keeping you dry, waterproof, and safe.

One of these features is protected inverted seams that increase the tent’s weather resistance; the needle holes are hidden inside the tent.

  • Windproof

There is also the use of Wind-Strong Frame that’s engineered to be more durable. It’s a more wind-responsive frame that comes with redesigned poles plus guy-out triangles.

Another feature is the Zipper Protection featuring a zipper cuff that’s made of weather-resistant fabric to provide additional protection from the weather elements to the door.

There is also the use of weatherproof floors that uses welding-inspired technology.

What We like

  • Bug-free screen room
  • Variflow adjustable airflow
  • Conveniently sewn mesh pockets
  • Rainfly and expandable carry bag included

What We Don’t

  • Some customers may don’t like hinged doors

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3. Multiple rooms – Coleman 3 rooms camping tent for a family with large dogs

Coleman 8 person camping tent for dogs and dog owners

If you’re a family with dogs and looking for the best tent that can accommodate the whole group and still leave you with enough breathing space, the Coleman Red Canyon 8 person tent is a perfect choice.

It’s a spacious tent designed for excellent outdoor performance. As a Coleman product, it comes fitted with the Exclusive Weathertec Technology. That means it stays dry and keeps you dry and safe; the tent is weatherproof, windproof, and durable.

  • Fastpitch

This tent model uses color-coded and pre-attached poles and hubs. That helps pitch the tent faster compared to the conventional setups tents. It gets easier to unfold, extend, and secure.

  • Weathertec features

For a waterproof, wind-protected, and durable design, Coleman uses its exclusive technology – Weathertec system to ensure you get the perfect outdoor shelter.

Here there is the use of inverted and protected seams that increases the weather resistance; it’s done by hiding the needle holes inside the tent.

  • Room dividers

The tent boasts of 2 removable room dividers that are capable of separate the whole tent into 3 bedrooms.

To enhance privacy, you can install the dividers. Nonthless, if you want to gather all family members to have a night chat or worry about your dogs, remove it.

What We like

  • Waterproof floors
  • Comes with 3 rooms
  • Weather-resistant fabric
  • Adjustable venting system

What We Don’t

  • Doesn’t come with a screen room

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4. Waterproof – Coleman camping tent with all-weather resistance for dog owners

Coleman weatherproof tent for camping with a dog

Here is another Coleman camping tent, this time best for rain. As an all-weather resistant tent for a family tent with dogs, it does come as a Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent featuring Screen Room.

It’s a perfectly sized 6-Person tent with a spacious interior for six campers with their dogs.

  • Bug-free lounging

It does feature a bug-free lounging with extra ventilation is a separated and screened room. The place gives you an additional sleeping area for those warm nights.

  • Window awnings

The use of extended window awnings allows you to keep the tent windows open. That enhances air circulation and do not allow any water or rain inside the tent.

  • Easy pack up

When your camping trip is over or when you’re moving to a new spot, packing the tent becomes easier than never.

It does fit comfortably inside the included carry bag which expands and has a rip strip to provide you with extra storage space.

  • E-port and storage pockets

When it comes to getting power inside your Coleman tent, the process is made convenient by the inclusion of an E-port.

It offers a convenient extension cord run-through to the inside of the canvas. And thanks to the conveniently sewn-in mesh pockets, you can now stash your small necessities for an easy reach.

What We like

  • Zipper protection
  • WeatherTec system
  • Wind-strong frame
  • Dry and comfortable interior
  • Welding-inspired floor technology

What We Don’t

  • It is loaded with a dome shape

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5. Good for summer camping – Wenzel Klondike 8-person tent with excellent ventilation

Wenzel dog friendly camping tent with screen room

Wenzel has been known for making high-quality products since 1887 which makes it a trusted brand. One of their brands to feature on this list of best tent for camping with dogs is Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent. It features weather Armor fabric which protects you from rains and winds.

The dimensions of the tent are 16’ L x 11’ W x 6.5’ H, which makes it accommodate 2 queen-sized beds. With 98 square feet area, it can fit 8 people.

You can enhance your camping experience with the large front screen. Your dog will be highly comfortable in this tent.

What We like

  • High ventilation at the top and back of the tent
  • It is weatherproof thus you are highly protected from rain and strong winds
  • A lot of space for extra storage
  • Comfortable and spacious and enhances your camping experience
  • More accessory pockets which provide additional space for putting your camping accessories

What We Don’t

  • Single entrance

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7. Large space – Coleman Red Canyon multi-room spacious tent for camping with dogs

Coleman 3 room camping tent for two plus dogs

This is one of the largest Skydome tents that was launched for this season. Coleman Red Canyon Tent is spacious and can accommodate up to 8 campers. It is strong and durable with more storage capacities.

You can use it with your friends as it has three extra spacious rooms. Therefore, you can have fun and create memories in this tent with your friends and your dog.

It measures 17 x 10 feet, 72 inch centre and it weighs 24.4 pounds. Normal settings can range from 10 to 20 minutes. It is therefore faster to pitch this tent in your camping experience.

What We like

  • It is spacious and therefore you can enjoy your camping experience with your friends and share fun times
  • Resistant to rains and strong winds with the high-quality material which repels rains and winds
  • It is durable, strong, and stable with the high-quality steel material which makes it last for a longer period

What We Don’t

  • It is heavyweight

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8. Best for large family – Core 11-person ultralight cabin camping tent for dogs and dog owners

Core large tent for camping with dogs

Camping is a great experience after continuously working in the real world; you should take a break and meditate in a cool, quiet, relaxing, and comforting environment. It is spacious with an extra screen room, thus can accommodate up to 11 campers.

The tent is safe because it provides a room for storing electrical material when not in use. The additional room ensures that all your items are protected from getting wet with heavy rains.

Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room has a large floor room that makes you feel like you are home and therefore it is more comfortable. Its dimension is 17 x 12 inches and it weighs 36.24 pounds.

What We like

  • Water block technology which repels water and ensures that it remains dry throughout your camping time
  • Expandable carrying bag which can accommodate more people in your camping adventure
  • Comes with the latest cooling system with the advanced ventilation system which ensures proper air circulation
  • Spacious with a center height of 86 inches which can accommodate all your camping accessories
  • Ergonomic zipper cuff for safety and comfort with the high-quality material which has been engineered with

What We Don’t

  • Has a single entrance and campers have to enter via the screen room

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Reviews of the 5 best tents for the puppy during camping

1. Large room for dogs – AmazonBasics portable elevated tent for small and large dogs

camping cabana for small and large dogs

A dog is an excellent camping companion, and living with him in the same tent might not be ideal. For that, AmazonBasics Elevated Portable Pet House is here to give your buddy an excellent, premium space to rest and relax.

  • For indoors and outdoors

It’s a cozy shelter that works superbly well in the yard, living room, or inside the bedroom. It does come with a lightweight design that makes it easy to move around.

Like a portable pet house, it features an enclosed space with a raised cot to offer off-the-ground comfort. There, an arched front doorway design allows for easy in/out access.

  • Large room

This tent is large enough so you can take your big-size buddy like huskies to camp with you. It can provide a spacious room for resting.

  • Durable design

This pet house withstands frequent use and does offer long-lasting enjoyment to your dog or cat.

The construction employed here uses Oxford fabric, metal, mesh cloth, and plastic components. All these materials create a durable model that you can rely on for years to come.

  • Easy to clean

It’s lightweight and portable and easy to clean; you can wipe it down with a damp cloth.

And to ensure the unit has the utmost stability and firmness, its structure is quite tight and requires strength to put the poles together.

What We like

  • Large front opening
  • Can be spot cleaned
  • Comfortable in/out access
  • Portable off-the-ground design
  • Rectangular-shaped raised cot

What We Don’t

  • Requires strength to put poles together

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2. Best for travel – AmazonBasics mini folding soft-sided kennel tent for dogs

camping tent with 2 dog doors

This next model, the AmazonBasics Portable Folding tent, is best for travel by Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel.

  • Building

It does feature a robust and durable construction that allows it to stay in shape after all the traveling. The funny part is, the building employed here is compact yet spacious; it’s even recommended for the larger breeds such as German Shepard.

The weight capacity of this model is approximately 80 pounds.

  • Top-notch ventilation

The tent features two conveniently-sized doors, top and front offering entry convenience to all pets.

The meshed front door and the vast windows too to offer unrestricted airflow in the inside. It does also allow the pets to see the surrounding, keeping them comfortable.

  • Durable construction

The model features a high-quality PVC frame and top-quality fabric. The two materials create a highly-durable unit capable of holding over an 80-pound pet.

The sizing of these units makes it ideal for large breeds, including German Shepards and Boxers.

What We like

  • Soft-sided
  • Foldable design
  • Secure zipper closures
  • Long-lasting polyester fabric
  • Unzipped rolled-up doors make it have a great ventilation

What We Don’t

  • Only for dogs or cats

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3. Removable mesh shade cover – Parkland pop up camping tents with dog doors

warm tent for dogs when camping

Parkland Pet has something for you outdoor enthusiast who loves camping with your dog, the Portable Foldable Playpen Exercise Kennel. It’s a versatile tent designed for both Dogs and Cats for indoors and outdoors.

It is available in three sizes allowing you to decide the best most for your space and the perfect fit for your dog.

  • Removable mesh shade cover

The removability of the mesh shade cover is a perfect idea when camping. It allows fresh, unlimited airflow inside the kennel.

Apart from this, it keeps the dog or cat comfortable by allowing enjoyment while viewing the surrounding.

What’s more, the design enables extra-large pets to fit well inside the tent. If you have an extra-large dog, you can remove it for the dog to fit appropriately.

  • Folding, easy to storage & portable design

Every camper wants to carry all the necessary camping necessities as single luggage. That’s is made possible by employing a folding, easy-to-store, portable design on this kennel.

That makes it easy and straightforward to carry it with you, pack it smoothly, and store it in small storage space.

What We like

  • Pop up design
  • 2 zippered doors
  • Water/stain resistant
  • 8-panel mesh windows
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Uses

What We Don’t

  • Not ideal for the cold season

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4. Lightweight – Alcott dog-friendly tent for camping

lightweight dog alone camping tent

Never limit yourself to the extent you can go to keep your dog comfortable while you go camping with the Alcott Explorer Tent.

It’s a perfect tent for all your camping adventures. It comes as a durable nylon tent design to offer ideal and dog-friendly shelter while outdooring.

  • Optimal air circulation

It features a waterproof base and 4-net inserts designed air for optimal airflow. What’s more, it comes with a convenient travel bags plus 4-ground stakes.

  • Conveniently sized

The model is designed to fit most dogs easily with enough space for you to lay the beddings. It’s also suitable for multiple small or medium-sized dogs.

Although it’s that big when setup, it has a small easy-folding design that allows easy transportation.

  • Durable construction

The Alcott Explorer Pup Tent is made using durable, soft nylon material that allows it to last long and withstand outdoor weather elements.

That’s why it has performed quite well for other customers.

What We like

  • 5-mesh windows
  • Waterproof base
  • 4-ventilation panels
  • Ideal protection from the elements
  • Large enough for most breeds and their beds

What We Don’t

  • 35″ high in the tent center

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5. Best cheap – K&H dog cot canopy cooling tent for the sun

pet tent for beach camping

K&H Pet Products is a brand that understands how well you love your pet, and that’s why they are providing you with this cheap Dog Pet Cot Canopy. It comes as one of its kind.

As the bestselling design, it does revolutionize the way you lounge your pets. It will ensure your pets stay comfortable and protected as you enjoy your outdoor outing together.

  • Against sunrays

The canopy provides an ideal shade to protect your dog from harsh heat from the sun. It’s perfect for camping, picnicking, travel and more.

  • Lightweight, portable and easy-to-install design

The canopy is light and easily portable. Its easy installation requires no tools; all you need is place its poles into the holes provided on the corners and strap the bungee securely.

  • Easy cleaning

The materials used here are quite easy to clean. You can effortlessly clean the canopy by using a wipe with a damp cloth; it’s that simple. You can also steam the canopy to remove any unwanted wrinkles.

What We like

  • Easy to install
  • Light and portable
  • Secure bungee cords
  • Maximizes sun protection

What We Don’t

  • Cot sold separately

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How to Go Camping with Your Dog?

Camping with your dog can be a different experience especially if you are going for the first time. It would be like taking a companion with you and pack all the essential items to make your outing a success.

Find information about the campsite beforehand. There might be rules and regulations regarding the dogs on the campsite.

– Pack all the essentials in one backpack.

– Keep your dog on a leash while at the camping site. Your dog might be attracted to the smell of your neighbor’s food and may be tempted to stray and therefore you should leash it to keep it within your camping site and prevent it from roaming around other people’s tent.

– Pack your dog’s favorite toy. If your dog likes to play, the toys might come in handy.

Arrange for a tent of a suitable size. If you plan on keeping the dog in the same tent, there should be enough room inside.

– Take care of your dog’s identification as if the dog is lost in the campsite, you would know what to do. Save a recent image by clicking an image as you entered the campsite.

Sleep with your dog. Co-sleeping with your dog during camping will make your dog happy and enjoy the camping experience.

Protect the precious paws of your pet. You have to get all the essential items in advance. Nowadays, it’s easy to order a variety of items in advance.

Research your camping area in advance. Familiarize yourself with the relevant rules and regulations. Get information on what to do in case of an emergency and whether there is a vet in the nearby area.

Camping with your dog can be a success if you are planning ahead for everything. In fact, planning is really important for any kind of activity as you would have an alternate plan ready in case of an issue.

The campsite has to be dog friendly and if there are suitable facilities for your pet, it can be a great experience.

Plus, you can ask other dog owners who frequently go camping with the dogs. Doing so would give you an idea of what to expect.


Other Tips for Taking Dogs Camping

When you plan to take dogs camping, there are various tips and tricks that can be of huge help.

– Make sure you are having a health check-up of your dog prior to the camping trip. You should get an okay from your vet.

– Take note of the local vet in the nearby area of the camping site.

– Get all the essential tools and accessories that would come in handy. Get a blanket for your dog. Arrange an appropriate coat for your dog to keep it warm. Keep a separate water bottle.

Keep an eye on your dog. Make sure the dog doesn’t leave the premises.

– Save a recent image of your dog in your phone for identification. You don’t want your dog to be lost, but when it does you would know what to do.

Vaccinate your dog. Ensure that your dog’s vaccination is up to date to prevent your dog from getting sick easily.

Pack a separate bag for your dog so that it would be easy for you to find all the things in one place.

– You can write the campsite number on the collar of your dog.

– Take care of the dog’s food and water. For the campsite, unopened cans for the dog food seem like a suitable option. But if you are taking home-prepared food for your dog, make sure you are packing it appropriately.


What Can Expect When You Camp with Your Dogs?

You need to prepare for different reactions of your dog to take care of your little buddy.

To achieve the best results on this you are supposed to ensure your dog is vaccinated before leaving for camping.

Having your dog’s up-to-date vaccination is very ideal as it might come across an animal that is non-vaccinated at the camping site. For additional precaution make sure you have a current dog license.

Always carry with your dog drinking water that is clean whether the campsite has natural sources of water or not. This is to avoid your pet from infections as the water can be contaminated.

  • Dogs become overwhelmed or overstimulated

A dog can be overstimulated due to many reasons at the campground. It can be a result of unfamiliar background as well as people around the campsite.

  • They may encounter a problem indigestion

Ensure you carry the dog’s food to avoid stomach upset. In case, it encounters a digestion problem you can give it canned pumpkin which is the best remedy for that situation.

However, you can give your dog some sweet potatoes that are skinless and baked for the same. Bananas, rice, blanched vegetables, ice chips, and more do work perfectly.

  • They may act abnormally around wild animals

Although pets are friendly they may at a time develop some aggressive behavior which tends to be uncontrollable.

When your dog behaves abnormally around wild animals may be due to unfamiliarity you will be uncomfortable considering some campgrounds don’t permit pet aggression. In that case, it is better to leave your dog at home.

  • They may suffer insomniac

When your dog suffers insomnia make sure its daily physical activities are increased, allow your dog to have playtime before sleeping, and ensure it has a comfortable sleeping area.


What Are the Essential Things You Need to Pack for Camping with Dogs?

dog friendly tent camping

When you are going for camping with your dog it is rejuvenating because you will spend time running and exercising which is healthy and makes you wake up early for your job. When you are going camping with your dog you need to take into consideration the following essential:

Leashes/tie-outs – this will prevent your dog from straying away or getting lost in case the dog gets attracted to the pleasant stake smell from your neighbor. You should therefore carry plenty of leashes of different sizes including long leashes for long walks and short leashes for a short walk.

Poop bag – when going camping you should consider having enough pooping bags for collecting your dog’s poop during camping. It is unhealthy to leave your dog poop in the woods or scattered on grass that is not eco-friendly.

Medical considerations – you should make sure that your dog’s vaccines are up to date and prevent your dog from getting sick easily. Also, your dog may eat more wild food and might ingest bacteria which might make it sick.

I.D. Tags – during camping there might be other campers with their dogs and therefore if your dog has an I.D. you can identify it easily. You should consider also putting GPS on your dog to easily identify it in case it gets lost.

Food and water – You should ensure that you carry enough food and water for all your camping experiences. Food and water are life and you should consider getting enough of it to keep your dog alive and healthy. You should also consider carrying enough snacks for your dog so that your dog can enjoy the camping experience.

Dog Bowls – this is another essential element you should include in your camping list as the dog will eat and drink food and the bowl comes in handy for putting the dog’s food.

Towel – as your dog jumps around and enjoys the cool waters outdoors then you should have a towel for drying up your dog. This prevents your dog from catching a cold during adverse or bad weather conditions.

Dog outwear – you should ensure that you carry your dog’s outdoor wear such as a vest which will keep your dog warm when running up and down outside.

Toys – they are very important in getting your dog entertained as you bond and spend time together. Your dog will feel lively during camping time and will feel loved and cared for as you spend time together.

Tent – you should get a suitable tent for your dog which protects your dog from adverse or bad weather such as strong winds or cold.


How to Keep the Dog Warm While Camping?

Camping can be so much fun. You might be planning for the camping trip for a long time. It’s important to keep the various aspects in mind when you plan a camping trip.

If you are planning to take your dog along while camping, it’s important to keep your little bundle of joy warm and cozy. You might have not thought of the details, but worry not. It’s easy once you know what you can do to keep the dog warm.

best camping tent for dogs reviews

– First, look for the signs of cold, for example, if the dog is shivering and does it feel cold to touch. You can see if the dog is trying to curl up, plus knowing the temperature of the current weather would make it obvious to understand.

– There is a huge variety of dog beds available on the market. You can invest in a cozy one and keep in your spacious tent so that your dog would stay warm.

– You can bring a blanket for the dog. Keep a separate dog blanket for such occasions.

Your dog would feel great if you snuggle. Your precious little friend might feel a lot better after this.

– If you have two dogs, let them sleep next to each other so that in case of cold, they can be together and sleep comfortably.

– Get a hot water bottle and place it inside a t-shirt or a piece of cloth to avoid any kind of burn. Your dog can then sit comfortably on the t-shirt to feel warm.

– You can invest in getting a coat for your dog. There are many that you can easily get for your precious pet. Make sure the coat is suitable for winters also. It would be a win-win.

Keeping your dog warm is important if you plan on taking it with you to the campsite. The air might get chilly at night and your dog would like to stay warm.



1. Should I take my dog to go camping?

how to keep dog warm while camping

Depending on the health and condition of your dog after asking your vet, you can go camping with your dog.

Despite tons of information available online in the form of articles and tutorials, always follow the recommendations from your doctor.

  • Check the campsite in advance as it should be dog-friendly.
  • Protect the paws of your furry friend.
  • Keep an eye on the parasites as the safety of your dog should be your priority.
  • Make sure your dog stays on the campsite and doesn’t wander or runoff.
  • Take measures for identification in case if the dog is lost, it would be handy.

2. What do you do with your dog when you go camping?

You can enjoy the best time of your life when you go camping with your little bundle of joy. It can be a fun time if you have prepared quite well for camping.

– Enjoy the time with your pet and you can keep the pet inside the tent while sleeping. Make sure the tent is spacious to keep you and your pet.

– Pack suitable toys to play with your dog. Even the dog can play with the toy while you would be enjoying a cup of coffee.

– Make sure you have packed enough food and water for your dog. While you eat your food, your dog can enjoy canned food.

– You can go hiking with your dog. It can be a fun plus, it would be great for your health.

3. Is it safe to leave a dog in a tent while camping?

dog tent

Whether it’s safe to leave your dog in a tent while camping would depend on a variety of factors.

You have to see whether the campsite allows you to leave the dog alone. You have to be familiar with the campsite rules and regulations.

It would also depend on how trained your dog is. If the dog isn’t ready then it won’t be safe. However, if the dog is trained to handle then it can be a viable option.

You have to consider the time for which you would be gone.

If you are going for a long time then consider the weather. Find out if it’s a suitable thing to do and whether your dog can manage alone or not.

If you are going for a short time and your dog can easily manage the time alone then it can be considered.

4. How can I keep my dog safe while camping?

To keep your dog safe while camping, you should take care of all the basic needs of your dog. Pack all the essentials and make sure you are taking care of all the relevant rules and regulations.

  • Pack enough food and water for your dog. You don’t want to run out of food options while at the campsie.
  • Focus on the training of your pet when you are going for camping first time.
  • Talk to your vet before taking the dog for camping. If there is an underlying health condition find out what measures to take.
  • Protect the paws of your dog.
  • Find out the safety rules and regulations of the campsite.

5. When camping with a dog, where does he sleep?

You might be wondering if you should take your dog along for camping. Now that you have decided in the favor, you might wonder where your dog is going to sleep.

With the safety measures, some people would prefer their dog to sleep in the vehicle while others would want the dog to be in the same tent.

Some people would want the dog to sleep outside the tent. And others may tend to buy separated pet tents.

6. Can dogs sleep in tents?

Yes! Some dogs prefer to sleep in the tent with you but other dogs might like to stay outside the tent.

If the dog is sleeping inside the tent, make sure the tent is large enough to keep the two of you comfortable inside. Make sure you don’t leave the dog alone inside the tent unattended.

So it’s a personal choice and depends more on what your dog would prefer.

7. Will The Dog Feel Suffocated Inside The Tent?

No, the tent is designed with large space and having top and bottom windows to allow fresh air circulation. If your dog can go under any covers and is strong enough to come out without struggling then it cannot suffocate.

However, you need to take care of the young pet. A dog can suffocate inside a tent in case it gets trapped.

8. Is there such thing as a dog sleeping bag?

Yes, dog sleeping bags are available and are a very important option for your dog. This is because many dogs like curling up and a dog’s sleeping bag is a complete package. It offers more warmth compared to a normal blanket.

9. Can you camp on a beach with your dog?

Yes, there is no problem at all. All you need to do is to ensure your tent is perfectly designed and has excellent ventilation. Having a tent with a door that can be zipped well means that your dog will remain inside at night as you will have it in check daytime.


Finding the best camping tent for dogs would be easier if you know the important features. You should consider the campsite rules and regulations.

Find out a suitable tent for yourself and for your pet. Make sure you are enjoying the best time of your life. Keep your dog safe.

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