Best Camping Hammock Tents for Burden-Free Travel in 2022

A camping hammock tent combines the best features of a tent and a hammock. It can give you the best possible night’s sleep when you’re camping. The best camping hammock tents come in different styles and have durable materials to fit the outdoors.

Read on and find out about the special features that make these instant beds so popular, and how to find the right camping hammock tent to meet your needs.

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Our Top Picks of Best Camping Hammock Tent

Versatile for ground and off-ground use, a full mesh top cover for bug protection and ventilation, flat floor design, Lawson Hammock Hybrid Tent

Top rated with super cheap price, extra soft but strong material, easy to set up, Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

Lightweight and compact size for good portability, Newdora Backpacking Hammock Tent

Large capacity and space for 3 adults, strong strap and steady anchor system, center hatch for easy access, Tentsile Stingray 3 Person Camping Hammock


How to choose the best hammock tent for camping?

There are quite a few considerations to make before you settle on a hammock tent for camping. Not all hammock tents are the same.

There are differences in them that can make the difference between your comfort and convenience and dissatisfaction.

Here are the things that you need to think about as you make the decision about which camping hammock best meets your needs.

#1. Capacity

The capacity of the camping hammock tent means the weight limit that it will safely hold. It also refers to the length.

The unwritten rule when it comes to choosing the right size is to make sure that the camping hammock tent you choose is at least 4 feet longer than your height.

This will allow you to stretch out without feeling cramped.

Make sure that the weight limitations are more than your body weight plus any bedding or other accessories you will take into the hammock tent with you.

#2. Waterproofness

Most camping hammock tents are advertised as waterproof to some degree, but some are better than others. Make sure that the hammock tent you purchase is made of material that is treated with waterproofing.

The highest degree of waterproofing is achieved when the seams are inverted, taped, and treated, when the corners are welded, and when the zippers are also listed as being waterproof.

It’s important to double check to ensure that the one you buy is completely waterproof to keep you warm and dry at night.

#3. Lightweight vs heavy duty

Hammock tents for camping come in a variety of sizes and weights. Everyone has their own needs and preferences.

Lightweight hammock tents are made for hikers and backpackers to keep the load they’re carrying light. This type is also best for warm/hot climates.

Heavy-duty hammock tents are made of thicker material. They tend to keep the heat in better than the lightweight versions. These are often too heavy for backpacking and they’re best for cooler climates because they tend to retain the heat better.

Heavy-duty hammock tents are usually more durable and they last longer if purchased from a reputable brand.

#4. Portability

Portability is a big issue for hikers and backpackers. Hammock tents come in versions that fold up into a compact size. These are usually the lightweight types that fit easily into a backpack and take up less space.

Hikers appreciate a portable camping hammock tent because it sets up quickly and easily, and it’s also easy to take down, fold up and stow away for the next day’s hike.

#5. Price

The most expensive camping hammock tent isn’t necessarily the best choice for you. While you get what you pay for most of the time, it pays to compare the most useful models to get a good deal.

The average price range for a high-quality camping hammock tent is between $100 and $250.

The price is usually based upon the reputation of the brand, the quality of the materials and workmanship, and the special convenience features that are built-in.

You don’t need to pay the highest price to get the best camping hammock tent to meet your needs and wants.

#6. Double vs single

The next consideration is whether a double or a single camping hammock tent is the best choice.

A double can accommodate 2 adults as long as the length and weight limits allow. Double hammock tents are heavier to carry and a little more bulky than singles, so they may not be the best choice for backpacking.

A double hammock may be a good choice if you are a larger person, or if you have kids who like to bunk together on a camping trip.

#7. Material

The models made of nylon, polyester, or ripstop nylon are the most lightweight.

This fabric is more breathable for better ventilation. It keeps the wind out yet allows air to flow through to prevent overheating or stuffiness.

This type material is not as durable as some of the heavy-duty cotton canvas types, but it tends to be more waterproof.

Cotton canvas is strong, durable, and heavier.

When reading through the product description, pay attention to the denier. The higher the denier of the fabric, the more densely woven it is and the stronger it will be.

#8. Enclosed vs open

Hammock tents are made in a variety of styles. Most hammock tents are open.

The hammock is suspended between two trees, or on a hammock frame. The tent is stretched over the hammock and it is open on both ends.

This allows air to flow through at the ends, but it protects you from wind and rain at the top and on the sides. Most extend over the full length of the hammock for protection.

Enclosed hammock tents have a zipper system, or mosquito netting to seal you inside and keep out flying insects. This type is still well ventilated and allows airflow.

It’s the better choice if mosquitoes or other pests are a problem. This is a matter of personal preference, as it is easier to get out of an open hammock.


Reviews of the 10 best hammock tents for camping

Here are our top 10 best camping hammock tents on the market.

Enjoy your camping activities without having to carry multiple bedding accessories with the use of these hammocks.

They are perfect for camping in different climates as they provide security and are tough to withstand the outdoor weather.

#1. Top rated – Wise Owl double and single camping hammock with tree straps

top rated camping hammocks

Capacity: 1/2

Weight: 16oz/26oz

Size: 9′ x 4.5’/ 10′ x 6.5′

Weight Limit: 500 lbs

A hammock is always the best sleeping option for people who don’t want to carry bulky beddings when going camping.

This hammock from Wise Owl is perfect for adults since it provides a great sleeping place.

  • Heavy-Duty Material 210T Parachute Nylon Materials

This hammock is designed for outdoor areas; hence, the quality materials. The heavy-duty 210T nylon materials provide exceptional rigidity to hold 500 pounds while providing a soft silky surface so you can rest on the woods.

  • Lightweight and compact size

It is quite easy to pack this hammock in the backpack when traveling since it is foldable for convenient fitting in the bag. The hammock is also light in weight for easy portability and easy hanging on the tree.

  • Easy to set up

The hammock has sewed ropes in the sides for hanging it, and the package comes with carabiners for locking the straps on the tree.

What We like

  • Comes in different shades of colors
  • Affordable to suit people on a budget
  • It is foldable for easy packing when traveling

What We Don’t

  • A single person can only use this hammock at a go

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#2. Versatile use – Lawson Hammock blue ridge waterproof camping hammock tent

camping hammock tent with rainfly

Capacity: 1

Size: 90″ x 42″

Weight: 4.25 lbs

Weight Limit: 275 lbs

You don’t have to worry about mosquitoes that disrupt your sleep at night while sleeping on this hammock; it comes in a mosquito net. The hammock provides a comfortable resting space during the day too.

  • It is versatile

If you are an outdoor person, then this hammock is a good option for you. You can use this hammock for shelter in various areas if you love outdoor adventures in the woods and even in waters.

  • Weatherproof

This hammock is safe to use when camping throughout the year since it has quality materials to withstand all the outdoor climates. The hammock has a waterproof cover to secure you from wetness during the rainy seasons.

  • Flatter design for comfort

This camping hammock has a flatter design that provides a comfortable and safe surface to sleep at night. This, in return, helps to prevent injuries when sleeping.

What We like

  • It is comfortable to sleep on due to the flat design
  • This hammock has the quality and weatherproof materials
  • The hammock only weighs around 4 pounds for easy carrying around
  • Has an inbuilt net to prevent bugs and mosquitos from disturbing you

What We Don’t

  • Only for solo camping and backpacking

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#3. Portable – Legit cheap double hammock tent for weekend camping

legit camping hammock tent

Capacity: 1-2

Material: Nylon

Color Optoions: 7

Weight Limit: 400 lbs

This stands as one of the most comfortable camping hammocks that are easy to pack since it is foldable and comes with a carrying bag for packing it to move.

  • Quality material construction

This camping hammock is made of heavy-duty and robust materials that can support heavyweights of up to 400 pounds. The materials are resistant to tear and quick-wear so you can hang the hammock on different areas outdoors.

  • Easy to pack and transport

This hammock has nylon material that is flexible for easy folding up when packing. The package also comes with a carrying bag to store the hammock in.

  • Easy to install on the tree

This hammock is bliss when it comes to installing it on the tree. It comes with all the fitting parts, like the snaps to hold it on the tree.

What We like

  • The pack comes with carrying bag as a bonus
  • It can support heavyweights of up to 400 pounds
  • The hammock is suitable for multiple outdoor adventures

What We Don’t

  • Doesn’t come with a rainfly

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#4. Easy entry – Hennessy durable heavy-duty hammock for long-lasting use

hennessey camping hammock tent reviews

Capacity: 1

Weight: 3 lbs 3 oz

Pack Size: 5″ x 8″ x 12″

Weight Limit: 300 lbs

The extra-large size design of this hammock makes it an excellent choice for all sizes of people since it can comfortably fit a person with a height of 7 feet tall. It has quality material design, plus it is versatile for outdoor activities.

  • Strong and durable material construction

This hammock has 70D nylon materials, plus the 70D polyester material can hold heavyweight of up to 1800 pounds. This tent is safe to use in all-weather climates since the potent elements are durable and resistant to quick wear.

  • The asymmetric style for comfort

The asymmetric design conforms to one’s body to provide excellent support and offer the right fit for different body shapes.

  • Unique access point

This hammock has a unique bottom entry for easy access of the hammock for those who are unable to climb from the top

What We like

  • It is an easy to access hammock
  • Extra-large to fit different people
  • Quite keen to withstand the outdoor weathers
  • It is healthy to hold heavyweights of up to 1800 pounds

What We Don’t

  • Limited capacity

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#5. Small compact size – Forbidden Road nylon hammock tent for solo camping

ultralight hammock camping

Capacity: 1

1P Size: 103″ x 55″

1P Weight: 15 ounces

1P Weight Limit: 400 lbs

This is a full package camping hammock for people who love outdoor adventures. All you need is to find a stable tree and hang the hammock to rest or sleep at night.

  • Durable nylon materials construction

The hammock is made of 210D taffeta nylon material that is quite sturdy and tough to withstand the outdoor climates. The hammock is quite strong to resist wind and to fade from the sunlight. It is also healthy to hold a person with a weight of 400 pounds.

  • Easy to set up

This camping hammock is quite light in weight, plus it comes with all the fixing parts, which make it easy and fast to install on the trees.

  • Multifunctional

The heavy-duty material design and the secure installation mode of the hammock make it perfect for different seasons. You can use it when hiking, trekking and camping.

What We like

  • Comes with an extra carriage bag
  • Able to accommodate a person with 400 pounds
  • The package comes with all mounting accessories
  • Comes with different color shades so you can choose the right shade to suit you

What We Don’t

  • Doesn’t feature a mosquito net

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#6. Best lightweight – Eno synthetic 2 person hammock tent for camping and hiking

eno hammock tent for camping reviews

Capacity: 1-2

Size: 9’4″ x 6’2″

Weight: 19 ounces

Weight Limit: 400 lbs

If you are looking for a camping hammock to share with your partner, this right here is a good choice. The hammock features double material stitching that is strong to accommodate two persons.

  • Portable

This hammock is foldable for easy packing in the bag to transport to different areas. The hammock also comes with a bag for storing it in when carrying

  • Extra large

This hammock has durable materials with a double sewed style to hold two people. It is also large and wide to provide functional space for two to rest.

  • Quality hooking accessories

This camping hammock comes with all the hooking tools you need to install on the tree. The closure calibers are made with aluminum materials, and the hooks have stainless steel materials that are resistant to harsh outdoor climates.

What We like

  • Large to fit two people
  • It is easy to transport since it is foldable
  • The actual hammock has breathable materials to prevent heat accumulation
  • The hammock tent is multifunctional to meet various outdoor activities apart from camping

What We Don’t

  • You may need to buy extra-large straps to reach trees that are far apart.

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#7. Large Capacity for 3 – Tentsile Stingary spacious tree house camping and backpacking tent

spacious hammock camping tent for couples

Capacity: 3

Height: 4′

Weight: 25 lbs

Weight Limit: 880 lbs

Are you planning for a camping trip with your two friends, well this hammock may be the perfect sleeping surface choice since it can accommodate up to three people; thus, no need to buy extra sleeping bags.

  • Weather-resistant material construction

This camping hammock is made with 5000 HH rain-fly cover that secures the users from the rain and cold when camping in wet areas. It also has robust 240 D nylon crafting that can hold three people with a weight of up to 800 pounds.

  • Quality construction

Apart from the heavy-duty material design, this hammock has excellent stitching to secure it while ensuring the user’s total safety. The hammock has double stitching on the hems to secure them from coming off.

  • Multiple storage spaces

This hammock is made with internal pockets that are big enough to accommodate multiple items like phones for easy access while outdoors.

What We like

  • Waterproof
  • Has internal storage pockets
  • It is strong to hold up to three people
  • The rainfly is detachable for easy cleaning

What We Don’t

  • Quite expensive

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#8. Highly enclosed – WintMing camping hammock with bug net and rain cover

Enjoy your camping activities at any time of the year with this fantastic hammock. It has a rain cover and a net to ensure your comfort when sleeping at night.

double and single camping hammock

Capacity: 2

Size: 10′ x 6′

Weight: 3.5 lbs

Weight Limit: 440 lbs

  • Lightweight hammock

This hammock only weighs less than 4 pounds for easy transportation when going to camp. It is also foldable to save the storage space when packing on the camping vehicle.

  • Multifunctional hammock

The style and design of the hammock fit various activities as you can use it as a tent with the rain cover or as a bed during your camping activities.

  • Interior accessories

This hammock tent has interior hooks that you can use to hang items like lanterns or jacket for easy access.

What We like

  • 3000mm waterproofness
  • It is multifunctional for indoor and outdoor use
  • This is comfortable swing hammock for outdoor use
  • The hammock is robust and ideal for outdoor weather climates

What We Don’t

  • A little expensive

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#9. Ultralight – Newdora windproof hammock camping tent with 2x hanging straps

camping hammock tent with moaquito net and rainfly

Capacity: 2

Weight: 38oz

Size: 108″ x 57″

Weight Limit: 600 lbs

This is another multifunctional outdoor hammock that you can use as a chilling bed in a day and a tent for sleeping at night. The hammock has net to secure you from bugs and mosquitos on outdoors.

  • Quality and heavy-duty materials

This tent is quite durable and has sturdy materials that can accommodate a person with a weight of up to 600 pounds

  • Has a cover and net

You don’t have to worry about the bugs or mosquitoes bothering you when sleeping at night since this hammock comes with a net for protection.

  • Easy to setup

You can set up this hammock on your own since it is smooth with the available mounting accessories.

What We like

  • Has sturdy and heavy-duty materials
  • 1-year warranty for quality assurance
  • Comes with a bag for storing and carrying
  • Features a net for security from mosquitoes and bugs

What We Don’t

  • For single oe double

Check Price on Amazon


Benefits of Buying a portable hammock tent stand

A portable hammock tent stand can make your camping experience more enjoyable.

It is easy to set up and it eliminates the need to find two trees that are just the right distance apart.

You can suspend your hammock from the stand instead of searching for trees and going through the process of attaching the straps.

A portable hammock tent stand provides anchor points that make the suspension of hammocks more reliable. You won’t’ worry about straps or ropes coming undone and you won’t end up on the ground in the middle of the night.

These are the most dependable methods of hammock suspension. They are convenient because of the portability.

Plus, these light stands don’t weigh much and you can carry them from one place to another with ease.

Choose a portable hammock stand that comes with a carrying case for even more convenience.


Who makes the best hammock style tent for camping?

There are 4 main brands of camping tents. Lawson, Legit, Eno, and Hennessey. Although there are others, these are the most highly respected and reputable. When choosing a camping hammock or a camping hammock tent, it’s important to go with a brand that has a solid reputation for quality and comfort.

#1. Lawson

Lawson Hammock was founded by Wes Johnson who had a passion for spending time in the outdoors since childhood.

His knowledge and experience in outdoor camping gave him the idea to create a camping hammock that would be high in quality, comfortable, and versatile.

He developed the Lawson Hammock Company to market his products and share them with others in need of an innovative solution for protection and sleeping comfort when camping or hiking.

Lawson brand products consistently receive high ratings for quality, practicality and comfort.

#2. Legit

Legit is a smaller company that is nationally known for quality and durability in its products.

The brand competes against big box outdoor companies by providing premium hammocks and camping gear that meets the true needs of campers and adventurers.

The name Legit Camping is about placing the desires and the needs of those who love the outdoors first and doing so with products that hold up under repeated use.

#3. Eno

Eno is the abbreviation of Eagles Nest Outfitters. The company was founded in 1999 in Asheville, North Carolina. The founders had a passion for travel and adventure.

The business was started in Florida by an adventurer who wanted more comfortable accommodations after attending music festivals.

He began with a comfortable hammock that he created. He sold them at campgrounds out of a minivan in the early years.

His passion for hammocking grew and Eno is now known as one of the most comfortable hammocks that you can buy in the world. The brand has a reputation for high quality and unique designs.

#4. Hennessey

Hennessey was founded by Tom Hennessey who grew up camping out of the family’s station wagon. He began experimenting with old WW II surplus hammocks and developed his own design.

He learned how to sew from his mother and began sewing hammocks that were intended to be lightweight yet comfortable. He continued to improve on his design and eventually developed some of the bests hammocks in the world.

The Hennessey brand was officially launched in the Spring of 1999 and it is lauded as one of the top outdoor gear companies in the world today.


What are the accessories you need for camping with a hammock?

When camping with a hammock, there are certain accessories that can make the experience much more comfortable and convenient. Here is a list of everything that you will need to take along in addition to the hammock.

#1. Tarp

A tarp is necessary to help keep you dry when you’re camping with a hammock. String a ridge line over the hammock, then hang the tarp over the ridge line and secure it down at each point. This will protect you from the wind and rain. Tarps come in several different shapes, sizes and materials. Here are tips on how to find the right tarp:

– Size

Choose a tarp that is large enough to fit over the entire length and width of the hammock with room to spare for anchoring. The more coverage you have, the better you’ll be protected.

– Shape

Tarps come in all shapes including rectangular, round, hexagonal, asymmetrical, and more. Choose a tarp that gives you the best coverage.

– Material

Make sure that the tarp you choose is made of waterproof material. If you’re a hiker or backpacker, weight is a consideration. Go with a more lightweight material. The most important material feature is waterproofing and durability.

#2. Sleeping bag

A hammock without padding can become uncomfortable. It’s best to place a comfortable sleeping bag that is rated for the season and weather conditions down in the hammock.

A sleeping bag is preferable to pillows and blankets. It is more convenient to roll up and store and it will keep you warmer in cold night temperatures.

#3. Straps

best camping hammock tent reviews

Straps are required to suspend your hammock from the trees. When choosing the straps, go with strong and durable straps that are reinforced and dependable.

Make sure that the straps are rated to hold your suspended weight.

Choose versatile straps that can be tied in different ways because not all trees are the same size. Buy straps that are long enough to stretch a good distance because you might not find trees that are very close together.

You can also use a rope suspension system, but heavy duty straps are recommended because of their strength and durability.

#4. Sleeping pad

We recommend taking a sleeping pad to line the bottom of your hammock. The pad goes under your sleeping bag.

It will provide comfortable cushioning and it will also keep the bottom of the hammock insulated from the cold. Sleeping pads come in different thicknesses.

They are easy to roll up if you’re hiking or backpacking. Most are made of foam materials that add another layer of protection between you and the elements.

#5. Carabiners and clips

Carabiners are a locking type of clip that helps you to keep your hammock firmly suspended by the straps. They’re used to reinforce the strength of the strap. Clips can be used for keeping tarps in place so they don’t flap in the wind.

#6. Camping pillow

A camping pillow is another accessory that will make your rest more comfortable.

These come in different sizes and styles. Some styles also make good cushions to sit on when you’re taking a break from hiking.

Choose a camping pillow that is compact in size and lightweight if you’re backpacking.

#7. Guyline

A guyline is a part of the suspension system that is used for making a ridge line above your hammock. Your protective tarp that protects you from wind and rain is held up by a guyline.

You can use a rope or a wire if necessary, but the best material to use is a steel braided wire that is covered with plastic.

Choose a guyline that is long enough to suspend between trees that are spaced a distance apart.

Keep in mind that you never know who close suitable trees will be for suspending your hammock and tarp systems.

#8. Stakes

Stakes are necessary for holding any guylines or tarps firmly in place. Choose stakes that are made of strong material. Take enough with you to secure any materials that can be affected by the wind.

It’s a good practice to have a minimum of 8 stakes on hand. If you’re backpacking, consider aluminum stakes that are thin yet strong because they weigh less and take up less space in your pack.

#9. Mosquito netting

If your hammock does not come with a mosquito netting system, it’s something that you should consider taking along.

Mosquito netting is important if you are using a tarping system for protection, or if you have an open ended camping hammock tent.

Flying insects can become a problem in the wilderness and they can rob you of a good night’s sleep.



#1. What is the weight limit of a camping hammock tent?

camping hammock set

The weight limit of a camping hammock tent depends on the type and size that you choose. This is one of the most important features to determine before you buy.

Hammock tents come in a variety of weight capacities.

  • The smallest is 150 pounds.
  • The average weight capacity is up to 400 pounds.
  • Some of the more heavy-duty versions can hold up to 500 pounds.

#2. How to install a camping hammock?

1. Find the trees

Find two trees that are at least 12 feet apart, but not more than 25 feet apart.

2. Attach the straps/ropes to the carabiners

The straps must be attached to the clips or carabiners on each end. Next, attach the carabiners to the hammock and make sure that they are locked firmly in place.

3. Attach the straps to the trees

Attach the straps to each of the two trees. Make sure that the straps are tied or secured firmly to each tree. They should be at a height that suspends the hammock off the ground, even when you’re lying in it.

4. Attach your guyline

Next, attach the guyline to the trees above the hammock tent. Give yourself plenty of space to move around.

5. Place your tarp on the ridge line

Place the tarp on the ridge line you’ve created above the hammock. Tie the tarp down with ties and stake them into the ground. This will help to hold the tarp firmly in place if the wind comes up.



Using a camping hammock tent can be an enjoyable experience if you choose the right hammock tent and you set it up properly.

Take along all of the needed accessories and follow the tips that we’ve provided. This will allow you to experience one of the most unforgettable camping trips of your life.

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