Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent for Large Family Camping

The 9 person tents come in different styles where some consist of an extension for additional space. One of the top best 9 person tent domes for outdoor events and activities is the Core 9 person extended dome tent.

This tent consists of heavy-duty and quality materials constructions that guarantee protection from the outdoor elements.

It is also convenient to use in areas with power since there are ports where you can pass through the power cables for lighting in the interior.

Let’s have a more detailed look at it!

Specifications of the Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

core 9 person extended dome tent review

Size: 16′ x 9′

Height: 72″

Weight: 18.25 lbs

Pack Size: 27″ x 10″ x 10″

Material: Polyester & Fiberglass

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General Reviews of Core Equipment 9-Man Extended Dome Tent

Whether you want to go camping in the winter or summer seasons, this tent from Core is a good choice.

The tent cover is made with heavy-duty 68 D polyester materials that secure you from outdoor elements so you can enjoy the outdoors fully.

What makes it a valuable tent is that its waterproofness. This tent comes with a waterproof floor made of canvas material that ensures you are secure from wetness when you sleep on the floor.

The package also consists of an extra waterproof ceiling that you can put up when it starts to rain.

core 9 person extended dome tent

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The removable ceiling fabric has heat sealing mechanisms to ensure the inside part of the tent has warmth at night. If you don’t need to use it, especially during the summer seasons, uninstall it.

This tent is ideal for a large crowd to fit around 9 people sleeping on sleeping bags. This makes this tent a good choice for a large family, or if you want to go camping with your friends.

Is this tent comfortable to use during the summer seasons? Well, the answer is yes! This tent is equipped with reliable ventilation panels that allow excellent airflow to prevent heat building up in the inside.

The vents on this tent are adjustable so you can get enough airflow depending on the temperature levels in the tent.

This tent features an extension space which is achieved through two additional ridge poles that you can add on the sides.

Setting up this tent is quite easy since it has fewer parts. With a weight of fewer than 20 pounds, you can comfortably hold the tent to install on the ground or do the job with your partner.

The poles of this tent are made with quality fiberglass materials that provide stability and security regardless of where you set the tent up.

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The Good and The Bad of the Core Extended Dome Tents for Large Family

What We like

  • Stand against any harsh weather
  • Extendable for additional space on the inside
  • The space is large to accommodate up to 9 people
  • Comes with 21 stakes for additional support and stability
  • The tent features ceiling mesh panels for ventilation purpose
  • The ventilations are adjustable to fit the temperatures and the climate
  • Has cable ports for easy connection and passage of electrical cables to the interior
  • Comes with interior pockets to keep the interior organized and to save space as well

What We Don’t

  • Weighs 18.25 lbs
  • May not suitable for backpacking or hiking
  • May not accommodate 9 people if you have multiple camping items

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Key Features of Core 9-Person Tent with Extended Dome for Family Camping

#1. Unique Extended Dome Design

Do you want to increase the space on the interior of this tent?

This is easy since it features an extension setting so one can maximize the interior space. This tent comes with two extra ridge poles that stretch the tent to create more space.

This is a crucial feature if you want to extend space for keeping your items such as shoes, or suitcases while camping. You can also extend the space to fit multiple items or large sleeping bags.

#2. Mesh Ceiling Panels

core equipment 9 person tent

Mesh ceiling panels are quite common in large tents to ensure there is good ventilation inside the tent.

The core 9 people extended dome tent is equipped with the mesh panels on the ceiling to enhance breathability and good flow of air to the inside of the tent.

This is a vital feature when camping in summer seasons since the airflow prevents heat built up. Other than this, the mesh panels allow one to have a beautiful view of the sky when sleeping at night since they are transparent.

#3. Adjustable Air Vents

How much airflow do you need in the tent, or which season are you planning to go camping with this tent?

Well, your safety when it comes to excellent breathability while in this tent is guaranteed thanks to the adjustable vents.

The adjustability mechanics ensures you can regulate the temperatures in the tent depending on the seasons and the climate.

The tent has an advanced technology plus the adjustable mechanisms whereby the vents effortlessly allows hot air to escape on the exterior part of the tent and cool air to get inside the tent through the mesh panels on the ceiling.

#4. Weather Resistance

This tent comes with an extension roof flap that is made of waterproof materials to seal the inside parts and prevent water from penetrating in rainy seasons.

The roof cover also seals in warmth to ensure you are warm when sleeping at night. The entire tent is created with heavy-duty and durable 68D polyester materials that are waterproof.

The seams on this tent are treated with heat to prevent any wetness from penetrating to the interior part of the tent.

#5. Capacity and Size

large core extended dome tent

This 9 people extended dome tent can accommodate up to 9 people using sleeping bags.

It features floor space of 16x 9 inches that can fit 9 people using the sleeping bags or three queen size air mattresses.

This tent is perfect for family camping since you can comfortably fit your beddings and other things that you will need while camping.

#6. Inside Storage

The sides of these tents are equipped with pockets where you can organize items to save the floor space in the tent.

The tent pockets are large to fit large items like clothes, torch, and small devices like a phone for easy access.

This also helps to save the floor space so you can fit beddings and leave enough space to pass around.

#7. Electric cables access ports

If you need a tent that you can easily connect electricity to use on the inside, this dome tent is a real deal.

The shelter is equipped with power cable ports that allow one to pass the electric cables freely when connecting the power.

This helps to ensure you don’t interfere with the tent canvas or leave any openings, especially during the rainy season. The electric cable passage ports are lockable when not in use.

#8. Heavy-duty material construction

The entire tent is made with quality and heavy-duty materials to accommodate all the weather climates.

  • The stake poles of the tent feature stainless steel material to secure them from damage in case they come to contact with wetness.
  • The tent cover has quality 68D polyester material that has waterproof finishing protecting the users from the rain.
  • The tent poles are made with thick fiberglass material to provide stability and support to the entire structure.

#9. Waterproof floorcheap core 9 person extended dome tent

The tent comes with flooring that ensures the beddings do not come to contact with wetness or moisture when sleeping. This also ensures there is good warmth on the interior part of the tent.

Who Is It for?

– Campers

If you enjoy camping as a team or as a family, this tent is a must-have. The camping tent is quite convenient to set up in any area since it is light in weight and comes with stakes for extra support when you set up on windy areas.

The tent is waterproof and has a waterproof ceiling to secure the users from getting wet when mounted outdoors.

It also has ventilation to ensure you are comfortable and have the right temperatures on the inside.

The package comes with a carrying bag for easy packing the tent in the vehicle when traveling.

– People Who Enjoy Starry Nights

The tent is perfect to build as a tent in your backyard or garden especially to use at night. The mesh panels on top allow people to have a good view of the skies and stars at night as you relax with your loved ones.

This dome tent is easy to set up and the available stakes make it easy to set up the tent on varying grounds.

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What Is in the Box?

The items that ship with this tent are;

– 21 steel stakes: for additional support on the sides and prevent the tent from being blown away by the wind.

– 3 fibreglass internal poles: the tent comes with three poles measuring 9.5 mm, 8.5 mm and 6.9 mm

– Tent flooring

– Tent and Rainfly

– A carrying bag


The core 9 people extended dome tent is a large durable camping tent for outdoor and recreational activities that you can use throughout the year.

Setting up the tent does not take a lot of time since the steps are straightforward. So, enjoy camping with your friends or family with this amazing tent.

core 9 person extended dome tent

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