Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Tent for 6-Person Camping – Full Reviews

An outdoor person must know the right protective gear to have at hand before hitting the road. For instance, if you love car camping activities, you should know the right tent to equip your car models.

The car tent also referred to as SUV tents are the tent models that are fitted on the back of the vehicle to provide shelter to the campers.

For example, the Rightline Gear 110907 SUV tent is the perfect car camping tent for four to six people who enjoy outdoor activities. This tent is large to provide enough space and has quality materials that safeguard the users from the weather elements.

Here is a review of the rightline gear 110907 SUV tent, and why you should acquire the tent for your outdoor escapes.

Specifications of Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Tent

Rightline gear 110907 suv tent review

Capacity: 6

Poles: Fiberglass

Weight: 19.8 pounds

Closure Type: Zipper

Pack Size: 27.6″ x 18.9″ x 9.9″

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General Review of Rightline Gear 110907 6 Person SUV Tent

Whether you plan to go camping, hiking, or on a road trip, this is the right tent to tag along for shelter purposes while outdoors.

The Rightline Gear 110907 SUV tent is compatible with most vehicles ranging from SUV, wagon, and pick-up trucks so you can have a sound sleep at night.

The tent is fitted at the back of the vehicle to provide a comfortable and safe resting place above the ground.

rightline gear waterproof suv tent

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The tent has a great design that provides comfort, especially if you sleep the four of you at the back.

The windows on the tent allow ventilation and a good view of the exterior while in the tent. Accessing the inside and out of the tent is made easy with the available tent doors.

The windows and the doors have the storm covers for sealing them if you need some privacy, or when sleeping at night to block the light.

Another great feature you may love about this tent is the interior storage parts. There are side pockets where you can store small items like your phone, torch, and lighter for easy access when required.

The roof of the tent has a lantern hanger if you need some illumination at night.

Do you love to camp during the rainy seasons? Still, Rightline Gear 110907 SUV tent is a good tent for such extreme weather days since the cover is made with waterproof material.

What We like

  • This tent is compatible with most vehicles
  • Comes with a floor to secure the users from cold and pets while in woods
  • The canvas of the tent consist of waterproof material construction to shield you from rain
  • The tent can remain as a free-standing tent if you disconnect from the vehicle or when not in use
  • This is a multifunctional tent that you can use as a holding shelter for your gears while on outdoors

What We Don’t

  • A little pricy
  • Takes time to set it up

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Key Features of Rightline Gear 110907 Car Tent for Outdoor Family Camping

#1. Capacity

Rightline gear 110907 SUV tent is a good choice for family use since it provides a reasonable and safe space for you and your kids to sleep at night while outdoors.

Traditionally, this tent is crafted to fit around 6 people, but the size of people and the cargo you have determines how many people can fit in.

If you are all adults, then the tent can comfortably accommodate 4 adults and two more adults can sleep at the cargo section. But, if you are traveling with kids, you can all fit in the tent.

#2. Weatherproof

The canvas cover on this tent consists of waterproof material construction to ensure no moisture or wetness can penetrate to the interior.

The seams on the tents have tape sealing to secure the inside parts from wetness. Therefore, you can still set up a tent and use it during rainy camping days.

#3. Applicable Vehicles

One of the features that make the Rightline Gear 110907 SUV tent the best SUV tent is the high compatibility.

The tent is crafted with universal fitting to use with a wide range of vehicle models such as; SUV, Minivans, Jeep Wangler with hardtop, Wagon, and even pick up tracks with cap.

The tent easily attaches to the sleeves of these vehicles using the available adhering straps.

#4. Bathtub floor

rightline gear 6 person outdoor suv tent

The bathtub floor of this tent is crafted with quality and durable polyethylene materials that are waterproof to keep you free from moisture from the ground.

The bathtub design of the floor helps to keep water and dirt from entering the interior part of the tent.

The flooring also consists of a 2000mm hydrostatic rating design to keep off wetness while ensuring there is insulation inside the tent.

Installing or fitting this floor to the tent structure is easy and fast since it does not require any ground hooks for connection purposes.

#5. No-see-um Mesh Windows

How do you get natural lighting while in the tent?

This Rightline Gear 110907 SUV tent is crafted with the no-see-um windows that have a mesh-like structure to allow natural light inside the tent. This also allows the people inside the tent to have an easy view of the outside parts.

However, the windows have the storm covers to shield the windows in case you need privacy, or you want to block the natural light for comfortable sleep at night.

#6. Warranty

Although this tent is crafted with quality materials and structure, on top of that, it ships with a year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

You can also call them if you have any queries or concerns about the tent. You should message them to get more information about the warranty and what it covers.

#7. Easy installation

You don’t need to spend hours connecting this tent to the vehicles since the process is easy; thus, the high compatibility with multiple car models.

The tent is meant to be connected to the sleeves of the vehicle using the available straps.

#8. Multifunctional

rightline gear suv tent for family camping

This tent is made with strong and quality fiberglass poles that provide stability to the entire unit when setting on the vehicle. It is also safe to set up as a stand-alone tent if you don’t need to mount on the vehicle.

This means that you don’t need a vehicle to use this tent for camping or outdoor activities as you can also set it up on the ground. The fact that it has flooring ensures you are comfortable and safe from the bugs and wetness.

#9. Carrying bag

You don’t need to deal with misplacements of the tent accessories such as stakes since the tent comes with a large carrying bag.

Thus, you can pack all the accessories and tent items in the bag to store at home and to carry with. The bag is made with heavy-duty and strong material to safeguard it from quick ripping.

You can also clean it for maintenance and hygiene purposes.

Who Is It for?

#1. Outdoor Enthusiasts

Do you enjoy camping, road trips, hiking among others? This tent is a good choice for all these activities.

The tent is compatible with a lot of vehicle models, so you don’t need to hustle when connecting it. Also, the off ground installation mode ensures you are safe from wetness and even bugs when you sleep outdoors.

This tent is large to accommodate up to 6 adults as it provides a large and comfortable sleeping-place.

The canvas has waterproof materials that accommodate all weather elements, so you can continually enjoy your outdoor activities.

#2. People Who Are for Sports Tent

Are you planning to go watch a game on the weekend and you need a great shelter? This tent is a great option to consider.

The tent is crafted in a multifunctional mode such that you can opt to connect it to your vehicle or set up as a stand-alone tent. The tent has strong and durable fiberglass poles that offer support to the tent.

The structure also has windows with mesh, and clear material to allow you to enjoy outdoor views while in the tent.

Accessing the tent is easy since there are doors for getting in and out whenever you need it.

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How to Install the Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Tent?

  • Lay the tent with poles side by side ( on driver’s side and passenger’s side).
  • Then lay the stake side by side in the middle of each side of the poles.
  • Position the pole at the corner of one opening of the tent and do not assemble it for easy working.
  • Start feeding the pole on one end of the pole to the sleeve of the tent and do it gently to prevent the pole from getting stuck on the tent snuggles.
  • Feed the pole on the tent sleeve until you get to the section with the bent metal pole feral. Ones you get to this point align the bent metal feral with the reinforcement piece situated at the middle pole that goes up the tent.
  • Then start to assemble the part inserted in the sleeve of the tent.
  • Attach the opening of the metal feral to the end metal pin at the corner of the tent and assemble the remaining part of the pole.
  • Move to the second pole ( on the passenger’s side) and repeat the same process as the first pole as you watch out for the snuggles on the tent sleeves.
  • Then insert the middle pole going to the top of the tent through the side sleeve.
  • Insert the on-in pole to on-in pole of the pole pocket on the passenger’s side.
  • Raise the main tent pole to get the driver’s side sleeve under pole into the driver’s side pocket running through the pole sleeve to the passenger’s pocket.
  • Then raise both poles of the tent to stand the tent.
  • Gently push the pole on the driver’s side through the sleeve all down to the pole at the corner of the other side.
  • Repeat the same with the passenger’s pole to support the tent.


Rightline Gear 110907 SUV tent is a universal fitting tent ideal for people who love to engage in outdoor activities. The tent comes with a carrying bag for convenient storage at home and packing in the car.

The floor of the tent provides comfort and protection from the outdoor elements and bugs. The tent is large to accommodate up to 6 adults.

So, hit the road and enjoy your outdoor adventure with this amazing tent for shelter purposes.

rightline gear waterproof suv tent

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