Best 4 Person Car Camping Tents – Reviews & Guide in 2022

When going out for camping, a tent is an essential thing you will need to carry to provide you with a comfortable place to sleep. A 4-person car camping tent is a spacious tent ideal for a family or when camping with friends. Choosing the best 4 person car camping tents for your adventure is vital as it keeps you comfy and cozy.

In this article, we will help you find the best 4-person car camping tent that is spacious, weather-resistant, comfortable, and easy to set up.

First, we will discuss how to pick the best tent and then review some of the best tents for car camping on the market.

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How to Pick up the Best Car Camping for 4 People?

With a wide variety of car camping tents for four people in the market, choosing the best is not easy. Below are some of the considerations that will guide you to pick the best.

1. Weather conditions

Some tents are designed for use in one season, while others are for three seasons and four seasons.

Summer tents feature plenty of ventilation to keep you cool, while 3-season tents feature zippers and flaps that you can use to open and close to customize your tent’s insulation level.

A 4-season tent is a versatile tent with features that could keep you warm during the winter season and properly cool during the hot summer season.

Since you cannot predict the weather you will encounter during the camping period, it is recommendable to pick a car camping tent that can adequately protect you during harsh elements either on hot sunny days or frigid days.

2. Ease of use

Another feature you must consider is the installation process of the car camping tent for four people.

Select a 4 person car camping tent that is easy to set up and to bring down. Some tents come with pre-attached poles that extend the pole structure taking you less time and without any help from anyone.

3. Design

The car camping tent’s style or design for 4 people is an essential factor to consider when selecting the best.

There are several 4 person car camping tent designs you can choose from, and the most basic shape designs are cabin style and dome style. Every tent design has its benefits and downside.

Dome-shaped is best for water and wind resistance, while its downside is that it does not provide enough headroom. You can only stand in the middle of the tent but bend when on the sides.

Cabin style has straight walls that offer more interior space making the tent more comfortable as it allows for more headroom. However, this style will be a little heavier than the dome shape.

In addition to the shape, you should also consider the windows and doors of the 4-people car camping tent. A good tent should have more than one door and a window.

Also, they should be large and have mesh screens to offer protection against insects. A portioned tent will be ideal as it will provide more privacy, especially when you are sharing with kids.

4. Tent size

Although a 4-person car camping tent is ideal for four peoples, not all manufacturers consider the space.

You should ensure that the dimensions of the tent can accommodate the four persons. The perfect dimensions should allow 2ft by 7 ft. space to every user in the tent. If the tent is not spacious enough, it turns out to be uncomfortable to use.

The peak height is also crucial because it helps in creating space. If you are travelling with your family, look for a tent that can accommodate adults and kids.

5. Material

The covering material, often made of nylon, canvas, or polyester.

Canvas tents provide adequate protections but make the tent quite heavy. It also absorbs water and takes time to dry.

Nylon and polyester are much lighter tents and with good waterproof ratings. However, exposure to the sun makes them degrade faster.

Tent poles are often made of aluminum or fiberglass. Fiberglass is more affordable and lightweight, while aluminum is more durable but expensive.

You should select a tent made of durable and robust material to withstand different weather elements. The material should also provide a balance between strength and weight.

6. Price

Your budget will influence the choice of the best 4-person car camping tent.

Go for a tent with features that will best fit your camping life and one that is durable, especially if you are a frequent camper. However, the tent price should be within your price range.

7. Brand

There are several tent brands in the market with different reviews. Such tent brands are Coleman, Eureka, Alps Mountaineering, Kelty, and many more.

Go for a brand with good ratings in terms of quality, durability, and convenience, with minimal or no product issues.

Reviews of the 5 Best 4-Person Tents for Car Camping

Below are the reviews of the top 5 4-man car camping tents.

1. Best Sale – Coleman Sundome Cheap 4 Person Dome Tent

One of the best 4-person tents you can consider is Coleman Sundome. It is a dome-shaped tent with a freestanding design; hence you can set it up on any place, even on terrain.

Sundome tent is a 3 season tent made of high-quality material. This tent is easy to set up and lightweight.

cheap Coleman car camping tent for family of 4

  • Easy to set up

This tent has a design that simplifies the setup system. It takes you less than 15 minutes to set it up and a short time to dissemble it.

Coleman Sundome tent features continuous pole sleeves, a snag-free suspension, and a patented pin and ring system that simplify the setup process.

  • Enhanced ventilation

Coleman Sundome Tent for four people is suitable in this aspect. It features mesh on the tent’s upper portion and two large, zippable windows on the four sides.

Also, there is a ground vent on the tent’s backside that pushes warm air out, allowing you to stay calm and enjoy your time while in the tent.

  • Weather Tec system

Coleman Sundome features a weather Tec system that shields the water out, keeping the tent dry regardless of heavy rain. This tent features tub-like floors that have covered seam and patented corners.

With this design, you and your loved ones will have a guarantee of staying dry and comfortable inside the tent despite how much it pours outside.

What We like

  • It is affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Freestanding

What We Don’t

  • No vestibule

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2. Instant Setup – Coleman Instant Tent with Dark Room Technology

Coleman instant cabin tent for 4 person car camping

This tent is one of the best Coleman tents. It is an instant tent that takes a minute to set up and bring down.

Coleman cabin tent with instant setup has a freestanding design; hence you can pitch it at any place regardless of the terrain. It is also a 3 season tent suitable for use in mild conditions.

  • Durable material

The material used in constructing this tent is of high quality.

The poles of Coleman instant setup tent are of lightweight steels that provide a strong frame helping the structure stand up on strong winds. The body and the rain fly are made from double-layered 150-D polyester.

  • Dark Room Technology

This tent features a darkroom technology. It blocks at least 90 percent of sunlight entering into the tent and reduces up to 10% temperature, ensuring a comfortable stay.

  • Easy setup

This tent is an instant tent that takes less than 2 minutes to set up. It features a comprehensive and straightforward structure with preassembled poles that are extendable.

What We like

  • Instant setup
  • Weather Tec system
  • High-quality material that is water resistance

What We Don’t

  • Single room

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3. Best for Any Weather – Moon Lence Windproof Dome Tent with Double Layer

Moon Lence 4 person car camping tent with double layer review

This family tent is an excellent water and wind resistance. Made with 190TPU material providing 1000mm water resistance and excellent UV protection, making the tent suitable for all harsh weather elements.

It comes with a rainfly made of high-quality waterproof material to keep you dry and comfortable inside the tent even if it rains heavily.

  • Excellent ventilation

This tent has superb ventilation that allows warm air out to keep you cool and comfortable. It has a large mesh section and a D-shaped door with two zippers allowing better tent ventilation.

Also, this tent features two windows plus a ground vent that increases air circulation.

  • Large interior space

Moon Lence camping tent is a spacious tent that can reasonably accommodate two adults. This tent has an unfolding size of 213 by 213 by 132 cm.

  • Easy to set up

This tent is easy to set up even by one person; it takes less than fifteen minutes. It comes with two shock connecting poles that have clips simplifying the installation process.

What We like

  • Highly breathable
  • Protected against sun, rain and wind
  • It is very stable and less likely to tip over

What We Don’t

  • Setting it up may cost you 15 mins

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4. Tall Headroom – OT QOMOTOP Pop up Waterproof Tent with Top Rainfly

4 person pop up car camping tent with rainfly

This tent has a cabin-style freestanding that takes at least one minute to set up. The tent features excellent ventilation and has a perfect price tag. QOMOTOP tent is of high quality and strong material that makes it durable.

Its poles frame is from steel, and the fabric is from durable 68D polyester with PU coating that provides the tent with a 600 mm waterproof rating. Below are the features of this tent.

  • Easy setup

It takes at least 60 seconds to set up this tent. The tent features telescoping poles that are pre attached with the inner tent that allows the tent to pop up very fast

  • Spacious interior

QOMOTOP tents feature a spacious interior with adequate headroom.

This tent has a ceiling height of 59 inches and measures 8 by 8 ft. on the floor that is spacious enough to accommodate 2 adults and 2 kids to sleep comfortably.

  • Excellent ventilation system

This tent has an excellent ventilation system. It features an adjustable ground vent that pushes warm air up and out. You can easily adjust the interior temperature to your desire to ensure there is no condensation of water in the tent during the night.

Also, it features large windows on all sides, making the tent extremely breathable. The tent’s rainfall is removable; therefore, if the tent becomes extra warm, you can remove it and enjoy a cool breeze.

  • Storage bags

This tent has storage pockets on the sides and top of the tent where you can use to put your small items like phone and its accessories. This feature brings along convenience.

What We like

  • Lightweight
  • Large windows
  • Excellent ventilation system

What We Don’t

  • The tent is best for 2 adults and 2 kids

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5. Weatherproof – Coleman Weathermaster Large Tent for 4 Person Car Camping with Screen Room

Coleman large tent for 4 person car camping trip

This four seasoned tent can accommodate up to 6 persons with a screen room to offer additional sleeping areas during warmer nights. Its construction features weather tec features that ensure that you stay dry and comfortable inside the tent despite heavy rainfall.

Such features are; protected seams, waterproof floor, zipper protection, and strong wind frame. Below are the additional features of this tent.

  • E cable port

This waterproof tent features an e port that you can use as an extension to bring electrical power in the tent where you can conveniently charge your phone and other devices.

  • Spacious interior

Coleman Weathermaster tent offers a spacious interior. It has two rooms with a queen airbed with a 17 by 9 sq ft floor and 6’8″ centre height.

It can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people. Also, with the centre height, you can freely stand.

  • Hinged door and storage pockets

This tent features a hinged door that you easily open and shut down; you can quickly enter or exit the tent. The tent also has storage pockets where you can organize your small items not to take up much floor space.

What We like

  • Hinged doors
  • Spacious interior
  • Great ventilation system

What We Don’t

  • Setting up the tent can be a little cumbersome

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How Big of a Tent Do I Need for 4 Person Car Camping?

Different four-person car camping tents come with different dimensions depending on the shape and brand of the tent. It is therefore advisable to check the tent’s actual dimensions but not just the number of people indicated on the product description.

A crowded tent can be uncomfortable and result in frustration that can affect the overall experience. Your tent’s ideal size will depend on the size of people you will be sharing the tent.

If it is a family camping tent, including smaller kids who do not occupy a lot of space, a smaller sized tent will be ideal.

However, if four adults will be the tent’s user, go for a large-sized 6-person camping tent. If you are planning to store your gears inside the tent, you will require a considerably larger space.

The average floor space of a 4 man car camping tent has an 8ft by 7ft floor. However, you can also find bigger and taller 4-person tents if you need more space.

Consider a tent that can comfortably accommodate every user, leaving extra space for maneuvering and storing a gear bag. To conserve space in the tent, consider sleeping in sleep bags rather than sleeping pods.


Are you looking for the best 4-person car camping tent? The above is a guide on picking the most ideal for your outdoor adventure and the review of the top 5 you can consider.

Select one that will adequately protect you against harsh elements to make you have a luxurious experience in the outdoors.

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