Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Tent Review

Planning to go out camping in a company of 10 people? There is really no need of spending more or cluttering your campsite with too many tents. Instead, you have this Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Tent for your own consideration and subsequent use.

Thanks to its spacious capacity, the tent also spares you from the hassles you would have to employ to make good use of your camping site.

We dedicate the entire length and breadth of the reviews cum buying guide here below to examine it in greater detail.

Specifications of Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Tent


Base Size: 20″ x 10″

Peak Height: 78″

Weight: 22.05 pounds

Package Dimensions: 48″ x 24″ x 12″

Ventilation System: 6 windows, 1 center door & 2 side doors


The Overview of Ozark Trail 20×10 Family Tent with 3 Rooms

This is the tent to go for if you want to serve the needs of ten people at a time.

Its interior is also partitioned into three rooms for the sake of accommodating the occupants and their gears with exceptional reliability. The compartmentalization also eliminates unnecessary confusion and suffocation.

  • Multiple Doors

The tent contains multiple doors. One of them is located right at the center while some two are located at the sides. This arrangement allows for smoother entrance and exit not to mention the benefit of added privacy. These many doors also allow for seamless evacuations if and when the need comes.

  • Improved Ventilation

A series of six windows and some two side doors exist to channel in and out the smooth flow of air. The end result of this is improved ventilation for you. When fully opened in the heat of the day, these doors and windows also go a long way in enabling some panoramic views of the exterior for you.

  • Taped Fly Seams

Throughout the entire length and breadth of the tent are some taped fly seams. These are strings that attach the constituent parts and components of the tent together. Given their impervious nature, the seams go a long way in preventing leakage and uncontrolled inflow of ambient moisture.

What We like

  • Large enough to fit three quite air mattresses
  • Truly spacious for your free-roaming
  • Greatly minimizes clutter in your room

What We Don’t

  • Unavailable for sale in California due to state restrictions

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Important Features of the Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room Tent

ozark trail 3 room xl vacation lodge 10 person family tent

Here we go now to peek into the key features of the Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Tent:

– Spacious Interior

Its interior, as we have already hinted several times, is truly spacious. It does have the ability to accommodate a whopping 10 occupants per unit time. Then again it is large enough to allow for smoother and circulation of fresh air in the course of staying in there.

– Tight Seams

Some tight seams adorn the edges and the lining of the tent materials. Being tight, the seams prevent the inflow of the ambient air and moisture.

That way, it works to keep your interiors safer and devoid of any harmful messes and terrible colds. Allow you to add that the interior is truly warm.

– Multiple Doors

Throughout its stature, the tent contains numerous doors. One of these doors exists at the center with some two at either end. All these work to expedite your evacuations and emergencies and other undertakings that may demand emergency reactions.

Additionally, they also add some fresh air and let you enjoy panoramic views.

– Compartmentalized Interior

Other than being spacious, the interior of the tent is heavily compartmentalized into three main chambers. This compartmentalization sets aside portions or segments of the rooms to specific needs and issues.

Thus, it goes a long way in minimizing stuffing and the suffocation that results thereafter.

– Zippered Double Doors

Each door is zippered for the sake of seamless closure and subsequent privacy. The zippers are stronger and double in nature. That makes them stronger and more reliable to engage.

At the same time, the doors withstand all the elements of possible damages that may be leveled against.

– 3-room Family Tent

If you are looking for a tent to use for accommodating an entire family, this yet again is the one to set your eyes on.

Its interior as we have already stated may be partitioned into three main parts. Then again, the structure itself is gigantic enough to allow for a smoother flow of the interior air.

– Multipurpose

Over and above the bare minimum capability of housing you, this tent is also able to facilitate a couple of the allied tasks and services.

That stems from its composition of the shoe pockets, mats, mud, and the E-ports. All these combine to make your life out in the camp truly rewarding.

– Enhanced Weather Armor

All the fabrics that have been used to make it up, bear the enhanced weather armor. Thanks to the existence of this armor, the fabrics are stronger and truly reliable insofar as the discharge of their ends is concerned.

Particularly, the armor works to maintain the interiors drier and more comfortable.

– Tub Floor and Taped Fly Seams

Its floor is not left out either because it is also drier and more comfortable. The extensive use of the taped fly seams and the tub floor both combine to make this dream real.

Further to the above, the two items and materials work to prevent any leakages from arising with use.

– Zippered Carrying Bag

For your own convenience, the item comes about with a zippered carrying bag. As you may have already guessed, the bag is what you use to ferry the item from one locale to another one.

Its ready availability works hard to minimize the time you would ordinarily take to stash the contents and carry them with you.

– 2 Removable Room Dividers

Rounding up the list of the great features of the tent are some two-room dividers that are removable.

You use these dividers to partition the interior of the tent to dedicate portions and segments thereof to each party or item you haul on board. They being removable works to allow for easier cleaning.


Who Is It for?

Though this tent is open for all, the following cadres of persons will find it particularly exceptional and handy for their use:

– Entire Family

We have already explained that this is the tent to go for in case you have an entire family to go out camping with. Its suitability for the entire family use stems mainly from its spacious size and the fact that you can partition its interior into three rooms.

– Long-term Campers

Just in case your entire life revolves around the matters of camping, you will yet again find the tent a great companion for you.

It is strong, durable, and spacious enough to allow for more permanent engagement and subsequent use. Hardly does it also break apart even when used for long.

– Hot and Humid Locales

Areas that are hot and humid also require tents that are spacious and less likely to suffocate the interior occupants.

You can only ensure your maximum comfort at such times and in such areas if you pick one like this. Its interior is truly spacious and hence able to guarantee the smoother circulation of air.

– Homeless/Rough Sleepers

Could you be a rough sleeper or a homeless person? This tent is here yet again for you. Its sheer stature and overall makeup are such that it allows for more permanent inhabitation.

Furthermore, the fabrics that make it up are also strong enough to endure the many spates of damages that may be leveled against it.



Do you need any further conviction that the Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Tent is the ideal camping gear to set your eyes on?

With the kinds of information we have generously furnished above, we expect you now to do a great selection job. All the best in your attempt to purchase and make use of it!

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