Rightline Gear 110730 Truck Tent Review

Have you ever considered taking camping outdoors, vacation, or a road trip using your truck or SUV? If you never have, then it’s high time you get back to the roots of experiencing the wonders of nature. To enjoy the wildlife and its beauty at an inexpensive cost, try using Rightline Gear 110730.

This truck tent has many features that will lead you to the secrets and happiness of mobile camping and won’t disappoint your quality time with your family or couple while on vacation, despite the weather changes in places you will be camping.


Overview of the Rightline Gear 110730 Truck Tent

rightline gear 110730 truck tent review

What We like

  • It is flexible and potable
  • Inexpensive
  • It is easy to set up and remove
  • Designed with mid-size, full size and compact ones
  • Accmmodate 2 adults

What We Don’t

  • Floorless design
  • 1-year warranty

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The Rightline Gear 110730 is one of the best off-ground tents on the market, and it is designed excellently to withstand factors that may cause defects.

The RLG 110730 is easy to set up anywhere stress-free with its coded poles, and pockets make the installation process quick and straightforward to the point.

This sky vent tent provides a spacious area enough for two people to slumber inside comfortably without suffocating.

However, you don’t need to worry about the size and color because the RLG tent is also available in different sizes and colors to satisfy your needs.

Hence, you can get even an extensive and spacious interior that will completely cover your tailgate to make your camping experience tremendous and fun while traveling and sleeping wherever you feel you need to take a break before proceeding with your journey.

The large doors and windows of the RLG tent are completed with storm covers capable of blocking strong winds, blown leaves, and dust from getting inside the tent. The sky vents add a unique ventilation feature that brings in more sunlight and air.

Besides, the floorless RLG tent adds an advantage of easy to set and removal without the worries of having to remove the whole gear.

Staying in a tent with the dark zipper pulls and a hanging lantern makes you safe in the wild and can repel the total darkness.

Don’t just admire it, but you can own this RLG tent that costs around $150 – $250 that comes complete with two gear pockets for cell phone, glasses, and small personal items.

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Key Features of Rightline Gear 110370 Truck Bed Tent

best cheap rightline gear 110730 truck tent

1. Risk-free and Hygienic

The Rightline Gear Tent is floorless designed to stay off the ground hence suitable for camping during vacations because it provides a lot of advantages that make it more secure and hygienic than the regular tents because of the following reasons:

  • Makes the tent safe and hygienically fit since it is off the ground, thus free from dirt, grease, bacteria and pathogen infections.
  • Doesn’t expose you to any rodents, parasites, and mosquito bites/sting and damping while sleeping or resting.

2. Spacious and Comfortable

The RLG truck tent’s interior is spacious enough and beautiful that can accommodate more than two people. Still, for maximum comfort, two people will live to remember the experience in the RLG tent.

For a more comfortable experience, you can also put a mattress in the truck’s bed to go with the tent to have a perfect night and wake up in the morning yearning the vacation not to come to an end.

Furthermore, the tent is big enough and completely covers the truck’s tailgate, hence unraveling the opportunity to use every inch of available space in your truck maximally.

3. Well Ventilated

You can decide to open the zipper to allow plenty of air and light to flow through the inbuilt sky view vent that acts as ventilation. Thus, you can stare at the stars while camping with your couple or family before falling asleep at night.

4. Versatile

The interior of the RLG tent has 2 gear storage pockets for keeping your essential devices and equipment’s safe such as phone and many more.

Besides, at its notch, there is a hook is for hanging the lantern to improve versatility at night further and get the added benefit of staying in the light.

Furthermore, the gear is featured with a glow-in-the-dark zipper to allow you to open and close the entry flap without using a flashlight.

5. Easy to Install

The brand new RLG truck tent comes with a manual instruction printed on the sewn-in set up guide, which you will find relatively easy to install the tent without much expertise or using a stepping stool to reach the high poles.

Besides, all the attachments points are accessible from outside the truck bed, which allows you to set up the tent effortlessly.

To manually set up the truck tent, follow the procedure:

  • Insert each rod in the right slot easily since both poles, and the pole pockets are color-coded, allowing you to set up the tent quickly without a lot of balancing calculation.
  • After installing the structure, attach the straps and buckles to the vehicle’s anchor points to make it firm against being blown away by the wind and dust from entering inside. The protective duty straps and nylon buckles are strong, but it doesn’t damage trucks finishing paint.

6. Water Resistant

The RLG tent’s fabric is water-resistant with tape sealed PU 2000mm that keeps you dry against heavy rains and has a carrying bag for storing the tent when you do not need it or when not in use.

Besides, the RLG 110730 also comes with a durable rainfly covering the entire tent to make the tent more reliable against heavy rains.

However, using the rainfly is optional, depending on the weather conditions. To fix the rainfly:

  • You position the rainfly over the tent, connect the three buckles on each side of the tent.
  • Adjust the straps, then tie the three strings around the rear edge of the rainfly to the tent poles.
  • Finally, ensure the rainfly seams are lined up correctly with the poles.

7. Flexible and reliable

The RLG floorless design feature makes it easier for you to install and uninstall stress-free without removing the gear from the bed anytime and wherever you need to camp.

Besides, all the window and doors are large which allows you to get inside the tent without straining and has no-see-um mesh which gives much privacy and storm covers that blocks the wind from blowing inside the tent.

Moreover, the tent is lightweight and can be easily folded, making it flexible and portable wherever you want to camp for a vacation holiday or spend the weekends.

It is important to note that before you consider or settle for a Rightline gear tent for your truck, please measure your truck’s size, including the tailgate, for you to get the exact size that you need.

  • Camping Tent For Truck Bed: This tailgate tent keeps you dry and allows you to sleep comfortably off the ground inside your vehicle; Perfect for weekend warriors and seasoned professionals, this pickup truck tent turns any spot into a cozy campsite
  • Intuitive Features: The perfect tent for truck bed camping, our off-the-ground tent includes 2 gear pockets for small personal items, an overhead lantern hook, glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls, and a sky view vent
  • Quality Construction: Water-resistant outdoor tent features a floorless design, color-coded poles and pole pockets, tape-sealed seams, and protective heavy-duty straps and plastic buckles that won't damage your vehicle’s finish
  • Sleeps 2: Must-have truck camping accessories, our floorless truck tents for camping sleep 2 adults; Tent, rainfly, and stuff sack with sewn-in setup guide are included
  • Simple Setup: All our truck bed tent’s attachment points are accessible from outside the truck bed, and set up is completed with your feet planted firmly on the ground - no step stool required


Is It Worth It to Buy Rightline Gear 110730 Tent?

Yes! Mostly those who use the Rightline gear helps them in the following ways:

It saves a lot on the cost that could have been spent on hiring a camping space that will also charge on each head.

Furthermore, it also allows you to camp anywhere when your driving limit for the day is reached, thus saving you the cost of sleeping in the motel or hotel.

The Rightline Gear truck tent also helps offers full protection against the scorching sun, heavy rain, strong wind, and harmful pest, parasite, and mosquito bites that mostly niches from the ground and also drifts the unwanted wildlife attention, thus, keeping you safe.

Its flexibility and portability allow you to freely take a vacation anytime and almost anywhere because of your truck’s extension that will provide more space for a resting point without worrying whether you will get caught up in the rain or bugs getting in your car.



If you own a truck or SUV, it is essential to mind your family before the festive season arrives and consider purchasing a Rightline Gear 110730 truck tent that will provide you with more room, saves you on cost, and ensure your safety while on vacation.

Besides, it will help your family adventure into many places that could be limited to them due to the lack of a mobile and flexible tent.

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