Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent Review

Making plans for camping in summer seasons with your family or friend but you are still wondering which tent is the best to fit your six buddies? The best tent for the occasion needs to be spacious and comfortable to be added in with multiple features included. The Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 screened tent is coming to your aid.

The tent qualifies all the requirements you would need to have the best hike of your life.

Below is a review and more in-depth information about Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 screened tent.


Reviews of Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent

coleman elite weathermaster 6 screened tent review

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What We like

  • The interiors are spacious.
  • The built-in lights overhead provide all-around lighting of the room.
  • The screen room is bug-free thus ideal areas for relaxation.

What We Don’t

  • Costs you about $270.

Are you planning to go camping or hikes still undecided on a high quality and spacious tent? Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 person tent with screen room has you covered.

The tent from Coleman Brands is made with a weight of 35.8 pounds thus manageable to carry around while going to that desired location.

The material made for the tent is Polyester taffeta that is made with high quality to ensure you are protected from the cold outside. Coleman Elite Weather master is very spacious with a capacity of up to 6 people.

The built-in illumination features enable your family or a group to be able to camp where during the night time without a worry of darkness.

Besides, the LED setting offers three levels of brightness thus ideal for offering a calm and relaxed environment for sleeping, studying, or reading a map for the next day’s adventures.

It has an attached 9 x 6 ft screen room that is protected from bugs and mosquitoes thus enabling you to relax.

The interiors of the tent have large spaces enough for at least 2 queen airbeds with a center height of 6’8″. You can bring along the electrical power inside since the E-port feature is included in the package.

The WeatherTec system and rainfly keep the interior of the tent dry and comfortable hence no need to worry about the humidity and moisture penetrating the tent.

The CPX6 compatible is powered using a battery cartridge that is included in 4D batteries or a rechargeable cartridge. The power supply can run up to 26 hrs. while high, 65 hrs. for low and 81 hrs. while in night light.

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Key Features of Coleman Elite Weathermaster Camping Tent for Family of 6

Coleman elite 6 person summer tent with a screen room and built in led lighting

Generally, before deciding to buy any product, make sure that you check on the features on the product to know if the product will adequately serve your purpose.

The Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 screened tent has many features that will suit your needs and guarantee better experiences. Below is a list of features of this tent.

1. Built-in lights

The tent is made with overhead built-in lights that will illuminate enabling you to see all around from a corner to another. There is no need to carry extra light and flashlights, with this tent your lighting needs are sorted.

Moreover, the overhead lights will make doing other activities convenient since you do not need to find a place for lighting nor have some hold the lights for you.

2. Large screen room

Apart from other sleeping rooms, this is a separate floorless room with mesh. It is pleasant to relax when the weather is so hot.

The mesh surrounding it protects you from bugs like insects and mosquitoes. The room is not protected fully hence when rains start it soaks wet. However, it can be used as a storage room, an area to play with the pets.

3. LED lighting systems

The bulbs from the built-in lights are made with LED technology which protects you from the harsh rays that might damage your eyes. Besides, it has three levels of brightness that can be dimmed according to your needs.

You are provided with a wall switching that enables you to choose from high, low, and night light. With these levels of illumination, you can read a book, study the maps for the next daylighting, or for a cool environment that makes you drift off.

4. 2 hinged doors

The doors are fitted in the main part and between the main part and the screen room respectively. The door between the screen room is double layered that is, it’s hinged and has an opaque waterproof panel with a zipper.

This will ensure that even if the bugs pass through to the screen room they won’t pass through to the main part and when it rains water won’t pass through.

The door from the main part is based on the two fiberglass poles where you can pass through the zipper sleeves along with the perimeter door. The structure of the door is D-shaped which enables you to enter and exit the main part directly.

5. Electronic cable port

When going camping with friends, there is no reason for leaving the electronic gadget at home. The electronic cable port in the tent will help you charge your phone, tablets, etc. and enjoy the connection with your family at home.

6. WeatherTec system for weatherproofing

When light showers or rainfall happens during your camping, there is no worry about how to keep your tent dry and comfortable.

The WeatherTec system is designed that the fabric polyester and thick PE flooring are resistant to wear and tear while the seam cannot get water through the stitching as they are inverted to be leak-free.

7. Windows

The windows are large with nice designs while all of them are on the sides. Their structure is a double layer that is the opaque layer and the mesh for protection and privacy when needed.

8. Small storage pockets

It comes with small storage pockets around it where you can store small items. You don’t have to worry about how you will store your tiny item from preventing them from getting lost while camping, this feature is meant for you.

9. Removable room divider

It comes to a curtain divider panel which is strategized in the middle of the tent with a supporting pole.

The room divider is removable whenever you would want to and still, the tent is left upright and standing, When using the room divider it’s advisable to use the screen room door to enter and exit the tent.

10. Vast floor space

The main part contains two rooms which are very spacious and ideal for six people to fit in comfortably during camping or hiking.

The rooks can fit two queen-sized beds thus there is no worry about how your family and friends will fit because they will fit oh-so comfortably.

  • 6-person camping tent with built-in illumination for family or group trips
  • LED system offers three brightness settings for overhead interior light
  • Attached 9 x 6 ft. screen room offers bug-free area for relaxation
  • Spacious interior has room for 2 queen airbeds
  • WeatherTec system and rainfly keep tent interior dry and comfortable


What Is It for?

The tent is used during the summer seasons for camping trips, hiking that takes a few days would require all of you to camp overnight thus a need to have a tent.

Primarily, it can be used as a two-season tent from late springs to early fall. The tent is designed to withstand mild weather conditions, that is, areas without lots of rain, a little bit of wind, and fully summer seasons.

The features like the screen room make it ideal for camping where you can watch the stars at night since it’s bug-free, making more space for sleeping when the weather is right and provision of a spacious area for storage.

Its set-up is easy while taking a short amount of time, which is 20 – 25 minutes but it was faster with an extra hand. The tent is of high quality and sturdy for your comfort and space.



Hanging out with your loved ones during some getaway is supposed to be fun, moreover during your hiking. The little harsh weather conditions like light showers and wind should not be a distraction to build you with worry.

A sturdy and high-quality tent is what you need for high comfort. Coleman Elite Weather Master 6 screened tent is what you have been looking for all along. Go and grab yours and get the value of your money.

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