Best Backpacking Hammock Tent – Reviews & Guide in 2022

what is the best backpacking hammock

Over the years, hammocks have earned a spot for being a staple for outdoor trips. Whether you are going camping, chilling in your backyard, or even stargazing, a portable hammock tent is your best friend.

If you want to experience the highest level of relaxation, it is time you try sleeping and resting on a lightweight backpacking hammock tent.

The best backpacking hammock tent helps you to get the most out of you your adventure. It’s is functional and conveniently lightweight and packs small, so you can take it with you whenever you are outdoors.

Listed below are some of the top-ranking backpacking hammock tents available in the market.

what is the best backpacking hammock

Our Top Picks of Best Backpacking Hammock Tent

Best seller with very affordable price, small compact size and lightweight design for easy backpacking, Wise Owl Outfitter Backpacking Tent

Versatile design for ground and off-ground camping, flat floor for more comfortable experience, small size for one person, Lawson Hammock Backpacking Tent

Large mesh top for good bug protection and ventilation, easy to assemble and set up, MIZTLI Lightweight Hammock


Factors to Consider When Buying a Backpacking Hammock Tent

best hammock backpacking tent reviews

There are some factors that you need to put into consideration before purchasing a backpacking hammock tent.

– Size

Hammocks come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. You are, therefore, to decide between the single and double hammocks.

Single Hammock

Most of these hammocks range between 4 and 5 feet in width. In terms of weight, single hammocks can take about 300 to 400 pounds; if you search for a lightweight hammock to carry while trekking, available hammocks are the best idea.

Double Hammocks

These hammocks are more comprehensive than single hammocks. They range between 5 to 6 feet in width with weight limits of around 400 to 500 pounds. These hammocks can comfortably fit two people.

They are the go for choice for people who want larger sizes for comfort.

– Length

Luckily, backpacking hammocks do not differ in a great range when it comes to length. All the hammocks are well designed to fit all sizes of people. You are advised to go for a hammock tent, which is at least 2 feet longer than your height.

– Fabric

Denier is the size of threads that are woven into a fabric. Backpacking hammock tents with heavy materials have a higher denier number than lighter fabrics. Generally, the higher the denier number, the more durable the fabric is.

– Accessories

Accessories are essential for backpacking hammock tents.

All hammocks should come with carabiners that will be used in the setup. You may, however, need extra tree straps for your suspension system.

Under quilts also come in handy, especially in the cold weather. The bottom side may be icy cold, and this under quilt works to wrap your body and keep you warm.

A bug net will be necessary if the place is filled with mosquitoes and bugs. Some models come with 360-degree protection to keep away these insects.

Hammock tents are usually a great option as they come as hammocks, including all the necessary accessories for overnight sleeping.

– How Adventurous Are You?

Some camping hammocks are well suited for more extreme camping. If you like camping in the hardcore sides, some hammocks are well done for the purpose and will get you through the harsh conditions.

Military-grade fabric, quilted down insulated padding, added storage pockets, spacer arcs, and liners will become your best bet when battling the chill in the winter. If you intend to go outdoors in all the seasons, you need a hammock with plenty of features.

– Cost

The good thing about hammocks is that you do not have to spend a fortune buying them. Most of the models belonging to the highly reputed brands are available at budget-friendly prices.

The more expensive items offer you better durability and more space, but many people do not need these for personal use.

Go for the option with durable quality and a lower price tag. However, if you intend to use the hammock frequently, it is advisable to make a one-time investment.


Reviews of the 5 Best Backpacking Hammock Tents

1. Hot Sale – Wise Owl Lightweight Double/Single Hammock Tent for Backpacking

best selling hammock backpacking tent

What We like

  • Triple interlocking stitching
  • This hammock packs small for transport convenience
  • The5 separate loops allow you to set the hammock at the desired height
  • It has a meticulous construction with reinforced stitching for extended service use

What We Don’t

  • Does not come with a net

Wise Owl Outfitters hammock is your ideal outdoor companion. This hammock is great for camping, travel, and the beach.

It is made of high-quality and heavy-duty parachute nylon material that resists wear and tear. Moreover, this soft yet sturdy material offers you a relaxing and comfortable experience.

It has a meticulous reinforced construction that ensures stability and long-lasting use. Also, it employs triple interlocking stitching to offer you the quality and reliability you can trust.

On top of that, this hammock comes with two 9-foot tree straps, which you can use wherever you are. Furthermore, there are reinforced high failure points, so you have nothing to worry about.

The straps and the carabiners included give you a relaxing time setting up. Also, five different loops allow you to adjust the hammock to a height of choice and comfort level.

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2. Easy Setup – MIZTLI Durable Backpacking Hammock with Nylon Construction

nylon hammock backpacking tent under 50

What We like

  • Double-sided fluorescent zippers
  • The size offers most space for resting while remaining compact for transportation
  • The heavy-duty parachute nylon with triple interlocking stitching ensures long-lasting use
  • This hammock comes with a mosquito net to keep your adventures bug-free

What We Don’t

  • None

MIZTLI Hammock offers quality and reliability you can trust. This hammock is ideal for camping, backpacking, hiking, and travel. It comes with a mosquito net to keep your adventures bug-free. You can also flip this hammock over and use it as a relaxing or lying hammock in a matter of seconds.

The package includes all necessary installation tools such as two substantial stakes, elastic ropes, 2-D shape steel carabiners, and adjustable straps.

What’s more, this hammock features a camp light sling and a built-in pocket for enhanced functionality. It is also designed with double-sided fluorescent zippers for more security.

Furthermore, this hammock is comfortable to travel with as it comes with an attached carry bag. The design of this hammock offers you the most space when resting while remaining compact for transportation.

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3. Versatile Design – Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Hammock Tent with Rainfly and Bug-Free Net

lawson hammock blue ridge camping and backpacking hammock

What We like

  • Waterproof full-coverage rainfly
  • Shock-corded aluminum arch poles
  • The waterproof ripstop nylon rainfly makes it ideal for outdoor weather conditions
  • Comes with storage options for your cellphones and other items

What We Don’t

  • The hanging straps are sold separately

Lawson Hammock is a decent item for the price. This hammock features a patented design, so you can use it on the ground like a tent or suspend it as a hammock. This unique design increases your camping terrain options, often limited by the shelter type.

Moreover, this hammock is designed with an arch pole and spreader bar system that keeps the hammock’s bed flat and taut, eliminating the uncomfortable ‘banana’ and ‘cocoon’ effect.

It comes with a built-in bug net and an attachable rainfly, so you do not have to worry about unpredictable weather conditions and pesky bugs.

It is conveniently lightweight and so ideal for all types of camping. Furthermore, this hammock is made with the highest quality materials, including waterproof ripstop nylon and polyester for long-lasting use.

Also, the spreader bars and shock-corded aluminum arch poles are strong and create a solid rock canopy.

There are two interior storage pockets for your cell phones and other items and O-rings for attachment of a reading light or torch.

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4. Lightweight – Sunyear Hammock Backpacking Tent for Family Hiking

lightweight hammock backpacking tent

What We like

  • Durable bug/mosquito net
  • Large and convenient size
  • It ensures hassle-free assembly and storage
  • The material is comfy and ultra-resilient

What We Don’t

  • No internal storage options

Sunyear hammock is the ultimate camping hammock tent. This hammock comes with a mosquito/ bug net to keep all the annoying bugs and mosquitoes at bay.

Also, it comes with all the installation tools, including tree straps and carabiners, making installation a breeze. Also, the material used is premium quality nylon that is comfy and ultra-resilient.

Moreover, this portable hammock is compact and lightweight and comes in an elegant pouch. It is ideal for solo adventures, travel, emergency, backpacking, hiking, camping, etc.

Besides that, this hammock is built to last with the uniquely designed durable bug net fabric and 210T parachute nylon.

It has a large and convenient size for more than one person. Also, you can count on it to enjoy a safe and sound sleep in the wild.

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5. Large Space – Tentsile Stingray Large 3-Person Backpacking Hammock Tree Tent

large hammock backpacking tent

What We like

  • Suitable for year-round use
  • Can accommodate up to 3 persons with its spacious interior
  • Offers comfort and protection with a unique 3-point anchor system
  • The anti-roll straps prevent you from rolling to the middle of the tent

What We Don’t

  • Pricey

Tentsile Stingray portable tent will exceed your expectations. This camping and backpacking tent for three backpackers features internal storage pockets, which provide practical storage space for your phones, maximizing the sleeping space and comfort.

Moreover, it comes with built-in underfloor storage nets that work to keep your bulkier items secure. This net is detachable to allow for increased interior space. This tent features a 40% larger central hatch with a Velcro safety latch and door on all sides to provide easy access.

On top of that, this portable tent is conveniently lightweight for a better user experience. It offers the ultimate comfort and protection with the 3-point anchor system, which provides a taut and tensioned base.

Furthermore, this tent has a large weight capacity of 400kg, making it ideal for group camping or family adventures.

The unique anti-roll strap system reinforces the tent and creates separate sleeping bays for each. It comes with a hydrostatic head rainfly that is made using 204D strong nylon-composite fabric.

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Hammock vs. Tent for Backpacking

The discussion on which is better for backpacking between the tents and hammock is never-ending. Before you pick aside, you should familiarize yourself with the two.

Hammocks are beds made of ropes, netting, or fabric that is suspended between two points when simply put. It has various uses ranging from sleeping, swinging to resting.

There are different types of hammocks, with the modern ones built to be more comfortable and functional.

Actually, buy hammocks if you go for an extremely ultralight backpacking tour.

Why Go for a Hammock?

1. Usually, the camping and backpacking hammocks are lightweight and compact for more effortless mobility and transportation. They are also made of sturdy, flexible materials like nylon, cotton, polyester, and so on. The tree-suspended versions are more ideal for camping.

Still, if you are into glamping and have the luxury of space, you can go for the hammocks with stands, teardrop hammocks, portable foldable hammocks, and hammocks with canopies. With that said, hammocks are ideal for areas where pitching a tent will not be feasible.

2. Hammocks offer off-the-ground sleeping. They are handy regardless of the weather conditions or the terrain. Also, they keep you protected from crawling insects and ground moisture.

3. Hammocks are quick and easy to set up. They occupy little footprint compared to tents, and the bundle is relatively lightweight, foldable, and easily portable. Backpackers benefit from this minimalist bundle that hammocks pack into, leaving you with more space for other essentials. Also, the setups are pain-free.

4. Another thing is, hammocks are relatively affordable. They are generally cheaper than tents and do not require many accessories. Tents act as the shell of the outdoor shelter and will need all the in-house items. However, when it comes to under quilts, hammocks will be an expensive option.

5. Hammocks provide a comfy flat surface that is comfortable to lie on than tent camping, where rocks, roots, and sticks interfere with your sleep. Subjectively, hammocks are said to ease the back problems of most hikers and backpackers.

Moreover, hammocks cradle your body, offering adequate support that is not possible in a tent. Comfort is the provision of warmth and uninterrupted sleep, and the hammocks have perfected it.

6. Lastly, hammocks will win you over with the extra perks such as stargazing opportunities, relaxation pods, and exposure to fresh air. This is not possible with the tents.

Cons of Hammock Tent

The drawbacks of hammocks include they are most ideal for one person. Tents offer more room for group camping or family trips. Also, they require suspension points, which is not necessary for tents.

Furthermore, unlike tents, hammocks do not offer proper protection against the elements and animals.


Is A Hammock Tent Comfortable for Backpacking or Camping?

best price hammock backpacking tent

Yes. Hammock tents have aged well as the go-to shelter option for camping and backpacking. They are preferred over hammocks for their spaciousness, sturdiness, and comfort. These tents also come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes.

Tents are comfortable as they offer a homey approach against the elements as well as animals. Also, they harbor many people and are reliable and convenient.

Moreover, tents provide more insulation than hammocks. Tent, however, requires lengthy pitching and also requires a suitable site to set up.

Also, compared to hammocks, tents are bulkier and may significantly impede portability. Otherwise, tents are very comfortable and the go-for option for group camping and family adventures, you can choose a large tent for family camping.


How to Install a Hammock Tent for Backpacking?

Your ideal hammock setup includes a hammock, suspension points, under a quilt, top quilt, mosquito net, rainfly, tree hugger straps and toggles, and sleeping bag.

Clips under the hammock can be handy to help you hang your hiking backpack or other camping gear. Here are the key things to consider when hanging your backpacking hammock tent.

– What Is the Distance between the Two Suspension Points

Typically, the distance should be 13-17 inches apart, but you should be independent, depending on the hammock’s size.

The length of the hammock ridgeline determines the sag, and therefore you should adjust it to the desired option. The two objects’ height and strength; you should look for strong trees with at least 6 inches diameter.

– How High Should the Hammock Sit above the Ground?

It should not be too high, making it difficult to get on and out of bed, and not too low that your derriere is touching the ground. The ideal height is the height of an average chair, i.e., 18 inches above the ground.

Another thing is to ensure the straps are 30 degrees relative to the ground below for optimal sag. The ridgeline should be 83% of the overall hammock length, excluding the straps.



Hammock tents are your ideal backpacking and camping companions. The reviewed backpacking hammock tents help you get the best out of your adventure. Furthermore, they are a great addition to your camping gear.

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Miztli Camping Hammock...image Best with Mosquito Net - MIZTLI Durable Backpacking Hammock with Nylon Construction Buy on Amazon
Sunyear Camping Hammock,...image Best Lightweight - Sunyear Hammock Backpacking Tent for Family Hiking Buy on Amazon
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