Coleman 15 x 13 Instant Screenhouse (Full Review)

If you are the type of person who enjoys camping during the summer seasons, well, Coleman 15 x 13 instant screenhouse is the best camping tent to consider getting. From the design to materials of this tent, it is crafted to accommodate sunny days.

First off, the tent offers the UP50+sun protection that guarantees safety from the high UV rays so you can enjoy outdoor adventures even under the sun. Another thing that makes this a great outdoor tent is the ease of assembling style. Unlike other tents, this model does not take hours to put up.

Specifications of Coleman 15 x 13 instant screenhouse

Coleman large instant screenhouse


Base Size: 15″ x 13″

Peak Height: 84″

Weight: 18.25 pounds

Ventilation System: 6 windows, 2 T doors

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Coleman 15 x 13 instant screen room overview

Enjoy some amazing and quality time with friends and family with this durable Coleman 15 x 13 instant screen house tent. The tent is great to carry either when going camping or creating a picnic section around your home.

The walls are made with screen panels that allow good visibility to the outside. So, you and your family or friends can enjoy the stars’ quality view at night or even enjoy watching sports outdoors.

This tent is quite spacious since it measured around 15 x 13 feet all around. It may not work for large crowds, but it is a perfect space for around four people.

The middle pole of this tent measures 7 feet high such that one can comfortably stand up while chatting or arranging the interior part of the tent. Setting up this tent takes a few minutes, considering it only weighs around 18 pounds.

Besides, the tent has an instant setup mode, which saves installation time. You can comfortably do it on your own since the steps are easy to follow. This tent has two entrance doors to create enough space for users to get in and out of the tent whenever they need it.

Is this tent safe for windy areas? Well, yes! This tent is perfect for windy areas since it has stakes and pre-attached strings that secure the tent to the ground, so it does not get blown by the wind.


Pros and cons


  • This tent is super light in weight
  • The poles have stainless steel materials for durability
  • Setting up the tent does not take long
  • The tent comes with extra stability accessories
  • It is affordable
  • Secures users from harsh outdoor sunlight
  • It has unique mesh wall panels for good visibility
  • The tent comes with one year warranty
  • Comes with a carrying bag to pack and use when carrying it outdoors
  • The tent comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation


  • This tent is not reliable during the cold and rainy days
  • This screen house is small and can’t comfortably fit a picnic table
  • This tent may be a bit challenging to put up on the first time since it is packed inside out
  • You have to keep the flaps closed throughout as the bugs may evade the interior parts, which can be annoying
  • The zips are a bit weak and can easily break if you keep on opening and closing it

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Key features of Coleman 15 x 13 instant screenhouse

Coleman 15 x 13 instant screenhouse for couple

1. Lightweight

This screen house is one of the most comfortable tents to travel with for your outdoor escapes. You don’t need to strain to carry or looking for a space to park it in your travel car. With a weight of fewer than 20 pounds, moving this tent around is easy for all.

2. Quality construction

The poles of this tent feature stainless steel material construction that is resistant to rust and corrosion. The screen panels and roofing also have durable and strong materials resistant to outdoor weather elements.

You can expose the tent to high UV rays without worrying about it getting damaged. Note that this tent is not safe for rainy seasons as it may get damaged.

3. UV protector

If you need a comfortable tent that you can use during the high UV rays without compromising your comfort, especially when it comes to outdoor viewing, this screen house is a perfect choice.

The screen panels on the sides allow you to enjoy views all around without any restrictions. On the other hand, the canopy of the tent offers 50+ UV protection. Therefore, this is a great and durable tent you can buy for the summer season.

4. Bug-free design

You don’t need to deal with bugs disturbing you when chilling with friends or even sleeping at night with this tent. The sides have zippers that ensure no bugs can access the inside for comfort while in the woods.

But ensure to keep the screen panels closed to ensure the bugs do not enter before you close the sides.

5. Easy to accessColeman 15 x 13 instant screenhouse for couple

This is another great feature that makes this a comfortable family tent. You don’t necessarily need to struggle to access the interior since the tent has two large entry sections.

6. Stable

The tent comes with an attached ring pole in the middle to offer ample support to the area you install. Also, the tent comes with stakes to support it from the sides.

7. Durable

From the materials to designing, this screen house tent has quality and durable materials constructions. The screen mesh panels are tightly sewed to ensure the durability and convenience of the tent.

The poles are made of stainless steel materials resistant to rust and corrosion from the outdoor weather. The roof has quality PU materials that cannot get damaged by high sunlight. So, if you use this tent the right way, rest assured it will last you for a very long time.

8. Warranty

Although this tent is made of quality materials, one is also provided with one year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

9. Easy to set up

There is no much assembling needed when setting up this tent. So, putting it up is quite easy for all people. The tent is also light in weight, which makes settings up easy and quick.



Coleman 15 x 13 instant screen house is a great family tent worth investing in for use during the chilled and summer seasons. The tent has the quality and strong materials that can withstand most outdoor elements. The tent is quite easy to set up since it is light, and the steps are easy to follow.

This tent from Coleman is recommendable for sunny seasons since the roofing does not repel water. So, avoid using it in the rainy seasons as it may not serve you well.

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