Best Tree Tent

2 person tree tent

Are you searching for a good accommodation environment for outdoor sleep? We recommend you to an attempt for tree tent. Sleeping above the tough and wet ground can provide your whole body a great exposure to the air.

2 person tree tent

This airborne environment makes you feel comfortable and keeps you away from the attack of beasts. With an appropriate tree tent, you just need to lay on it and enjoy a full view of the wild night without any inquietude.

In this article, we recommend the best tree tents to meet your different needs. To furnish you with detailed support for choosing a tree tent, the following sections will be given. With this guide, we hope you can know more about tree tents.

  • What should be taken into consideration when choosing a tree tent?
  • Why it’s better to choose a tree tent?
  • Best 7 tree tents recommended
  • FAQs
  • How to set up a hanging hammock?
  • Is a suspended tent safe?


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Quick Pick

Here is a sheet of tree tents recommended listed with its basic information which may save your time.

Photo Title Basic Information Buy
Hennessy Hammock -...image Best for One Person - Hennessy Hammock Expedition Classic 250lbs capacity/5.2lbs/11 x 9ft Buy on Amazon
Tentsile Flite+ V3...image Most Portable - Tentsile Flite+ 485 lbs capacity/9.5 lbs/10.6 x 10.6 ft Buy on Amazon
Tentsile Stingray V3...image Best for 3 Person - Tentsile Stingray 880 lbs capacity/25 lbs/13.5 x 13.5 ft Buy on Amazon
Lawson Hammock Blue...image Most Versatile - Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge 275 lbs capacity/4.25 lbs/9 x 4.2 ft Buy on Amazon
Oak Creek Lost...image Best Cheap - Oak Creek Lost Valley Camping Hammock 350 lbs capacity/3.59 lbs/11 x 7.8 ft Buy on Amazon


What to Look For in a Tree Tent?

Before buying a tree tent, there is something you should know in advance to choose one tent genuinely suitable for you.


Capacity is a basic factor considered when choosing a hanging tent, since overload may damage the tent. Besides your own weight, you should take your belongings into consideration, including the weight of your pet!

A tree tent for one person had better have a maxim capacity of 150 kg. Thus, make sure the capacity of the tents can meet your need of people number. For a family camping, a tent for 3 person like Tentsile Stingray will be your perfect choice.

3 person tree tent


The fabric of tent is basically made of canvas, nylon, oxford or polyester. If you want a cheaper one, canvas is generally tough enough. The oxford provides a high level of waterproof, you will feel at ease even on a heavy rain day. While the Nylon or polyester is more elastic and shows a better resistance to strong UV.

A relatively professional outdoor tree tents usually are made of Nylon or a Nylon-polyester composite fabric. But remember don’t let your tent under the direct sunlight overtime

Fabric strength

The fabric strength is measured to indicate the quality of the fabric. Higher fabric strength provides better tensibility and is more ripstop. It makes your feel less worry about destroying the tent. You needn’t do any action discreetly even a turn-over of your body when lying on the tent.

The fabric strength usually ranges from 40d-100d. The density of the fabric is another figure to show the quality of the fabric. Fabric over 200T can give you enough protection by its tear resistance. In a word, Higher Strength will be better!


The key feature that determines the durability of the tent is the materials of tent poles. Two common materials include glass fiber and aluminum, among which, aluminum is highly recommended for its strong and lightweight performance, thus providing stronger resistance to wind. But overall speaking, a ground tent will show higher wind resistance.

However, if you prefer a less expensive one, then glass fiber is also a wise choice.


The weight of tent can be a serious concern you need to consider for long hiking.

The tent weight from 5-10 lbs, which accommodates two person, is a portable choice for easy carrying around.

The large one designed for 3 person to use is normally overloaded with more than 20 lbs, which is hard for backpackers but brings no worries to a self-driving tour.

If you are searching for a light tent for 2 person, we highly recommend you with this Tentsile Flite+. But it doesn’t mean a heavy weight is a defect since heavier means more spacious and more functions.

suspended tree tent


Before buying a tree tent, you should know whether the tent size can fit you. For shorter people, the general size can suitable. But if you are taller or bigger, it should take the dimension into more consideration.

Size for 2 people is generally 10 x 7.5, which can satisfy a generous height lower than 7.5 feet. If you are taller, remember to choose a larger one, making sure you have enough space to put your belongings and can get your body fully stretched.


The weather forecast is not always reliable so you should rely more on the waterproof of your tent. That is why the waterproof performance of the tent is a vital consideration to take.

To avoid being a drowned rat in pouring rainstorm, you need to choose a tent equipped with a rainfly or tarp, for the hammock with rainfly is the best shelter to keep you away from both wet sky and earth, the raindrop is no more trouble but a lullaby for your outdoor night.

To evaluate the ability of waterproof on the tent, just check the Hydrostatic Head (HH) level. For an eligible tree tent rainfly, 2000 mm of HH can fight against the impact of s common rainstorm and prevent you from this rainy intrusion. No more fretting about getting wet on a rainy day!

Ease of use

Many people are complaining about the strenuosity of setting up a tent. To Make sure you can set up it before twilight, the tents we pick are designed for ease of use, within 25 minutes you can lie on your tent and enjoy the smooth floating air. If you really intend to pay less effort, we suggest you take a look at the Oak Creek Hammock.

Bug protection

Although tree tent helps you get rid of the insects of creepers or crawlers. You may also be harassed by mosquitoes and other flying bugs, especially on a summer night in the wild environment.

If you don’t efficiently solve this problem, the whole night around your ear will be bothered with buzzing. Consequently, A bug net is necessary for you to spend an undisturbed night.

Professional brand

A professional brand with a high reputation and popularity can endow you with more credibility and reliability to some degree. Mostly, the quality of tents of the grand manufacturer is strictly warranted to give you a sense of assurance when you lie on this suspended tent. If you find any questions, the post-sale service is also a dependable guarantee.

Center hatch

Some tents are designed with a center hatch at the tent bottom, through which you can climb into it by a rope ladder. It gives you a more accessible way than a regular tent. If you want to try this novel experience, Tentsile Stingray can’t be more suitable.

Mesh top

You want to stargaze in a full view in the summer night but without being troubled by flying bugs? A tree tent with a mesh top like Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge is the best choice. A mesh top keeps you away from any flying insects. Meantime it furnishes enough air circulation to make you enjoy the maximum of fresh air even in muggy days.


When picking a tent, it should take UV protection into consideration. Unlike the urban area, the sunlight in the wild nature is stronger than normal. If you don’t want your skin to get sunburned by the UV, you need to avoid the direct rays of the sun under the protection of a tent.


Benefits of a Tree Tent

Why a tree tent is recommended? Here we list some advantages of tree tent.

Good view

2 person tree tent

A tree tent is versatile to fit for more terrains, even over a river. Thus you can enjoy a good view different than ever. Besides, a hammock with a mesh top gives you a full view of stargazing.


A suspended tent is away from the ground, thus it does not easily get dirty on the bottom especially the mud on rainy days. When you backpack it you won’t pay strenuous effort to clean it.


A tree tent is safe as long as you set up and fix it in the correct ways. Besides, it will keep you away from attacks of animals in the night sleep.


By using a tree tent, the air will be a cushion of your back, no more fretting about the ache of your lumbar and spine.

Novel experience

Spend a night above the ground is definitely a brand new experience which is also different from taking a plane.


Defects of the Tree Tents

Although spending a night in a tree tent is an excellent experience, it should be noted that there are still some shortcomings.

Demanding for the first time

If you are a noob for tree tent camping, it may take more effort to set up a tent and climb into it.


A tree tent is relatively expensive than a conventional tent or hammock. But it’s still affordable for most campers.

Not suitable for older people

Getting into a hanging tent is more difficult than into a tent on the ground. Besides, if you fall from a tree tent, older people will be easier to get hurt.

Not appropriate in winter

The 360°of air circulation will lead to a loss of heat in the tent even if you sleep into a bivy, you may also feel cold in a freezing night, so the suspended tent is not suitable in cold weather. In most cases,  4 season tents should be set on the ground.


Best Tree Tent Reviews

To help you choose your own best tree tent, we have picked some tree tents which may meet your need.

1. Best For Kids – GARTIO Hanging Tree Tent with LED Design

A swing tree tent


  • Kids have fun
  • LED design
  • Privacy protected


  • Not suitable for outdoor camping
  • Shouldn’t be set up too high

Swing tent designed with an inflatable cushion, the GARTIO hanging tree tent is ergonomically suitable for kids to have fun when they are in this swing-like hanging tent.

The LED design can supply enough light if your kids read in the tent, and the curtain can certainly protect their privacy. After all, every child owns the secret.

The 600D oxford fabric provides strong protection to your kids. They can make it as a swing or play bounce with the high strength of fabric. But for the sake of your kid’s safety, the tent should set less high than 1 meter.

Of course, if you want to enjoy the sheer joy as a kid, the capacity of 330 lbs can also bear your weight.

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2. Best For One Person – Hennessy Hammock – Expedition with Pocket on Ridgeline

A tree tent of light weight


  • Bottom entry
  • Pocket on ridgeline
  • Removable rainfly


  • For one person only

If you are searching for a backpacking tree tent for one person, this tent will meet you from all aspects. With dimension of 11*9 feet, it’s easy for you to stretch out in this one person tent.

Unlike the typical hammock, the Hennessy Expedition hammock has a bottom entry of velcro slid, which is a bit like a zipped center hatch. You can choose any way to get into the hammock as you want.

The patented asymmetrical design makes this tent a mattress off the ground which can support the pressure to relieve your back and knees. The Hennessy hammock is not only a hammock, but also a shelter.

This hammock is built with a bug net and a removable rainfly to support your basic protection of wild nature. A gear pocket set on the ridgeline can supply storage room out of your sight when you lay on the tent. It makes your sight of view more clear and simple. You can be totally immersed in the picturesque nature.

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3. Most Portable – Tentsile Flite+ Hanging Hammock with Light Weight

A tree tent portable


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Enough space


  • Do not keep heat well in the night

Perfectly accommodates 2 person in camping with its oversized dimension, this tent surpasses others with its super light design. Besides you and your partner, it can also contain two luggages but weighs only 8.4 lbs. In contrast, some tree tents for 2 person own a weight more than 20 lbs! Even in a long hike it won’t be your burden.

This tent is equipped with of 5000 HH waterproof rainfly, with which you need no more fretting about a cloudburst!

If you want to sit up in the tent, the inner headroom is big enough with a wonderful design of a cross-brace pole configuration. Moreover, within 10 minutes you can completely accomplish the setting process under the guide of video or manual and then enjoy the comfortable accommodation.

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4. Best for 3 Person – Tentsile Stingray Suspended Tent with Center Hatch

Tree tent with center hatch


  • For 3 person
  • Individual storage pocket
  • Compatible to ground kit


  • Heavy for backpacking

Planning for a family outdoor trip to get intimacy with the true nature? Being one of the most popular 3 person tree tent, a Tentsile Stingray must be your dreaming tent.

A high capacity of 880 lbs is sustainable enough even if your child has been already an adult. Each corner of the tent is packed with a pocket. You and your partners can own your individual storage room. The anti-roll strap system and 3-point anchor system promote the index of security.

What’s more, the Stingray is designed with a center hatch at the tent bottom, for you can get into the tent with a rope ladder. It is easier to get into and out of a tent with less effort and will be an original experience compared to a traditional hanging tent.

In addition, the Stingray is compatible with many ground conversion kits so you can also use it as a ground tent. But it’s a little heavy thus may be more suitable for car driving than hiking.

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5. Most Versatile – Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge with Flat Floor

Tree tent with flat floor


  • Two interior pockets
  • Flatter floor
  • Versatile to used on ground


  • Space only enough for one person
  • Straps not contained

Feeling a little nostalgic about bed in the home? Hard to adapt to the hammock-like arc floor? The Lawson Hammock Blue ridge will be your best choice. The unique design of flatter floor gives you a sense of ease as if you were lying in your bedroom.

The ground adaptability design makes it versatile to fit for all types of camping. If you pitch it on the ground, it’ll become a tiny bivy tent. The size of 90 x 42 can meet a solo hiker’s basic room need.

It has two interior pockets so you can classify and separate your belongings into different pockets.

It should be noted that the straps are sold separately if you want to use them as a tree tent.

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6. Best Cheap – Oak Creek Hammock Easy to Set Up and Backpack

A tree tent easy to carry and set up


  • Low price
  • Easy to set up
  • Suitable for an adult and a child


  • Can’t be used on the ground
  • Bug net is not removeable

The capacity of 350 lbs may not be able to support two adults, but it’s quite enough if you want to go backpacking with your child. A price under $100 makes it outstanding compared to other suspended hammocks.

It also gives you full protection including rainfly and bug net at this low cost. The nylon parachute fabric is strong enough with tear resistance.

Furthermore, it’s one of the most convenient tents to set up within 3 minutes! No more complaints about a waste of time on setting up a tent.

The packaged weight of this tent is less than 4 lbs, even your child is able to carry it.

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7. Large Dimension – Tentsile Connect Hanging Tree Tent for 2 Person

A tree tent with large dimension


  • Large space
  • Easy to backpack
  • Four pockets


  • Not suitable for ground use
  • A little expensive than a normal 2 person hanging tent

If you are complaining the narrow space of a tent, fretting not able to stretch out, bounded with the limited dimension, why not try the Tentsile connect?

The dimension of 13 x 13 feet makes it larger than most 2 person hammock tents.

Four inner pockets provide sufficient storage room. No need to put your staff around the tent, and you can spare more room for your body to lie down.

A two-pole pop-up room gives adequate headroom. Sleeping in this tent you’ll no longer feel trapped in a little cabin. The 4-doors design makes it more foldable and easier to backpack. With the Tentsile connect, you can easily get a more spacious room without overload added.

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What is Tentsile?A Good Tree Tentmaker

When you are searching for a tree tent, you may feel confused by the commonly seen word Tentsile. Here we will briefly respond to your question. Tentsile is one of the best tree tent manufacturers.

Its products are famous for high-quality fabric and aluminum tent poles to give solid support when you are lying on the tent. It also features the anti-roll strap system and 3-point anchor system (thus most Tentsile tree tents are in the shape of a triangle), providing reliable security assurance to you.

But the price of Tentsile is a little higher than average. Besides, Tentsile’s eco-project warrants that they will plant 18 trees for every tent purchased.


Security Tips for Sleeping in a Tree Tent

Sleeping in a tree tent is very safe as long as you fix the tent in the right way. Here we want to share with you more tips on safety matters.

hanging tree hammock tent

Don’t hang the tree tent too high

Even if the tree tent can be strictly anchored, while we still remind you to fix it less than 3 meters in case of falling off to the ground if you are inclined to move when sleeping!

Don’t hang it over sharp things

When you get off the tent, you may choose to jump to spare effort if the tent is not too high. But watch out the ground, avoiding the sharp thing hurting your feet and shoes.

Don’t leave food in the tree tent

The flavor of food may attract some wild animals. If you don’t want to let them disturb your camping trip, then clear your tent in time.

Clear of orientation

Not only for tree camping, but all the outdoor activity requires a clear command of orientation. Before climbing into a tent, make a clear mark of your orientation in case that you get stray after a whole night’s sleep. Besides, let your friends know where you go and keep in touch as possible.

Mind the bees

Never choose a tree with a beehive! Look around the tree before you decide to choose it as fixed points.

Set up before dusk

You may feel worn out after a day of hiking, while you should set up the suspended tent before the twilight as you need enough light source, especially some tiny component needs to be used carefully. We know setting a tent may be exhausting, but please finish it as soon as possible. Then you can get a full relaxation, appreciate the perfect sunset and afterglow.



In this section, we have listed some questions frequently asked when choosing a tree tent. Hope the answers will be useful to you.

How much is a tree tent?

A tree tent is relatively expensive. For a normal outdoor tree tent, the price ranges generously from $100-$1000.

Are tree tents comfortable?

The feeling of sleeping in the tree tent is close to on a hammock, the arc can be slightly adjusted by modulating the degree of tension. Overall speaking, it is more comfortable than sleeping on tough and wet ground. Remember to answer the call of nature before getting into the tent!

Who should use a hanging tent?

Tree tent is appropriate for most people, except for those who had difficulty in climbing.

If you want to go hiking with your friends, your children, your couple, or just yourself, the tree tent can always meet your need.

What is the difference between a hammock tent and a tree tent?

A hammock tent is a hammock covered with rainfly, bug net, or other kits. A tree tent is a normal tent like one, which is suspended above the ground by hang or fixed with trees.

These words are used interchanged, which may lead to your confusion.



Most tree tents are equipped with basic kits like rainfly and bug net, while we want to introduce other accessories to improve your camping experience.

LED light

It’s necessary to carry a light for spending a night in the wilds, the star and moonlight may not be bright enough. You can’t see a thing clearly in dim light. We recommend you carry a light source. If you are looking for it, you may want to try the Supernova LED.


Due to the urban heat island effect, spending a night in a city may be warm enough. While the night in the wilds is much cooler, even in a tent the heat can not be well kept. You may need a bivy to keep you warm and dry if you want to spend a more comfortable night in a tent


If you feel acceptable of sleeping on the cloth of a tent, you may need an inflatable cushion which can also save the package room compared to a traditional cushion.


Other Special Types of Tree Tent

Besides the traditional hammock tent and hanging tent, there are other special types of tree tent you may be interested in. We pick some types as follows.


Cocoon tree hanging tent

A Cocoon-like tent is as its name, hanging under the tree just like a cocoon. Designed with aluminum material, you will find the spherical tent equals with normal types of  tent in durability, but wins in sleek look. Apart from being set up on the tree, you can also use it on the ground thanks to the waterproof and a feet design.


teardrop tree tent

The teardrop tree tent is designed by Dré Wapenaar for RAG (Road Alert Group) who protests against that trees are cut down to construct highways. The dew drop shape appeals to the consciousness of protecting the environment. Despite this unconventional appearance, It’s hemispherical bottom with 9 feet diameter make it spacious enough for even three adults!

Luminair Spherical tent

luminair tree tent

The Luminair Company is searching for a movable shelter that is green and sustainable, thus the Luminair spherical tent then came into existence which is made with recyclable materials. It is versatile, both can be fixed on the ground or between trees. When you are lying on an arc-shaped floor, you will be totally devoted to it!


How Do You Set Up a Tree Tent?

It’s not a tough work for you to set up a tree tent. If you are looking for a universal way of setting up a tent, we hope these steps could help you.

1. Decide campground

Before setting up a tree tent, you need to choose a suitable place with a good view and no sharp things.

2. Choose three trees into a triangle

The tree tent can be placed on many kinds of stuff, but mostly it should be fixed with 3 trees. Make sure the close between each tree is enough for your tent strap. And it’s better if the angle of each corner is less than 90°.

3. Tie your tent straps to the trees

Tie your tent straps appropriately onto the trunk, making sure every strap is on the same level to make your tent more steady.

4. Install ratchets to the straps and tighten up your tent

Tighten the straps until your tent is suspended in the air without any sag. It’s the most important step to keep you and your tent suspended over the night of sleep.

5. Make adjustment to your tree tent

Make sure your tent is stretched tautly and adjust the height to keep your tent parallel with the ground to keep balance.



A tree tent is an excellent choice to spend your night in the wilds. It is safe enough if you install your tent strictly to the guide or manual. Even though a tree tent is more expensive, it’ll be a brand new experience for your outside camping. We sincerely hope you can get help and know more about tree tent by reading this passage and pick your own best tree tent!