Best 6-Person Backpacking Tents

ultralight backpacking 6 person tent

Are you on the market for the best 6-person backpacking tents? If this is the case, finding such a tent is not easy.

Most backpacking tents try to balance their weight and interior space, but most manufacturers concentrate on giving you low-weight shelters, which might also mean limited space and minimal comfort to the users.

To help you acquire a tent that will increase your enjoyment while backpacking, the following sections will be useful.

  • What should be taken into consideration when choosing a 6-person backpacking tent
  • Best 7 tents recommended
  • How to choose an ultralight 6-men backpacking tent
  • The best weight of a 6-person backpacking tent

ultralight backpacking 6 person tent


How to Choose the Best 6-Person Backpacking Tents?

To choose your best 6-person backpacking tent, you need to take the following factors into consideration.

1. Consider the Material of the Flooring

If you are purchasing a 6-person backpacking tent that will endure a lot of use, then you must get a tent with durable flooring. The floor must be strong and designed to withstand frequent use. Not only that, but it must be waterproof to protect you and your belongings from groundwater.

2. The Floor Space Matters

You must think about the amount of space you will need. To do so, determine the amount of gear that will be stored in the tent.

Also, consider the height of the people who will need to go inside it. That way, you can be sure to settle for a tent with an adequate space to hold six people and their gear. And, choose a tent with enough headroom to eliminate the need for bending while inside.

3. In Which Conditions Will You Use the Tent?

Are you planning to use the shelter in which season? You must answer these questions before purchasing a 6-person backpacking tent.

For instance, a summer tent is made of materials with a lot of ventilation to keep you cool in such weather. On the other hand, winter tents are made of strong and waterproof fabrics to enable them to withstand heavier rain and wind.

Thus, consider the season you will use the tent, but remember that the weather can change. So, be ready for emergencies.

6-person backpacking tent used in winter

4. Tent’s Materials

Different 6-person backpacking tents are made of different materials. While some tents are made of nylon, others are made of cotton and these materials have different advantages and disadvantages.

A tent made of nylon/polyester is waterproof. However, sunlight could result in the deterioration of nylon over time, which means that such tents are not the best for summer use.

A 6-person backpacking tent made of cotton is durable and waterproof. However, they could become heavy after absorbing the water. Therefore, consider the material that will work out for you, and pick one that is compatible.

Remember to consider the zippers to ensure that you buy a tent with quality zippers. Plus, get a tent with a fly. The fly should be made of nylon and waterproofed using silicone or polyurethane for maximum protection from the rain.

5. Ventilation

A good-quality backpacking tent should offer an adequate amount of ventilation. After all, you do not want to wake up to damp bedding or condensation all over the tent. Therefore, opt for a tent with a mesh roof or one that has ample windows and doors to let you control the ventilation.

6. Pockets and Organization

Do you want to keep track of your gear and ensure that everything is accessible when needed? If this is the case, you will need a 6-person backpacking tent with an adequate number of pockets.

The interior pockets provide room for organizing small accessories, including keys, phones, flashlights, and wallets. If the tent does not include ample pockets to store all accessories, install a gear loft to let you organize additional accessories.


What is the Best Weight for 6-Man Backpacking Tents?

Backpacking tents vary in size and weight. However, a backpacking tent should never weigh more than 4lbs per person. In fact, lesser weight is better, but note that this might also mean that the tent will offer less room inside it.

Still, less weight could compromise the quality of the fabrics and poles. In my recommendation, I would suggest getting a tent with a weight ranging from 16lbs to 20lbs when getting a 6-person backpacking tent.


7 Best 6-Person Backpacking Tents

We have picked some excellent 6-person backpacking tent with different features for you to make a choice.

1. Best with Large Space – The North Face WAWONA 6 Person Tent with Interior Storage

ultralight backpacking 6-person tent

It has an 86.11 square ft floor area suitable for supporting up to six people.

Additionally, the tent has an 80” peak height that provides an adequate room that will allow you to stand while inside. Supplied with heavy-duty 14mm pre-bent poles, this tent is easy to set up.

• Spacious and ample ventilation

The North Face has a roomy interior. This enables it to provide adequate room suitable for accommodating up to six people. Also, it has a rear door and a large double-door front vestibule to facilitate easy entry and exit. Two large windows are another addition for exceptional airflow, breathability, and visibility.

• Integrated storage

To facilitate easy organization, this tent includes a tablet pocket and an extra mesh pocket. The tablet pocket is suitable for storing a tablet or smartphone.

On the other hand, the mesh pocket is suitable for organizing small accessories. Equipped with a hook-and-loop lantern loop, you can hang a torch to illuminate the interior. Internal dry lines and hang loops are other features for everyday convenience while camping.

• Waterproof construction

The North Face Tent is an ideal choice for winter use. It features a waterproof single-wall design. Also, the tent’s floor, fly, and canopy are made of durable polyester. The polyester is coated with a PU-coated and water-resistant finish to prevent water from leaking in. Finally, there are large top vents that help to prevent condensation.

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2. Most Durable – UNP 6 Person Backpacking Tent with Multiple Storage Room

backpacking tent for 6 men

It has five side windows for ventilation and visibility. Also, there are wide D-shaped doors for easy entry and exit without the need to crawl in. A high-density net can repel mosquitoes without interfering with the ventilation.

Plus, there are rip-stop panels for durability and an electrical access port that allows you to extend a cord from an outside power source.

• Durable and weatherproof

It is made of polyester with a 1000 mm polyurethane hydrostatic-rated coating. Because of this, it can prevent water leakage to keep you warm and dry.

What’s more, the tent includes four steel body poles and fiberglass roof poles to maintain a strong and sturdy structure despite the wind.

• Roomy interior

Designed to accommodate six people in sleeping bags or a queen air mattress, this tent has a roomy 10ft x 9ft interior. Its center height is 78inches, which means that most people can stand comfortably without having to bend. The rectangular floor plan and near-vertical walls are other additions that maximize the livable area.

• Multiple storage options

Besides the roomy interior, this tent has mesh storage pockets. The storage pockets allow you to organize accessories such as wallets, mobile phones, and keys.

Still, there is a gear loft for the camping gear and an electrical access port that allows you to run a power cord from the charging device to an outside power outlet.

• Ample ventilation

Still, there are two roof vents. These vents and the low side vent can create a chimney effect to control the condensation. Besides that, there is a zippered access to provide room for adjusting the vents from the tent’s interior, and doors for easy access and enhanced ventilation.

• Easy to set up

This tent is easy to set up. Besides accommodating six people, two people can set it up within three minutes. The tent comes with well-made poles for easy installation. Plus, it comes with a carry bag for easy storage and transportation after use.

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3. Best Sturdy – KAZOO 6-Person Camping Tent with Optimized Ventilation

Backpacking tent for 6 people use

The best 6-person backpacking tent for fishing, outdoor BBQ, camping, and hiking is the Kazoo Family tent. It is durable and lightweight to let you take it wherever you need it.

Also, the tent is easy to set up. It opens like an umbrella so that one person can put it up within 30 seconds. The tent comes with a full-coverage rainfly to protect you from the rain. It is lightweight but sturdy so that it can withstand most adventures.

• Spacious interior

It adopts a cabin-shaped design. This design increases the available area, enabling the tent to accommodate four adults and two kids. Also, there are two vestibules and two doors for storage and easy entry and exit.

• Sturdy and waterproof

The Kazoo camping tent is durable. Its liner features 190T breathable Polyester and see-um netting B3 mesh. Thus, it is sturdy and designed to shield you against mosquitoes.

That not all, since there is a rainfly made of 210T Rip-stop Polyester. Besides preventing the water from leaking in, the polyester fabric is rip-resistant for durability. Finally, the tent is supported by sturdy and lightweight aluminum poles.

• Optimized ventilation

Designed to provide a cozy resting space, this tent has a mesh ceiling and mesh walls. The walls provide excellent ventilation to keep you cool in the summer and dry in the winter. Also, it has two large zipper doors that enhance ventilation while allowing for easy entry and exit.

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4. Most Convenient – Coleman Dome Backpacking Tent with Screen Room

backpacking 6-person tent with screen room

Spice up your stay outdoors with the Coleman Dome tent. It comes with a removable rainfly. You can remove the fly to let in sunlight through the mesh roof or gaze at the stars during the night.

Additionally, the tent includes mesh pockets that provide room for organizing small necessities. Supplied with a carry bag, this tent is easy to store and carry after use. It has a roomy interior of 10ft x 9ft with a 5’8” center height.

• Weatherproof construction

This tent is suitable for use during three seasons. It features a polyester taffeta 75D fabric to keep the water out. Still, the tent adopts a WeatherTec system. Its floors adopt a welding-inspired technology that strengthens the floors to keep the water out.

Also, there are inverted seams. The seams increase resistance to the weather by hiding the needle holes inside the tent. Equipped with a wind-responsive frame with guy-out triangles and redesigned holes, you can expect the structure to stay stable and sturdy in strong winds.

• Enhanced ventilation

Something else that makes this tent worth purchasing is the enhanced ventilation. It has extended window awnings. The awnings allow you to keep the windows open for better circulation of the air without letting the rain in.

Also, there is a separate screened-in room. This room provides you with an additional sleeping area with extra ventilation to keep you cool during warmer nights.

• Roomy interior and easy to set up

The Coleman Dome Tent has a roomy interior. It can fit two queen-size airbeds or six people in sleeping bags. The tent has a screened room that provides an extra sleeping space. It can set up in less than 15 minutes, thanks to the Insta-Clip pole attachments and continuous pole sleeves.

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5. Best Portable – Coleman Sundome 6-Man Tent with Separate Bags

backpacking tent used for 6 people with waterproof construction

The Sundome Tent is a durable 6-person backpacking tent. It has a polyester taffeta 75denier flysheet. Because of this, it is strong and designed to keep the rain out. Besides that, the tent has a 6ft center height, to eliminate the need to bend while walking inside.

The tent comes with separate storage bags for the poles, tent, and stakes for easy storage and transport. Also, it includes easy-to-follow instructions sewn into the carry bag for easy transportation.

• E-port

You can stay connected to the rest of the world while using the Sundome camping tent. It has an E-port that allows you to bring an electrical power cord to the tent. Therefore, you can keep your devices up and running without having to go out.

• Weatherproof construction

What’s more, this tent features a weatherproof construction. It integrates a WeatherTec System with welded corners and covered seams to keep the water out. Better, its floor is durable and waterproof to prevent water from leaking in.

The tent is made of poly guard, enabling it to withstand elements season after season. Its frame is strong and sturdy and fitted with Insta-Clip pole attachment stands to withstand wind up to 35+ mph.

• Enhanced ventilation

Designed to keep you cool and comfortable, this backpacking tent has mesh vents that facilitate ventilation. Additionally, there are large windows for adjustable ventilation and a better view. The ground vent can push warm air up and out to control the condensation.

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6. Best in Weather Resistance – Coleman 6-Person Tent with WeatherTec System

backpacking tent for 6 men with screen room

Relax as you watch nature unfold from the WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent. It has a hinged door for smooth entry and exit. Additionally, there is an E-port that allows you to bring a power cord to charge your devices. The tent is made of Polyguard fabric for durability. It includes mesh pockets on the walls for the organization of small accessories.

• Plenty of lounging room

Spacious enough to accommodate up to six people, this tent has two rooms that provide plenty of room for six people in sleeping bags or two queen-size airbeds. Additionally, there is a 6’10” center height to eliminate the need for bending while walking inside.

• Ample ventilation

Another benefit of the backpacking tent is its ample ventilation. It has a screen room that provides ventilation during warm days. Also, there are angled windows to enhance air circulation without leaking in the water. A Variflow adjustable airflow, an all-mesh ceiling, and a privacy vent window are other additions that facilitate the flow of the air.

• Easy to set up

It comes with InstaClip attachments, two color-coded poles, shock-corded fiberglass poles, and continuous pole sleeves for easy installation.

Additionally, the tent includes instructions that are sewn in the convenient carry bag for fast setup. The included pole bags are another plus for storage and transportation.

• WeatherTec system

To keep the weather where it belongs, the WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent is an ideal choice. It has a wind-strong frame to protect it from collapsing in the strong winds. Also, there are guy-out triangles that anchor the tent to make it sturdier in the wind.

The tent is made of a coated polyester fabric that prevents water leakage. Plus, it incorporates fully-taped rainfly seams and a floor that adopts the welding-inspired technology to keep water out.

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7. Best Easy to Set Up – OT QOMOTOP 6 Person Backpacking Tent with Gate Mat

6-perosn backpacking tent for camping

If you need a 6-person backpacking tent that is easy to set up, I would recommend the OT QOMOTOP Tent. It sets up instantly within 60 seconds. Better still, one person can set it up without difficulty, thanks to the insta-set up design.

• Waterproof tent

The OT QOMOTOP Tent can keep you cool and dry during the heavy rain. It has a PU taping for the inner tent seam and rainfly seam to protect water from leaking. Additionally, there is a PE tube floor that features welded corners to prevent water from penetrating.

• Electrical port

Also, the tent has an electrical cord port. Through the port, you can connect an electrical cord to charge your devices. When not in use, you can close it to safeguard it from damage. The tent comes with a mud mat, stakes, carry bag, gear loft, and gear pockets for convenience to the user.

• Upgraded ventilation

Besides the waterproof construction, this tent has a mesh roof and ground vent. The ground vent can push hot air up so that it can exit the tent through the mesh roof. As a result, you can be sure to have it minimize the water condensation inside it during the night.

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Concerns for Buying an Ultralight 6-Person Backpacking Tents

To make sure your 6-person tent is ultralight, here we will give your some aspects that should be noted.

1. Ease of Use

The best Ultralight 6-person backpacking tent should be easy to set up. After all, you do not want to spend hours putting it up after arrival. Therefore, ensure that you get a tent you can put up within a short time and using little effort.

If you will purchase your tent online, be sure to read some reviews to get an idea of what other users have gone through when setting the tent. That way, you can avoid getting a tent that will give you a lot of stress when putting it up.

2. Packed Size

Although the packed size and tent’s weight go hand in hand, note that this is not applicable in all cases.

Some tents have thinner fabrics which are smaller and therefore more compressible than others. On the other hand, other tents have thicker fabrics and poles that feature larger circumferences.

Such tents are not easy to fit into a pack, which means that they could challenge you with limited space. So, if space is a challenge for you, be sure to acquire a tent that packs into a small space, or possibly, store the stakes and poles separately from the tent’s body.

3. Interior Space

For the best value for money, you will want to get a tent that offers ample space to accommodate you and the gear. After all, it does not make any sense to concentrate on the tent’s weight and end up with a tent that will not accommodate up to six people.

Therefore, make sure that the tent can accommodate the users and gear comfortably and provide you an ample space to walk around.

4. Number of Poles and the Weight of the Body

Different 6-person backpacking tents come with varying numbers of poles. Therefore, you will want to pay attention to the number of poles and the effect on the weight of the packed tent.

Ensure that you settle for a tent that comes with adequate poles to keep it stable, but also ensure that these poles will not increase the weight of the packed tent to an unbearable weight.



In conclusion, note that the weight of the tent is an important factor to consider when selecting the best 6-person backpacking tent. Also, there are other factors to look into when choosing such a tent. Therefore, pay attention to the provided buyer’s guide and pick one of the reviewed products for the best value for money.

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