Best Freestanding Tent

best freestanding tent for outdoor camping

The best freestanding tents are considered as the holy grail of mountaineering and backpacking tents since they can be set up quickly anywhere on rocks, snow, sand, and wooden tent platforms without being stacked to the ground first.

However, freestanding tents can be heavier than non-freestanding tents since they have to support themselves with tent poles adding extra weight. If you are in the search for the best freestanding tent, this is the place to be.

best freestanding tent for outdoor camping


Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Freestanding Tent

Firstly, we listed some Q&As to help you better understand a freestanding tent.

1. What Is a Freestanding Tent?

A freestanding tent as its name suggests is a tent that can hold its shape on its own without needing to be grounded or staked out. These freestanding tent designs get their support from the included tent poles that you can pick up and move around the camp without going limp.

Generally, freestanding hiking tents are the popular style among hikers and campers as well as traditional backpackers since they are easy to set up, good overall livability, and impressive weather protection.

2. What Is the Lightest Freestanding Tent?

Keeping your backpacking lightweight is very important. Every industry is trying to reduce the weight of the tents without compromising other crucial features. Generally, a tent designed for one person should be around 3 pounds while that designed for two people should be less than 5 pounds.

3. Do I Need a Freestanding Tent?

A freestanding tent is a must-have for a camper or a hiker. The freestanding tent is easy and fast to set up. It is also ultralight and the tent you deserve for your outdoor camping. Furthermore, it is easy to carry along with a minimal impact on your back and knees.

freestanding backpacking tent for couples


How to Choose the Best Freestanding Tent?

When evaluating the best freestanding tents, it is important to also consider the climatic conditions that you would expect to use this tent in. This will help you know the degree of pole strength as well as the breathability required.

Below are the important factors that you should look for when choosing your best freestanding tent.

  • Space

Ample space is very important for your ultimate comfort and also for keeping your gear dry.

If you decide to share your tent with your fellow hiker, consider whether both of your sleeping pads fit next to each other comfortably and whether you can sit up simultaneously. For a couple, there should be at least a 30 sq ft floor.

There is nothing worse than being cramped in a tiny tent that is damp and then a storm rages outside. If you are going out with your family, consider a tent with dividers for separate rooms.

  • Durability and weather protection

If you have been a constant camper and hiker, you might have observed that there is that one person with the only upright tent in your campground during a heavy storm.

You might have observed that others sleep with the top of their tents touching their faces. It is very important to consider sturdier tents that will hold up during a bad storm. These freestanding tents might be heavier, but they are worth season after season.

  • Ventilation

The freestanding tent doors, windows, and vents are very crucial to reduce and minimize internal condensation.

When choosing your freestanding tent, pick one with breathable wall fabrics. It might not be possible to have much ventilation in your tent, but a tent with several windows will be fine.

  • Weight

Your tent might be the heaviest thing in your package, so keep its weight as low as possible if you expect to do a lot of backpacking.

Typically, a lighter tent is quite expensive and less durable, but this is not always the case. Therefore, choose a lightweight freestanding tent, but its durability should not be compromised.

If you are a solo-hiker, a freestanding 1 person tent less than 5 lbs is relatively portable for you. This article has offered several lightweight tents like Winterial Single Person Tent that have maintained their quality and durability as well.

  • Seasonality

The best recommendation is a tent that can last between 3 and 4 seasons. The majority of the campers and hikers go for a 3 seasons tent. Since the worst-case scenarios can never be the same for all trips, you can choose to have more than one tent.


Best Freestanding Tent Reviews

In this section, we have listed some excellent freestanding tents for different groups of people.

1. Best Ultralight – Winterial Single Person Bivy Tent with Roof Mesh

lightest freestanding 1 person tent


  • Lightweight
  • Perfect backpacking tent
  • Easy to assemble


  • For one person only

Winterial single person is the perfect tent for hiking and sleeps a single person. You can take this tent with you on any trip that you are planning.

The Winterial tent is perfect for 3 seasons of hiking and camping. This three seasons tent gives adequate open-air netting and is specifically designed for your summer backpacking together with other activities.

This is a premium tent that features pre-sealed seams as well as a durable reinforced rain-fly for improved waterproofness.

Furthermore, the freestanding tent is the best for a warm summer night free from fly and also perfect for a windy rainy night since the rain-fly is firmly attached.

The tent is easy to access with a large zippered door and comes with 3 bundles of rope and heavy-duty stakes to secure the tent firmly.

The tent packs small and is lightweight. The packed size is 18 x 4.5 x 4 inches while the open dimensions are 38 x 28 x 90 inches and weighs 3 lbs. It is easy to assemble.

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2. Most Spacious – Ozark Trail 10 Person Freestanding Tunnel Tent with 3 Rooms

Ozark Trail large freestanding tent


  • Occupied by 10 people
  • 3 rooms for needed privacy
  • Vestibule and a sturdy frame


  • The front door zipper can get stuck sometimes

The Ozark Trail freestanding tent is a versatile large tent that is best for your large family camping trips and acts as the main basecamp tent. The tent is perfectly built with top-quality construction materials.

This tent features 2 wall dividers that create three separate rooms making it the perfect tent for one who wants to have some privacy. With this tent, you can easily fit a maximum of three queen-sized air mattresses.

To make it even better, the freestanding tent comes with an attached screen porch that is made of polyester mesh and polyester taffeta while its floor is coated using polyurethane.

Ozark Trail freestanding tent comes with a rainfly that rolls back to ensure more exposure to your open windows and the top ventilation.

Additionally, the tent has small buffers against the door at the front to prevent water from seeping in from the ground. It also has ground vents to get a bit of ventilation from the floor.

The rain-fly covers even the front patio screen to give a vestibule for additional space and storage. It also boasts a small compartment for storing your shoes thus keeping out bugs. The tent has a maximum height of 78 inches and can be occupied by a maximum of ten persons.

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3. Best Gift for Child – Hide N Side Freestanding Play Tent with Tunnel Shape

freestanding tunnel tent for kids


  • The play tent is therapeutic and improves imagination and creativity
  • Made with high-quality polyester fabric
  • Ultralight and durable


  • Pit balls not included

This ball pit and play tent for toddlers guarantees loads of fun and will keep your children entertained for many hours. The play tent has a super cool target wall with 4 dart balls included, taking the fun to a new level. This is a special gift for your kids and is enjoyable for both adults and kids.

Your kids can customize the numerous different combinations and maze options keeping the excitement at a higher level. This ball pit play tent is a must-have toy for your kids, cats, and dogs. The recommendation is between 400-600 balls according to the ball sizes.

This is the perfect gift for babies and toddlers. It is best for both boys and girls between the age of 1 year and 7 years. The ball pit play tent is the perfect idea for picnics, birthday parties, sleepovers, and carnivals.

The entire play jungle is easy to assemble and store. The jungle gym pops wide open in seconds and the tunnel is fastened closed with easy-locks that are frustration-free.

The freestanding ball pit play tent is ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities including a playground, backyard, nursery, and more.

On top of that, the play tent is lightweight and ultra-durable. It is made of top-quality 190T polyester fabric and thick steel wiring thus assuring your children the ultimate safety.

The ball pit play tent is therapeutic and also enhances creativity as well as imagination. It helps your kid develop strong leg and arm muscles as well as gross motor skills. This is an excellent ball pen for sensory processing disorders and other developmental issues.

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4. Best for Backpacking – Coleman 2 Person Tent with Polyester Fly

Coleman lightweight freestanding camping tent


  • Waterproof floors
  • Preassembled poles
  • A lightweight camping tent


  • Issues with the zippered door

Coleman 2 person freestanding tent is the perfect tent for car camping and festivals. The freestanding tent is easy to assemble and sets up in around 10 seconds allowing you to get back to the fun.

Coleman 2 person tent is uniquely designed with its preassembled poles enabling the tent to pop into place in just a snap. With its taped floor seams, you are guaranteed to stay dry even when the ground is wet.

The Coleman 2 person tent features inverted seams that increase the weather-resistant by hiding its needle holes within the tent.

It is engineered with a wind-strong frame with redesigned poles including guy-out triangles. It is designed with a zipper cuff that adds protection from the outdoor elements.

The welding-inspired technology makes the tent’s floor sturdy and eliminates the needle holes.

The multi-position rainfly helps you to get the perfect balance of ventilation and protection.

This instant backpacking and camping freestanding tent provides room for two camp pads and features two advanced storage pockets that allow you to store your small items. The tent is lightweight and easy to transport.

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5. Best Budget – Coleman 8 Person Camping Tent with Hinged Doors

Coleman freestanding tent with large room


  • It takes only 15 minutes to set up this tent
  • Hinged door allows easy access
  • Spacious enough for 8 persons


  • It lacks a vent close to the floor

If you want to set up a home base with additional sleeping space, the Coleman Montana 8-person tent is what you are looking for. The freestanding tent features an extended door awning that creates a dry space to store your gear and enter the tent.

In case it rains, the tent has a rainfly and a WeatherTec system with a patented welded floor that hides the needle holes. The inverted seams increase the weather resistance and help you stay dry.

Additionally, the tent has angled windows that you can keep open in the rain, and they will keep the water out giving you extra air circulation. Setting up this 8 person camping tent is simple with the snag-free and continuous pole sleeves together with the patented pin-and-ring modern system.

Furthermore, the freestanding tent boasts a hinged door that allows easy comings and goings. To make it better, the freestanding tent has enough room to accommodate three fully stretched queen size airbeds as well as storage pockets to keep your small things in an organized manner.

When it’s time to go back home, your tent will easily pack in an expandable carry bag that has a rip strip, until your next adventure.

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6. Most Convenient – Coleman Freestanding Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Coleman Cabin camping freestanding tent


  • Instant setup in a minute
  • Inverted seams and welded corners to keep off water


  • Not suitable in winter

The Coleman Instant setup freestanding camping tent makes your camping setup faster and easier than ever.

This instant freestanding tent boasts pre-attached poles that make setting up your camp simple since it is just unfolding, extending, and securing.

The tent is designed with a dark room technology that blocks 90% of the sunlight that comes into the tent allowing you to get some adequate light when the sun is up reducing temperature build-up to 10%.

Coleman cabin tent is designed for 6 persons and provides enough room for two queen size airbeds. It also comes with advanced storage pockets where you can keep your small items in an organized way. When you are done with your camping, the freestanding tent is easy to pack in the included expandable carry bag.

Typically you assemble this tent in a minute and then head on to your adventure. This freestanding tent is engineered with a WeatherTec system that boasts patented welded floors as well as inverted seams to guarantee a dry stay in case it starts to rain.

with the integrated vented rainfly, you are assured extra protection from the downpour and enhanced airflow without requiring extra assembly. The backpacking is made of rugged poly guard 2 times double-thick fabric standing to the rigors of the outdoors. This tent is reliable season after season.

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7. Best with Ventilation – Core 9 People Instant Cabin Tent with Spacious Rooms

Core freestanding tent with large space


  •  Waterproof windows and door seals
  • A spacious tent for 9 persons
  • Instant setup in a minute


  • Heat preservation in night is not good

The Core 9 people instant cabin freestanding tent boasts a stress-free setup in just a minute. Its poles are pre-attached to this tent and you just have to unpack, unfold, extend, and then secure.

The tent utilizes Core H20 Block technology that combines water repellent fabrics with the active bead technology ensuring faster water runoff joined with sealed seams and rain-resistant windows and door seals.

Moreover, its fully-taped rainfly can be removed during the warmer weather to expose your panoramic mesh ceiling and windows.

Core 9 person freestanding tent boasts an advanced venting system that uses the adjustable air intake vent engineered to draw in cool air coming from the ground and the mesh ceiling allows hot air to escape. This design keeps you cool throughout the season.

The tent also features zippered privacy panels on windows and doors with a large double door for convenience and easy access. The included room divider creates two separate rooms for living and sleeping spaces.

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8. Best for 2 Person – MSR Hubba NX Backpacking Tent with Rollup Vestibule

MSR lightweight backpacking freestanding tent


  • Lightweight
  • Pole geometry to maximize space
  • Waterproof coating lasting 3 times longer than average


  • It is a bit pricey

The MSR Hubba Hubba lightweight backpacking tent is a quintessential and 3 season backpacking tent. Its freestanding design features a pole geometry and also a non-tapered floor for maximizing space with a reasonable 29 square feet floor area. The tent has a peak interior height of 39 inches.

Additional MSR Hubba Hubba freestanding tent has generous vestibules that give an additional 8.75 square feet on every side of this 2-door tent where you can store gear. It has an adjustable cross-ventilating rainfly that comes with a kickstand vent as well as a rollup vestibule for stargazing.

It is easy to set up the tent with the unified hub-pole system together with color-coded clips. To ensure fast and light travel, you can leave the body of the tent behind and construct a minimalist shelter with a footprint that is sold separately.

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Freestanding Tent vs Non-Freestanding Tent

To help you better understand the deficiencies between a freestanding tent and a non-freestanding one, we have made a comparison between them.

Freestanding Tent

The freestanding tents have a more traditional design. They come with a frame of poles that are designed for a specific model of the tent. These poles help the tent to stand 100% upright or be freestanding.

Although the tents use guylines to improve stability, they do not rely on them to stand. The advantages of freestanding tents are:

  • They can be set up anywhere

The tents can be set on soft surfaces including sandy beaches and also on hard surfaces such as a rocky summit.

  • They are very stable

With more metal, it means more stability against the strong winds.

  • Fast and easy setup

The frame is very easy and fast to set up since it does not require intricate webbings to adjust or numerous stakes to tie the tent down.

Non-freestanding Tent

The non-freestanding tents are growing in popularity and striving to be super-ultra light through ditching the poles into the tent.

These tents assume that you will be carrying trekking poles on your backpacking, but it is not a problem with some hikers.

The trekking poles support the tent’s body. The best trekking poles should be adjustable to enable you to set the maximum height. The advantages of a non-freestanding tent are:

  • Compact

The package size of non-freestanding tents are generally smaller, and they are more convenient for backpackers.

  • They are affordable

The price of the non-freestanding tents is much more affordable than a freestanding one. They are suitable for those who have a low budget.

  • They are lightweight

The non-freestanding tents are ultralight since they don’t need to stand freely with their inner structure, but remember to take the stakes into consideration if necessary!



In conclusion, the article has given you a detailed description of the best freestanding tent together with a buying guide for the same. You are, therefore, in a good position to choose your best freestanding tent.

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