Coleman 12×10 Instant Screened Canopy Review

review of coleman screened canopy tent 12x10

Coleman has some of the best outdoor tents, and this Coleman 12×10 instant screened canopy is a great and durable option worth considering.

We would recommend this tent for people who love outdoor activities and sports since it protects without compromising the outside’s visibility.

review of coleman screened canopy tent 12x10


Coleman 12×10 Instant Screened Canopy Overview

overview of coleman screened canopy tent 12x10


  • Screen walls privacy and security against bugs
  • This tent is quite large to provide enough space
  • Setting up this tent is quite easy
  • The tent has two large doors for easy access in and out
  • The tent features double-thick materials to provide great stability


  • The canopy of this tent is not waterproof
  • The seams of this tent are not tapped

As one of the top-rated tents of Coleman, the Coleman screened canopy 12×10 instant sun shade wins in many respects.

As it’s named, this canopy has a full coverage of the screen walls, which can protect you perfectly from bugs, sunshine, and other external disturb. You can totally indulge in your camping trip in this screen shelter.

Instant setup is another wonderful design of this canopy. You can install it within 3 minutes and with no more than 3 steps. It reduces a great loss of energy and time for you when camping.

The size of this tent is 12×10. It provides a large space that can support a family camping of 6 persons. Plus, you can take some camping kits to place under this shelter.

Two large doors make access extremely easy. You can even carry a desk to get into this tent freely. No more fretting about a narrow entry compared with a typical tent.

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Key Features of Coleman 12×10 Instant Screened Canopy

In this section, we will give you a detailed summary of the key features of this canopy.

Keeps bugs and mosquito out

This tent is made with screen panels on the tightly sealed sides to ensure no bugs or mosquitoes can penetrate the interior for safety and comfort. However, make sure to keep the panels closed from the time you set up the tent.

Easy to set up

Another feature that makes this Coleman tent stand out is the easy setup process.

Although the tent requires assembling of the single-piece frame and telescoping poles, the process takes a few minutes to complete. Also, this makes it to be classified among the pop-up tents.

coleman screened canopy 12x10 with easy setup

Screen panels on the sides

The unique screen panel walls on this tent provide great illumination from the natural light during the day and night. This also ensures you have clear visibility when watching sports if you opt to use the tent during the sports day.

The screen panels are translucent on the exterior to ensure no one can see what is going inside.

Easy to access

You don’t need to strain when accessing in and out of this tent, especially when setting up your camping essentials. It is equipped with two large door panels that provide enough space to get in and out.

This also ensures a good flow of traffic for people using the tent since you don’t necessarily need to use one point of access.


This tent is safe to set up in an open area, thanks to the stable design. The tent is made with six poles, unlike the traditional tents that have four. So, its stability when setting up in open and windy areas is guaranteed.

On top of this, the tent also comes with stakes and ropes to secure it firmly to the ground. This is a crucial accessory that boosts the stability of the tent when set up in windy areas.

main features of coleman screened canopy tent 12x10

UV resistant materials

This tent’s roofing has quality materials treated with a 50+ UV-resistant design to secure the users from the harsh outdoor sunlight. So, the tent is recommendable for the summer seasons since it offers quality and reliable shade.


You don’t need to struggle to lift this tent when either unpacking or setting up. With a weight of around 42 pounds, this tent is quite portable.

You can effortlessly set it up with one extra person or alone if you have skills on how to set up tents.

Comfortable grip technology

This tent’s poles are equipped with the comfort grip technology essential for holding the shelter firmly on the poles for easy equipping the tent to the ground.

This saves time when pitching the tent since you don’t need to use poles for the tent to stand firmly.



Coleman 12×10 instant screened canopy is an outdoor tent that is easy to set up.

Although this tent may not work for rainy seasons since the roof is not waterproofed efficiently, it is perfect for sunny days, thanks to the shade it offers.

Setting up the tents takes lesser than ten minutes as there are few assembling steps to follow. The tent is also tall to accommodate most heights and for easy access.

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