Gazelle G6 Portable Gazebo Review

review of gazelle 6 sided portable gazebo

Are you planning for a simple camping trip with family or friends and you are looking for a tent to use outdoors? Well, we would suggest you consider getting the Gazelle g6 portable gazebo.

This is one of the most convenient tents to travel with for people who want an outdoor tent. In this article, we will give you a reliable review of this tent

review of gazelle 6 sided portable gazebo


Gazelle G6 Portable Gazebo Overview

overview of gazelle 21500 g6 pop up


  • This is a multifunctional outdoor tent
  • It is convenient in terms of security
  • Setting up and down this tent is easy
  • The tent is light for portability
  • The seams are well sewn to safeguard the interior


  • This tent is quite pricy
  • The tent does not come with windscreens; you have to buy them separately
  • A lot of customers have complained about this tent being too hot on the interior

This tent is large and spacious on the interior, so you can enjoy your outdoor adventures without squeezing inside. So if you are 5 to 6 people, you will have enough space to rest in the tent.

Apart from the lightweight design, setting up this tent is not hard, so you can save time and energy to enjoy yourself outdoors.

The Gazelle gazebo G6 is designed with tight weave mesh panels. This can help you get rid of the nuisance of bugs. It gives you protection from all respects.

Still, the panels are crafted to ensure the users have good visibility of the exterior while in the tent.

Can you use the tent during the rainy seasons? Well, yes! The tent has waterproof materials crafting too to ensure no wetness can penetrate to the interiors.

Therefore, rest assured the tent will secure you and your belongings from the rain waters if it rains while outdoors.

Still, the tent has UV-treated materials that protect the users from the harsh UV rays, especially if you opt to use it during the summer seasons.

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Key Features of Gazelle 6 Sided Portable Gazebo

In this section, we aim at giving you a precise review of its feature

Have UV and waterproof materials

This tent’s canopy roof is made with 50+ UV-resistant materials that are also water repellent to secure you from high sunlight and rains.

However, it is crucial to note that this tent tends to trap a lot of heat inside, which may be uncomfortable when used during the sunny seasons. The fiberglass poles are also strong and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Reinforced corners

You don’t need to worry about the tent poles damaging the canopy or the screen panel walls since it is reinforced with extra fabrics plus pole pockets to secure the gazebo tent from damages.

main features of gazelle 21500 g6 pop up

Tightly weaved mesh panels

The walls of the Gazelle G6 gazebo are made with mesh panels that are crucial to allow excellent visibility and natural lighting.

This is a great feature if you need a tent to use during the sports day since it does not restrict your vision from the inside.

However, note that the tent has an opaque design to provide privacy from the outside. Hence, no one can easily see what is going inside the tent from the outside.

Strong zippers

The mesh wall panels are connected with strong YKK zippers that easily open and close for easy access to the tent interior.

These zips are the best since you will not have to deal with them getting stuck on the panels or even breaking when you open and close often.

Light in weight

Moving this gazebo tent to set up or pack in your travel pack is easy. The tent only weighs around 34 pounds so moving it around is smooth and easy.

92 feet large

We would recommend this tent for a family or group of friends who love outdoor adventures like camping. It has a large interior space where you can fit your beddings since it is crafted to accommodate eight individuals.

The height of this tent measures 7 feet tall, which is convenient for all people. You can comfortably stand up in the tent without straining as long as you are shorter than 7 feet.

gazelle 6 sided portable gazebo with large space

Easy to set up

This gazebo tent has a pop-up setting up the design, so there are fewer steps to follow when setting it up to use.

Setting up the tent is easy and quick as it takes less than 30 minutes to complete something that can be done by two people.

Also, the lightweight design allows one to hold the frames comfortably to carry.


Do you feel like the tent will not meet your outdoor needs? Well, no need to worry as you can return it for a refund.

This tent comes with a warranty against the manufacturer’s defects, and it also comes with a money refund if it does not meet your needs or tent standards.



Gazelle g6 portable gazebo is a great outdoor tent for people who enjoy camping, picnic, or sports. The tent is light, considering it weighs less than 40 pounds.

So, moving it and setting it up takes a few minutes to complete. The tent provides reliable shade and is ideal for all the outdoor elements ranging from rain, UV, winds, and pests.

You may need to buy a windscreen to use with this tent since it gets really hot when the panels are closed, making it uncomfortable to stay in for long.

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