Quick Set 12875 Venture Screen Shelter Review

key features of quick set 12875 venture screen shelter

An outdoor activity like watching sports or camping cannot be complete without an excellent outdoor tent. There are multiple outdoor tent models for these activities, but the Quick Set 12875 is the perfect tent for protection and convenience.

So, what makes this a great outdoor tent? In this article, we will help you know more details about this excellent shelter.

Review of Quick Set 12875 Venture Screen Shelter


Overview of Quick Set 12875

clam venture 12875 overview


  • Setting up this tent is easy and quick
  • This tent does not take up a large space when you set it up
  • The tent is portable since it only weighs 28 pounds
  • The sides do not restrict one’s vision of outdoors
  • The tent secures users from bugs and mosquitoes
  • The tent is versatile to fit outdoor activities


  • This tent does not come with a windscreen; you have to buy it separately
  • The tent gets quite hot in the summer seasons, making it challenging to stay in for long
  • The roof is waterproof but cannot fully secure you during the extreme rainy seasons as it leaks

This tent features a compact size of 7.5×7.5¬†for smooth packing when traveling. Still, it is excellent and offers enough room so you can enjoy it when camping or watching sports with your loved ones.

This pop-up tent does not require many steps to set up as it takes around 45 seconds to put it up and begin to use. It’s convenient even if you are a first-time camper.

The tent’s walls come with mesh material such that you can comfortably have a good view of the exterior from the inside. However, note that your privacy is well taken care of since the mesh materials walls are not transparent.

Want to go camping during the rainy seasons? This tent is an excellent choice since the roof has waterproof materials to secure users from the rainwater.

This tent is perfect for both day and night use since it has quality materials and a design that secures the users from outdoor elements.

You don’t need to worry about the mosquitoes or bugs bugging you when resting, as it prevents these insects from accessing inside.

You can also equip the windscreen on the tent if you use it during the summer seasons to allow airflow and prevent heat accumulation inside the tent.

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Key Features of Quick Set 12875 Venture Screen Shelter

In this section, we’ll list its key features which make it an excellent shelter.

key features of quick set 12875 venture screen shelter


An ultralight tent is always comfortable to carry and even set up, and this tent falls in that category. The lightweight of 29 lbs makes the setup process easy, and packing in the car is easy.

If you plan to go with few people for your camping or sports day, this tent will not give you problems when setting up as it is comfortable to hold when joining.

Easy to set up

An easy setup tent is a great choice since it provides good portability. This tent is crafted in the pop-out design such that you need to spread and put it up to begin using.

Unlike the traditional tents that come with multiple poles for the support that you need to assemble, this tent model is quite convenient and easy to set up within 1 minute due to the simple steps.

Again a single person who has skills in setting up a tent will find it easy to set up the tent independently.

Private mesh walls

Get a crystal clear and beautiful view of the stars and outdoors worldwide during the day and night in this tent. The tent is crafted with mesh walls that ensure people inside have a clear view of the outdoors.

So, if you are using it when watching sports, rest assured you will get an excellent view of the outside with no restriction.

However, this tent still ensures you have your privacy while inside. Thus, it has opaque mesh walls that prevent people or things from outdoor to view the interior.

This feature also provides safety while in the woods since it is not comfortable for animals to notice people inside at night.

quick set 12875 with mesh screen

Large space

This tent may be light and easy to set up, but it does not limit your space while inside. The tent is crafted in a large interior space that can hold up to 6 people.

So, if you plan for a trip with your other three friends or family members, we would recommend this tent for your camping.


Although this pop-up tent may not secure you from heavy rains, it is still useful during the chilly seasons.

In case it rains while outdoors, rest assured you and your friends or family will not come to contact with wetness. The tent has built-in roof flaps that detour rain from penetrating the inside.

Keeps insects off

This tent ensures you are comfortable and enjoy the outdoor without bugs or mosquitoes bothering you. The tent provides no bugs or mosquitoes can enter as long you have closed all the walls.

So, you can enjoy your outdoor events and activities throughout the year. It also has a floor to secure you from the ground.



Quick Set 12875 is a quality and reliable outdoor tent worth buying for your camping or any other outdoor activity you enjoy with family and friends.

The tent is easy to set up and only weighs 26 pounds so moving it around to set up takes a few minutes. The tent is great to use in different seasons as it has quality materials that secure the users from outdoor elements.

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