Quick Set 9882 Pavilion Pop Up Shelter Review

key features of quick set 9882 pavilion

Are you planning to go camping with your friends or family? I believe this Quick Set 9882 pavilion pop-up shelter will fit you since it is large. The 110 square feet space in the interior is large to fit up to 8 people and still leaves some space you can use for cooking.

In this article, we aim at giving you a detailed review of this tent.

review of quick set 9882 pavilion


Quick Set 9882 Pavilion Pop up Shelter Overview

clam quick set 9882 overview


  • This tent is easy and quick to set up and down
  • The panels allow excellent light passage to the interiors
  • The mesh screen materials keep off the bugs and protect your privacy
  • This tent is resistant to wind
  • Large to fit up to 8 persons
  • This tent is super durable


  • This tent does not come with a floor, so you have to buy it separately
  • This tent is quite large and may need more than one person to set up if at all you are in a hurry
  • The manual instructions are not too clear

The Quickset 9882 pavilion is convenient since you can set it up in 45 seconds. No more fretting about an excessive cost of energy for installing a tent when camping outside.

The ultralight design of 39 lbsĀ makes it an excellent choice for outside camping compared to other heavy tents. It’s relatively easy to carry with an oversized carry bag.

The tent is great for home use if you want to create a small garden shelter and outdoor areas to go camping. So, that you know! This tent is resistant to all outdoor weather elements.

The tent has waterproof materials that secure the user from the rain, while the mesh panel sides are well sealed to secure the bugs from accessing the interior.

The interior part measures around 100 feet when the shelter can comfortably accommodate a picnic table to relax during your picnic or camping sessions.

The sides of this shelter feature weather screen panels with zippers that ensure you have ample natural sunlight inlet while on the inside.

This also promotes breathability, especially when you use the tent during the summer seasons without compromising your safety and comfort.

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Key Features of Clam 9882 Quick Set Pavilion

In this section, you’ll know more about what makes this tent outstanding.

Easy to set up

Unlike other tents that you need to pitch a piece per piece when assembling, this tent is quite easy to set up as a pop-up shelter. Thus, there are not many steps to follow when setting it up.

Mesh un-see wind panels

Another feature that stands out in this shelter is the sides. The sides are made of clear but opaque screen materials that ensure you get enough natural lighting on the sides while securing you from external visibility.

mesh side wall of quick set 9882 pavilion

The screens are well sealed to ensure no bugs or mosquitoes can enter the interior of the tent. Note that the screen panels are versatile since you can roll them up for more fresh air to enter the tent.


Although the tent is not recommendable for use during the heavy rain seasons, it is a reliable shelter when it is lightly raining. The materials are made with a waterproof design to secure water from entering the inside.

So, even if it drizzles while you are out, rest assured you will be comfortable and secure. The panels’ seams are tapped to seal them well and prevent water from penetrating the interiors.

50+UV canopy

Another feature that makes this a reliable camping tent for the family is the UV-protected canopy that secures the users from the high UV rays outdoors. So, you can comfortably enjoy your camping during the summer seasons.

Stable tent

The stability of this tent is fully guaranteed; thus, the stake accessories it comes with. The tent comes packed with six deluxe tent stakes and tie-down ropes that secure the tent poles and the panels firmly to the ground to secure it from the wind.

key features of quick set 9882 pavilion

110 large space

This tent is perfect for a family or a group of friends who enjoy outdoor activities together. The large 110 sized interior space can fit up to 8 people.

Heavy-duty materials constructions

The poles of this tent are made of fiberglass materials, plus it has center hubs in the middle that provide great stability and support to the tent. The fiberglass materials are resistant to rust and corrosion plus are quite stable to hold the tent firmly to the ground.

Multifunctional tent

From the design to the size, this tent is good for multiple outdoor activities. You can set up in the garden if you are expecting some visitors or chill with your family.

The tent is also great for camping due to its large size and weather-friendly materials. You can also use the tent at sports fields since it has a transparent windscreen to ensure you have good viewing from the inside.



Clam 9882 pavilion pop-up shelter is portable and easy to set up a tent for outdoor areas.

The tent is large to accommodate many people, and it is perfect for use in all weather conditions. The tent comes with other stability accessories like ropes and stakes to hold it well on the ground.

However, make sure to choose a flat area when setting up the tent for stability and convenience. Also, avoid using the tent during the extreme rainy seasons since it may not provide reliable protection.

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