Best A-frame Tent

What is the best A-frame tent

A-frame tent, conspicuously it is a tent shaped like a letter “A”. With an A-frame structure, this tent is more sturdy to fight against bad weather conditions.

In this guide, we’re dedicated to giving you a detailed guide on how to choose the best A-frame tent.

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What is the best A-frame tent

What Is An A-Frame Tent?

The classic A-frames are triangular tents that look like an “A”. The tent floor is rectangular, thus referred to as “A-frame”.

Most of the tents have double skin, one skin that goes over the frame and works as shelter. The other is inner skin with a window or extra air vents.

A typical A-frame tent is quite small in size with the capacity to accommodate 1-2 people comfortably.

It usually has five poles. Two poles are in front to form an “A” shape and two for back for another “A”. These two A’s are connected by the last pole across the top.

These iconic tents are lightweight and famous for their simplicity.


How to Choose An A-frame Tent?

Camping is the best activity for stress-relieving and boosts your mood as well. For a good camping experience, you need a perfect camp.

A-Frame tents are the small, lightweight and ideal choice for 2 or 4 person camping. The options in the market can be overwhelming, considering these tent features will help you to find the right one for you.


Sizes of tents are manufactured based on the number of people that can sleep in tents. Consider how many people will be sharing your tent before picking the tent.

Classic A-frame tents are small in size. They are suitable for small groups and families of 1-4 people. Tent sizes range from 7′ by 5′ floor to 9′  by 7′ floor.

Another factor in size is the peak height of the tent. Peak height will provide you space to sit, crouch, or stand inside a tent. The average peak height of A-frame tents is 3 to 6 feet.


If you love to camp in a different place every night of your camping adventure. A-frame tents are lightweight tents that you can carry all day without heaviness. Choose your tent weight from 6 to 8 pounds rendering to your need. It is perfect for backpacking or bike camping.

Tent Poles

There are plenty of options in pole material and features are available in the market. High-quality tent poles provide great protection in bad weather.

Aluminum tent poles are lighter and long-lasting for your camping journey. Poles that use clips are quick and easy to set up as compared to threaded poles to sleeves of the tent.


Check the waterproof rating of tent material. It will keep you dry in heavy rain. Many manufactures offer rainfly along with A-frame tents. A Rainfly is a separated waterproof cover that fits over the tent. It is great protection in rough weather.


Ventilation is another important factor to consider. Look for tents that are designed to control internal condensation in the tent.

Windows and vents are essential elements of the tent that provides maximum airflow and minimize condensation. Unfortunately, A-frame tents do not have roof vents. But you can stake out the sides of the rainfly for better air circulation.

You can find an A-frame tent with windows at doors as well. Choose your tent with larger windows, it offers much ventilation and keeps you cool on hot nights.


Review of Best A-Frame Tent

Top Rated – Stansport Scout 2 person Backpack and Camping Tent

Compact sized A frame tent

Who is this product best for?

Stansport Scout Camping tent is the perfect pick for distant hikers and frequent backpackers. This top-rated tent is best suited for you and your friend on biking trips and backpacking adventures.

What makes this product outstanding?

Light-weight and compact – It is light in weight about 3.8 pounds and packs down small comfortably. Hence, you can easily carry on your back to explore nature.
Weather-resistant – Resilience in windy conditions and sheds snow and rain with water resistance capability of 8,000 millimeters.

What do people review on this product?

It can be set up quickly and very easy to use. However, it does not ventilate enough. Condensation was running down on all sides of my tent.

What this tent may not fit for?

Extreme cold conditions – This 3-season shelter cannot handle harsh winters, snow loads, or even blowing sand.

Ventilation – The mesh door screen and back window fails to provide good air circulation in the tent. Poorly designed in terms of ventilation.

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Best for Kids – HearthSong Wooden Weather-Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Canvas A-Frame Tent

A-frame tent with LED

Who is this product best for?

You can pitch this tent for your kid’s backyard camping, indoor parties, or sleepovers. A safe tent where kids can enjoy hours of skillful activities like reading, coloring, open-minded imaginative playing with their friends.

What makes this product outstanding?

A convenient size – It provides spacious play space for many kids with their toys, books, or cushions. The best tent for kids to improve their coordination and motor skills by opening or closing windows and doors.

Sturdy and Durable – The tent fabric is super durable, waterproof, and sturdy in wind.

LED LIGHTS – Don’t limit your fun to daytime. It comes with LED lights that can be easily attached for an uninterrupted camping experience.

What Do People Review on This product?

I find this tent suitable for my indoor and outdoor use. Two windows and doors help me to keep a check on my kids. My daughter is happy to get plenty of room for her dollhouse inside the tent.

What this tent may not fit for?

Tying up the doors is annoying – Opening the fabric knots and tying back is quite irritating for kids.

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Well Ventilated – OneTigris Backwoods Bungalow Ultralight Bushcraft Shelter

4 season A-frame tent

Who is this product best for?

It is the best fit for adventurers who are really geared towards winter tours. It is also the popular choice among the wilderness obsessed, who like to spending days in the forests.

What makes this product outstanding?

Easy to set up – You can quickly set up your perfect Bushcraft shelter without any tarp or poles. Assembly the tent with the help of two trees and military-grade tent pegs for better stability.

Excellent Durability and waterproof – High-quality nylon fabric with 1500mm waterproof is great protection against precipitation and wind.

Better Ventilation – The rear bottom mesh door makes it a bug-free and well-ventilated tent.

What do people review on this product?

Double-layer mesh doors are great for ventilation. I spent 3 nights in weather with rain and wind most of the time. Lower windows worked amazingly to keep rainwater out.

What this tent may not fit for?

Needs a little more effort to set up – This tent is not for short trips. You cannot assemble it easily on different campsite every day. But a little practice will help you to quickly set up.

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Lightweight – River Country Products Trekker Backpacking Ridge Tent

Backpacking A-frame tent

Who is this product best for?

This trekker tent is exceptionally lightweight with comfortable interior space than more than any ultra-light tent. It is a well-designed tent for 2 hikers and can also be the perfect choice for your solo adventure along with a gear tent.

What makes this product outstanding?

Incredibly lightweight – This compact tent is ultra-light with a weight of almost 2.8 pounds.

Easy to pitch – Ideal for backpackers who want to quick and easy setup. So they can enjoy more time hiking and astounding adventures.

Roomy interior – Comfortable roomy interior for your solo trips.

What do people review on this product?

It came out surprisingly spacious for two-person. I find material much more durable than other backpacking tents. It is highly recommended and worth buying.

What this tent may not fit for?

Trekking poles not included – The Trekker Tent 2 needs poles or sticks to assemble but unfortunately trekking poles are not included in this product. But you can easily tie up your tent between two trees.

Not suitable for wet weather – The tent is not fully waterproof. It does not come with a rainfly and flops to protect from the elements.

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What’s the Benefit of An A-frame Tent?

There are many luxuries and instant pop-up tents are available nowadays, but iconic A-frame tents are still popular among campers. They are remarkably stable and durable in bad weather. A-frame tents have been using for hundreds of years because of their key benefits.

Simplicity and easy to use – Pitch your a-frame tent within minutes. It has a simple design with 5-poles for quick and easy set-up.

Light-weight – Every All campers need lightweight tents. A-frame tents are smaller and lighter to carry for miles less of a chore.

Strong protection from elements – Sloped-design of this tent has made them incredibly sturdy. It offers solid protection from wind, rain, and warmth.

Maximum airflow – Windows provide good air circulation. It is the best combination of ventilation, strength, and warmth retention.

Perfect for backpacking – You can hike comfortably to your campsite. They are compact tents and light in weights. Thus, makes it an ideal choice for backpackers.


When Should You Use An A-frame Tent?

A-frame tents are widely popular in youngsters for camping. You should use A-frame tents for scout groups or school camping trips. It is a good option for students to explore their first camping experience.

These tents are easy to set up and simple in design with fewer poles. They usually have a capacity of 1 to 4 persons only. It is the perfect backpacking tent.

You can use it for covering more miles in the backcountry without stressing up your body. It is a good option for solo hiking. You can also introduce camping to your children with an A-frame tent. It is the best fit for summer camping for kids.


How to Set up An A-frame Tent?

A-frame tents are traditional tents with simple designs. You can easily assemble your A-frame tent by following the steps.

Step#1: Choose a suitable location for the tent. Clear your tent place from any sharp obstacle, stone, sticks that can damage your tent floor.

Step#2: Stake down the four corners of the A-frame tent to hammer it properly. Strike in each stake at a 45-degree angle. Make sure that you pull the tent tightly while hammering.

Step#3: Then put up the tent poles from the front to form an “A” shape. Repeat this for poles at the back of the tent. After assembling tent poles, erect the tent. It will form a triangle in the ground.

Step#4: Secure your tent’s guy ropes to the ground stake. Make the ropes firm to support the tent.

Step#5: Cover your tent with a rainfly. Its corners must line up with the end of the tent. Also, secure the rainfly by attaching it with a stake to the ground.


Is An A-Frame Tent Freestanding?

A free-standing tent does not require rope or a cord to pitch on the ground. They are not attached to metal stakes or anything. You can pick up and moved around without disturbing their form.

Not all A-Frame tents are free-standing tents. The classic- frame tents are not free-standing tents that we have used until around 25 years ago. They typically need to prop up with a trekking pole.

Nowadays modern A-frame tents come with free-standing poles for saving you much time and energy. You do not need to stake out for assembling it. An A-Frame tent with free-standing poles can be set up in few minutes without any hassle.