Choose the Best Bell Tent To Spend A Warm Camping Night

benefits of using a bell tent

Camping is always a great experience and if you are going with family, then no one can stop you from having great fun.

Planning to stay in the wild, and now you need to buy a tent. what can be a better option to have than a bell tent, if you are glamping with your family and friends.

In this article, you will get to know all about bell tents. This guide will be helpful for you in choosing the right bell tent for you by elaborating all the benefits of the product.

best bell tent review

What is a Bell Tent?

What is a bell tent? Is it a tent or a yurt? If your mind is also confused about it, then let me help you in clarifying. Basically, a bell tent serves over one purpose. Folks use bell tents for camping, glamping, as a temporary house, or backyard entertainment.

The entrance looks like an A-frame which is poled with guy ropes to provide stability. they are very easy to set up and very spacious with their classic look.

what is bell tent


How to Choose the Best Bell Tent?

Make the plan for camping this summer and take help from this article to get to know more about what to look for while buying bell tents. Let’s look at the most important features from size to weight to make you help in finding the right bell tent for you and your family.

Size (Capacity)

The size of the tent matters the most if you are planning to go camping with friends or family because the size of the gear and the number of people affect the question of the size of the tent.

And most bell tents have sizes between 3-meter to 6-meter and as the size gets bigger so does the capacity. A 3 to 4-meter bell tent is suitable for 2 to 4 people.

But, two people can also have a good time in a 5-meter tent as there is no harm in having an extra room for clothing and cooking gear. A 6-meter tent is great for a larger group including 8 people with their gears.

Considering all the factors above, choose a spacious tent that can accommodate all the people of the group.

consider the capacity of bell tent


Bell tents mostly withstand firmly whether there is rain, wind, or snow. The fabric used for the yurt is 100% cotton canvas and sometimes there is polycotton and polyester. But the best choice is to go with 100% cotton canvas because the canvas has a dense weave of fibers, which leaves minute spaces for water droplets to seep through.

Fire Resistant

All bell tents should be made of fire-retardant materials but unfortunately, it isn’t the case. Not every time we need a campfire, but bad things happen and we should think critically just to act right in such situations.

So it is better if you choose the tent that passes the CPAI-84. CPAI-84 is a voluntary and non-committal standard test that is used to control the risks of tents catching fire. So that if ever fire takes place in your tent, you won’t have to panic or get any trouble coming out of your tent.


Bell tents canvases are made of cotton most of the time, and cotton provides great ventilation. Airflow has to be great to survive during hot, scorching summer days and nights. As poor ventilation can lead to condensation and you don’t want to ruin your trip.

For this sake, always go for those bell tents that are not only spacious but also come with vent walls and lots of windows on the top and sides of the walls. But don’t forget that having open windows is also an open invitation to bugs and insects.

ventilation of yurt tent


Along with poles and canvas walls, bell tents are heavy to carry while camping. They weigh around 50 to 100 pounds repenting on the size of the tent. On top of that, if your tent is wet, it would be even heavier.

All the above-mentioned features will help you in choosing the best bell tent for you in the market. Other than these points, also pay attention to those tents which are easy to set up and take down and that comes with a great packaging bag. It will be helpful for you. Otherwise, setting such tents with huge sizes can be a hassle if it is your first time doing it.


Best Bell Tent Review

Danchel Outdoor Cotton Canvas Yurt Tent

Dachel small yurt tent for hunting

Who is this product best for?

Danchel outdoor cotton canvas yurt tent is the best product for you if you are looking for a tent that is spacious and comfortable. It has the capacity of giving enough space to 4 people at a time. It is made of breathable cotton which is a great source of ventilation during summer times.

What makes this product outstanding?

Waterproof and well-vented- what makes this yurt tent outstanding is its material, which is water. The cotton tent has stove jackets with removable outer flaps. These flaps work great by not letting the water enter the tent. The yurt tent also has 360 sides that can be rolled up. These 360 sidewalls provide great ventilation in summer.

Huge Size- Another outstanding feature of this product is its huge size. 10ft. Canvas tent works great for camping with 3 to 4 people. You can also move around even putting all of your gear inside the tent.

Do people review this product?

It is a wonderful glamping tent. It was a little expensive but worth it. It rained on our trip but there was no leakage but unfortunately, it doesn’t have a quality waterproof bag.

What this tent may not fit for?

Poor performance in cold and rainy weather – The yurt tent works great in summer but when the weather is cold outside, the tent doesn’t have good steaks for snowy or frozen ground. And when it is raining, the windows have to be closed to keep the rain out.

Expensive- no doubt that the tent is great for camping in any season but this tent may not be the right choice if you are looking for something which won’t be heavy on your budget.

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Whiteduck Regatta Canvas Bell Tent Review

Whiteduck bell tent for large space

Who is this product best for?

The cotton canvas is a remarkable product if you are searching for a yurt tent that you can use in all seasons. It is a 4 season tent with 100% cotton canvas. If you are planning a camping or hiking trip with your whole family or friends, this tent with its 6 people occupancy is the right choice for you.

What makes this product outstanding?

UV protection and waterproof- the whiteduck Regatta bell tent comes with material that provides protection against the sun in summer but also stands firmly in a windstorm. Another feature that makes this product outstanding is its resistance against water as Weightless WR treatment has been used to maintain natural breathability. It also has PE-groundsheet sewn-in protection for extra protection.

Spacious Design- The yurt tent has an amazing spacious design with a 2’7 height of walls. You can comfortably stand inside the tent. There is enough space for 6 persons along with their sleeping bags and other gear.

Easy to set up the tent is built greatly. It is an effortless job to set the tent up and also take it down. The packaging is also not a hard job, a single person can easily take it down and put it back in the pack.

What Do people review this product?

It is the best tent I ever owned. It has enough space to be a temporary house. There is plenty of room for a wood stove, for two people with their gear, two cots, and dogs. The canvas is perfect; not a single drop of water seeped down in heavy rain.

What this tent may not fit for?

Not right-fitting for cold conditions- the glamping yurt tent cannot keep you warm and protected in extremely cold weather.

Poor Packaging- if you are looking for a durable storage bag then it is not the right option for you. Low-quality material has been used that is very tight and small.

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Dream House Outdoor Waterproof Cotton Canvas Family Camping Bell Tent

dream house 3m bell tent for 2 person

Who is this product best for?

Dream house camping bell tent is the best product for those who are looking for a tent for a small family. With a circular floor, the tent is supported by a central pole. It is covered with cotton canvas which provides great ventilation and protection against wind and rain.

What makes this product outstanding?

Extremely roomy- the tent has a 3-meter diameter and a simple, spacious design is an outstanding feature of the product because you can always bring extra luxury gear to enjoy the space inside the tent.

Easy to set up once you read the instructions carefully, setting the tent won’t be an issue for you. With guy ropes and steaks you can easily set your tent and also can take it down.

Good ventilation- the tent also provides great ventilation. At the top of the tent, there are 4 holes and 4 semicircular windows as well. And, all the windows have mesh screens which are great to keep the bugs and mosquitoes out.

Windproof and waterproof- this tent is what you should have if you are looking for all in one tent. This tent is made of cotton canvas with a waterproof PU coating. So you don’t have to worry about the rain or windstorm.

Do people review this product?

Excellent and efficient, I have used the tent during heavy rain and wind. It is also very durable and has a rough space to enjoy the interior by stuffing it with luxurious items of your choice.

What this tent may not fit for?

Extremely heavy- the product is great and durable but the weight of the tent is a lot to carry with a backpack.

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What are the Advantages of Using a Belt Tent?

Bell tents are becoming popular among folks for providing several remarkable advantages. Here I am explaining a few of those advantages that are making the bell tent one of the best tents.

Easy to put up: the bell tents are easy to set up with one single central pole. These tents get easily erected by proving a lot of space for other stuff and gear. One to two people are enough to put the tent up.

The fabric is long-lasting; The canvas used for bell tents can endure any severity of the weather. It can withstand any temperature.

Economical: Bell tents are budget-friendly.  You can get a huge size bell tent at a very reasonable price but it doesn’t mean the price will affect the quality. You will get a canvas tent that will be durable at very minimum rates.

Roomy and Airy: another advantage of bell tents is the space it offers. If you are looking for a temporary house, the bell tent has your back. These tents provide enough room to set your bed and other furniture easily and there will still be enough space to roam and get comfortable.

Serves multipurpose: if you have a bell tent, you have endless options about using it. You can use it as a great alternative for garden cabins. You can also give your guests a grill party in your backyard by setting it up.

The bell tent works in all weathers. It has enough room to adjust to more than one person. It also provides great ventilation, having multiple windows on the walls and the tops. It also comes with flaps to protect you from rain. The poles give the tent strength to withstand the wind.

Doesn’t matter if you are glamping in your backyard or the wild, with a bell tent your experience will be doubled. The advantages the bell tent has are enough to make you buy it.

benefits of using a bell tent


Why Do Most Bell Tents Use Canvas Fabric?

Most of the bell tents are made of canvas fabric. Why? There is a solid answer to it.

  • The first reason is that canvas provides better breathability. The humidity in hot weather is what no one wants, and canvas tents make sure that small particles of moisture can escape through the tent fabric. So stopping condensation as well.
  • The second reason is that canvas tents are heat efficient. Canvas fabric is a better insulator than plastic and it keeps the tent warm and comfortable even if you campfire in it.
  • Another reason behind using canvas fabric is that this is waterproof. The tight weave of the canvas stops the droplets from passing through the material. The rainwater runs off the slope of the tent without getting penetrated the fabric and leaving the tent completely dry.
  • The next reason is that canvas tents are more long-lasting than plastic or nylon tents. The fabric is tough and rip-resistant and also repairable.
  • Furthermore, Canvas fabric withstands the hot sun and provides protection.

All these are the reasons why bell tents made of canvas are preferred. Since no one wants to waste their money if they are not getting enough gains in return.



How stable are bell tents?

Bell tents are very stable with the help of centralized poles, stakes, and pegs. The tent can withstand rain, wind, UV rays, and snow.

Can you cook inside a bell tent?

The short answer is yes, you can cook inside the bell tent. Because most of the bell tents have stove holes to release the smoke and heat out. Bring your stove and cook as many meals as you want by taking all the rudimentary precautions.

How many people can sleep in a 3-meter bell tent?

In a 3-meter small bell tent, 2 people can sleep comfortably along with their gear and other items. Adjusting more people than two can be difficult because no one can be sure about the weather.



Always go on camping and enjoy the time in nature, away from the city lights and roars. To enjoy yourself fully there, you probably need to buy a good tent. buying a bell tent doesn’t serve one purpose rather you can use it after coming back from your camping trip.

In this guide, you will get to know what you should look for in a bell tent. there is also a review section to help to better understand the product. So take help, and enjoy your glamping time in the woods.

Happy camping!